Scam letter(s) from Sandra Taylor to John (Australia)

Letter 1
Honey ,hope you doing good and had a good night ? I really feel close to you, I really want to be next to you and start a new life all together with you.....missing you and thinking about you.I first went to the migration of Ghana and they said i need to get my passport renew and also went to the Australia embassy. I went to Australia Embassy here in Ghana with my qualifications to make enquirers, about the travel to Australia and everything went good.All they told me is that, i am not going to have any problem. Because of my professional as a fashion disgner and my qualification, is not a problem.It will be easy for me to travel to Australia.They told me i have to get these Documents before i can fly out of the country.. This is a breakdown of the documents I will need to get it before i need to travel.
(1) Passport................ 200 dollars
(2 Medical Report........... 156 dollars
(3) Police Report............. 308 dollars
(4) Visa....................... 501 dollars
(5 Ticket.................... 1,132 dollars
Total cost...........2,297 dollars
Sweetie they said when i pay the money in time they will take 2 weeks to finish process my document then book the ticket for my flight to Australia , I hope to read from you darling, thinking about you my love, hope to hear from you.... I LOVE YOU JOHN LOL.
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