Scam letter(s) from Julia Borisova to Filippos (Greece)

Letter 1
Hi again my friend Filippos. How are you today?
Just want to write something to you today cause I want to be honest with you.
You know I have communicated with two man on internet before.
But right now I am not interested in them. I stopped to write to them 3 days ago.
Because that one was some nervious and another was not interesting for me like a male absolutly. So I want to write to you only. Cause you are very pleasant and interesting for me as good pen-pal and just a friend.
Filippos, I like to write to you and discuss some themes for my soul.
Oh if we would be some near to each other i think we could be very good friends or may be close relations even...
Your words are very pleasant for me. Thank you Filippos, really...
I want to let you know that I am trustful for you.
I hate lie in any kind so my words are true.
Sorry for such words simply my last relations made me such opinion to word relation, any kind of relations: is it just friends or some more must be honest and true always.
So that's why I decided to let you know about my past internet pen pals.
OK yesterday everning after work I went out of my city to some village about 30 km from my home to my girlfriend. We have some little celebration.
Simply one of my girlfriend buy a car and she celebrated it. She bought used Ford Focus 2012. We drank tea, some wine and made a barbeque.
All my girlfriends were in pairs with males and I was alone still.
They smiled a lot and I have seen on them and was some sad.
Cause I am still single and still in searching of good male.
Some sad but OK...
And do you like picnics and barbeque???
As for me I like picnics and barbeque very much.
Russians likes go out of city any time of year.
Most holidays are celebrates on nature.
We have a lot of Holidays here such are Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Men’s Day, Victory Day, May Day, Child Day, Independence Day, different Birthdays, Thanksgiving, and etc.
My favorite holidays are my Birthday and New Year Ave.
My Birthday is on January 12. When is yours Filippos??? I am 27 years old now. What's holiday do you like the most? What holidays do you celebrate?
You can see more pics of me and also one with my friend here. I hope you will like them.
OK till the next time I write to you bye,
your friend Alisa
Letter 2
Hi my dear friend Filippos.
Thanks for reply again. So pleasant for me...
How are you today Filippos??? Hope you have wonderful day.
As for me I am in good mood today. Because today I have some free time from work and I am writting a letter to you now. I like your letters, please write as more about yourself as you can. You make my life more interesting and happy!!!
Yesterday everning I visited my mom. I told to her about our dating.
I told her that I have some pleasant feelings to you.
My mom understood me and she was very glad that I have communication with you. Because she saw me and my mood was better than in the past.
It would be very pleasant for me to meet each other one days.
Filippos, what do you think about it?
Will it be pleasant for you if I would come to you one day?
Simply I will try to learn what I need to do and to have to come to you.
I have already given some papers documents to register international passport 2 days ago and will see what happen there soon.
I am waiting a reply from travel agency.
Probably I will have good news soon. I will keep you informed about it.
I can reach you in a couple of weeks already.
Do you want our meeting also??? Do you want my visit Filippos???
I hope YES you do!!!
As for me I think about it much time!!!!
I feel some new energy in my body that makes me so pleasant to live by idea about it. My friends have noticed that I became some other but also they are happy to see me in such mood.
Today I am sending some more pics of me for you Filippos.
Pics was maden in Adler city on Black Sea coast in the Southern Part of Russia where I have had some rest almost every year.
Most Russians have rest there in Black Sea because it is the closest place with sea and mountains and not expensive trip. I would be happy to get pics of you in your next letter also if you do not mind of course.
Bye for now...
Yours Alisa
Letter 3
Hi, my dear friend Filippos.
I always became very happy to receive your letters. Thanks for pic.
Thanks you so much!!! I live dreaming to meet you in person sooner.
But right now I do not know everything about visit you so I must learn about it more and will inform to you soon OK???
Filippos, do you dream about our meeting also?
Would you like to meet me?
Are you ready for it?
Think only how it would cool to meet each other in near future.
Only one dream about it makes me so happy. I hope you are happy too.
And it might come true as I have already learned, I need some more time to know more about it in details.
OK here are some more pics of me. I hope you enjoy them.
They were maden in Adler trips again... On Black Sea...
Filippos, send me any kind of your pics also if you can.
OK today after work I will go to get more information about visit.
Probably I must have good news about my international passport in few hours as I have already given papers for that registration process few days ago as I have already mentioned to you in my past letter.
Today morning travel agency asked me to go to office for control interview.
So I will go there and will keep you informed about everything, OK???
Bye for now Filippos
Yours Alisa
Letter 4

Hi again my lovely friend Filippos.
I am writting this short message to you just to inform to you I have very good news for us!!! I just came back from travel agency few minutes ago and good news as I got international passport!!!
So I will try to add a copy of it to this message even so you can see it.
I paid for it on my own 5985 russian rubles. Just in case you do not understand how much it's about 99 in $ US or about 77 in EURO currency.
But it does not matter!!! I am just so happy right now that I have an international passport and I could visit you Filippos!!!
We are one step closer to our meeting now!!!
I hope you are happy to know this news also!!!
So right now I plan to go to learn more about my visit to you and what else I need to have for it.
Filippos, I will keep you informed about everything what I would learn.
But to plan my trip to you better please send me info about what is the nearest international airport to you or some of them to plan my trip to you with no any mistakes... So what's airport name???
It would better for me if I will know a name of airport sooner.
Filippos so let me know it in your next letter, OK???
OK I must go now...
Yours Alisa
P.S. OK I am adding a copy of my international passport here...
Letter 5
Hi again my dear friend Filippos. Here is some more that I learned.
Just came back from travel agency to learn about visa. My request for visa and all my necessary documents are approved!!! I can get visa.
But it will cost 14820 russian rubles here, not sure if you understand how much is it, OK it is about 255 $ US or about 190 in EURO.
This amount includes: payment for visa registration, payment for an accelerated registration process (because sometimes registration might borrow 6-9 months), an interview in embassy and payment for an insurance which is also important thing for every tourist who planning trip outside of our country. So that's why this price is such because it is total for everything.
I plan to register a student type of visa because it is the easiest way to visit you.
Other types of visa has some difficulties in registration or theirs process are long.
But one problem I have. I do not have enough money to pay for visa registration process now. So I want to ask this money help from you for payment for it because I do not have this money right now. So pity but please understand me.
I must make a purchase for visa and passport myself only because I must prove my solvency and payability this way, therefore I must do it myself here only. I have had some money before but I paid for my international passport registration as you can see from my last letter.
That's why I am asking money help from you Filippos cause I do not have it right now. And if I don’t pay for it now and get it probably I could have problems with getting visa in the future. Because personals in travel agency needs me to pay for visa registration in 15-18 days period.
If I would not pay for registration process in this term my visa request will stop at all and so I will not be able to register it again because it is really not so easy to register visa for such young woman as me.
The possibility to register visa takes once a 2 years period and if not now then I will not have chance a process in future 2 years at all.
Also as I have been informed that this amount 14820 russian rubles is the last month price, next month price will grow up to 15-20.
Filippos so lets not loose this chance!!!
I hope you will try to find way to transfer to me this money sooner so I might pay for registration sooner because as you may understand the process of registration visa will finish sooner which would good for both of us.
So if you would send money help that amount today or tomorrow I will be able to pick up your money help sooner and pay for it so we would not loose any time, so it would take less time and we could meet each other faster.
Also I have asked about ways to transfer international money and travel agency recommends to use Western Union or Money Gram money transfer systems as it's fast, cheap, safety and easy way. If you do not know how they works I will try to learn more details about it sooner if it is necessary.
Filippos, so if you could help me this money today it will be very pleasant for me so I will begin registration process and we will be one step closer to our meeting. And OK if not today please let me know when can you do it so I would plan my trip to you with no problems.
Filippos, I hope to get good news about your money help in amount 255 $ US or 190 EURO sooner so I would begin visa registration process sooner and we could be together in 2 weeks from now already!!! Just think about it!!!
Please try to understand my situation Filippos... Do not be angry at me for asking money, I tried to do everything myself for money situation but it's not everything in my power.
Honestly I hate money discussions but now is a moment I must do it because I do not have any other way to solve this problem so that's why I am asking from you and still hope to get good news in your next letter.
Anyway as you are interesting in our meeting as you had writting just do it for us also as I have already maden everything I can in my power.
Oh I see my letter becoming so large but I just want to explain all details correctly and keep you informed about everything I learned...
Here are more pics of me for you again. I bet you like them!!!
Take care...
Yours Alisa Egorova
Letter 6
Hi my dear friend Filippos.
I have read your letter. Although I still hope to get your money help for my nesesary documents to your country soon. I just want to meet you faster, while we have this chance we must use it. I mean I still need your money help for payment visa registration process. It is really very important to pay it soon, if I would not do it this 15-18 days embassy will stop this process at all and I could not register visa in future only in 2017 because they would note me in list of not payability person and might say no for registration if I decide to do it.
So that's why I want to use this chance. Please try to help me sooner.
I really feel so bad myself to ask this money from you Filippos but I do not have any other way from this problem now sorry.
I still need in about 14820 russian rubles or in $ US equivalent it's 255 $ US or about 190 in EUROs for the process of my visa registration.
This price is for student type of visa as I have already explained it.
Student type of visa is better than others cause with student visa I would get some social grants in your country so I will not bring you financial problems. Also I would have a place to live in campus in your country if you can not get me in your room.
My visa will be allow me to be in your country maximum for 90 days.
Sorry but I can not have visa for more days. It is maximum term for the first time. Of course if you want we might register my visit for more days when I would be there already, it would easier.
I hope that you will not wait and will try to send me money faster so I might pay for this purpose. Then I have already might plan my flight to you.
Now it depends on you Filippos only.
I have already explained to you how difficultly to earn such money in Russia. Even to try to borrow money from someone will not work here also.
Simply please try to understand the amount 255 $ US or 190 EUROs which I am asking from you is a big amount for Russia. Nobody could give me such money even friends. Please understand that average income here is 150-200 $ US in month. It is enough to pay bills and food here but it is not enough to pay for visa registration for almost monthly income in such short period. I have had some saved money before but as you rememeber I have already paid for my internetional passport registration.
So pity that I do not have any relatives except my mom but she can not help me with it because she live on pension only which is less that average income even!!!
Filippos, so that's why I hope for your money help only now!!!
Also please understand that nobody (except for us) interests in our meeting therefore please understand that it is very difficult for people here to give such big money for me for the reason that WE want to meet.
I think we are both interest in our meeting. Hope you will understand me and my situation. I want to meet only you and to be only with you.
Filippos, I still hope to get news about your money transfer soon.
As I learned all you need to send money transfer via Western Union or Money Gram transfer are my full name and location only, so here is it:
Full name: Alisa Egorova
Postal adress: 118 Svobody St., apt# 7, Samara, 443009, Russia.
and then you will get some control transfer number which I would need to know for picking up it. Also here are an official links where you can learn more details about money transfers and find nearest offices to you: and
OK here is some pic of me for you again. My friend helped me to make it. You can see me here holding an international passport in my hand which I got. I was so happy that I got passport and made this pic special for you in some library near travel agency just to show to you one again I am real for you and made few steps for our meeting myself already!!!
I have limit of days to make a payment for my visa registration also visas to your country are not infinity amount that's why I am so worry about it, that's why I am asking you to help me sooner.
I am so afraid to loose this chance to reach you while it is still possible.
I have already done everything possible with money for register my international passport to visit you but now really it is not in my power so as you are interesting in our meeting help me too.
WE must fight with problems for OUR meeting together!!!
Anyway I will wait for your next letter...
Yours Alisa Egorova
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