Scam Letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Tommy (Germany)

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Letter 1

Hello Tommy!
I'm glad to receive your letter and thank you for your photo. I lied it and I will be glad to see more your photo. I think that you are write me because you have some interest to me otherwise you didn't write me. I will be glad if our interest will be the same and we will have a good correspond with each other. Are you agree with me? and I think i should to tell you something about myself first of all.

My name is Katya if you still don't know. I'm living in Samara. It's situation in Samarskaya oblast', Russia. I was born in Samara on 15 December 1977 and I'm still living here. Samara really a good city and i like it very much. What else...? I have some my best friends and I like to spend my free time with them. I like doing different things in my free time. I like to swim very much, also I like reading, dancing, cooking,walking and many other different things.

Something about my character: I'm funny person and I like my life but my life is not ideal. I have sense of humour and I like a good joke but some joke make me a dissatisfied. My friend told me that i'm honest and open person and that's why with me easy to chat.

Maybe you are thinking that why this cute girl searching someone abroad? I try to tell you it in some words for now. I can't my love here...... I think it's a really difficult question and I will try to tell you more about it in my next letter. Ok?

I think it's at all for now and I'm going to finish my letter now I'm novice in internet and I'm a little ashamed but I hope I will feel my self more better in it after some letter and that's why I will be glad to see you next letter in my inbox again and we will continue to knowing each other.

I send you some my photo. The first photo i took in summer and the second photo was take recently.
Take care,

Letter 2

Hello Tommy
Tommy I have a problem with my old e-mail(
I can't receive or send letter from it.
Please maybe you already wrote me or want to do it on my old e-mail address, and i don't want to lose our correspond and i don't want to lose your letter.
Please write me here on my new e-mail address and I will be glad to continue our correspond. it's a
Please don't offence on me for this problem but I really very sad about it.
I hope you are understand me and i will receive your letter on my new e-mail soon and everything will be well and we are continue to knowing each other.
Ok i think I tell you everything about this situation and I'm waiting your letter soon.
Take care,

My new e-mail -

Letter 3

Hello Tommy ! Thank you for your letter and I'm glad that we can continue our correspond because with each letter we knowing each other more and more better and I like it.
Thank you for your photos. I liked them.

I think I should to tell you about my purpose in Internet.
First of all i want to tell you something about my past relation You know I had a boyfriends when I was a 20 years old which I loved very much. We was together a long time, about two years. I was happy with him and I thought that we will marry on each other but... In one day I saw him with another girl and my heart was break . He found another girl and he broken our love. I don't know why..... I think that i tired do everything for him in order he feel comfort with me but I don't know what happened.... and I still can't understand it... May be I'm wrong in this person.... Any way I'm a single now and i want to try find person not from Russia because all the Russian man are stupid and don't respect Russian woman. But not at all the Russian people very bad but the most them don't have a good relation to female.

the main my purpose in Internet not to find a rich male or to leave Russia. No!

I would have to say that I would like to find my best friend, the man I can't live without!!! I want to find someone I can trust and share my life with, the man that can make me feel good even when life around me isn't going very well. I feel communication is very important, and without it you can not have a good relationship. I want to find the man that will be honest and faithful and I can be honest and faithful to for the rest of my life. I do not like to argue or fight, and i hope you do not like to be lied to. I want to find the man I can tell everything to, and he will fill free to tell me everything, the one who will be by my side forever. The man that wants to be with me because he loves me, and feels good when I hold his and walks by my side, and we can share our dreams!!! I want to find the one who will laugh with me, walk with me, dance with me, even hold me when I am sad. I want to find the man who would be a great father and if we have children he would help raise them to be as wonderful as he is!!! I want to find the man that I fall in love with more and more every day, the one whom I will miss when he go to work and fill my life with happiness just knowing he will be there in my life always. I want to find the missing part of my life !!! I want to find my partner in life, I want to find MY BEST FRIEND FOR THIS LIFE!

I think it's everything what i want to tell you in this letter and I'm waiting your next letter and i wish you a good time.
And what are your purposes in Internet?
Take care,

Letter 4

Hello Tommy ! I'm glad to receive your letter again. I think that than often you are talking with person than better you are know him and that's why I hope our correspond will be the good chance to know each other more better and maybe we will have something more than simple correspond but about it will tell us only the time.

Thank you for your photos. I liked them

Ok I think I should to tell you something more about myself and I would like to tell you some thing about my life. if you are not against. It's short my biography.

I was born in Samara on 15 December 1977 years. My mother told me that i was a very good child, I was obedient child. I went to kindergarten when i was a 3 years old. I didn't like to go kindergarten but mother always told me that kindergarten will make me a friendly and sociable female.

When i was 7 years old I went to school. I liked my school very much because I had there are many friends and I'm always with pleasure went there. My school years are going good. i was a good pupil and i had a good marks at school. I finished school when I was 17 years old and i had passed exams in cosmetology university because I would like to be a hairdresser since a childhood. And in this year I had a very bad thing in my life. My mother had died. You are really can't imagine what I had in my mind and in my heard. i didn't want to life with out my mum because I loved her very much and I'm still loving her so much. after as my mum died all home's affairs should be doing I'm. I didn't know how to wash, how to clean up home, how to embroider, i didn't know how to cook because all this things did my mum before her died. it was a really difficult for me to learnt everything this things. My father had a hard work. he was manager and he was had a lot of work and I understand that my childhood finished and I will have a difficult adult life.

But I could to found a power in my self for everything this.

I was learnt at university all the day, in evening i had some practice for my future work and in the night I cooked a food for my father and cleaned up home. Such as life I have during a five years. I'm finished university when i was a 22 years old. I found a good job as a hairdresser because I like job this very much. When my father lost our flat and everything what we had in casino because he was ill about this game. and I try to have my own life. I rent a flat with my the best friend Lena and we are still living together. I don't know what happened with my father because he went to another city to save some money for life.

i want to tell you that i have a very good parents. My mother was a very good person and i don't know why God did it but she had a cancer and maybe that's why...... I don't know...... I don't offence on my father. Maybe my father did a big mistake that he played in casino but he love me very much and I'm knowing about it and I love him very much and i very worry about his because he is writing a letter by mail to me very often.

i'm sorry for my short letter but I think i should to tell you about it sooner or later because I don't ashamed my life. I'm happy with my live, maybe it not ideal but it's my life.

Ok I'm going to home for now and i'm waiting your next letter and I wish you a good time.
Take care,

P.S. I send you some of my photos, on the first photo it's me with my friend Lena and on the second just me.



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