Scam letter(s) from Kristina Slobodian to Robert (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my dear " active guy"! ..))
Rob, Thank you for your message!You made me feel so good... Well, I am on site because I am looking for a serious relationship.
I would like to find a very sincere and real man that wants to join his life with mine. I will love, respect, protect, and support his all my life. It's clear I want to obtain the same from his! )))
I want to meet you and perhaps start to build a serious relations! Maybe I will repeat, but once again tell you about myself...
My height is 165 cm, weight 47 kg. I live in the east of Ukraine, in the small town of Yasnaya Polana!
I am a teacher by profession. Now children's have a holiday (with the war situation), so I leave and I do not when I will star school year!
Most of all I miss my children, my pupil!!! I work with class of 8-9 years old! I don't smoke and I can drink a glass of white wine for dinner!
I haven't Internet at home, and even the computer, I don't know English. I use paid services, of translation company.But I do not think that in our communication language will be a barrier! I have a goal to learn English and I certainly do! I am looking for more than just travel. I am looking for a nice (real) man who can appreciate a decent (real) girl like me in his life. A man who can give me personal attention, care, and focus. Someone who can give me a real chance to see/feel how it is going to be between us. I want a good and happy future with that man... who can be my everything, my best friend, lover, partner, secret holder, and hopefully engagement and in future marriage.
You seemed interesting and kind man, so happy I want to know about you!!! Tell me about your country, about you life, about you character .... I really want to know you better! And of course, ask me questions... Send a kiss and very waiting a letter from you!!!
With tenderness Kristin Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency"
Letter 2
Hello my dear Robert!
I had a rough night, heard explosions from the nearby town ... it is very scary! But my morning graced the information from the company transfers.
I received a letter from you, and it made me smile and want to live again ... In order to live with someone will make sense in the future!
Thank you for every kind word, for support and admiration to my address!
I am pleased that you are sincere with me and I talk to a person close to me in spirit!
I want you to remember I am a teacher and I love children! And find a common language and theme to communicate with almost every child! And I will be glad to get acquainted with your daughter! What is her name?
Tell me, do you love to read? I spend all my free time with books, I like the direction of psychology and esoterica, I like to read what I can of the variable is in practice ...
it's working methods of the subconscious and the other! I hope I am a living example of that beautiful blonde should not be silly, ahaha!
I also love animals very much, in my house lives a small miracle dog Bonita- is my joy and in difficult times it is gentle with me and I warm her presence!
Is it you Dog?
My parents are now working under contract in Russia, dad an architect, morher is interior designer ... I'm alone with my grandmother! So I can not yet leave my city.
I can not leave my grandmother, she was in a serious condition and I feel responsible for it!
I have a ordinary phone, samsung la fleur...and it didn't connect with skype or what's up...sorry
I want to say that I am a simple girl from provincial town, I work in an elementary school ... in Ukraine teachers a small salary and I can not afford intrenet, iPhone and gadgets! I have more important things where I spend my salary ... now: write a chat with you, I'm paying for a manager that it will serve our emails! I hope language barrier is not a barrier to communicate with me?
My next goal is to learn English, and it will take my next paycheck!
I am sending you all the tenderness and kisses and really looking forward to the next letter....
Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
Letter 3
Hello my darling!! I'm sorry. I do not have always the financial ability to respond to the letter ...
I was informed of your letter and was very glad to answer! When I get e-mails on the box, the company transfers tells me over the phone and if I have the opportunity I go to their office to write you the answer!
Spasibo( means thank you) for every kind word and a wish addressed to me ...
I really appreciate the sincerity and purity of thought in the people .... now as cheating, lying, envy, and hatred around, you begin to be happy when you meet a person like you ...
knows rejoice banal things, words and deeds! the world is simple, we complicate it ourselves - agree ?!))) But I am very pleased to read your messages, I feel sincere intentions and support!
Ooohh that Russian troops may enter on territory Ukraine and then be chaos!
I live in a small town called Yasnaya Polyana, Kramatorsky region of Donetsk !
Only now I realize that my grandmother had in mind for saying toast, the main thing that there was no war .... then I did not realize how much it's scary!
Do not want my letter was negative, so do not let the bad news!
Today I was on the river, walking ... listening to nature! Birds...Wind... Trees....noise of the river!!!
I think all of these things inspire me and I forget for a moment about the tragedies that occur around! I am a teacher and a psychologist, and I love working with kids, for me kids is the life!
I really want to have a child, and maybe a few ahah) What do you think about this?
Now I leave and I do not know whether the classes will begin again...
in connection with the war ... I am very worried about the job, because I spend money and if I don't start work, I don `t know how I will survive! ! Maybe it is not correct that I tell all the details ...
but I'm just sharing with what occupied my head and thoughts !!! I'm an open person and always share those that in my heart and I love when I meet sincerity !!! Ahahah !! This comic picture in handcuffs, and it is exposed to humor! I am not in it no secret meaning! Honey tell me more about your work of architect?
How much time it takes you? Do you get pleasure from what you do? My dog Bonita unwell, I worrying about her ... if she does not get better we'll go to the vet !
Because of the cold weather, it could be supercooled and get ill !! Probably she will need to ***** vaccination .... not good time for it ((
If you Interest question what my parents think about the relationship with a foreigner .....
My parents respect my opinion and my choice if you're a decent man, they will not look at the difference! celyu- mean kiss,from russian send you my foto and paint Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
Letter 4

Hello baby! I Cried so much tonight ... my heart was not in place!
Already rent the nerves of experiences and concerns ... and more light was turned off yesterday in the whole house!
Can no longer watch the news on tv my psyche can not stand ... despite the fact that I myself psychologist! These poor and unhappy people in Lugansk and Donetsk ... **** them and **** up their families at home!
I have many friends with whom I studied at the institute and they from Lugansk and I constantly think about their life!
We can only pray - because I can not help ... and it upsets me !!!
If I could have someone to shelter in my home, those who are out of the war has left the city ... but I can not ...
because of the fact that the military action, our city is blocked and the army under its control!
Roadblocks and do not let do not let people! I am writing to you and for me a man who had lived all his life in peace and tranquility, an event does not seem real! I am writing a letter to the day, perhaps the manager sent him only in the evening ... I do not know these nuances! I'm also quite ambitious and passionate girl and I have feelings too, and of course, I flatter all your "playful message!" But I'll be honest ...
I much feel shy to discuss such details, we do not know each other! And I would not want you to see me only as a "beautiful picture", because it is the first thing that disappoints me in men ... they do not try to see me educated and interesting person, and see only the attractive shapes! Of course, with my man I would have *** even in the "chandelier" ahah)) You're a grown man and you know life, I am also not a child (though I sometimes want to be them)
and we both understand that the key to a real relationship, pure and true - is friendship! Relationships are built on passion and attraction, they are temporary ... fervor fades and comes frustrations! Therefore, throughout this time, we communicate and make friends with you ...
we are building a "house" on the right foundation, and not on the sand !!!
My love, none of us knows the future! I'm ready to come and spend time with you in live contact to actually understand what is the relationship between us!
Maybe all ... and the fact that I will not return home because understand that I want to stay with you and can be something that you do not want to see me with you ....
it's a fact of life and it is normal !!! I do not waste our time and money into an empty ... BUT I have circumstances that keep me here ....
if we are wise people, we perceive it as a reward - it's time to get to know each other !!
Of course I know about the programme- translator, I'm not a ****** girl ... And if I had access to the internet, I would translate free e-mail through Google and do not spend money on it! But access to the Internet only in the company transfers ....
My dear, you must understand everything here is upside down ... life turned upside down as if stopped! Intrnet- cafe already half a year do not work, many companies and businesses are closed! works only what is necessary and makes a profit ... the agency earns such as you and me, so it makes no sense to close!
There is a demand !!!! I'm sorry, that again is a sad letter turned out ... I did something very cheerful and positive person !!!! I can laugh without stopping, and I find in any little reason to smile !!!) apparently sometimes despair stronger than my good emotions ... sorry
By the way, I'm learning English as a week, now I got down to the level of elementary way ... teach words ....on as soon as the money, I would go to the teacher for private lessons! I said I will learn! So I will do it! I myself am very, very much it would be desirable, now I understand how much this important to me !!! You should not be angry at me !!! While I understand that this moment you are wondering why I did not answer))) But I did not come to the site for about two weeks !!!
When message came to the website , they synchronization with my mail so that shows that I'm on-line! Although I was not there, so do not be offended - I was not ignoring you!
And what you am doing? You look new blonde with handcuffs ahahha ?! I think it's possible! Our meeting, but I have to wait for the return of parents not to leave her grandmother alone!
Suppose you have today is a beautiful day and my sad letter will not spoil your mood, sorry again
I send you a million kisses and held tight embrace, feeling in your protection! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
Letter 5
Hello sweet! I'm sorry I delayed to answer! I had financial problems!
Frankly, I was a little confused by your candid photos and text! We do not know each other! And I not looking for flirting or ****** ***********!
I want a date and the real man! As for why I am interesting to you .... I want you to understand, I'm not a ****** little girl. I am not looking for a sponsor, not looking temporal relationships ...... I'm looking for a man who will awaken my interest, I want to fall in love with his wisdom, in his manner, in his arms I want to feel fragile girl!
I had a relationship with a man who was 40 years old .... it was empty, except for his money and *** he did not interesting any things!
Why would I want such a relationship ??? I have spent my life working on yourself, educate yourself,invest yourself ...
I do not to be beautiful Addendum in someone's life! I want to be a full-fledged woman, in the hands of good men, and that he was proud of me !!!
Proud of not only what nature gave me .... and the fact that I brought up a !!! I think when the time will come, you tell me about past relationships with girls ... And now I just want to know what should have, the kind of girl who will be your last a lifetime? And what are you willing to do for a girl who loves more than himself???
You know why I say "more than himself," because I believe that you need to devote your life to someone !!!
Who devote their lives to the service of God, for whom it is a career service who serve the people ....
and I want to dedicate and has dissolved in the one as well as I have in me has dissolved !!! I also want to hear why you're interested in me? You like me just because I am beautiful and looks like a model, is that all? Have a good day!!
Kiss you:* Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
Letter 6
Hello lovely!!!! I'm so glad that you wrote to me, worried about me! I just did not have the money to write letters! I'm sorry I made ??you worry!
I cherish your letters and your words! I appreciate your respect for me, I think I'm starting to fall in love with you !!!
I'm sorry I delayed response! I unfortunately do not always get to come to the agency and send the letter!
I do not mind to write to you in Russian, but I have no way to do it - I do not have internet!
You're right! The shelling continued, the school was destroyed and blown up a bus with people .... I can not mention them, I'm so tired .....

I'm all right, I'm waiting news from work ... when will or whether it will start the school year! I am clueless what to do next if they do not work, how to survive without money to exist!
Why is it not fair to all ?! People are crumbling life, the family of this war .... and I just hoped for something new, to meet you .... and everything is falling apart!
I do not want to be sad, so I rarely write to you so I want to make my letter was kind and cheerful! I generally like to do, love to do something with their own hands ... from sushi finishing sewing a new dress! So I do not have enough time in 24 hours in a day ...
I always have to do something. I do not sit still! We have an expression "motor of the pope," the grandmother says it's about me ahaha ...
we mean that a lot of moving and constantly than doing !! I'm the kind of person who likes to set himself goals and move to achieve them! A year ago I wanted to learn to dance bachata, I just admired this dance of sensuality in motion .... I learned to dance Bachata! I also wanted to learn how to manage a sailboat - I sang it! I always have a job for myself, I want to have time to live and not to stand still! For me it is important to develop new learning and to give people my love !!!
I confess that I fall in love with your writing and I'm so happy your concern, I feel like you're worried about me! Tell me how are you, how are you my darling?
I want to know more about your hobbies, maybe it's a sport or a glass of **** in the company of friends? I want to know what you do in your spare time !!!
I want to know everything about you, I want to be closer to you! I want to before our meeting we knew each other! I very much hope and believe that soon will go out on bond again ... kiss Peace to you and harmony Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency"
Letter 7
Hello my sweet Rob!!! Sorry for late replay, you know how difficult for me now to pay for letter - sorry!!
My honey, I may not be able to write to you more ...
I write this to you and want to cry, I never thought that in my life will be the case ... I fall in love with a man whom has never seen, not heard!
But for me, this new understanding of the relationship, I opened it for yourself after talking with you! And only now I'm beginning to understand how important it is to know first the soul and guts of man, his moral qualities, his outlook on life .... to be a friend, to sympathize and support! Open to him and not to be close to the physical condition ....but in mind! And that's all I'm worried about you! With a stranger, and also the most family man during this time!
I did not tell anyone so much as you ... my mother away - I can not talk long and often on the phone and in addition, I can not show that it's hard because they will worry about me!
Grandma can not get nervous and I spoke to her only about good, my best friends left with their families to safer places in Ukraine! So I have only you now, only you my hope and find support and assistance in you!
I was so happy when I get a calls and the manager says you have a letter in the box, and it made my day gets better .... thank you! Sincere thanks for everything! Did I strongly sensual writing this and you're not ready to hear it .... but I write about what I think and what I feel! I'm a straight man, I do not like hypocrisy!
I have a real despair ... I do not write about it smartly, but I see no other options! I need your help to continue our conversation .... you know I'm not sorry for all this time money and spend it on our letters, but now the issue has become a very serious ... no salary, no savings! Parents send to us the money , but still goes on food and medicines, I am ashamed to take out letters !!
Maybe you doubt me ... in my honesty and sincerity! If so, then I'm sorry .... that in your eyes I can look bad! I do not like and do not know how. Something to prove ... I have it! I'm real! I'm the one who writes from the heart and the heart takes your letters! If our introduction happened at least a year ago, not at the time of the war ... I have a met you ... you have become very dear to me !!!
If you are all the time did not play with my feelings, and you was to those who you really are .... then you prove. that our acquaintance was not in vain! And not for nothing that I wanted "has dissolved in you" and spent $ 5-7 in each letters for you! In any case, I'm waiting for your answer ... do not break my heart ... I believe you As I said, the good always comes the good !!! Today... nostalgia, I send a photo of the first working day after the holidays in the past school year! I'm tired,but happy!
And in this photo I am not skinny///it is before war!
All the joy in children .... and I miss them((
My lovely children present a flower to me!and now I realize how I was happy in this moment.... Good day and evening my honey ! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
with us you closer together...
Letter 8
Hello sweety! I was praying that you understand me and my thoughts, my attitude to you and my feelings. And God heard my prayers!
I am very happy that you want to help us, to help our relations, our future meeting! It is great that you are so serious and sincere man.
In world of cruel and dishonest people, especially now when we have such terrible war.
Yes you are right,I need your help now! I spent the money... ! but I do not want to lose touch with you ...
You ask and I should write you all the necessary information to pay our translations. I use translation agency which name is "Lim-agency" .
One letter costs 5$ (any size). One printed or scanned photo costs 3$. Either, they propose unlimited correspondence while month or two months.
If we communicate while one month, it costs 235$, if while two months it costs 385$. You can send your help via the Western Union, MoneyGram, Unistream .
Oh, yeah. Either, i should give you the information where to send money. It is:
full name - Slobodian Kristina
the city - Yasnaya Polana
the address - Zapadnaya street, 55
zip code - 84394
the country - Ukraine
When you send me your help, please send me details, because without details i will not be able to receive your help:
- your full name;
- the sum of payment;
- Money Transfer Control Number (I was told that it is something you would get after making the transfer) Honey!!Understand and accept my situation right now, I have nowhere to take any more money on the letter for you ... but I want to be close to you!
All stocks that I had, I spent at the agency, I believe you and not spare to pay for services ...
I will be waiting for your help to continue our relations, because i am interested in you very much !
I believe that you were sincere with me and you will not give up on me at the time of difficulties!!! Send you foto with my grandma))
kiss you Rob! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
with us you closer together...
Letter 9
Hi baby !! I am pleased to hear that you were pleased with my quick answers! I borrowed money $ 15, and so was able to respond to these letters quickly !!! The letter, I am writing to you during the day and at what time of day they are transferred and sent to you - I do not know !!! I now have a day , after the agency I'm going to go to the store and buy not a lot of products for dinner, to the grandmother will come today girlfriend for a visit !!!
I do not like what you say that I want your money ... I'm just like you interesting in our communication and therefore "prejudice" itself in what I write to you! If you think that I need from you is only the money - then we better not talk !!! Because those words hurt me, but if you do not believe me - that no relationship can not be built on mistrust!
I'll send you a passport and I hope very much your honesty and my passport information not be applied where it is not! I am also afraid because I understand that there are people that can take advantage of buyout! in Russian my name is written in such a way :
Slobodian Kristina! Based 1 letter- 5 $ and 1 photo 3 $!
If we not write every day about the 140$- 150$ be enough, it will allow me to add my photo to the letter! As I wrote to you that they offer unlimited correspondence is 235 dollars a month! You decide! I can not insist on anything either, I do not care! The main thing is that we can continue conversation! To me this is important !! I think that at the end of the summer we could meet! The parents return from a work trip and I can go !!!
Write me your mobile number! If I write you a SMS in Russian, you will be able to translate it? I do not know how much it will cost SMS to me ...
but I'd like to write you a "good morning" or "sweet night" !!! I believe that soon we will charge again !!! And it will no longer be for me the financial encumbrance! My kisses in nose !!!
Send you photo from summer2014 Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
with us you closer together...
Letter 10
Hello !! I do not know where to start ... I hate! I'm realizing that ****** excuses! I'll just say what it is really !
For a site I use another photo, with the goal - I'm just worried that no one recognized me!
Then when we began to speak, you say that the girl from the photo is very beautiful ... I panicked and decided that you do not like me ...
and decided to wait for the right moment to confess that what I look like in reality! All what I said about myself is my real thoughts, events and lifestyle! I'm Kristina, I live with my grandmother in the past engaged in labor education in primary school .... all what I said - it's true! But the photos were other girl ... I am ashamed! I do not know what to say .... I understand that you ask when I confessed to it ... but I not even know what to say! I am the fifth day "beside mymself" and really excited that upset you ....
I send photos, I'm ready for that that I can not cause you any emotion! Because I am aware of how I look, and it looks like that girl Sorry dear...that not girl from you dream/ Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
Letter 11
I'm sorry, I'm a long time answer! I am in the same position as before, nothing has changed ... and I find it hard to save money for the letter !!! I will explain why I have written so little in my last letter .... and not justified and is not trying to get out "unscathed"! I explained to you as it is ... at first I just did not want to show itself (for this purpose, I never registers in social networks, I see no point to show photos on general review I believe in the bad energy and black "eyes"), then I was going through that you does not like me, and then I waited for the moment when it is convenient to be painless tell .... but as the saying goes, "Man proposes, God disposes", the situation itself was opened! I understand that my every word ... you will be made with caution and confidence, I know that you are suspicious tuned! And that I'm not writing, as if not talking about myself ... it will all be for you a question, "Is it true that?!" !!! I do not know who you add to your favorites and who wrote to you in past.... but it was not me! I do not pursue any silly goals here and I'm not going to spend money and write hundreds of other men, it is not advisable !!!
All of what I'm talking about myself, my work. occupations, habits, history, family, hobbies and desires - it's me! I do not have a large number of photos! Actually, I had a photo with the institute and work in the school, but it is what is left on a flash drive in the parents! And now there is no mood to be photographed, and there is no reason too! So I have a few photos .... But I can think of something, I can record a video, ok?! If I could easily say you arrival parents. I would have said about this !! Because I'm really miss them and really looking forward to their arrival, and then the opportunity to meet with you closer! If you still want to help me ... I would be very grateful! Because it's difficult - pay, honestly! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
Letter 12
My morning- kiss for you!!! Transfer was effected through the agency of translation "Lim-agency".
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