Scam Letter(s) from Selina Henry to Mary (USA)

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Letter 1

Yesterday when I told the people who gave me the contract that I was leaving. They told me to start the work as I am here for them to see that I want to do the work before I leave. They told me that I know the work is for 8 months and I need to do it as soon as possible or they will take the contract from me and give it to another person. So now I have to open an account on monday to get money in so that I can use to start the work for them to see, then I will leave on friday. So i cold not leave yesterday I cancel my flight. So please I no you want to see me very bad but please if you realy love me please understand me because I can't lose this contract. But for sure I will be leaving next week Friday. So i have even book my flight for that date. How our work is. Is like when you get the contract you use your own money to do it, then when you finish they will come and inspect it. Then if everything is good they will pay you your money. That is how our work is. So now I have to open account on monday have money in then I will pay for them to clear the site for them to see that I want to do the job. Then I can leave for my assistant to take over. So please please i know you will be hurt but please just give me one week and I will make it up to you please. Honey I realy love you with all my heart and soul. Please don't be angry or be hurt. I have told you that good things come to the people who wait so please.

Letter 2

What are you saying. If I am not real. Have I told you something bad?

Letter 3

Just look for Walmart store in your area you will get money gram in it to send the money..

Letter 4

So i said 700$ I will pay it back on saturday honey.

Letter 5

The country is ghana. And the city is. accra .. 464/7 Obutu road Ghana Accra West Africa

Letter 6

Who is that in the picture she bought you a car?

Letter 7

You did text me my dear you wanted to show me your new girl friend she is nice and beautiful.

Letter 8

I did not send the pictures and all i said i will do I deleted them all because you are a good person to me and I did not want to harm you.

Letter 9

You told me that when I don't send those things and come clean you will send me some money through money gram. Now I did not send the things and I have come clean so can you send me the money you promised?

Letter 10

Okay I am very sorry for putting you through all that. You send me any money to money gram. for me to look after my kids okay please any money you will send me I will thank you okay please. At least know that I am not a bad person because i dis not send those things to anyone and tell any body about it. Is money I want because I don't have it and you have it so please anything you send to me I will be happy and thank you.

Letter 11

Well I have 2 kids and I am a lesbian I don't talk to men or have sex with men only woman. I am the picture I send you. All I told you was true but I am now in Africa ghana.

Letter 12

I send you over and over. I am the same lady in red you love...

Letter 13

Hahaha that is the truth I am coming clean to you honey

Letter 14

Have you got the one I send you?

Letter 15

so that is your new car is very nice honey. and let me tell you i did not want your credit card what do i need your credit card for honey..

Letter 16

Okay honey I hear you but I am the woman is the pictures I send you.

Letter 17

I still want you and want as to be together please.

Letter 18

yes is the same me i took this today as i was walking and i ask someone to take me to send you with his phone.

Letter 19

i saw a begger on the street and send by him to take a picture with him for you to know that i dont realy have money

Letter 20

no i dont like it here honey i want to come back. now you believe me.

Letter 21

i dont like it here at all honey.

Letter 22

the pictures i send you now i tool all in new jersey with my friend kim

Letter 23

the one i was siting own with the begger i took it in ghana today when you ask me to take a picture for you.

Letter 24

i realy love you

Letter 25

now let me tell you the real truth. the real truth is what i told you from the begining. yes my father has a contraction company i only have one child. who is now 19 and leaving in belgium with my mother. as i told you that i came here to ghana is very real i came to work on a contract but my step mother is not giving me money to do the work so i am here.i want to just leave the job for another contractor and come back to the u.s. please lets start all over again this time no liers please give me your number and let me call you. i lost your number.

Letter 26

i am very happy to have heard your sweet and sexy voice honey...

Letter 27

no is not free to call you have to buy a credit and load it on the phone. before you can call.and you no i dont have money.

Letter 28

i am even owe someone 500$ here as i said i dont have money.

Letter 29

i feel hot down there anytime i hear your voice.

Letter 30

i will be very happy if you can get me that phone honey.

Letter 31

okay honey can you get me the ipone 6 plus unlock

Letter 32

yes i honey and i have a ticket coming back. i cancile it the other time

Letter 33

honey you dont know my name. selina henry

Letter 34

how much is that phone online, if it cost too much you can buy another nice phone that is cheap.

Letter 35

sprint, but you have to buy a phone i can use it in any country i think that is the unlock one dont buy the lock one. the lock one only u.s i can use it.i hope you know that

Letter 36

yes honey i know that. then i hope you wear black pants too

Letter 37

that will be great i will love to meet you there.

Letter 38

i want be long here i am looking for someone to give the contract to then i will leave so it can be 2 weeks or mostly 3 weeks. 464/7 obutu road accra ghana west africa

Letter 39

get it from the store because i dont trust ebay

Letter 40

i told you i have come clean to you and will not lie to you i say live in bayonne. okay

Letter 41

how much did you buy the car honey because i am checking the price and is about 100.000$ and over...

Letter 42

well i leave in an apartment in bayonne.. my place in bayonne i rent.

Letter 43

you know i cant lie toy ou honey.

Letter 44

i finish cleaning your pussy here for you.

Letter 45

why am i killing you honey.

Letter 46

noo you have tast both in women and in cars..

Letter 47

so now do you want it to be are you going to london?

Letter 48

I am up honey how are you doing I realy miss you soo very much.

Letter 49

I wish I am there to lick your pussy honey.

Letter 50

Yes honey please are you getting my phone for me?You said you will get it from the store. Also please send me the money today to pay the person I owe and add some too because the 100$ can't do anything here I pay hotel bills and also eat. So please try and send me about 800$ through money gram today. Please i will pay all back to you when I come please honey okay please.

Letter 51

Now I don't know but all I think about is you so are you surely coming to London?

Letter 52

464/7 Obutu road accra ghana West africa.

Letter 53

Okay honey. I realy love you with all my heart and soul.

Letter 54

Honey please did you get the address? Also I hope you know the name already. Selina Henry

Letter 55

What do you need to make you feel better honey.

Letter 56

Yes honey you get me the phone and you will have a pic every day because I can't be begging people to take a pic of me to send you. I feel very shy about it. I want to send you my naked pictures every morning.

Letter 57

No money to pay the guy and no money to even buy food to eat. I am more then sad. You can't just take about 20 mins of your time to go to the bank and send me the money to pay the guy. Is the hotel I am that I am paying the 500$ to if I don't pay today they will sack me out of the hotel. Please do something don't let them sack me to sleep out side please. I want to leave here because I can't stay here any longer with out money. But I need to pay the hotel bill for me to leave here please.

Letter 58

Go on please try and send me the money if not they will kick me put of thus hotel. Please.

Letter 59

i took this yesterday night for you i hope you like it. i was very much ashamed to ask the person to take the picture with her phone. but i hope you like my smile.



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