Scam Letter(s) from Elena Kavan to Filippos (Greece)

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Letter 1

Filippo you have received my photos?
If is not present, urgently inform me, once again I will send. I have forgotten to write to you, whence I and where I live. I live in the city of Perm, in the east of the European part of Russia..
As it is interesting to me, from what you the countries? There were you when or in Russia and whether know something about my country?
Perhaps, there are at you friends in Russia, tell to me? I think that should not place this distance between us as at us one purpose and plans, to meet the happiness, love and to establish a family.
Filippo you agree with me? I hope that there will be no for you a problem this distance between us. How your weather? At us this year.,cold summer. I expected warmer weather, in june))

I never was married and I have no children. I very much love children and I will be very glad to have the, I hope it will come true. To me very much will come easily to find common language with children, therefore I very strongly love children.
In marriage did not leave, because has not met that unique man who would make me the happy woman. You have children? If yes, how their name? It is very interesting to me. You are married?
I never and with anybody did not get acquainted, did not correspond and had no friend from other country. You the first person to whom I write the letter. I would like as to ask you a question, you with many women correspond?
Filippo how many friends have on the Internet? I'm looking for someone confident, intelligent, unselfish, fun, sincere, honest, ambitious and loyal, who knows these traits are best expressed through actions; not just words claiming to be or aspiring to one day become these things.
Someone with a good heart and soul, who is a good communicator and appreciates valuable time with family and friends. I'm intelligent, ambitious, classy, confident, independent, fun, loyal and down to earth.

During study at university, I visited English language courses. From all languages, I like English language more, it to me will come easily.
How you consider, whether my English language is good? I hope, you understand me that I write to you.

Letter 2

Hi Filippo
Filippo I have not received any letter, I wish your of good luck in work! I wish good day. I like to study and learn many interesting things. I like to get to know people. What is their nature, what interests. I am cheerful and sociable. I like to have fun...Filippo I am not looking for an ideal partner. Just be who you are and destiny will tell us if we are meant to be together and if there is chemistry between us. Filippo I want to meet the man who can be understanding and caring in any life situation. I hope to find the man who will be happy to share my life, soul and thoughts. Your friend Elena.

Letter 3

Hi Filippo. How are you today? How is the weather there? I'm fine, good weather, shines the sun.
To me it is a little sad that you write nothing to me. Why? You do not want to communicate?. I continue to write to you and I hope nevertheless to receive from you letters. I know that can it looks silly to get acquainted through an e-mail, but I would be glad to learn about you more. I do not want to hurry up and give personal the information, we should learn gradually about each other. Only then we can speak and in online and speak on the phone.

I try to write to you as I will have a free time that we could learn about each other. I am very interested by our correspondence, wanted to learn more about you, Filippo know why? For a long time now I have been searching for love, happiness and friendship. I could not meet men of my dream here. I wrote to you that I the first write letters to the one who is far from me. I think my love to be far from me where there, it is only necessary a few patience. I believe that soon time I will meet that love and I will become the happy woman. If you wish same if you want to learn about each other more I think, you not against I write you so much letters.

I know that we could use different online correspondence, as msn, yahoo messenger and skype. Yesterday has tried to establish on the computer, but unfortunately at me the computer does not support these programs. Filippo you not against to communicate here? At me as is not present facebook, I are not familiar with this website and there it is never registered. If you insist to communicate there I will try, but I spend not enough time to the Internet, for me it is more convenient to communicate here. We could speak on the phone, yes I agree with you that we can learn more and hear each other. But I am not ready to give still to you phone number, I want to learn a little about you more. I will necessarily give you the number, we will speak on the phone. But not now, as I do not want to hurry up. You agree with me?

I have never corresponded with anyone over the internet before, but I feel very comfortable in writing you! I have two best girlfriends. Them call Anna and Natalya. With Anna we are on friendly terms already since the childhood, studied in one class and lived in the neighbourhood. At us never arose quarrels and insults, we very well understand, each other and we share all secrets. We are familiar with Natalya of 5 years, but for these years have very much become friends, I know that she never will betray me, I trust it the same as it to me. And in general at me many familiar friends and friends with whom I simply communicate. Happens that we gather the company and we like to go camping in the woods. Rest passes very cheerfully. Sometimes we go to play in bowling. As I would like to learn, whether there is at you the best friend? As you have together a rest?

With thoughts of you, Elena.

Letter 4

Hi Filippo, i was very pleased to receive your reply as i was impatiently waiting for it.
now, I have received nothing from you, any letter. What happens? I hope that you receive all my letters and read them. I continue to speak about myself and to write you letters. To me it is a little sad. Today monday, I wish good initial week.
I very much would would like to hear your voice, to speak by with you to phone. You can call to me? I do not know, whether my phone accepts trunk calls, did not call abroad earlier. But it is possible to try. It is my number: +7 3422 587 281.
I happen at home only after 19:00 hours, you can call at this time. In the afternoon I work, I cannot talk to you. If it is not difficult, leave the number. If you give me the number, I can call too to you. Allow to communicate by phone if it is possible. Filippo some of the characteristics I love to find in people include:
emotional maturity and willingness to share stories, thoughts, feelings and experiences - great, almost wicked, sense of humor natural intelligence, curiosity, open-mindedness and sincerity appreciation of travel, nature, new people, and new experiences a 'young at heart' quality! Things I'd like to share with someone:
quiet evenings at home, including maybe some tinkering around the house (I have a bit of a homebody streak am usually writing, doing some sort of wellness practice or music, or working on creative projects) skiing, biking, hiking and outdoor sports hanging out outdoors in nature, at the beach, in a park the occasional glass of red wine and night of jazz or world music moments of laughing, playing and just letting go and being silly together Guys I'm physically attracted to usually work out and have some muscle tone.

I want to tell a little about the favourite city, I think that it will be interesting to you to learn about a city where I live. My city of Perm is located east of European Russia, in the Urals, the administrative center of Perm edge.
There is a port on the river Kama, the transport hub on the Trans-Siberian Railway. My big city diversified industrial, scientific, cultural and logistic center of the Urals. In Perm many beautiful places where it is possible to spend a free time.
It is a lot of here cinemas, theatres, night clubs, restaurants, parks and museums. If you could visit my city, I could show you all these places where it is possible to receive weight pleasure.
If you wish still that that to learn about my city you can ask me or you can look on the Internet:
I wish you all the best! My best wishes, Elena.



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