Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Kolimulina to Andrej (Slovenija)

Letter 1
Bodite previdni pri odpiranju tega sporocila. Podobna sporocila so bila uporabljena za krajo osebnih podatkov oseb. Ce ne zaupate posiljatelju, ne kliknite povezav in v odgovor ne vkljucite osebnih podatkov. Vec o tem
Letter 2
Good day!
Finally I was able to send you a letter.
I had not previously acquainted when the internet and therefore not immediately decided to write you a letter. But today, my day is fine, I have a very good mood and I decided to start a new acquaintance. That is why I am writing to you my humble post in the hope that you will see it and reply to me. My name Elena! In real life, I have not been able to meet the beloved man, and so I'm hoping that maybe on the internet I met a good, interesting man for serious relationship. I can tell you more things about me and my life in future letters. I hope that my text to you and you are interested in reply back me! I'll wait on you and your news pics.
Letter 3
Dear Andrej, thanks you for your letter. I am glad you have written to me. I shall hope that in the future, we shall be very good friends, and can and more. I do not know what to tell in my first letter because I never got acquainted through the Internet before. It - something new and unusual to me.
But I shall try, write good letters to you. Please not be too strict to my mistakes in words, the English language - not my native language. But I Assume, that I know it well.
Well, my name - Elena, as you to know. You can name me as you like. I shall not be disappointed. I'm 30 years. My birthday on May, 27th. My height 5,7. My weight 54 kg. I live in city Kirov. Kirov known city of Russia. Kirov - very much beautiful city. I have finished medical university. I worked as the second surgeon in small clinic within 3 years. It was very much interesting and in the same time responsible. I was happy to give health of people, to help them. Many things depend on me during actions. I think in The future I will be capable the surgeon to become independent. You think, what it - good dream? Probably that I shall work in Clinic, as the basic surgeon.
I live one, I have no neither children, nor the boyfriend. Sometimes I feel like very lonely in my house.
Perhaps, for this reason I have decided to get acquainted with you. I have the house, work, friends, but I cannot tell that I am happy. I hope, that we shall write many letters to each other. I am very pleased and grateful, that you have answered my letter, because I Decided to try to get acquainted through the Internet only once. I never get acquainted before in such a way. I cannot understand completely as it works because I have no computer. I only beginner in work of the internet. I hope, that you are interested in our dialogue, as I. You can tell to me about all of you, that you want. I shall be pleased to know all about your life. I understand that tastes differ, but I hope, that my image will be pleasant for you. I hope, that you will write to me soon. I thank you Beforehand. With the best regards. Elena... PS. I will wait your photo in the following letter.
Letter 4

Hi my Andrej, The day is wonderful today and I'm in high spirits and how are you? I hope all is well. I all the same could not look that you have sent to me.
Yesterday I was in a bad mood. It was rain all day long. I've already told you that I live in my own house. It's very beautiful and comfortable, but it's too old. I'm disappointed that during the rain water goes through the aperture in the roof and makes the house full of water. I asked a specialist's help, and he tried to repair some parts of the roof for many times but it didn't help, because it's necessary to repair the whole roof, I have to change the roof. And yesterday I come to the conclusion that I have to do it as soon as possible. My girlfriend Marina promised me to help. She always helps me. I'm very glad to have such a girlfriend. She is very close to me and we often spend time together.
Marina says that I need a man who will help me and who will really love me. You know I really feel lonely very often but I believe in god luck. I believe in God, he always helps.
I don't remember if I told you or not about my dog. Its name is Chipa. He the boy. To him 3 years. It is very handsome. I like to play with it, I like to feed it, so I like to take care of it. Chipa is very tender, and it loves me too. Every evening it meets me near the house. You will laugh at me, but I must be sure that somebody or something waits for me in the house, no matter if it's just my dog. I heard if a person has a pet in a house and if he takes a good care of it the person is a very good house keeper.
Marina has a dog at home too, and our dog like to play together. But sometimes dog fight. I'm sorry that I pay too much attention to it in my letters and may be you are not interested in it at all, but I want to tell you about the dearest living being in my life.
Not so long ago I was in a cinema. Because this session began late. I and Marina looked “Wedding Weekend”. This very entertainment american movie. I like this movie. Marina was delight also. After arrival from cinema I to cook my favorite a dish - pancakes. I made it with jam a gooseberry. Very tasty. It's a pity, that I cannot treat you. Probably during week I will prepare for future house repair.
I'll look for people who will help me with it. I imagine my house after repair It will be very cosy and nice, if everything will go well. I'm sorry, probably my letter is sad but I think you'll be interested in thoughts and feelings. I send you photos me with my favorite dog Chipa. You have animals? You can send your joint photo? Tell me, if something will be interesting for you. I'll tell you it in detail. With best regards. Elena...
Letter 5
Hi my dear Andrej, Thank you very much for your letter. It brightens my day. I hope that you have the same feeling when you receive my letter. And of course, I enjoy our correspondence and I am serious. I consider you to be my friend, I think that you understand me in lots of things it's easy for me to talk to you on many topics. You can ask me any questions you want.
Children are the only thing for what there should live the person, and I do not differ from those people which think so. My opinion, that children it not only sort continuation, but also unforgettable days of their education, their first steps and the first words. It is very fine to me so it seems. I think that optimum quantity of children is 2. The boy and the girl, other quantity depends on a material condition of a family.
I think that trust is very important for the relationship, if both of the partners want the relationship to grow. No relationship can be strong without it. Thank you for being honest with me and from my side I can say that I will be honest with you also. I think we should try to tell each other as much as we can. I would like to know you better from inside, because you seem very interesting to me, so I have a question for you: What qualities do you appreciate in people the most? In my opinion, honesty, faithfulness, kindness, sincere and understanding are very important in people. I also think that in every relationship trust plays the main role. That's why I think that 100 trust should be between man and woman, they should be able to say every single thing to each other, share all their joys and sorrows. If they have a problem they should try to find a salvation together. What do you think?
What is your opinion? And feel free to ask me anything, I'll answer you with great pleasure.
I will be looking forward to your letter!!!! Sincerely Elena...
Letter 6
Hi my dear Andrej, Thank you very much for your letter and your tender words. You are so sweet to me, it is so pleasant read your letters. When I close my eyes I can see you saying this to me. It makes me feel very good.
Even though we are far from each other, in my dreams we together. We are walking together at some nice place in and saying tender and warm words to each other. I feel that you are very special to me. As speak in the people not in money happiness. For money not to buy happiness. You know Andrej, I don't think that the outside beauty is the most important thing, you can be beautiful for some time, even the most beautiful. But in some years this beauty will go away, there will be other people who will look better. I think that the real beauty is inside your soul. The person should be beautiful from inside, in my opinion. Don't you agree with me? Andrej, I see in you the person who I can talk easily with, who is interesting for me. I would like to know your soul, I would like to know everything about you. I see that you are not playing with me or joking. Many of our thoughts are the same, our values are very close and we are looking for the same things. I see that I can establish the emotional connection with you. I can talk to you on any topic. It's very easy for me, it seems like I know you for a long time. I like your thoughts about life and relationships between man and woman. By your letters I can say that you are a decent man with serious intentions. I like that in you. I think that we are even a little bit alike in that. I am also serious about our correspondence. I like to read your letters and I think that I will really like to talk to you in person, you seem to be an intelligent and well educated person. OK Andrej, I am finishing my letter now and I hope that you are having a great day. I am thinking about you and I am really happy that we've met. This thought makes me smile. Hope to hear from you soon. With hugs Elena...
Letter 7
Hi my dear Andrej, It was very pleasant for me to receive your letter. I am very happy that I've got acquainted with you.
We started our correspondence not long time ago, but I like your letters so much, it seems to me like I know you for a long time, your thoughts are so close to mine. I hope that in the future we will become very good friends or even more. These days off I have spent houses. I very much like your hobby. To me also like your collection of marks. It is very a pity to me, but I have no Twitter. And in general I do not love social networks.
You know Andrej, I was thinking a lot about my future life and I think that I would like to move to another country to live, there are few reasons for that. I can tell you why. First of all I should say that I want stability in my life. I think that it's very hard to get this here in Russia. There are several reasons for that. I don't have anything against Russia. Russia is a wonderful country, that's my Motherland and I love it, but the economical situation here is very bad, you can't be sure in the next day, but I am thinking about my future. And there is a second reason for my intention to move to live to another country. I would like to find my soul mate, the person I can trust completely, the person who is going to be near me all the time, love me and take care of me. Russian men have lots of bad habits, they drink a lot. My dad used to drink a lot. It gave my mom much pain. I don't want this to happen to me. So, I think now you understand why I would like to move somewhere from Russia.
I would really like to have a good and strong family based on good emotional connection first of all and understanding and surely love. I think that these things are the most important. I would like to have my second half near me to feel that I am safe, that I am loved and that I have a person near me whom I can give all my tenderness and care that is inside of me. I do have a lot to give, but for right now there is no one special whom I can give it to and I don't want to waste it just for someone, I want to meet my only one, my special one.
I am thinking a lot about you, and I would like to hear from you soon. Ok, I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your fast reply! With warm hugs Elena...
Letter 8
Hi my Andrej, I'm very glad that you have written to me. I need your letters more and more often.
They make me happy. I was determined with work in clinic! I shall be the surgeon. I shall soon have holidays, I shall work as the senior surgeon. Hope, that you is glad for me because the surgeon is my favorite trade.
I have no profile on facebook. I can speak with you only through email. I hope that it will not prevent our dialogue. The black sea is far from me. Why you do not send me your photo???
Today I have been late for work. When I woke up in the morning, my neighbor came to me. She is an old woman and she is a very good and king woman. We address each other when we need something. Today she came to me because she had a problem. The door to her house has been broken and she couldn't close it. She lives alone as well, her husband died 5 years ago and now nobody is ready to help her. So, I went to have a look at the door. We tried to repair it but we could do nothing. I am a bad carpenter (smile).
As it turned out something was wrong with a lock, it was necessary to ask a specialist's help. Klava (this is my neighbor's name) was very disappointed, what we could do, we are women, and it was clear that a specialist's help was necessary. I tried to calm down my neighbor because she doesn't feel well and it's very dangerous for her to be nervous.
She had to be hospitalized, but she refused to do it and now she has to take injections every day. I promised to ask for a carpenter. In our clinic there is a man, who is responsible for repair, if something is wrong with the clinic. He drinks alcohol a lot, but he has “golden hands” (in Russia it means that a person with “golden hands” can do all the things very good) I want to ask him to help my neighbor with her door. I want that he attempt to repair my roof. I do not know whether he will agree. I shall hope for his help. I can't find him now but as soon as I see him I'll ask. It is very important to help old people. More than it our government doesn't treat old people well. Pensions are tiny.
They don't get any social aid. Our medicine is not free of charge. Old people have to spend all the money on medicines. Of course it is not good, it's unfair, unjust. But the economic situation in Russia is not highly developed. Well I am not interested in politics but the question about social aid is very important for me.
I do not remember I wrote to you about my diploma? I have the diploma the Europe-standard. This diploma entitles to work as the doctor in your country. Your Elena...
Letter 9
Hi my Andrej, Thank you very much for your letter, I was very glad to receive it as usual because your letters always put me in a good mood and make me smile. My ******* natural. In Europe always pay to experts more. I am thinking a lot about you and I like to read from you. I am very glad that you understand me. You the unique person which to worry about me. You know, I need to tell you something. I think that friendship is very important in the relationships. Let me explain what I mean here. I think that passion and affection are very good, but two people that decide to be together need to know how deal with each other in everyday life. You know what I mean? And I think that friendship between them will help a lot. I would like to see a very good, I can say the best friend in my soul mate. I think that emotional connection is very important, so that two people will feel very comfortable with each other. How do you think? When I am reading your letters Andrej, I feel that you are honest and sincere with me, you are telling me a lot about you, so I want to give you the same thing. You know, I have a dream. I would like to find a true love, a special person who is going to love and take care of me and I will do the same for him. I want our love to be forever. I think that when I meet that special one I will give him all of my tenderness, care and love. And what is your dream? What do you want the most from life? Please, tell me. It will be very interesting for me to know what you are thinking and dreaming about. You know Andrej, I need to tell you something. I have never thought before that this is possible to find a very good friend, somebody special with the help of Internet. But now I can say that this happened to me, I've met you and it seems to me like I know you for a long time even though we exchanged only a few letters. Now I can say that there is a person in the world who understands me, my life position, whose dreams and intentions are close to mine. You should know that you are dear to my heart, I am always ready to listen, understand and try to help you if you need that. Ok, I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your reply!!! I am thinking about you!!! With tender hugs and kisses
Letter 10
Hi my dear Andrej, How are you doing today? What's new? I am fine over here and I was very glad to hear from you because I miss you very very much!!! I am thinking about you all the time, you are very dear to me.
At me the small but cosy house. In these days off I have spent houses was engaged in house affairs. I did not go anywhere and all time have spent houses. I do not have own computer therefore to me it is necessary to use the cafe Internet. Andrej, you know, today I woke up with sun beams that were coming out of my window and my first thought was about you! I was laying in my bed and thinking, imagining that may be some wonderful day we'll be waking up together like this and the first thing you will do when you wake up is kissing me and wishing me a good morning and I will do the same for you. You know, I liked that thought.
Who knows, may be some day it will be the reality? How do you think? Would you like that, ***? OK my dear, I am finishing my letter and I will be looking forward to your reply!!! I miss you! With sweet thoughts about you, Elena...
Letter 11
Hi my Andrej, How are you? Today I've the big desire to write to you. Hope you don't object? In the future I would like most to visit you in your country. *** is very important part of a human life, and without it there can not be a development of a human life. I concern it adequately enough. I was brought up in Russian family, I lived in the country named USSR, you probably heard about it. Then nobody could tell aloud that such ***, and at all did not assume to speak about it. People simply were engaged in it, but only after wedding. Really, now I would not began to have *** with which person I know week or two, probably I need to learn it in the beginning, and to try to trust in it. Now I have you, but cyber-*** does not involve me.
I suppose I can tell you about my bad experience in relations. If you are not interested in it you may stop reading the letter. I won't be offended. I think I can tell you the story because you have become very very close to me recently. I hope you have an idea of the problem with alcohol in Russia and I suppose you understand why I don't want to look for a husband in Russia. Let's begin since the very first day of the acquaintance. I worked in the clinic as a surgeon's assistant. I was going home after my work but it began raining and I could not go because I had left my umbrella at home. It was summer but never the less I didn't want to get wet and to take a cold. I was standing under the roof of the building waiting till the rain would stop. But the rain was not going to stop and I wanted to go home in the rain. But a young man was going in my direction with an umbrella. He saw that I couldn't go with an umbrella and offered me to take his one. I asked him: "And what about you?" He said that he would spend some time in the clinic and may be the rain would stop soon. I asked how I would be able to return him the umbrella. He said his address to me and his name. His name is Vladimir. It was not far from the clinic. I wrote down his address and promised to give him the umbrella the next day in the evening. On my home I thanked the young man and asked the God to stop the rain. But it was raining the whole night. I cursed myself that I had taken the umbrella and that he was wet to the skin because of me. I didn't sleep a wink at night. The next day in the clinic was so long for me. I was looking forward to finishing my work to give the umbrella back to Vladimir. I wanted to learn how he was. As soon as my working day was over, I changed my working clothes and left my work. Vladimir was standing at the door smiling. It turned out that he remembered the time when my work was over. He came to meet me. I asked about his health at once. He said that everything was all right. He didn't get too wet because he was running home. Then we walked for a long time. We talked a lot.
My mum had died already and I was alone. He was the dearest and the closest man in the world for me at that time. He saw much of each other at time. But i didn't invite him my house I wanted to check him. Once we were invited to a Birthday party of his friend. I agreed to go to see his friends, as i wanted to know more about him. Vladimir didn't drink even champagne. I thought it was because of me, because I didn't drink as well. But his friends told me that Vladimir really didn't drink alcohol. I liked Vladimir. I think so did he. We became more than friends and he began to live in my house. First 2 months we were very happy, we were on the seventh heaven. But then he got a very good job. He became a lawyer. He made much money. But he began drinking alcohol. At first a little bit - then more and more. He didn't sleep at home at night. When he was ***** he began beating me. I thought he change for the better, that he would the same he had been before. But nothing changed.
Once I was beaten by him bitterly and left my house. He didn't come back 9 days. Our friends told me that they had seen Vladimir with other girls. I came to the conclusion that it was enough to bear it.
When he came back he even wasn't sorry and didn't apologize. I don't think that he had forgotten that he had beaten me. I didn't say a word in the evening. I started the talk in the morning when he was sober. So I made him leave my house forever. He was shouting, screaming and he even broke a photo in the frame where my mom and I were. I said to him that I would call a police, well he had gone. Forever. Now I am happy that I didn't marry him. Don't want such relations once again. Almost all Russian men drink alcohol a lot that's why I don't want to have any relations with them. I suppose you understand me. I'm sorry my letter is too long. But I wanted to show you what I am feeling.
I am very happy that I got acquainted with you. I hope our communication will never stop. Marina has told to you "Hi". I have to finish me letter. Thanks that you write me. With all my heart, your Elena. PS. By the way, I have overlooked to tell to you. Today carpenters have repaired my roof. I am happy! It is very little necessary for the lonely woman for happiness!!! (Smile) My roof was repaired by the same carpenter who repaired Klava door.
Letter 12
Hello my dear Andrej, I would like to tell you that your letters bring me much joy and make me happier day by day! You are the dearest man to my heart, I am always looking forward to your letters. When I received your letter today, I was very happy. I am very glad to find out about your sincere heart and kindness in relation to women. I very much wish to feel it in a reality. I also would like to inform you that I very much love swimming. I like it because it helps to hold the form in a good condition. And also it is pleasant. I am final not so well it I do to cross the river. But my ability suffices that I could take pleasure from swimming and it suffices me. Now I prefer to visit pool that swim. I like to bathe, but only without the big waves. We are far away from each other now, but I am sure that we need each other, I am sure that the fact that we've met was meant to be. Who knows, maybe we are two halves of one? I can't find words that can describe my feelings to you, you are making me the happiest woman in the world! I would like to thank you for your love and care, I know that you are serious and sincere with me, from my side I'll try to do my best to make you happy. Because deep in my heart I feel that you are a very special man who is dear to my heart so much! I am finishing my letter to you and I will be looking forward to your reply! With hugs Elena...
Letter 13
Dear mine Andrej, I do not want that you wrote to me about your former women! It is very unpleasant to me as well as that that they deceived you. I do not ask you money, I am capable to make all correctly.
Today I went in travel agency and have taught that it to be necessary for me for arrival in your country. People have convinced me of travel agency that we can be together. I am in good mood. I wondered how much it would cost for me to make visa. They said that only the examination of application for visa will cost me 30 euro. This money won't be returned even if the application is rejected. To get visa I must go to Moscow where the embassy is. I'll to visit a lot of agencies, offices and organization in Kirov in Moscow. This is the usual way to get visa, it may take me many months. I said to them that I could wait for a long time. And they offered me to solve the problem and it will take me less time if I use Full Package Service (FPS). FPS includes additional payments for a category of the visa, consular services, and preparation for interview with commission. FPS costs 360 euro, but the visas agency remove all the problems and thus increases the chance of getting a visa without excessive delays (I can get a visa in a week or two). I thought for a long time and came to the conclusion that this variant is the only right for me. Whether I do not know correctly has made, having paid such money. Probably I needed to consult to you all over again. But I have thought that other exit is not present. For a cheap payment documents are very for a long time made. We do not have time to wait. I agreed and registered my application for visa, hoping that you'll be glad to meet me.
Can you imagine that we'll spend some weeks together or even can all life. It is not important for me where to live if I shall be sure in your feelings for 100 percent my loved and native I without any meditations shall stay to live in a place with you. For the sake of happiness and family I am ready on many things. I very much would dream that you all life were only near to me. I'm immensely happy when I'm thinking about the opportunity. I'll be everything myself? May be you think I try to do too quickly. But I can't wait for ages, I'm happy now at present time. Necessary to begin moving to in your life, it's important to go ahead, to overcome difficulties to take aim. Very soon I'll leave the work and I'll be able to spend my vacation with you. I have never been abroad. But now I have a chance to meet you. It's a dream. You are my friend, and friend sometimes meet each other. I think it will be great, wonderful, and fantastic.
I hope you don't think that I'm too impudent. I just want to meet you and to spend some time with you. I suppose you haven't changed your attitude towards me after this letter. I'm looking forward to seeing to calm down my heart. Please tell me you be able to meet me? Will you be happy to face me? I hope you!! Your Elena...
Letter 14
Hello my dear Andrej, It was very pleasant for me to receive your letter as usual. I always think about you, I need you a lot, you are always in my thoughts. The first thing that I do when I come internet cafe I check my e-mail and hope to receive a letter from you. I like your letters very much, I feel how sincere and serious you are to me. I can't express my feelings to you, but if we meet you'll see everything in my eyes, my joy, my  happiness. my dog breed Siberian Husky.
My sunshine, you know, I'd like to tell you that you've changed my life a lot, you are always in my thoughts. I am sure that we've met because God helped us, this is His present for us.
You know, I am already afraid to lose you, lose our special connection that we have for now, I don't know how my life is going to be without you, I can't imagine it now. You've brought me so much joy and happiness, I trust you completely! I opened my heart to you and I would really like our relationships to be forever like it is now, like we are in the wonderful sweet dream! I am finishing my letter to you now and I am waiting for your reply now! With hugs, Elena...
Letter 15
Hi my sunshine Andrej, How are you today? What is new with you? I am doing fine over here, thinking about you a lot. I was very glad to receive a letter from you. You know, that your letters always bring me joy. So I decided to come internet cafe and write you a letter right away, now I have a little bit more free time, so I can write you almost every day or every two days! This makes me feel better because I have got used to your letters and I miss you if I don't hear from you, you know? Weather in my city cloudy, we often have rains recently.
Today I went for a walk with my girlfriend Marina. We've been walking in the park and you know I always had a thought how nice it could be if we (you and I) were walking together.
How do you think, wouldn't it be nice?
You know Andrej, I've told you before that I wanted to find my true love, my soul mate, I think that I am very close to it now. I am very serious about you, there is only one thing left.
Our meeting. This is very important, in my opinion. And this is the best way to learn much more about each other. I am dreaming about it, about the time we can see each other for the first time, look into each others eyes… It's only my dreams for now, but I want all this to come true?
OK, I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking for your next letter very impatiently!!!
Have a great day and write back soon! I miss you! Elena...
Letter 16
Hi my sweetheart Andrej, Dear Andrej, I has read your letter and was on the top of the world with happiness! I like your romantic reasoning. At you rich imagination. I like to read such letters. After them I feel myself as the happy and desired woman.
Which you have sent thanks for the information to me she very valuable to me. I will keep you informed all events with my agency.
I want that my documents were ready as soon as possible. I want that the travel agency has sped up this process. Whether I asked you approve my act? I have paid the big sum of money for promptness.
How you look at it? For me your answer was important. Because it is difficult for me for one to make such decisions. I have paid this money because I want to be with you as soon as possible because my Holiday. It is not a pity to me what money for the sake of our meeting. I am in a very good mood today, but when I am reading your letters again and again I feel even better, I love to receive your letters, they always bring me much joy and make me happy! I am always thinking about you and you are in my thoughts. I wish you could be near me now, but I know that we'll see each other and we'll be together. When I think about all this it feels like I am flying in the sky!!!
My day was fine and resting today. I slept in today, woke up, then took a very nice shower, had breakfast and cleaned my house for a little while. I like when my house is cosy and looks nice and clean. Today I've also went to the movies with my girlfriend, we had a wonderful time. The movie was a scary one, but I liked it a lot. Tomorrow I am planning to go to the gym because I want to stay in shape. I like when my figure is slim and looks fine. So I'll take care of my health. Everything is alright with me, now when you've appeared in my life, I feel that the emptiness I had in my heart and soul have gone away, I know that you think and care about me, and this is the most important thing for me! I would like to tell you that you've changed my life a lot, and even though you are far away from me, I know for sure that you are near me in my thoughts, you are always with me. I want you to feel very comfortable and happy because you are very important to me! Honey, you know, there are so many stars in the sky, but yesterday night when I looked at it, I've found this one beautiful star that will lead us and our happiness! All the words I tell you are from my heart and I'll never get tired of telling you how much you and our relationships mean to me!
I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your reply!!! With hugs and warm kisses, Your love Elena...
Letter 17
Hi my dear Andrej, Thank you very much for your letter, I was very glad to receive it. I am always very happy when I get a letter from you. You know that you are very important to me and I am thinking about you all the time. 
Yesterday when I went to bed I was thinking about you, about us, remembering how we've met, remembering our first letters when we didn't know each other at all and comparing to what we have now and this comparison made me smile. Because now I feel that I have the person in the world that cares about me, who I can talk to about everything, the one who is very interesting for me. Honey, you know, I am very glad that we have each other. I think that the worst thing in the world is when you are alone, when nobody is near you, when there is no person who is close to your heart and soul. I think that even though we are apart from each other now, we are still happy, happy with the thought that we are in each other's life. Happy to think  about us, to dream about our meeting that is going to happen some time, about our future, happy future  if everything goes right.
My dear Andrej, all above is said honestly, from the bottom of my heart. This is how I feel, this is what inside of me, deep in my soul. I think that you are that special one who I can share it with. I wanted you to know how I feel and what I am thinking about. Honey, please, tell me what are you thinking about and what is in your mind? I would really like to know that, this is important for me. Important to know what are your joys and sorrows.
Bye for now, my sunshine!
Remember I am thinking about you!!!
Have a great day! With tender hugs and kisses, Elena...
Letter 18
Hello my honey Andrej, Dear Andrej, I was happy to receive the letter from you. Today my letter will be short. At me not so it is a lot of time.
I have just left travel agency, and have decided to inform you good news at once. Me cause to Moscow on interview in embassy. Tomorrow I should leave to Moscow.  It seems to me, that I waited for this moment the whole eternity. The travel agency has carried out the task earlier than I thought. It can is connected to that sum of money which I have paid for acceleration of readiness of documents. Now it is not of great importance. I go to embassy!!! Probably tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I can receive documents which are necessary for arrival in your country. Tomorrow I shall write to you from Internet - cafe of the city of Moscow. I shall inform you all news which will concern my trip. After I shall receive documents, I will need to return back to native city, to collect necessary things and to buy the ticket in your country. Trip to Moscow costs not cheaply, therefore I wanted to go to Moscow, to pass interview in embassy and to wait for day of a start. But in the contract it is told, that in your country I can buy the ticket only in travel agency which helps me to collect necessary documents. From superstition I shall not begin to buy the ticket before reception of documents. Of agency of me convince, that it is possible to buy the ticket, and, then to pass interview. They have told to me, that many people do so. But it seems to me wrong.
Dear, I was probable next week can inform you date of my start. I believe that next week I can take off to you. How you concern to this? I think that you too will be glad. I shall finish the letter. I shall go to collect things home. I want, that you have sent me your full home address, the data on the nearest to you of the airports and phone number. I shall call to you if there will be urgent questions. I hope to receive from you the answer which will bring to me encouragement. Your love Elena...
Letter 19

Hi my dear Andrej, Dear Andrej, I was glad to receive your letter. Thanks you for given information. Today I have arrived to Moscow. I am very tired, and could not write to you is a lot. Dear, I informed you some times that cause me to Moscow on interview Now I near Embassy the in internet-cafe. I write to you the letter and I worry. I think that my destiny tomorrow is solved. Hope to me ' give the visa and I can meet you. It will be the greatest day in my life!! It's a pity that I cannot write for a long time. Because I am very strongly tired. I hope, that I can soon write to you about results of visit to Embassy. If I cannot write from Moscow I shall write from Kirov. With love yours and only yours Elena.
Letter 20
Hi my dearest Andrej, I have more recently left embassy and at once have decided to write to you. I write to you the letter and I smile. I'm so glad! If I could, I would speak with you for a long time. But unfortunately now it is impossible. But I am confident, that our meeting will take place also we shall speak in person. Me which you very were pleasant to video to me have sent. I want to tell to you about the commission in Moscow. I hope to you it interestingly!!!
Tomorrow I shall already write to you from native city. I shall arrive to Kirov most likely tomorrow in the evening. I can probably have the visa. Because I tried for it much. I worry, you should understand it. I never thought that the commission will ask such unusual questions. They asked about my ****** life, they asked about children, about work, about patriotism, about my attitude to your country, about my conversance and awareness of events which happened in the world and in your country, about my religion and belief. I have told about all my life in detail. I spoke about very thing fairly how it's really. To me have told that my answers are unexpected and as a rule applicants don't answer such questions so directly and openly. They haven't got used to hear such answers, but they said that to hear sincere and truthful answers is much more pleasant than words which come not from heart and reason.
Now I should wait the decision. I hope that my visa will be ready within the next few days.
The representative of embassy at once informs about it to travel agency.  After that I shall buy the ticket in your country. After I shall buy the ticket I shall inform date of the start. Now I agree with expression: "Expectation of death is worse than the death" I can't concentrate on anything. My heart so worry, I can't work. They have told that the decision will be accepted in several days. I so worry. I so want that this small dream was come true. I simply want to see my lovely friend. I think the God will help me. I simply want to meet you. I already see us together and I sink in dreams. I want to construct with you the ship to float under sails in boundless ocean. I want to meet with you a dawn and to see off a sundown. We will float on our ship and our love will illuminate our way. We will look at night at stars, we'll be pleased in the afternoon to the sun. If there will be a storm, our love will protect us. If there will be a calm, our love will be a wind. Our love will be a beacon for us. We will be floating at ocean of love and oblivion and nothing can separate us. We'll name our ship - Dream. It will be the small ship, but very strong. Because we will make our ship from belief, hope and love. It's impossible to wait, when your dream will fall to you from the sky. It's necessary to go to the dream. It's necessary to clear and build the road itself. If in heart there is a belief and dream, if in heart there is a love and hope, it is necessary to achieve the dream by all means. I always go to the dream. I don't sit on a place. In my life there were very few light moments.
On this I try to make everything that my dreams have come true. I understand that now it's only dreams. But these dreams brighten my life. I hope that yours also. Nothing will keep me to arrive to you!!! With tenderness your Elena.
Letter 21
Hello my Andrej, Dear Andrej, I have received your electronic letter. I was very glad to read him. Your letters install to me unlimited quantity of confidence. Having read them I become the omnipotent person. Very much has changed from the moment of our acquaintance. I, think that I began to live only after acquaintance to you. Till this time I only existed. After our acquaintance my life has sharply changed in the best side. It has noticed not only I. My fellow workers, my friends, even my patients - all have noticed change in my life. Everyone ask the same question. It is interesting to all why I look so happy... I think that I knowingly have visited to Moscow. From trip I still had many positive emotions. I when did not go on so important affairs, therefore strongly worried. On road to Moscow I with anybody did not communicate because thought of interview in embassy. I experienced that any failure can visit me. I was afraid that can give up to me in reception of the visa. But my experiences appeared are vain. On interview to me did not give the exact answer. In a corridor I have waited the person which was in the commission and he has told that I should not worry. Has told that in two or three days representatives of embassy will contact travel agency and will cause me to Moscow for reception of the visa. Therefore I have gone home with quiet soul. Now I need to wait the answer from embassy then it is necessary to buy the ticket in your country, to go again to Moscow to receive the visa and to wait day of a start. The second trip to Moscow does not deliver me of inconvenience. The ticket to me will need to be bought in Kirov from representatives of travel agency. To take off I should from the Moscow airport because I will need to come in embassy and to receive the visa. It would be convenient for me to take off from the Kirov airport but for this purpose to me some days in Moscow should to live and to wait for readiness of the visa. Moscow not city familiar to me. Hotels cost very dearly and it is terrible to me to be in Moscow one. Therefore I have chosen not absolutely convenient, but a safe variant. Today I went to travel agency and told him about trip to Moscow. They sincerely were glad for me. Unfortunately the Embassy yet did not contact travel agency. I think that has passed not enough time. I think tomorrow or the day after tomorrow representatives of embassy will cause me for reception of the visa. I want that it has taken place as soon as possible. I want to buy as soon as possible the ticket to you and to wait for day of a start. Dear if tomorrow or the day after tomorrow me will cause for reception of the visa I shall buy the ticket to you. I shall buy the ticket with a stock of 3-6 days. I shall better lead these days pending. Suddenly there will be unforeseen circumstances. Dear, I finish the letter and I shall go home. I need to prepare much for all for the period of the absence. I love you and I want to be only with you. The feeling of love amplifies every new day. Your love Elena.
Letter 22
Hi my dear Andrej, Dear, I was very glad to receive your letter. My visa is available, but I can take away her only after I shall redeem the ticket in your country. Tomorrow or after tomorrow, I shall buy the ticket in your country but only after to me inform from travel agency, and will tell, that my documents are completely ready. For arrival to you.
I every day think of our meeting with you. I know how it is to be thinking about someone all the time, I have felt that as well. So then I try to keep myself busy doing other things and it helps. I guess that's how I've been able to get along all this time without somebody special in my life. I keep myself busy with study, with friends. I have become used to it now, but not entirely. Some times I get along doing chores around the house, listening to music, or helping other people with their problems.  It has been so many times that I wanted to be with someone. So as time went on, little by little I had to learn how to not feel lonely. But I have also learned that it's not all that possible. And in the same way I try to avoid getting hurt, as it has happened to me before. And that too is not all that possible. On the other side I have seen other peoples mistakes and I like to think that I wont make the same ones. I try to think of many possible results, I like to be cautious and to think ahead, but I have learned that as careful that I may be, there is always something that can go wrong. So why should I continue to hold back and not live my life like others, by going ahead with what my heart says and being as cautious as possible, right? We are only human and imperfect, all I can try is to do the best I can, with the person that best fits my way of thinking. And it would seem so strange that I could find such a person on the other side of the planet. Imagine if the Internet didn't exist, I would have never known about you and I would probably continue to live the same way forever. There is only so much happiness that one can achieve alone, but I would like to think that I could achieve so much more with you. It would be wonderful to stop dreaming about it and make it come true. So at the same time, I also think about what would be needed to make a relationship work and how to provide for as much as possible. It's not easy when other pressures are felt in a relationship. So if at first we should decide to take this beyond what it has become so far, I think it will be like awaking from a dream and trying our best to make the dream come true. Like I said before, there is a lot to talk about, a lot to learn and understand. The feeling of love is great, but it takes little bit more to have a place to live, to be healthy and have a family. I know that these are subjects that can't be decided or solved in a week, but the most important thing will be addressed, how well we get along.
There is one thing that I know for sure, I like you very much and we will have a wonderful time together. Your words in every letter have shown me that we think the same way, so I truly believe that something great and long lasting will come out of this. I think about you every day and wish you were near me already. I will just have to be patient and wait for that moment to come true. With hugs and tender kisses. Yours Elena...
Letter 23
Hello my dearest Andrej, I have good news, very well for me and for you! I wanted to call to you and to explain all by phone. But I am afraid, that you become angry on me and will refuse to help me, therefore I have decided to write to you.
Today in the morning I have come to travel agency where to me informed good news. I have got the visa. Now it is necessary for me to buy the ticket to you and to go in Moscow behind the visa and to wait day of my start. I'm immensely happy. I will be able to see you in person!!! I addressed the company which sells tickets for plans. I asked them how, as to me have explained to me it is necessary to have the ticket to you I would be able to go to Ljubljana on the August, 12th, and how much it would cost. They said that the ticket would cost 1173 euro. I asked them to find a cheaper ticket, because the price is too high for me. But as it turned out I would not be able to have a cheaper ticket so quickly, the date is too early.
Tickets must be reserved long beforehand. I asked them to offer me other variants of the flight. We found the most suitable one. The flight is on August, 17th. The ticket costs 285 euro I asked the to reserve the ticket for me. But they refused to do it having said that they had a lot of clients. They cannot reserve my ticket without advance money. I was imploring them.
But it did not work. They said that they would help me with great pleasure but they couldn't.
The rules are so. I was in a panic, I was so disappointed. Then I asked them if I could give just a part of the money. But they did not agree again.
I asked them for a long time saying that my fiance Andrej is waiting for me. If I asked them a little bit longer I would burst out of crying. Maybe God heard my prayers, and the service worked agreed to reserve the ticket on my conditions. But I have too little time to pay, for the ticket. They said if I did not day the rest of the ticket price, I would loose the money I'd already given to them. I was angry, but they explained that it would be very difficult to sell the ticket for the plane which is flying. They would have to lower the price. I agreed. They told me to pay 813 euro. But it was too much for me, because I had only 225 euro. I asked to wait for me during 12 hours. I went out of the room. Marina met me at the door. I told her everything. She understood everything and advised me to **** our treasures to a pawnshop.
It was very difficult for me to agree to do it. I did not want to burden Marina. But at the same time I want to meet you. We pawned the treasures, I got 90 euro and I paid the part of the ticket price 315 euro. It was my last money, it was for the plane by which I'm going to come to you. It was very difficult for me to tell you this story. I have done all what I could. I have paid for the visa. I have paid for the part of the ticket. But this was not enough. The money as not enough. I did not want to burden you. I wanted to come to you with nobody's help. I thought my money would be enough. But I failed. Now I feel guilty myself. I did not manage to do all myself for our meeting. I thought nothing would prevent me from meeting you. But I must pay the rest of the money for the ticket It's just 498 euro. I must pay it till the August, 17th. Otherwise I will loose the money I have paid and i will loose the chance to see you. And our treasures will be sold by the pawnshop. Now I feel guilty that I could not do what i promised to come to you with my own money. I always do what I promise. I feel at ease now, I'm ashamed of asking you to help me. Unfortunately the clinic did not pay me the money I'd earned. I really hoped to get this money. But I'll get the money from the clinic in a month or two. Because it's very typical for Russia to hold up the payments of salary. I asked the clinic to give me my money earlier, but they refused to do it. Now the clinic does not have the money necessary for me. Our clinic depends on the budget, it did not get money for a longtime. I think it's because of the financial crisis and terrorist acts. I must say to you that I will not be able to meet you because I will not be able to pay the whole sum of money myself.
Of course I realize that I should not ask you to give me the money. But at the time I cannot just that I will not come to you. I have done too much to organize our meeting. If I refuse to meet you it will mean that everything was in vain. It's terrible for me to refuse to come to you, I have done all what I could. Now I want you to help me and I think there is nothing horrible if I ask you to help me. Of course I realize that may be you have no feelings to me and may be you're not interested in our meeting. I understand that the sum of money is too big. I know it and that's why it's more difficult for me to ask it from you. But at the same time any person can find himself in my conditions. And now there is only one thing which I can do. I just must say that I will never come to you. But I do not want to say so, because I want to meet you.
That's why I must be honest, I need your help. Of course I understand that I must not do it.
But I'm an honest person. I'm ashamed of asking you to help me, but life is a difficult thing, everything can happen. Of course it's up to you to decide if you want to help me or not. It's bad, but not fatal. I will loose my money. It's bad but not mortal either. 390 euro which I have paid for the visa and 315 euro which I have paid for the ticket are too much for me. But I'm not sorry for what I have done for our meeting. In fact money is just paper, our treasures are
just metal details. That's why I was the first who decided to meet each other. But I do not want all my efforts to be spent in vain. If you really want to meet me, if you can help me to organize our meeting please send me the money till the morning of the August, 17th. Please forgive me my words. I say so because I'm in despair. Now when just one step can connect us, I'm afraid. I need you, I want to be with you, I need you help, believe me, I'm honest with you. I did not manage to estimate my forces. And all my efforts spent in vain. I understand that the sum of money is too big for you. I did not want to ask you. I can do everything myself. My loneliness made me strong. I had always been living with my own efforts I always relied on myself. I asked somebody to help me very seldom, but now I ask you to help me. I will give you all the money back as soon as I'm able. Maybe I made you offended. But I need you. I do not know if my letter you disappointed. But I have written you an honest letter. I'm looking forward to you answer. I hope for you. I ask you to not worry. I send data of my flight: Moscow – Ljubljana
Flight LX1325
Airbus A320
From Moscow, Domodedovo airport 09:05 on August, 17th
In Zurich, Zurich Airport 11:40 on August, 17th
Change in Zurich 4 hours of 0 minutes
Flight LX2276
Avro RJ Avroliner RJ70/85/100
From Zurich, Zurich Airport 15:40 on August, 17th
In Ljubljana, Brnik Airport 16:50 on August, 17th
Letter 24
Hello my darling Andrej, Darling Andrej, today I have read your letter. I have understood your thoughts. I wish to explain you some things. You should understand, that I have passed through much that my visa has been approved. I very much respect you, your opinion. But you also should respect my works, my efforts... But it not the most important thing.
The darling, I think that my photo was laid out on a site by my former guy Vladimir. I spoke to you about it. We have dispersed because it beat me and drank a lot of alcohol. Vladimir knows that I wish to find love in the Internet. And to leave from Russia. He tries to prevent my happiness. On it it has specially placed my photo on a fraud site. The darling trust me, I never deceived you.
I told to the friends about you only positive lines. I spoke to friends about our acquaintance, about our love, about our relations. I was delighted with our correspondence, from our plans.
My friends know, that we will meet in your country, that we love each other, that we are fine.
They know, that I will soon visit you. They wish our of good luck... What now I will speak to friends??? I should tell, what my favourite does not trust me??? How then they will think of you??? I think, that you will be my husband, I think, that I will get acquainted with your friends, and you with my friends. I do not wish to break that mutual understanding which has developed between us. I do not want!!! I do not wish to spoil those mutual understanding which were between us. You understand me??? I want, that our love continued to grow, our relations continued to develop... All it is under construction on mutual trust. I trust you the safety. I trust you myself … I hope, that you show to me trust and will not break our love.
You should understand, that I not so silly person to change our love for money. Unless the normal person will refuse own happiness for the sake of money??? Unless you consider me not as the good person???? Unless the happiness, love friendship, relations stand 498 euro?????? It is very silly. I am not the silly person. I wish to be with you. I want, that our love developed, that our relations were under construction... I hope, that you understand about what I speak. I hope, that you will help. I promise, that you will not regret that helped our meeting. Yours Elena.
Letter 25
Hello my Andrej, How is the weather at you? I hope that at you all well and you had remarkable time. 
I understand that you speak that you do not have money for our meeting. The darling, probably you will try to go to the friends or relatives and to borrow this money at them. As you can go to bank and to take the loan or the credit. I very much wish to arrive to you to your embraces. I hate money, they stir to our meeting. Really that we have made all for our meeting it was vain? I do not wish to think of it. I hope that you can find the necessary finance and make our meeting a reality. What do you think of it?
At us in a city young couples walk on park. They embrace, kiss. I too very much would like to feel your kisses, and your caresses. My girlfriend Marina asked me that I sent you the big and ardent regards, and also the strongest embraces. Accept and from me my most sincere wishes, my most sincere and passionate air kisses, and also my hottest and ardent embraces. You would like to feel my passionate kisses, and my passionate embraces from my loving heart? I dream of feeling your passionate kisses and hot embraces. And now my time has come to an end, and it is time to me to leave. I leave with thoughts on you, my love. Remember that I love you, my charm. I will wait for your letters, my love.  Yours Elena
Letter 26
Hello my darling Andrej, At last I was pulled out, though and is temporary, from huge whirlpool of daily problems. I forget about all and I write you the letter. During this moment anything and nobody can distract me from thoughts on you. It is more in all Universe there is nobody - only a star, you and I. I know, that we are divided by thousand kilometres but when I write to you, feel, that I whisper these words to you on an ear. Also I know, that you hear me.
If you do not wish to help me, you mean do not want a meeting! If you do not want a meeting, means all your words in letters are false! What I should think now of you???? What do I communicate with the liar??? My darling, I cannot refrain from emotions because you throw me a difficult minute! But I still have feelings! If to you to spit on my feelings and on our meeting, you simply coward who is afraid of serious relations and a meeting!
I so wish you to see. But it will be how much fast - nobody knows. Important only that we had enough patience to wait that moment when heart will jump out of a ******. Lips will repeat a favourite name. The brain as will make hours return readout, as at spaceship launch.
The ship which will lift us on a white, soft, fluffy cloud of happiness where we will stir, having lowered feet downwards. 
Last night I long stood on quay. I so would like, that you were a number that you saw that I that I could embrace you see, tell, that missed, to meet with you a dawn. I have closed eyes, and for an instant you seemed, that nearby, that I embrace you, whole your lips.  For ever yours Elena
Letter 27
Hello my love Andrej, Many thanks for your letter, I was very happy to receive it. My love Andrej, I never about you forget, and it is probable, that you now very much wait for my letter. I madly miss on you, my lovely prince.
In my heart pleasure because somewhere on this this world I am am expected by the fine person, the fantastic prince with whom I will be happy and to which it will be good with me. It you, my love Andrej.
My love, I cannot take the loan in bank because me will not let out for limits of my country. I talked to my fellow workers, to me promised to lend 200 euro. You can help me other sum 298 euro????
Our time comes, and I will soon thaw in your gentle embraces. My love, I long was by the window and imagined, that we already together. To me it was very good during the moment when I thought of it, but then I have come to the senses also my dream have ended. But I believe, that soon there will be a miracle and will not be happier than us anybody in this world. I am assured, that you also about it think. I have again laid down on a bed and have fallen asleep at 2 o'clock. After a dinner I have gone to Internet cafe to write you the letter. Here such there was my cloudy morning. But thoughts on you warmed my heart because I love you, my prince. I wish to give you all love. I send you hot kisses and warm embraces. Your love and gentle princess Elena.
Letter 28
Hello my darling Andrej, My gentle husband. My strongest desires in this world to embrace you. To create a reality all your and my desires. To love each other. To kiss. To embrace you. To admire your enamoured sight. To feel your gentle caresses. Which you my lovely prince, will give in our bedroom. To give each other romanticism. To sit about a fireplace. In our hands glasses with easy wine. But we understand that we get ***** not with wine, and from ours with you love. 
You should understand, that our destiny depends on you. Andrej, I very much want to you on a visit. I really want to develop our relations, our love. You mean for me much. If you can help our meeting, you never will regret about it. Please, do not do to me painfully. All depends on you. All depends on your help. You should know, that you can change our destiny. It depends on you. You understand? 498 euro is so much money what can solve destiny of two people??? Or money for you means more than our love, our relations. I hope, that you estimate our relations. I hope, that you be able make our meeting a reality.
I do not understand you why you cannot understand till now that I have concluded the contract with agency and I urgently need now to pay agency! Under the contract I cannot return money which at all already have brought! I do not wish to lose all!!! My love, despite distance between us there are different ways with which you can take advantage for transfer of your help. For example money gramme!
As I love you Andrej, I cannot express this feeling. And if I will begin, we will not have not enough also three lives. You are created for me mine Andrej, and I for you. Two enamoured hearts fight in distances. They love each other. And their love eternal. I know, our love will go out when. We fill each other. We cannot live the friend without the friend. I fish, but you ocean. You a gentle rain, and I the earth which you will always give to drink the love. I a bird, but you the dark blue sky without which I cannot live. You the sun, and I a flower which you warm the beams. I love you Andrej. You give me a life. I live you my darling. My heart fights. Means we together. All means at us it will be good. And we will be happy together. For ever yours Elena.
Letter 29
Hello my love Andrej, I am happy to receive your letter again. I constantly dream of you my prince. About your tender kisses from which would break a head. I wish to fall asleep and wake up only in your strong, but during too time in gentle and favourite hands. My heart is torn to pieces, being covered with blood, I am filled with an inexplicable flour, that not with you. I dream of your smile which would get me. I dream of shine in your eyes, it seems such mysterious and full of desires! I wish to understand, about what your thoughts. Can to you too it is very bad also something does not suffice. So call me, wake from a severe reality. And I will present you with one huge heat and love!!! I want, that me would throw in heat from your gentle hands. I have phone. But it now under repair. I have dropped it in water when erased clothes. And it does not work now. As soon as I will take away it. I will give you my number. For now if you wish to hear my voice. I could call to you from post phone. But I have no money to order a trunk call. You should understand, that I have passed through much that my visa has been approved. As you cannot understand, all my documents are in agency of travel. As soon as I will mourn over other part of travel, and they will be ready, them will transmit in the airport. Thus, documents will be given out me at the airport some hours prior to a start. I hope, that you understand it, and we will not come back to old conversations. I hope that you understand, that I cannot send you a copy of documents. I cannot without your darlings, eyes. I want liking to finger your hair, to twist with their female love and warmth. I do not wish and cannot look at someone except you!!! You are very necessary to me!!!
My heart will fight in a mad rhythm only near to you. You will come to me in a dream, will be long and to stick gently into my lips and to say, that there is not enough time us this night has presented. I wish to die in your sweet embraces that on your back my concerned hands slipped, my neck was covered with your easy kisses. That also your hands moved down on my gentle back, where that only is allowed to you my love. I constantly wish to hear your voice and hours to look in your eyes. I wish to kiss gently your hot lips, to whisper in your lovely ears of a word of which you went mad and confusedly smiled. I want, that you were happy, instead of you I if it is necessary suffered!!! Believe, I have got used to a pain, but not second I do not want, that you suffered!!! I wish to be your angel the keeper or simply favourite kid. That, when to me it was bad, you sang something to me on an ear, and I embraced strong in the answer! I want, that our hands communicated in a single whole, hearts breathed in a uniform impulse of passion; was always nearby; not coming off to merge lips and to be dissolved in caresses of a kiss. Here I dream, and suddenly to you during this moment alone or awfully painfully. I am afraid that my heart will be broken off, because the fragile. I love you. For ever yours Elena.
Letter 30
Hello my Andrej, Dear Andrej, your last letter has very much disappointed me. It is very a pity, that you have appeared the weak and powerless person. I always considered you as the standard of man's force. It has appeared not so. You have shown weakness. It is a pity. It is a pity, that you have deprived of us joint plans. I really hoped for our meeting. I hoped for our relations. You have shown weakness. For you money has appeared more important, than our destiny. Really 498 euros are so big sum of money what can change our destiny??????
I understand, that you do not wish to help and think out various excuses. There are many ways. Unless I am not right??? You have thought up various barriers not to help our meeting.
It is a pity.
You really could affect our destiny. You were really capable to change our life to the best. But it has appeared, that money for you it is more important.... Yes, I am the surgeon. But you know about my financial situation. What for you humiliate me??? You talk to me as with the poor person. I do not have possibility to pay because I used already all variants. I spent many money and used all possibilities. You perfectly understand that our meeting, we have organised quickly and without any preparation. I did not save money because one month ago we yet did not plan a meeting. I spent money for household needs, for house repair... We have spontaneously planned a trip. I have collected all means and have directed them for our general meeting. I understood, that our time is limited by my vacation, therefore I everywhere paid extra for urgent manufacturing of documents. I spent many money. ... After your help was necessary, you have left rumpling in a difficult situation. Unless so real men arrive??????
It is a pity. My heart is broken. If you have found a way to help you would be convinced, that our happiness is close and, that our meeting is real.
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Name: Valeria Grebenyuk
Age: 33
Name: Bennie Leggett
Age: 33
Name: Tracy Jones
Age: 35
Name: Agnes Fleming
Age: 32
Name: Fatima Mbogo
Age: 22