Letter(s) from Umut Dokira to Robert (Columbia)

Letter 1

Please, donot get too excited about the letter.
I'm active, jolly and purposeful woman. I hope that our communication will last.

Kitty cat Umut!

Letter 2

Hello, my new friend !!! Thank you for what you have not disregarded my letter. To be honest, I was a bit worried and thought you won't answer. But now I see your answer and my face smile. In our city recently opened an Internet cafe. Previously, I was never familiar with the Internet. Therefore, our acquaintance for me is the first Internet communication. My name is UMUT . The most common Georgian name. You ask where I got your e - mail ???

I've got the love online newsletter from destination unknown to me. In this letter, spoke of love relationships between people. In the list of e-mail recipients, I saw your address. I thought long before writing to you. My heart was prompted to write to you, and I do not regret it. I was born in Georgia . In the town of Abasha . I now live in the city of Abasha . My day of birth 28 March 1988. My height is 1.80 cm, my weight is 55 kg. I like my city, here is a very beautiful old architecture, even there is a nature reserve nearby.

Married never was, no children. Perhaps then I will tell you more why it happened. That I'm talking about myself! Please, tell us all what you think is best: how you live, where you work, what are your Hobbies. I will gladly send you my photos! Hope you like them. And look forward to your letter and your photos! I really want to look at them!

I hope you will reply me as soon as possible. if you have no interest then just don't reply to my letter and leave it unanswered . I hope that it will be very interesting to communicate with me . Looking forward to your letter! Your new friend from Georgia Umut !!!

Letter 3

Hello , my new friend !!! I with impatience waited for your letter. Thank you for what you are not left without attention . So, let me tell you about myself a little more. I have a wonderful job – I work In the beauty and health ". After school, I went to University, on a speciality "the Barber". It is wonderful when work is a pleasure!
Brag – not in my rules, but I note that the work for me is life, not just a profession. Of course, it is hard work. It turns out that it is very difficult to find work for young people in our country. First, I worked is not their specialty, which received. I worked as a salesman in a grocery store. But recently, opened a beauty salon where I now work as a beautician , massages and a hairdresser . I really like my job. I try to give everything. When I was in College I studied various foreign languages. I am fluent in several foreign languages .

I love to play sports. It is easy to guess that such a busy schedule requires to be in shape. So I have no harmful habits, I do not smoke or use drugs, I just don't need. Sometimes during the holidays in the company of friends I allow myself a little light cocktails, and even then only for girls.

I am, as you know from our correspondence, I love sports. This allows you to be healthy and to keep your body in shape. But it is important for every woman – many sit on a diet, pace yourself to lose a few pounds. To me this is easier, after work, I do fitness twice a week I go to the pool.

Therefore without false modesty to say that I have a beautiful body, which I'm not shy, unlike many zakompleksovannykh girls . I love the series, and if you want, I can send you some of the most successful in my opinion photographs.

Just want to warn you that my photos will be on the professional level. All photos shot by my best friend which I can trust as myself. After University my best friend, her name is Polina, I bought a good camera, and wanted to become a photographer. So we did a lot of photo sessions with her, and these photos we never showed, and they were stored on the memory card Pauline. I took my photo Polina stored on the memory card for that would show them to you . I think they will like you. Unfortunately, Pauline was unable to become a photographer, because of the big competitions, so she had in the future to sell the camera. And now she has a family and children, and she works as a lawyer.

Tell me, please, how do you feel about sports, do anything? You may not believe this, but I love football, and often watch matches on TV, if time allows. By the way, in Georgia a lot of girls football girls, this is not surprising because football unites many people. How is it in your country? I spend my free time mostly at home, reading books.
Love romances and adventures. Watching soap operas, like "Interns", it's a fun film about the life of doctors, just received the diploma and internship at the hospital. From music I like to listen to Georgian folk songs , for her beautiful song is very catchy dance!

I'd love to go to the movies or drink cafe with friends, love communication. Although, of course, sometimes the work is so exhausting that no strength to go anywhere. And how do you spend your leisure time? Probably with friends at the bar? Think you're interested in my character. Themselves difficult to estimate, but friends say that I'm a very quiet person. In people I appreciate the candor and honesty, and I hate, if you suddenly find out that the person lied to me. What qualities do you like in people? What do you look for in a woman in the first place? For me the main thing – that the person was kind. Such that I would be able to care for others. Do you like cats? Or dogs? Well, now I'm bombarded with questions.

I'm glad we continue to communicate, I'm waiting for your letters!
Your passionate friend from Georgia Umut !!!

Letter 4

Hello, my dear friend !!! how are you ??? how are you doing ???
how is your day today ??? Thanks for your new letter. I am very pleased that you do not leave me unattended. I'm glad we still keep in touch and get to know each other better. Today very good weather. On my face a smile. I don't know why, but now I smile more often. I love to communicate with you.

I've been thinking a lot about you, and decided that maybe I could trust you. Today I want to talk about her family. My father – his name is David , he is 63 years old and he works as a children's football coach. Football is his life, and even in spite of his age, he does his favorite thing. My mom's name is Valentina – her 57 years, she is now on pension, and does household chores. All her life she worked on the farm because he loves animals. I love and respect my parents. In childhood, I, like all children attended school. I really liked high school because I could learn something new. I have finished 11 classes with honors, receiving a gold medal for academic success. I live with my parents, and I have my own bathroom. Sometimes I wish I could find a man and start a personal life. So how to live with their parents well , but I want more freedom . I always have an opinion , and had made herself .

Now look back at that period and I understand that in addition to the difficulties and hardships life has taught me to be independent, to achieve everything in life itself. I'm not one to count! So I studied well that gave me a chance to go to University.

Now I have an interesting job and I fully cover myself but sometimes my salary is not enough because in Georgia is very small wages . In the West, for some reason there is a misconception that all girls from Georgia strive to marry a foreigner for money . As though money is the most important thing in life. That's interesting, what do you think about this? You know, I now really miss understanding person that would be able to listen to me and understand what I feel. I've been in relationships with guys , but unfortunately , most of my fans was just for the sex . They saw me as just an attractive body , and no one wanted to know what is on my mind. As soon as someone whom I trusted and hoped , cheated on me and had my heart broken . That's why I decided to communicate via the Internet. Perhaps in the course of correspondence'll get a better idea of the person. I am very glad that you came into my life . I am interested to communicate with you , I eagerly go to your Inbox to read your messages . And I will be very glad if you will write to me as often and as much as possible .

Tell us, have you had a relationship with girls ? For what purpose you're playing online with me ? Would you like to just be friends or looking for your soul mate ? I am tired of being lonely and looking for a serious relationship, I dream about a good family with a good loving husband , a reliable companion of life . Maybe I want too much ? But I still believe in love . I want you to trust me and believe that we must be sincere with each other . I'm waiting for the answers to my questions . I send you pics of my work . these photos are made in the process of my work.

On it I finish the letter. Really looking forward to your answer.
Sincerely your friend from Georgia Umut !!!

Letter 5

Hello, my sweet and passionate man xx !!! Can I call you that? Glad we continue our communication, I ask you to recognize. I want a warning, I find it difficult to understand the end, the sense of your question. I do not always understand the meaning of your question, but I try to answer. So if not always the right answer to your question offense. In the letters I try to answer all your questions in detail. I love my country, because I was born here and received education. The parents tried to keep up with where I grew up honest and was one of the people with respect. The same qualities that I appreciate in other people. I think you're a very honest man, is not capable of betrayal. Unfortunately, our country and there are very poor people, but uncomfortable for me to write about it. Some are only interested in making money, and the needs of others, who are indifferent. Therefore it is probably because in many of our arms. In Georgia, there are many talented people and many would like to work, but not all, unfortunately, there is this possibility. The country's economy is not permitted, and a lot of problems is obtained. xx Say please when interesting is your city where you live? There are beautiful places? In my town I live near 6000 people, which is normal for a small town. how to spend the days of the city have? I recently started using the Internet, so not yet mastered by the end here all. I also told him that I go to an internet cafe, the. One of the first in our city how great the technology, the people of the Bay! We used to dream about such and no! You, probably, a lot of friends on the Internet? Today very tired at work, but if you thought I chat with you, improves mood immediately. Tell me, what do you feel about me? For me this is very important. It seems to me, I bring a very warm feeling. Because you're a good man, and man and nice! Rainer you like my photos? I have no one to show, but you could see! I will try to send more intimate photos to be viewed in the following letters? I look forward to mail, hope for understanding. Her lovely girl !!! Umut Georgia.

Letter 6

Hello my dear friend !!! xx I am very, very happy to receive a letter from you. I'm curious how you live breathing. I do not need any special qualities not need Superman. I have probably, like most women, you just need a trusted person would have to worry about me. I trust him to know that he is always. Being able to protect myself and not leave in difficult times Here is a portrait of the perfect man for me. You could turn it, the atmosphere of warmth and comfort. I would like my own family that spends a lot of time! I see you treat me with respect, and I'm willing to give you more sexy photos! I think you'll like it, I'm not afraid to show, and I hope that I will show no respect for me. xx simply joy for me to prepare a delicious meal for the elect. My favorite dishes - borscht and pelmeni. I heard this? And what you like cooking? Please tell us about your favorite food. From Mediterranean cuisine, I highly love pizza and cook many different versions of this dish. I think you would like. You know, noting employees on the job I had changed, always in a good humor, and he looks happy. I, of course, tell you what, my little secret. But you can say that, since we met, me in the light of the soul and cheerful. I trust that, besides not familiar nor anyone in his life. I am very happy that he found a partner as wonderful as you. It would be great if we have ever encountered. I love traveling, but my work schedule rarely ever possible. xx in my youth, I sang in the school choir and in the issue of wall newspapers, ask? And have you ever loved in childhood are you? Now I'm back home from the cafe reading a book about the adventure and go to sleep. I often think before bed, which really are. Write everything interesting, I'll wait and I'll sure answers. Goodbye, Your soft Umut !!!

Letter 7

Hello, my dear !!! xx How can there be? How are you ??? Thank you for your interest and warm letter. You may wonder why not work for me personal life here in Georgia. I wrote that I was not lucky with the guys My story is as old as the world, is the story of an unrequited love. When a man confesses love, naive girl, and indeed, other loves. I thought we got to the other, but how bitter I was wrong! He met secretly with the school to meet my girlfriend? I used to think that this story is only possible in the novels about love or women's magazines, but, unfortunately, happens all the time. Of course, what happened, I was cautious. Now I am very selective people a?ioonu treatment and not to the neck, around the first curve. We have a He is saying: "All are wise retroactively" but what do you do? But now I'm not as confident as before. Of course, everything has to be grateful, because it is the experience that probably we have to go further. I have heard for a long time to try on Internet dating, but I doubted much, something. Finally he went to an Internet - use cafeteria located near my house. I can only use email and read the news online. Exist in social networks such as time limits in an Internet cafe with me. Honestly I admit I did not expect to be so, but I was very please. I have a lot of emotions in our community, as it is rare! I also want to have, please, phone number, I could try to call negotiators points. Since I do not need your phone, because its use in Georgia expensive, yes, he is. xx with you is fun and easy to communicate. I want to know why he has decided to get to know about the Internet? Because in the world a lot of good girls who are in reality. And why did you write it's up to me, because I like to do in your country? Today probably all. I write, I will answer. Umut her sweet girl !!!!

Letter 8

Hello, my beloved xx !!! I thank you wholeheartedly for this great action card. I am so glad that we have full understanding of such important issues as the attitude toward marriage and family! You are so wonderful, strange, what is even such men with a good sense of humor, it is honest and caring. I see that is not indifferent to my life, and that's a treasure, so believe me. Sometimes I think that if I have a message I know you very long ago ... My love, today I want to completely open to you my heart! I say a little shy that phrase, but I took the plunge and his team. xx confess to you, my lord, I LOVE YOU! I loved you from the first letters. I had the feeling that we can have a serious relationship. Every day I gave my time. After our knowledge, only I thought of you. I love you because you are kind, gentle, loving and gentle man. I know that I rely on in difficult minute! You never lie to you and do not save. I knew that somewhere in the world is precisely the man I love, really. And I've found! My love for you is pure and delicate. I had my feelings of his heart, but today I decided to open my soul to you. Hopefully just to reciprocate my feelings and responses! I want to say thank you never left unattended, my letters and took me to the goal of building a serious relationship. Now we are with you as a unit, as an indivisible chain! I want our relationship continued to develop. My prince, for me, the word love is more than just a word. For me, love is a feeling that now I breathe and live. When I see his letters, he wakes up in my second wind, the birds are singing in my soul, I want to live and smile! My love, I wanted to give my heart and soul and hope I do not deny it! Xx Please tell me what you feel? Are you ready to tell me you love me? Now that I have shown my secret, and I can speak freely to you about the subject of love. I want to talk about sex and sexual dreams! I will do it. In the following letters Too bad you 're so far away . Sometimes really you want to talk to you really is. Go talk to you at the cafe , drinking a glass of wine. And then go home together, in bed , to feel tenderness in your body. I would travel to you in the future , albeit briefly ! It was for me not only the man , and the man of my dreams. Recently my girlfriend complained about his friend who had forgotten to cook , boil after work, and it is outrageous and insulting. This story is so ugly. As can be normal , so the relationship when the man who does not respect women? If it is possible to love without respect? Sure not. How you mean? I think you understand that you are a very sensitive person. I think you can either happy woman when you love them. Write xx , Love, your letters to read , to know what has come to you a very attentive reader . Integer. Umut its sexual thing !!!

Letter 9

Hello, my dear !!! Thanks xx responded positively to my feelings. Glad each other strong feelings. I can tell you I fell for you! It is the beginning of a great love with each passing day, my feelings, which become even stronger. I can now completely open. I'm a little embarrassed to talk to you about that. In previous letters xx You probably already understood that I am a hot girl. And I love sex, and that makes people closer. I believe that sex should only be with a man you like! I also believe that the concept of gender friendly. In bed, I am not a quiet person in life. I am willing to give your body every particle. I know how to bring man to orgasm he crazy in bed with me. What sex for you? It is important in your life? Did you have sex with me? I think my intimate photos that especially excites much. I am a beautiful young girl, and of course, at that age I totally given to her husband! I think this issue we need to talk to you.I will not hide that I come to you in the future. When we are together, we will deliver an unforgettable experience each other in bed. The men of my country and not very noanieoaeuiua not enough sex take the maximum long. I love sex all night, lead to orgasm at all hours. I like new positions, new feelings, new places for sex. I do not like normal sex when the man upstairs or vice versa. I love those items that just makes me feel crazy. I'm very excited, her beautiful body, I want to caress your language. Kiss your strong chest for every centimeter of your body, like your little thing it is grown. And closer omitted to it! And again, I'll give you an unforgettable feeling. xx experience I want sex, I am willing to explore every position of love in the books! And then select positions 10, are only our positions! Where do you forget, about the world and the problems and just enjoy the feelings sex!
It's my little dreams, and every day will be bigger. I can not do anything with it, like you aicao?aaaou me stronger! I will open even more, because you are my husband. And they should be no secrets between us. Sex in a relationship is important, and we need to talk. I'm sure we're right for each other. And I'm willing to give you, of all the emotions and feelings that you need from women. Our love should be clean and safe, only then we will be happy. I'll send you an intimate photos, I think our relationship has entered a new phase. And I can open her beloved husband. I have a beautiful body, and I have nothing to hide from her husband. This is my personal photograph that you never saw! I also hope that these pictures do not see anyone but you. I will send more intimate not looked at the other girls pictures! And just admiring my beauty, and thought only of myself! If you can tell me a little confused. Xxx I love you and I want sex with you! She is my only man, and I'm glad you came into my life. I hope this letter has given you a lot of emotions, and even managed to cool. I really would like now to touch their private areas ... =) I regret that we were not far! I'll finish your letter! Tomorrow I'll write my new fantasies, and wait for their opinions about my dreams. And maybe soon it becomes a reality? I am waiting for your mail that is, as soon as possible! Umut her sexy girl !!!

Letter 10

Hello my sexy man in the world !!! xx Yesterday I opened not only as a person but also as the future of his wife. I knew that I share with you, the. All emotions I like you, and see you in the role of his men. I myself caused my email. I did not sleep much, as presented, as we realize our sexual life dreams. Sex and love, happiness in our lives. I see you like my thoughts! And you adequately responded to my letter, which makes our relationship even closer. My love, you are constantly in my thoughts I have all the time about you. I love you and want to be with you! Glad you like my sexual fantasies. I worry that having sex with you anywhere. I want to do with you in the bathroom, in the kitchen, washing machine, in nature. For I am not ashamed, as my husband. When I come, I want the first day, we had sex a few times a day. Because it is closer to us. Can you imagine if I came to you! I want my dream, I ?ane?uaa?nu time.
xx I come to you, you see me at the airport with flowers (bouquet of roses). I come from an airplane in a fancy evening gown. Arrive, you hug and kisses, do you feel the smell of my spirit. I asked him how the day with you ... Come home, on the road come to food for dinner. Come home. I prepare the cenadisfrutar: Roast in the oven chicken with pineapple and nuts, boiled potatoes, even steamed in mushroom sauce. Then we went to the dining room, light the candles, and make excellent wine, romantic music. We do after sip of wine, and I presented dinner. We eat and talk about everything, not in the eyes of the other. After dinner, you invite me and so on the slow dance. We dance not always overwhelmed by the two of us, you begin to kiss, soft and sensual. Caressing my chest, I prefer you in a suit and shirt. Kiss your strong chest, every centimeter of your body. I sink and I prefer to see the pants, I start to caress the body hands love and enjoyment. In this time to continue to kiss, that passionate and sensual. After falling to his knees and touch your lips, love your body, I see how it starts to grow and harden. I spend with my tongue along the entire length, and then put in the mouth and patted there until I start feeling that begins to throb in my mouth, I stop when I feel like nectar comes to mind in the mouth. We went into the bedroom, you want me to move out, we're completely covered. I go to the open window, there is already dark and there was nobody there, fresh air in my hair. You come back and begins to caress me. First chest and then down my fingers touch my love petals heat. You you going in the morning. From behind and slowly and carefully start the movement exists You are my heart in his hands. We started to move together in rhythm, first slowly, then faster and faster until you get the joy I feel nectar fills me out. We're out of the window, ei?eouny in bed, I will caress your body, your whole body the love, then the seats on top of you. You do not lie oaaaeeouny, I start gently glide back and forth until you make the pace of the movement. I pick up the pace , I start to move faster , you begin to you and caress my nipples with his strong hands , sorry . With every minute that I move your body more quickly , still running a few seconds , and both experience a great joy which exhausted the event in the chest and cover as a few minutes , until I come to . Then we go to the shower, I mean your body strong , and I wash my fragile . We entered the room and sleep in the arms of another. xx these are my dreams I want to give you something. I very much hope , writing to you, because you can not think of you ! Although Internet connects us with the lyrics! I think that the plane can take me to you. and all our dreams come true ! I love her! And I am waiting for your reply as soon as possible. Umut your love forever !!!

Letter 11

Hello my favorite of the fans xx !!! I was very happy to get your letter of sexual response, you are not hurt my thoughts, I want my favorite! Are you ready to join me? The topic of sex and love is very important, and I feel his words, since you're sexy and sensual, I really like. I would gladly make love to you, of course, as you want! xx I am now waiting, when it will be, I can not live without you, and I want to feel your affection for me, I feel like I kiss my chest, then her nipples while stroking my petals love I feel your cock in itself, sleep. I want to lick your cock and hands massaging until the pleasure VENT nectar for me in the mouth. I want to feel that his penis moves in me, and throbbing in my hand, I want the taste of nectar, is also sweet, probably as his words. I want to experience with you, I see you are a very experienced, sensual and gentle man, so I'm all for sex aiaa??nu you are all positions that you want. I can no longer try to dream about this, because I want some more. I think we should stop, so a strong emotion for me has never been. I do not think this can be achieved by letters. I know our relationship intrigue BC. I want to know you, because I do not want to waste precious time. I think our relationship has become stronger because I see that important to you. My love, I want some information about the trip to his country. Please let me know your full name and address and full phone number. The nearest airport to his house, and the city that is. In my village there is a travel agency that has worked for many years. He has a lot of television, and rave reviews! I'm going to a travel agency office for information about the trip for you. xx I will come to you, so we can understand the feelings we experience each other. I'll be the happiest person in this world. I am very pleased that our relationship do not stay in one place, and only developed. I am sure that we will be happy together. Because we trust each other 100! We work with you to a strong alliance, as we love one another. Made intimate photos for you to prove that opened for you! I love you more than anything else. I welcome your emails is possible. His favorite girl Umut !!!

Letter 12

Hello my dear and beloved xxx !!! Thank you for your kind words you me. You're a very nice person to me. I am willing to give my life! You have no idea how glad I am that our hearts find each other. My thoughts are together in the future only in you and in our lives. I give you my heart. I want to do with you. I love you! My dear, you know I'm going to visit today, a travel agent to find out all about our meeting. I went on a nice tour company that many people are respected in our city. I went to the manager of the company and to describe the whole situation. I have learned, what documents I need, so I could fly to you officially. The manager said that for the output to you, take a passport, a tourist visa, insurance and medical examination, tickets. The most important thing for me right now make passport and a visa. Tickets to buy only after the official registration documents. Tickets are also open for me in the company to buy a passport and a visa. Preparation of the passport takes approximately 1-2 weeks. The cost of the card is 170 euros. But with the visa around a bit more complicated. The visa should be about the same as the pass - 1.5-2 weeks. It is the most important document, without which I can not fly with you. The cost of the visa, applies equally in euros. It costs ? 230 also a medical examination costs 75 euros. And the statutory accident insurance of 65 euros. When I heard that I would need 540 euros, I wanted to mourn. All my dreams of a meeting of our collapsed immediately. Because I do not have much money, dear. I do not know how I'll be. Because my salary is 100-120 euros per month. As you know, what I need ? 450 for the process of completing my papers. I'm very strong, I'll be with you! The most expensive and the man loved by me! You are my life. You are using the air I breathe every day. I walked down the street and thought only of you. I quickly wrote a letter. Now I feel, and my eyes will tear. Tears of pain and suffering. I do not want to live without you. Without his presence in my life has no meaning now! n my case there is only one hope, is your help, my dear. I think the money quite iaaeaaiia in our lives. The important thing is that we found each other and we are happy. We love, and more, there is nothing more important in life! But to fulfill now, we need this money. My love, you are willing to help, our meeting in one, this amount? Our future depends on it. I totally safe with you. I know it will help in any situation. You never let me! You're my guardian angel that God sent me. You are my life. Without you no sense to life! xx I want to feel the warmth of your lips embrace, feel that you and your strong hand. I know you're good and honest person. I see you experienced, I see what you really want to be with me together and it is very important to me. I found his true love in you. It is now for me, a day without you is hell.And her letters to me is the sun that I visit everyday use. I love you my dear! I am grateful to fate for allowing us to meet.I have not found any way, a large sum of money.I do not know where so much money as it is a lot for me and I only hope only on you and your help. My dear, so I want to tell you before the travel information you had in your country I. A contract with the travel agency this treaty obligation to me the amount of 450 euros in the near future. And I can not break. My dear, I wish to inform you that I have to fly to you in your country the first since I. A contract with the travel agency and can not break Please understand me.Please answer as soon as you are able. Millions of kisses for you. Hello, my love xx !!! I am very glad that your e-mail. My dear, thank you very much, it is difficult, and only a few minutes from me to help me, never forget. If given the opportunity, I dare I pay for my trip to you. but unfortunately I have no way of paying my documents themselves. So for me there is an opportunity to take the money from your parents or friends, as it has large sum of money and how much money, probably with you, when I get me looking for some work, so I can borrow money , You help me. Today I went to the travel agency for more information about the transfer. Travel agency said that whoever does not accept payment, bank, move the money to the account, with people only accept payment of the organization of group travel. Therefore, the money to pay for the documents wash me, and we must take advantage. He said that in our city there is a company, MoneyGram, remittances from other countries. Today still I have a can of you. The payment information company The company has said that you have been working for many years in the form of remittances, and is safe and protected. This is necessary so that investments office MoneyGram or Western Union falls on the city to send money. The information you need to buy: my name, and the country where I live. These dates:
My name is Umut
My name is Tacir,
my country - Georgia.
My City - Abasha.
My email address: (Georgia) Abasha, street May 1, 26 / 10a
Here are all the data that is required for you. In the company MoneyGram or Western Union After the transfer of businesses will be confidential code you should tell me. Here all the information I MoneyGram or Western Union informed than ever and remains by this company, but I think the best option profits of these companies, as well as easy, fast and secure. My dear, I have no bank account and the only way I understand your reference is to learn only by Western Union or MoneyGram for companies and can www.moneygram.com or www.westernunion.com for more information their official website, you will find this site a local office. I am very much to be desired in the near future in the present and I am fully confident that no one can separate us. I want you to know is that in this huge world, is a girl, she loves and heart belongs to you. I signed a contract with the travel agency and now I am obliged to pay ? 450 for the visa and documents. I can not interfere in my contract. I was forced to conclude the contract to all the necessary travel information to you in your country. I had no choice. I ask you to understand me and not easy to place. I did, and our meeting for us with you with you. I have to pay 450 euros, it is this week. I am looking forward to hearing from you as possible. With love Umut !!!

Letter 13

Hello, my dear !!! xx like them ??? as your health ??? like his work ???? What are you going to do today ??? Hope all is well. One of my favorites, I wake up in the night, waiting for the day when we met you. Every day I think of you, dear. Day after day, I mean, as a prayer: God save you, that where the train is his life, always faithful friend is the hand, left without pain, let your life be long and happy! My life has changed since the days when I think of you and what this is my hand, caressing, kissing me gently! You came down like an angel from heaven to give me happiness, warm the soul in the fierce cold, replace the water in the hot heat. Because luck is you! I could not imagine what would happen if I lose easily? I asked God to never avoid one. Because then I can not come to feel that, look into his eyes, like the sea, they do not know the boundaries and borders that invite you mourn. I want long life, and all the time to love, to never parted with you first, to our sense did not die, preserving the fresh and strength in the coming years. To feel enough for me to see that to be happy! When I look into your eyes, speak to me of tenderness, his lips on love, and your body is talking about the fact that you exist in reality, the reality that prepared me for everything! If I boot, if I had slipped kiss, I never mourn, not to miss !!!! I love you, in my heart the memory of you forever. I know that soon will meet with you, and I love, love and love only you, my man very kind and beloved in the world !!! My gloomy, cold and a little sad, warm and cheerful morning with a thought from you. Without you - dark and cold. I like a girl in a storm in the forest and no mother. For the cold vacuum barbed absurd sadness and fear strange, you know what I have fear of losing you. When I'm with you, I feel like a "stone wall"; the same girl, but a strong and self-confident, sociable and popular, and sometimes indecent helpless. I am deeply missed. I love you, always I love you. I want to see your smile, your eyes, you hugged me want to see how the heart caie?a?uei (sinking in Russian), I had the feeling that only you two would, it was one, and it can not be denied. I believed and believe in your mind, because that remains forever. I love you! I do not want contact with others, no one will not release what feelings, and I do not want to get rid of him, and I can not. My dear, I wish to inform you that should come to you, your country first. the fact that I made a contract with the travel agency and now I am paying ? 450 for the visa and documents. I can not interfere in my contract. I was forced to conclude the contract to all the necessary travel information to you in your country. I had no choice. I ask you to understand me and not easy to place. I did, and our meeting for us with you with you. I have to pay 450 euros, it is this week. So I would like to inform you that I am not his personal bank account, and the only way I get is when transferring money is sent by the company MoneyGram or Western Union. The agent told me today that you send in cash position, only two Western Union or MoneyGram. Travel agent told me I needed to pay only 450 euros on Friday. If no payment is Friday this week 450 Euros then have no major problems. Honey, I do not know what I do and what I can in my situation is not easy. I ask you to please help me with the ? 450 money as soon as possible. Only in who to contact for help, but you, my dear. If you gave me a chance, I had paid for their own documents, but there is a lot of money for me and has no possibility of such a sum would be paid. Do not get me ??? My dear, I beg you, please help me with the money as soon as possible. I need your help as soon as possible. My dear, you tell me, how fast and in which day you can do the transfer, ?????? by the company MoneyGram or Western Union fast and in which days you can make the transfer ???? I ask you to answer my questions. For me this is very important. My dear, I hope for your help, it is this week. I ask you to treat my request seriously. I ask you, please contact me as soon as possible and to inform all the necessary messages Bank. With love and affection, your love Umut !!!

Letter 14

Hello my love !!! how are you ??? how are you doing ??? how is your day today ???? all is well with you ???

My dear I apologize for what I write you only now. The Internet cafe was closed again in these days and I have not had any opportunity to write you a letter. I apologize for that. Dear all this time all these days I thought only of you my dear man and about our emergency meeting. I very much wait for our meeting because I love you very much and I would love to be near you every minute .

I love you very much. And I have more there is no one else. I don't need anyone. I only love you. I love you for what you kind, gentle, caring and affectionate man. I know I can do to rely on you in the most difficult moment! You don't cheat and don't will betray me. I knew that somewhere in the world is the man who whom I can love for real. And I found you! My love for you is the most pure and gentle. I kept my feelings for you in heart, but today I decided to open you my soul. When I close my eyes, I want to reach out, to touch you. But it's just your way. I can barely look at him. But I do so little. You want to be closer. How to only allow physical borders. To kiss you, to hug, to dissolve in you. My condition is similar to the disease. But I really don't want her to be treated. Well, it turned into a chronic form. I'll keep you my warm feelings, no one will listen only to the inner voice and the beating of his heart. Love this sweet madness, filled with tears and joy, longing and waiting. When you fully feel it, love with all my heart, with every cell of the entire body, dream of night and day only one thing – to see you. My favorite , I miss you so much. I can't be without you. I know that without you I cannot live. You taught me to love, you taught me to be I am. Thank you for that.

My dear I very much want to stay beside you for all my life, I want to give you lots of babies and be happy next to you. I love you madly and look forward to our long-awaited meeting.

My dear tonight I won't sleep all night. I thought of you and our first meeting. I am very worried about our meeting. I really want as soon as possible allows you to take in your country. My dear it's been a very long time and we need to hurry. I beg you for the sake of us with you for our meeting for the sake of our future, please visit the company's Bank Money Gram or Western Union as soon as possible and make a money transfer in the amount of 600 Dollars . I ask that you set aside everything and visit the Bank as soon as possible in order to send money. my dear this is very serious and very important. Please take my not an easy situation very seriously. I need your help in the near future . I love you more than life itself. I more than anything I'm afraid of losing you and my only desire is to fly to you in your country as soon as possible. I met you in my dream and I am really worried for our meeting. My dear just please please don't forget after you make a money transfer to send me your full details ( Name , surname, country , city , type the number of the amount you sent me a code that will give you after you make a money transfer. just be sure to send me a copy or photo of Blanca from the company Money Gram or Western Union . This is very important. I completely rely on you for your help in the coming days .

My dear I want to send you their data for that would not have
encountered no errors :

my name is Umut
my surname is Tacir ,
my country - Georgia .
my city - Abasha.
my email address: (Georgia) Abasha, street 1 may 26 /10.

My dear as you know that I signed a contract with a travel Agency and now I have to pay for the documents in travel Agency. please understand . My dear I beg you please make the money transfer tomorrow is very important. My dear I very hope for your help tomorrow. I think I will not have any problems with it.

My dear now I must leave the Internet cafe . Please email me as soon as possible. I'll look forward to your letter. With love and affection your love Umut !!!!

Letter 15

Hello my dear !!! How are you doing? How is your mood? I hope you are all well. My beloved, I love you very much. I have never met such a great person like you. And I'm glad you and I have fate. You're an ANGEL who came down from heaven to brighten my heart! I found you and you me! I want you to know I'll always love you! To me you will always be the most desirable, gentle, tender, the only and beloved man in my life! I like you in everything. You're the most amazing creation on earth, the most gentle, sensual and passionate. I LOVE you very very much. Always and everywhere, you're not better. You is what actually is, not a drop of Falsehood - I love you more. I look forward to the moment I fall into your gentle embrace, and I'll inhale you aromate , repeating your name again and again, looking into your friendly and beautiful eyes. At night I see your beautiful face, your mouth, imagine how you touch me with your lovely lips. With you, my life made sense, now I know what I want. And I want to BE WITH YOU, always, my whole life. I'll follow you into the fire and into the water, wherever you call. You are my ray of light in this heart-wrenching darkness of life. Thank you for what you have! Love you! Will always love you, until you stop beating my heart. When I think of you, so deafening pounding of my heart, I am sorry that you don't hear it now. No idea no matter if this idea is not about you.
All my desires and dreams are connected only with you. Nothing and no one will Destroy my feelings for you. I think sometimes even in dreams I confess to you in love, I fall asleep without you physically, but always Wake up with your name on his lips. Know, beloved, that with you there is a man whose heart beats ONLY FOR YOU. Honestly, I don't know how to Express in words at least part of what's going on in my soul. If I were ice, I would have melted from one of your Outlook, if I were a flower I would be eternally blooming only for you, but if I were a song, it wouldn't be white this marvelous music because it is for you, only for you. But unfortunately, and maybe fortunately, I'm just a man. With a loving heart, with a singing soul. And anybody except you I've never loved anyone so desired. I LOVE YOU!!! My heart beats for you. I live only for you. And all this is for you too. I can't be without you, I miss you, I love you just for who you are.

My dear tonight I won't sleep all night. I thought of you and our first meeting. I am very worried about our meeting. I really want as soon as possible allows you to take in your country. My dear it's been a very long time and we need to hurry. I beg you for the sake of us with you for our meeting for the sake of our future, please visit the company's Bank Money Gram or Western Union as soon as possible and make a money transfer in the amount of 600 Dollars . I ask that you set aside everything and visit the Bank as soon as possible in order to send money. my dear this is very serious and very important. Please take my not an easy situation very seriously. I need your help in the near future . I love you more than life itself. I more than anything I'm afraid of losing you and my only desire is to fly to you in your country as soon as possible. I met you in my dream and I am really worried for our meeting. My dear just please please don't forget after you make a money transfer to send me your full details ( Name , surname, country , city , type the number of the amount you sent me a code that will give you after you make a money transfer. just be sure to send me a copy or photo of Blanca from the company Money Gram or Western Union . This is very important. I completely rely on you for your help in the coming days .

I love you very much. Now I must return home. write to me as soon as possible. With love and affection your love Umut !!!

Letter 16

Hello my love !!! how are you ??? how are you doing ??? how is your day today ???? how's the weather in your country ???? what do you do in this day all is well with you ??? I hope that you're OK and had a lovely time. I'm sorry that I didn't write you yesterday. When I came to the Internet cafe in the building there was no light and so I are unable to use the Internet cafe. Now I am in the Internet cafe and write you a letter. My dear I really miss you. I always think of you my dear and about our meeting with you. I look forward to the moment when we first meet. It will be a memorable event that will remain in our memory. With great anticipation I await your every letter. When I see your new letter in the mailbox, I lifted the mood. I'm so happy because we found each other in this big world. I want my heart belonged to you. Our hearts and souls unite. Now we wait for our bodies will be together. I look forward to when we'll see each other at the airport. My love , I think about our first kiss and the first hug, which will be very passionate. I embrace you and say, "we belong together my love, I am so happy!". Yes, I know that we worry a bit before we'll see each other for the first time. But this concern will disappear when we will spend together in a few minutes. I now have such a great feeling, and I'm sure you have as well. Everything we wrote each other all the time, will soon be a reality. I don't know how to put into words everything that happens right now in my soul.
You can't describe it in words. I know you feel the same way. I want to be with you , my love ! I know I'll be safe with you. You are my knight, my brave defender! Your Princess will be with you very soon.
Our story will be reality! I'm glad to know that this day is near, we will be together very soon. I am so happy! I can't wait to see you in reality, you feel every part of my body. I want to kiss your sweet lips, I want to be in your gentle embraces. I want to enjoy every moment spent together. I have so many dreams and wishes that I want to share with you when we meet. I want to be with you! All my thoughts about it. I can't think about anything else. The day we meet for the first time, will be the happiest day for us. I'm sure, absolutely! I will give you great pleasure and happiness. I will make you the happiest person. I will do everything for it! My dear now I must leave the Internet cafe . Please email me as soon as possible. I'll look forward to your letter. With love and affection your love Umut !!!!!