Scam letter(s) from Olga Kovalenko to Jason (England)

Letter 1
Dear J
My future husband, is your mood positive? I would like to make it the best all the time. Can you imagine if you see my sincere smile every morning, feel my sensual lips every night? I could make you feel as the real man, you will feel me, dream of me, never get bored in my company. I believe in endless love and romance, mutual trust and harmony in relations. What do you believe in? I liked you profile very much. I have seen it many times for the last few days. I feel that we have many things in common! Can this be destiny?? Do you believe in destiny?))) As for me, I am a purposeful person with kind and big heart. I feel that we could be a good match!! I am a caring person. I am romantic as any girl, and believe in real love. I am a sincere and honest person, who has very strong family values and who dreams of a happy family life. I am a very kind, sensitive, romantic, well-educated, honest, and faithful person- exactly the one you are searching for. I love nature and the great outdoors. I love to live in a simple way, enjoying little things every day, casual encounters, travel settings, people. Life itself. Have a good and sunny day)
Write me back as soon, as you can.
Warmly, Olga.
Letter 2
Hello, J
Thanks for the reply.
Well, does age mean a lot for you??
I wrote you because I feel that I want to know you better. As for me, age is just a number. Do you agree with this?
I am glad to write you this letter! I think that you are a very interesting man and I want to know you better. Can you tell me about your life more, please? What are your hobbies? As for me, I am a young lady that is seeking a real love.
I studied international relations in the university. And, now I work in a tourist firm. I am a hardworking person, I wish to build a nice career.
And, of course to find the real love. That is why I am here! More facts about me, I am keen on sports. I like jogging, playing tennis, going to the gym. I think that woman should to keep fit in each age.
Also, I cook nice. I like sweets very much, so I am good at cooking cakes and biscuits. However, I cook everything and try to learn new and new recipes. It is amazing to look how your friends and family try your cooking and like it! I feel gorgeous when they like it))
I hope you will try my cooking someday too!!
Well, I will end this letter for now. I hope to hear back from you soon!
By the way, which city do you live in the USA?
Truly, Olga.
Letter 3
Hello, J!
Thank you for the reply.
I am very glad to receive your letter.
Well, as for me, I believe in love. I belive that if people are in love, nothing matters. I am glad that you agree with this!!
What else I can tell you? I can say that I am searching for honesty and trust ship in relations.
I want my man to be honest in each situation. I think that problems should be discussed and solved together. In my free time I walk, go to theatre or cafes. I like watch movies, so I attend cinema often with friends.
Have you heard about the Opera House in Odessa?
It is one of the most popular theatres in Europe. It is decorated with gold inside. Each tourist has to see it. It is really nice. I would like to show it you for sure. Do you like military things and history? We have a very interesting park with military technique. Can you send me a photo? I would like to see your hazel eyes.
I will wait for your reply.
With love, Olga.
Letter 4

Hello, J!
Thanks for your reply.
How are you??
Oh, your letter is interesting!!
I like that you are open and honest with me!
About bad habbits, I can be closed sometimes. I am rather shy with new people. And, people need time to gain my trust.
What else can I add about myself is that I like sport activities. I like jogging in summer and spring. We have a nice road for this near the sea. There people jog and ride bicycles.
I like spending my time near the water. That is why summer is my favorite season)) I can say that I am searching for honesty and trust ship in relations.
I want my man to be honest in each situation. I think that problems should be discussed and solved together. In my free time I walk, go to theatre or cafes. I like watch movies, so I attend cinema often with friends.
Have you heard about the Opera House in Odessa?
It is one of the most popular theatres in Europe. It is decorated with gold inside. Each tourist has to see it. It is really nice. I would like to show it you for sure. Do you like military things and history? We have a very interesting park with military technique. I am already about 4 monthes on the site. And, I am now very glad that I met you!
I hope we will keep in touch, try to know each other better and maybe meet someday!!
I would like this)
Okey, I will wait for your good pictures)))
And, of course, for your letter!
Warmly, Olga.
Letter 5
Hello, J!
How are you?
Is everything fine?? I miss your letters.
Just wanted to write you and ask how are you. How is the weather?
We have great weather now. It is sunny and hot, like in summer. The only thing, it is still windy sometimes.
Many people are already sunbathing near the sea.
I hope to go there also next weekends.
I hope to hear back soon.
I really miss our communication.
Take care.
I wish you a dreat day.
And, really hope to hear back soon.
Yours, Olga.
Letter 6
Hello, J!
I am thankful for the letter.
How are you??
I am very glad that we have the same mind!
We think about each other ))
I am glad to receive your reply! You see, I am not married yet!
I have not found anyone right for me yet. I have you and I feel that we can have things in common! And feel that we can have future. What about you? Can you agree with this?
I like your credo. I think we have the same. I am here with serious intentions. I want to start a new life full of love and happiness. I want to create a strong and loving family!! I will support my husband in everything. This is my credo))
I think also that it is not too mushy.
And, I like your poem! It is so nice! I read it several times.
You can see, I want to stand by something. I want to have a right man by my side. I want my man to be reliable, honest, I want him to love me and our future family. I will do everything for him.
By the way, what do you think about kids? Do you want them? If yes, how many?
I agree with you, we should let things going on and see what will happen. Everything is possible!!
I will wait for your reply!!
Hope to hear from you soon.
Have a good day!
Warmly, Olga.
Letter 7
Hello, J!
Thank you for the reply.
I am honored to communicate with you too!!
I always wait for your letters with impatience. Oh, until 21 kids! ahah
I think we should stop on second or third child)) ahah
You even cannot imagine what a mess could be with even 2 kids!
Of course, they are flowers of our life, but not too much))) Yes, I live with parents. We live close to the sea. I like this place where we live. There is not much people. There are only houses and appartments, no factories, etc.
One minus is that cit center is rather far away. Well, about my relations. I am fed up of Ukrainian men. That is why I am here. Last time was the same. We dated, but he was not serious. He did not have any plans. He wanted just to date, not even speaking about future together. As for me, I want to create a family. I need my future beloved to say me that he wants the same in future or at least show me that I am a close person and we can have future. My ex boyfriend could go to the club with someone even not saying me. He could not calling me, then he told - why should I? I think if you are a couple, that means something! You should care about your beloved. My parents know that I am on the site. They wish me only the best.
My mother supports me in everything! She also hopes I will find a nice man here! I know that men abroad are more reliable. Women abroad do not value family and so on, so men searching in Ukraine and Russia. Our women are really brought up in such way - family is the most important thing! Well, it is your turn to tell me why you broke relations. Maybe I guessed a little bit about your ex? I mean about being not serious in family issue? I will wait for your response.
Kisses, Olga.
Letter 8
Hello, J!
I am thankful for the response.
Yes, Olya is my nickname. However, it is more a short name, than a nickname. Like your short name - is J)) Dear, I see that you are open with me. And, I like this a lot!
I like how you write and what you write. You do no hide anything.
I am open and honest with you too.
Dear, age difference is really not a problem for me!!
My father is older than you)
However, it does not matter too.
Like I have already told you, age is just the number!
It is important for me how you will treat me and how we will communicate. It is important to care about each other. Do you agree? If people love, nothing matters.
Trust.... For me trust is the same as Honesty. They work hand and hand I need to trust you with our kids...our love...our Future.... that's trust putting your life in someone else s hands.. Passion .... we need passion as that's what make the world turn :) Respect.....As people and parents people need to respect themselves and their partners. Love ...but not the word the is not just a word it is what you do for each other. Well, yes, you write much info, but it is good. You share everyhting with me. I appreciate this a lot.
I would like to see your photo for sure!
Maybe you can send it me?
Your kid is so nice! ahah What is it's name?
Black cat))))
Is it friendly?
I know that dogs are much friendlier than cats, but there are many cases when cats also adore their owners. J, I would like to ask you some simple questions. What is your favourite color?
What do you prefer - tea or coffee?? I also saw something in your profile. I did not ask before, but now I wish to ask.
You mentioned that you will remove your profile from the site in June if you cannot find anyone. How about me??
Will we have an opportunity to meet? I do not want to lose you just because of the removing the profile. Write me back as soon, as you can.
Truly yours, Olga.
Letter 9
Hello, J!
Thanks for the reply, dear.
And, of course, I am thankful for your photos.
I like them. I like your photo. Yes, you do not smile!! Maybe next time?))
Your house is very nice. I noticed that it is very green outside. I like nature.
So, you have blackberries in the background! Wow!! Is it close to you house? Dear, after moving to America I would like to improve my language skills first of all - because it should be hard to find a work without speaking English. Right?
After this we will deside with my future husband. If we want kids, we will work on it))
If we want kids later, I will try to find a work. I do not want just to sit home and do nothing.
But when we have a baby, I will sit home with him or her. In my country women usually sit with children for 3 years, but often mothers sit till the child is 6 years old. If everything is fine in financial side in the family, it is better to stay home and give all your time and attention to your kids. Do you agree? What do you think about this?? It is better when children see their mother all the day, not only in the evening. No, noone from my family wants to move abroad with me. For what? All they already have families and they are happy here. And, I can communicate with them through the internet. I have only Ukrainian passport. I did not do the international passport yet.
Of course, you will see me, if you come to Odessa. Will you?))) We have perfect weather now!
I dream about sea)) You know, I have not much time for it because of work. I like spending time sunbathing.
I have a sensitive skin when I go first time to sunbathe. So, I try not to sunbathe for a long time. Maybe not more that two hours. And, then, I am okey with son and I can sunbathe well.
When I was at school, I used to spend many hours and many days at the seaside. We used to go there with my classmates. We played, swimed and sunbathed. However, with years I go to the sea more rare. Maybe this is because I am already full of this. Maybe, because I am not a kid anymore - before we had more things too (even to throw each other into the sea)))
Or, maybe, because I have a lot of things to do now. What about you? Can you allow yourself to go sunbathing?)
Hope to hear back soon.
With love, Olga.
Letter 10
Hello again, J!
I once heard a romantic story from a friend. And, I think its true love story. A young couple met for the first time in a coffee house. When she helped him with his coffee, she was so nervous and put in salt instead of sugar by mistake. When he took it, she realized her mistake and smiled big and told him. However, he was too shy and liked her too much to say he did not like it and told her " I always likes salt with his coffee"! She smiled big and was happy more. So they fell in love and married and always made his coffee with salt and she always smiled big because she was so surprise he liked it. Then many years later at old age, he died and left a note. He said that he never liked salt with his coffee. But he said to her that he always loved her happy smiled when he drinks salty coffee so he never wanted to stop her making it this way. Would you let me put salt in your coffee? Kisses, Olga.
Letter 11
Hello, J!
Thank you for the reply.
Dear, I am also thankful for your present!! Thank you so much))
I adored that buscket!
Agency made my photos with your present, but it seams to me that you have not received it yet.
Thank you for the bear so much!! I adore bears!!
I dream to have a big one))) I have a nice collection of bears, by the way! Your one is the best one for me!
Because this is from you!!
Thanks again) Also, I am very glad that you share everything with me!
I am happy to hear and understand this.
I know that sometimes it is hard to open your heart to a new person. I appreciate that you are so honest to me!! You have passed through many difficulties in your life. However, it is great that you do not give up and try again! That is why I am honored that you are interested in me and it seems that I can be that woman that you are looking for!! Of course, I am sure, my mother will be glad to visit us. So, I appreciate the fact that we will have a free room for my family members in your house!
My mother is a housewife. Before she used to work on the factory like an accountant.
And, my father is a ******. He is abroad now.
What about your parents? Can you tell me about your family more, please?
We live in the appartment. It is in a nice region. We have three rooms. It is rather big, about one hundred and fivty squere meters. And, it is in a nice region. In a sleeping region, like it is called here.
By the way, have you lived in the house all your life? Or maybe you used to live in an appartment too?
My work is rather far away from the appartment. I take a taxi often because in the morning time buses are more then crowded. You even cannot step in it (from the station where I live).
They pay me not bad, and what I like is that slary in dollars. You know, what is happening in Ukraine. Inflation is so huge! Situation is really bad. By the way, I am interested in history. Why has it captured my interests?
Maybe because it was real life. It is our story, the story of the nation. And, we should know everything in order to avoid the same mistakes. However, our politicians are masters to make same and new mistakes)))) I am joking, but I think it is true. You see what happens in Ukraine now. Situation is awful.
This war and unrests should be over. Politicians just earn money on this war. We, usual people, get nothing good. Things here are going worse and worse. Many people even could not pay for their flats now. Prices on gas, electricity and other payments are growing so fast! And, salaries and pensions are on the same place. I am so sad about this, especially about old people. What about you? What do you think about this?? To tell the truth, when I was at school, I did not like politics and histories too much. However, with ages I started to understand what is what. And, of course, you should be involved in politics at least a little bit in order to understand what is going on around you. Not to live like a fool)) Yes, I dress nice to the work. I dress nice always! At least, I try)
By the way, when I go somewhere I cannot choose dressing quickly. If I have someone by my side (sister, mother, cousin), I can ask them what to choose. I mean showing several things and ask what to choose.
Will you help me to choose a dress? Is it okey for you?)) I am just curious! Of course, I will attach a photo for you!
I hope, you will like it.
And, I will wait for your photo with a new hair cut as well! Oh, I forgot to tell you about my work.
I work in a tourist firm. When clients come, I offer places, countries, hotel, etc.
Then, book everything for them if they decide to travel with our help. Also, I make visas. It is not boring work because you see different people every day. I like what I do because it is also so pleasant when people return happy from their holidays. Many of them even return and presend a bar of chocolate or a suvenir from abroad. It is so nice) Well, it is rather late here, I will go sleeping.
Hope to hear back soon.
And, thanks again for the present!!
Kisses, Olga.
Letter 12
Hi, J!
I just wanted to write you!!
How are you?
What do you plan for weekends? Today is so hot and sunny day. I think I will go to the sea after 2 or 3 pm because it is too hot now. Water is not warm yet in the sea, so it is hard to swim. And, under such hot sun it is impossible not to swim, you know))
So, I will cook supper now and soon go to the sea.
I wish you a good day!
I hope to hear back soon. Well, I hope you are fine. And, hope you are enjoying your days!!
Write me back as soon as you can.
With all my love, Olga
Letter 13
Hello, J!
Thank you for your letters!!
I am good! I was good this morning and fine now, but a little bit tired after work.
Dear, firstly I was amazed when I saw your second letter)) I thought that you have written such a huge letter by your own))) However, later I understood that it was a copied information.
By the way, thanks for this information. Of course, I know most of this, but you sent me everything in details.
Have you heard from someone about this process? Do you know someone who already passed it?
I have heard that it is not easy process(
I hope not for all it is hard! ahah Dear, my week is fine. Yes, I had a lot of work last week and yesterday.
However, today my day was easy. We had only two clients. So, the rest of the day flew very fast.
Sun is so hot now, we started put on air condition in the office. And, I do the same at home because it is too hot in the flat, especially in the day time. Tell me - how is your week?
Are not you too busy?
I lik eyour picture with flowers)) It is so cute)
I adore flowers! My father presents flowers to my mother each week. Dear, my bear is doing well!))
I like it so much.
Thanks again!
You know, I like bears))
Oh, why does my hair look other way? Maybe because the photo is not professional, like it is in the profile? I have the same hair cut and the same color - my native color of hair. I have never painted it. And, I do not want. Only when they will become grey. Life in Odessa is nice.
This Sunday I was at the sea. I did not spend there much time, but even one hour is enough for me to get tanned. Tell me -how are you?
How is your mood?
I hope you are doing fine.
How is the weather? We had a bad day today. It was raining at night. And, in the morning it was a little bit cold when I was going to my work.
And, rain started again when I left office.
It is good that it is not too cold. Otherwise I could be ill. I hate rain, especially in the cold weather. What about you? Do you like hot weather and sunny weather too?
As for me, I do! Maybe not too hot, but sunny for sure. I have one best friend. She knows about you. And, with other friends I try not to share personal information. Dear, it is better for me to chat after work, in the evening time.
I was in chat yesterday. I checked my profile and checked if you are online. I did not see you, so I left the chat. And, I am happy that today I saw you in chat! And, we had a chat. It was brief, but very good! It made my day better. About tourists, we do not have as many as usually. I think it is because our political situation.
Maybe some people are afraid to come to Ukraine. I am not afraid to leave my country.
I think it is important with whom to live, not where to live.
If you have the beloved person by your side, you will feel comfortable anywhere.
I will make our house cozy and comfortable. The house of my future husband will be my new house. This will be a new family.
And, I want this family to be strong and loving.
I want my man to share all his idea, thoughts, problems, good and bad moments with me. I think that this is very important.
Of course, I will be far away from my relatives and friends, but nowadays we have so many opportunities and ways for communication. Also, I hope I can travel sometimes to them. And, maybe my parents will visit us sometimes.
So, I totally do not afraid to relocate. America is okey for me.
About my parents, they always support me. They can only advice me something, but choices I make by my own.
Twelve kids?? ahha We will discuss it later)))
Dear, you know, only the real meeting can show the real face of the person and feelings. As for now, as from chatting and letters, I like you a lot and I would like to continue our communication. I hope it will lead to a great future.
Older men are wiser.
You are not old for me. If so, why do I continue communication with you?? I like you and I value inner beauty most of all. Age is not important for me. Do you know a great proverb - if people love each other, nothing matters. Age is just a number. Do you agree with me?
I remmeber that I have already wrote similar things, but this is what and how I think. So, sorry if you will find something similar if you have already read))) Dear, I will end for now. And, go to sleep. It is about eleven pm, but I am already sleepy.
So, I wish you a good day!
Waiting for your reply.
And, hope to see you in chat again soon.
Warmly, Olga.
P.S. I am attaching a photo for you!
Kisses, Olga.
Letter 14
****, my dear J!
Thank you for the reply!!
Dear, I can be online today close to the night time. I can be online at about 12 a.m.
Is it okey? Today is Tuesday. I hope very mach that you will read my letter before today's evening) Thanks for the photo of the ring! It is nice. I like Diamonds) However, I think that such things should be looked at. Maybe we will choose the style I like, but maybe other one that is not even similar. We will need to try rings and to see how they look on fingers. Right? And, taste can change! ahah
I would like a small wedding, it does not matter where. Maybe it will be great to make it here, because my parents and grandparents can come. And, I would like to fly somewhere far away for the honey moon. Do you have any ideas?) I am listening to your songs! They are nice. They are very romantic. I like Ed Sheeran by the way. He has a nice voice.
I have not heard before song "Shut up and dance with me". Good words!))) Of course, I will write you my three songs. "We Found Love" - Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris "Your Love" - Nicole Scherzinger Sonya feat. Artik - "Iie ?ae" (English - my paradise) Sorry, the last one is Russian))
I think you will find a translation, like I did.
Tell me - what do you think about these songs? Well, I will wait for your reply.
I hope we will meet in chat today!!
With love, Olga.
Letter 15
Hello, J!
Thank you for the sweet reply!
Thank you for your compliments too!!
You make me so many compliments))
Dear, it really will be great to see you in real life.
Autumn sounds nice.
Thanks for sharing with me personal things. No, dear, I cannot drive a car. I do not have it and I have not passed courses. I have never attended them. However, I would like to learn how to drive and to drive in the future. Will you teach me?)) Yes, I am Orthodox.
I cannot say that I attend church often. We go there only for holidays, such as Eatern, etc. I mean religious holidays.
What about you? Do you go to the church? As far as you know, my family is not big. I am the only child in the family.
My mother is a housewife. And, before she used to be an accountant. She worked at the factory. My father still works. My grandparents passed away. One of my grandmothers lived in Russia, in Siberia. I saw her only when I was a kid. My mother was born there, but when my parents met, father took mother with her to Odessa.
So, you can see, my family is small)))
Pity that I could not see my grandparents so often as I would like. Dear, my work is fine, thanks. How is yours?
How are you?
How is your day?
Last week we had bad weather. And, weekends were also windy and cloudy. Today it was hard for me to wake up. I like to wake up when sun is shining. And, it was so cloudy today too.
I hope your weather is still good.
It is pity that it is already the end of June. And, I was at sea only once. I want to tan a little bit more.
I hope July will be hotter.
And, hope water in the sea will be warm too. This month it is rather cold. It is nineteen-twenty degrees, but for me it is still cold. I like when water is twenty four and more.
What about you? Dear, J, I am glad that your computer is being fixed!!
Great!! We really need to chat and to have a camshare!
I will be glad to see you!
I wish you a good day.
And, waiting for your reply with impatience.
With love, Olga.
Letter 16
Hello, J!
Thank you for your letters!
Dear, how are you??
I am glad that we could chat with you!!
I always like our chats)) Thanks for the article, by the way. It is rather interesting. Oh, Las Vegas for the honeymoon? Sounds nice!! Maybe yes. However, what do you think about Islands?? I would like to spend one week relaxing on the white sand, swimming in the blue ocean, sunbathing and drinking nice coctails with my beloved! What do you think about this? I have never heard about the **** wedding! Dear, I think I could handle your amorous ways!! Do not worry))) Do you like my photos? Which one do you like more?
Dear, I eat well, do not worry)
This is just because I do sport regularly. What size do you ask about? Clothe size is S. Sometimes I wear M.
I searched in the internet about GIA dimonds. They are nice! I am not good at sized. I want not big, but not small - the middle one. What do you think?? Are you good at sizes of diamonds?))) I appreciate the fact that you help and take care of your family. I respect this!!
This is what I need. This is what I am searching for.
So, it is okey, I will wait while you are busy. Family is the most important thing in our life.
Is not it? Dear, I do not understand about my parents. Why do I upset them??
Like you see, I am usually in chat in the evenings. So, it is the best time for us to chat!
Dear, when you come fist time, better rent a hotel or a flat for you. Do you agree?))) Dear, yes, I believe in love from the first side. And, I believe in feelings. I just felt that I have to write you! And, I sit down, wrote a letter and sent it. I am very happy that you replied me!!
And, during our communication I like your qualities. Of course, it is not a real meeting, but when we chat, I understand you. And, I think we have the same mind.
So, really, let us chat more often!
It will be great! I wish you a good day!
Waiting for your reply.
Kisses, Olga.
Letter 17
Hello again, J!!
Dear, J! I forgot something in my previous letter!
I want to congratulate you today!!
Here is a small poem that I have found. I want to congratulate you on the 4th of July!
What It Means to Be an American To believe in the promise
of a better tomorrow,
and stand united in our efforts
to give a peaceful nation
to our children… To honor each other’s differences
and cherish the richness of our history,
even as it continues to unfold
from sea to shining sea… To love deeply
our friends and family, day by day,
and never take for granted
the privilege of calling ourselves American. Tell me - do you celebrate this holiday??
What do you do today?
Waiting for your letter.
With love, Olga.
Letter 18
Hello, J!
Thank you for your letters!!
Dear, you write so much))))
I think that some issues we discussed during the chat on Monday)))
Yes? About my earning. Yes, my wage is not so big. You already know))
About politics, you see what happens in Ukraine now. Situation is awful.
This war and unrests should be over. Politicians just earn money on this war. We, usual people, get nothing good. Things here are going worse and worse. Many people even could not pay for their flats now. Prices on gas, electricity and other payments are growing so fast! And, salaries and pensions are on the same place. I am so sad about this, especially about old people. What about you? What do you think about this?? My family do not belong to any party, but we never thought that this is invasion from Russia. Dear, you see only information throught the TV and internet, and we see here what is happening in the real way. To tell the truth, when I was at school, I did not like politics and histories too much. However, with ages I started to understand what is what. And, of course, you should be involved in politics at least a little bit in order to understand what is going on around you. Not to live like a fool)) Sure, I read news. Greece has big problems. Very big problems. I know that people cannot get out their money from banks. No, I do not have anything in the bank.
So, do not worry)) Oh, yes, I like roller coasters. It is interesting.
I watched movie ***** Dancing!! It is great! I like dances. However, the other one I did not watch. I need to do it)
It is hard to mention favourite movies! I like many movies)
I like melodramas a lot.
One I can mention for sure! This is The Notebook. Dear, about your arriving, my mother knows about you and our communication, but you need to rent a hotel for sure. I hope you understand. I have great realtions with parents. They can only advice me, but decisions I make by my own. I look like my mother more maybe. Everything if fine!! Do not worry. Oh, yes, Cruise sounds good! Which cruises you have been to?
Dear, marriage is a great thing, but hard, yes? If everything will go on fine with us, we will need to discuss many things!) I wish you a good day!
Waiting for your reply. And, for our chat.
Dear, I like more chatting than letters. What about you?? During chatting I do not think, I just answer you what is in my mind.
Take care!
Kisses, Olga.
Letter 19

Hello, J!
I am glad to receive your letters!!
Thanks for the letters. How do you write in Russian? Did you use a translation site for this?
It is almoust correct!
What picture is it? Is it in your house?
Thanks for the photo of truck as well)) It is funny)
My parents are fine. We really have great relations, especially with mother.
What did you read about Ukrainian culture? We really have old traditions - like very conservative behaviour. When couple start dating, process is going on rather slowly. Do you have the same in the USA? Or does this opposite?
When my parents met, my father presented her flowers each week. It was a tradition - each week. Of course, it was not important - big or small flowers amount, it could be even one lily. However, it is a tradition. and, till now he presents her flowers as well. It is great. They are a good example for me.
My parents will accept us if we will love each other. My parents can only advice me, they just support me. And, decisions I make by my own.
Dear, I want to chat every day. Sometimes I sit at work lately when I have much work.
And, that is why I come home late and all I want is just go to bed.
And, also, my computer is old. It does not work good all the time. Sometimes I do not have access to the internet because of this old computer. Anyway, you see, I try to come online all time when I can. Because I like to chat with you! During chats I feel what you think))
I communicate with you because I want this! Not because you communicate with me.
I am always glad to chat with you and to write you letters!
We are exclusive. I write only you now. Oh, you mentioned my bag))
It is a knock off, not a real brand. Real brands cost a lot)
However, it is a good copy. I like this bag. I hope you are fine!
Tell me about your day.
Is it good?
Waiting for your reply.
With love, Olga.
Letter 20
Hello, J!
Thanks for the letter.
J, I came to the office to write you a letter! Weather is nice today, so I walked a little bit.
As for me, I am fine.
Sun is shining brightly and it is rather warm. It is not too hot. I like such weather.
I read your letter and understand that we have already discussed everything in our chats! About shoes as well))
All I can add - is that I like your last photo!
It is nice. I think you have a very kind smile.
You should be happy on that photo, right?
A special day? Or was it after our chat?)))
Yes, I agree with you about people. Some people are very fast and some date for years. I think that something in the middle is the best. Do you agree?
Dear, about English you already know - I do not have much time for it now.
Maybe after summer I will start courses. We will have less customers after summer. Summer is the most popular season for holidays and trips, you know.
I am sure you are doing great! You are a great and interesting person. I am glad that we have met here!
And, I am glad that we continue our communication!!
As I told you, I am waiting for tomorrow. Master will check my computer. I hope he will repair it. If not, I will try to go to my friend's house again. And, use her computer again))
Tell me - how is your day?
What is new?
I will wait for your reply.
Letter 21
Hello, J!
Thank you for your letters!!
Dear, I can see that we have already discussed everything in chats!
It is funny.
What I can add is about destiny.
I really believe in it also. I think we have options to choose and make things, but in the end we face our destiny. So, maybe you are right. Maybe it is also destiny? Who knows?))
Thanks for your pictures!
It is pity that we did not have our chat longer.
Like I wrote you, clients came to me.
It was a couple.
They wanted to fly somewhere for a holiday.
They do not want places where it is too hot, but not too cold as well.
They do not want skiing or skating. And, in the same way, they do not want beach, sun and ocean. They want just nature and warm weather.
I adviced them Iceland. The climate of Iceland's coast is subpolar oceanic. The warm North Atlantic Current ensures generally higher annual temperatures than in most places of similar latitude in the world. Regions in the world with similar climates include the Aleutian Islands, the Alaska Peninsula, and Tierra del Fuego, although these regions are closer to the equator. Despite its proximity to the Arctic, the island's coasts remain ice-free through the winter. Ice incursions are rare, the last having occurred on the north coast in 1969.[63] The climate varies between different parts of the island. Generally speaking, the south coast is warmer, wetter and windier than the north. The Central Highlands are the coldest part of the country. Low-lying inland areas in the north are the most arid. Snowfall in winter is more common in the north than the south. Also, there are many animals.
The animals of Iceland include the Icelandic sheep, cattle, chickens, goats, the sturdy icelandic horse, and the Icelandic Sheepdog, all descendants of animals imported by Europeans. Wild mammals include the Arctic fox, mink, mice, rats, rabbits and reindeer. Polar bears occasionally visit the island, travelling on icebergs from Greenland.
Iceland is filled with interesting rock sculptures, lava formations, volcanoes and mountains of all shapes and sizes. In the Westfjords you can find high table-top mountains with narrow fjords in between but the mountains by the fjords in the east of the country are more rugged and harsh. The mountains in the Westfjords are older (about 10-16 million years old) and have been shaped through thousands of years of carrying heavy glaciers and battling with the natural elements, polishing off the rough edges. Younger mountains that have been formed when two tectonic plates crash into each other are rougher on the edges. Iceland is situated right on top of two tectonic plates and is also on one of so-called hot spots on earth, with intense volcanic activity and frequent earthquakes happening. Volcanoes have many different types of lava, for example smooth and fast running lava, thick and slowly crawling lava or spitting lava. These different types of lava will cool into different types of mountains, stones and rock formations with different textures, thickness, colours and weight. All in all, Iceland is the geologist’s paradise. So, you can see - it is a nice place for them. We will organize the trip this week.
I wish you a good day!!
Waiting for our chat! Hope to hear back soon.
Kisses, Olga.
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