Scam letter(s) from Pauline Ruiz to Richard (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Rick, this is Pauline, you gave me your email address on Ashleymadison, my screen name is coolest_p and i am trying to check if i got it correctly, i want you to reply me via this email so that we can get to know each other more better.
Letter 2
Hey Rick, how are you doing?, i got your mail, how has your day been so far? I believe *** is easy to get but real connection is not...... A bit about me, I am a single woman, 34, living in Hilcroft Ave, Houston, looking for FWB, never married, no kids. I don't smoke, i drink occasionally and i don't do drugs. I wasn't able to view your profile properly on AM but i have an idea of what you are looking for, can you shed a bit more light on your situation? I am NOT looking to change your situation or mine.
I got your pics, you look good, I will attach a couple of mine to this mail, . I will like you to tell me more about yourself, what are your likes and dislikes, about your family, what you do for a living and what turns you on and off in a woman and don't forget to tell me where you live. Write when you can, hope to read from you soon, i will write more in my next email...
Letter 3
Hey Rick,
How are you doing today? I am glad to hear back from you, i had a busy day, I guess yours went well? you seem to be cool headed and easy going. I love the way you composed your words you sound honest and straight forward, i like blunt people. I am looking for a friends with benefit type of relationship, but we have to connect mentally and sexually to be able to get along real fine. I am too busy for a serious relationship because my new occupation has taken too much of my time and i am getting really bored.... i am good at being discreet :)
I decided to go for an older man because of my bad experience with men within my age range, i want a matured man that knows a lot about life, a man i can learn a lot from, older men tends to know how to treat a lady better, i will tell you more about my bad experience later on.
I understand that you are attached, no one should blame you for trying to look for *** outside, i believe life without *** is empty, i don't believe in wasting time because i am a busy woman and i don't derive pleasure in wasting other people's time too... if things get to work out well between us, we should be planning on meeting each other pretty soon. I don't want to be the cause of any problem in your relationship so we have to be discreet about this.
Let me try to tell you more about me, never married, no kids, selfemployed.
I was raised in in Westchester, LA but moved to Hilcroft Ave, Houston after the death of my father... I obtained B.A in Business Economics and Art Minor from the UCLA ..I am into then Sales of Antiques and sculptures, I’m 5`7" 130 with an athletic build, mentally stable, physically fit, warm, caring, honest and a positive person, i am D and D free. I am an easy person to talk to and a good listener. I like going to the cinema to watch movies, I like swimming, fishing, and i love listening to a wide range of music. I love traveling, going bowling and also a good cook. I believe no one knows how to speak English perfectly, lol. My dad was from Puerto Rico and my mom is from LA and i have an Asian heritage.
I like a man that is real, a man that is always true to his words, confidence of himself and hardworking and most importantly, with good hygiene, these are my major turn on.
I got some questions for you now and i hope you answer them in your next mail.
What makes you the person you are today?
How long have you been in this internet dating thing? Any luck yet?
Thanks for the pics, you look good and younger than your age....
I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Letter 4

Hey Rick,
How are you doing today? I hope you doing fine? Thank you so much for getting back in touch with me as it’s really made my day!!! .. I hope all my questions did not made you feel bad or look like an interview to you...I decided to ask them just to get better understand about who you are for real and where you are coming from. I am still new to this internet dating of a thing, so i am a bit nervous, lol.
I am into trade? I deal mainly in Antiques, i sell sculptures and art works too. An inherited family business which i took up after my late father, my mom practically brought the business to its knees, she was blowing the money on drugs, alcohol and men after the death of my father, she has had nervous breakdown twice and she is in a terrible state, i am in the process of reviving it and i am doing all i can at the moment, its has not been too easy for me, but i think i am doing fine. My brother, my only sibling died of cancer when he was attending Ohio state, he was my best friend, talking about him brings more tears to my eyes.
I plan to sell online, my website is still under construction and there are many changes that needs to be done but my webdesigner is slow and sluggish. Do you have anyone you can recommend for me? Are you on linkedin?
I have had few relationships with men, but none of them has ever resulted in marriage. The last relationship i had was with a Canadian man here was about reaching the marriage level because we were already engaged. He just changed all of a sudden, he keeps coming home late, ***** and he started hitting me for almost everything i say, because of the love i had for him, i did not report him to the Police, i endured all the pains, then later i discovered that he has impregnated another girl. I was so sad and bitter, so i had to opt out of the relationship, i decided not to have any man in my life, i don't want to have anything serious, so i decided to try out this internet thing, i guess you now know more things about me... i am not looking for marriage.. this is what got me on this internet thing in the first place...
I am not looking for a one night stand, i am looking for something like a FWB with someone who i can connect sexually and mentally with. I really like to meet up soon, i am planning to go on a very short business trip for a few days and i promise to meet you immediately upon my return. Feel free to send your phone number so that i can at least call to hear your voice..
Waiting to hear back from you soon!!!
Letter 5
Hey Rick,
How are you doing today? So nice to hear your voice today, How is everything generally with you? I'm sorry for replying a little bit late, i've been preparing towards the trip i told you about, i am going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.... My very first time flying down there and i bet its going to be allot of fun and pleasantry moments. I have my flight booked for tonight at 12:45am. Don't be a stranger while i'm away for this short period, we can still keep in touch this way, i will still be able to check my email and respond. I promise to meet you immediately upon my return...
I run this business alone for now, i am planning on expanding it and this trip is a major part of the expansion, i plan to open a store here in Houston and employ an assistant. My mom lives in an Elderly care in LA. You are right about giving myself a fresh start in Houston, everything happened back in LA, I am happy you understand where i am coming from and why i am doing this in the first place, I am trying this for the first time and i hope it works for me, i met a couple of guys online, but they are not my type, they all want cyber *** which i don't believe in, i believe in the real thing and not some *** over the internet, i really like you so far and i hope this leads to something great.
Thinking much about you,
Letter 6
Hey baby,
How are you doing today, how are things generally with you? Its morning right here in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and I had a long and nice flight, I am very glad to read back from you again. The Main reason why i'm here is not just for a visit, i am here on a business trip to buy antiques and sculptures, it is cheaper down here compared to other part for the world. Well, i am still a rookie when it comes to this, I am trying to upgrade the business because its in a very terrible state at the moment, lol.
I will be spending 5 days here according to Malaysian time, its Monday morning here already and I should be through by Friday, i will be flying into Houston (Bush Airport) 2 days later. I want you to pick me up from the airport, i don't know if that will be close enough for you, I will forward you my flight details so that you can know when to come pick me up at the airport, it will take weeks before my goods get back home by shipment, so I think I have enough time to spend with you.
I will be expecting to read from you soon, I want to take a shower and sleep off, Have a wonderful day.
Letter 7
Hey baby, how are you doing? Its morning here and I will be meeting some clients at their ware house to see what goods they have, I was there yesterday, but they told me that they wont be able to sell anything and that i will have to come back today to make purchases. I have contacted some other people too but I haven't been able to see them, but I will be seeing them today, I will forward you my flight details tomorrow so that you will know when to come pick me up at the airport. I am so happy because most of the goods here are sold cheap with discount and I know this is paving way for a ****** profit margin when I get back.
Baby, I am so happy about us and I really cant wait to meet you, i am sure our first meeting will be explosive!! I was practically thinking about you all day because its been a while I experienced something like this, I must say that I am a bit nervous but I know everything will go on fine. All the same, don't get it twisted at any point that i am planning to get married to you, lol.
Can you tell me what you have been up to all day and what plans you have for tomorrow? I will be heading to the bathroom now to take a shower and I will be be expecting to read from you soon.
Lots of love.
Letter 8
Honey, i read your email and it made me smile, i am sure you do not realize that your emails has been keeping me going, i am here all by myself but i have never felt alone for a minute, all thanks to you, you have made me happier... I am so sorry i will have to make this short, its all for good, i am trying to tidy everything up so that i can be with you as soon as possible....
I think about you every day since we started communicating and i just wish i was with you already, i booked my flight already and i will send you my flight details so that you will know what my flight schedule is like, i just need a massage right now and i will wait till i get back so that you can apply your magic fingers on me. I am heading to the shipping agency's office to sign some paper work so that my goods can be shipped. I really cant wait to be with you soon.
Letter 9
Honey, i am sorry that i have to make this short, i have been having a rough morning, i sent you a text, i hope you got it....
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