Scam Letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Arthur (Germany)

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Letter 1

Hi! What is your name? I am happy to have an opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Katya and here I am, writing to you for the very first time from the other side of the world.I have no home computer so I use internet-centre. I really think you are a person worth getting to know better and it seems to me we have some common interests and so I continue my introduction for you. I'm new to corresponding with some one on the internet, I don't quite know what to say so I guess I will just tell you about myself. First of all, I'm young russian girl, who wants to change the life, wants to love and to be beloved. I'd like to meet man, who can make me happy and to which I will present my heart and soul.I'm 25 y.o. My birthday is on 5 december. My height is 170sm, weight is 49kg. I was born in Zvenigovo,but now I'm living in Cheboksary. It is a beautiful city on the central European part of Russia. I like to travel, especially somewhere where the climate more warm and there is warm sea (the cost of Black sea for example) I'm the lover of swimming and seeing of underwater world. I like sunny days and watching the sun come up and go down. I believe in honesty, sincerity,loyalty, and the true pursuit of happiness in every aspect of life. I am an optimist and I have a lot of energy. I enjoy good conversation, warm sunsets and happy smiling faces. As all women I like to hear compliments and I like to be beautiful, therefore I prefer to stay in a good shape and I visit the gym and swimming-pool routinely (3-4 times a week).I work in small tabacco company month,Im manager of selling. I have work 6 days and one day of holiday. During my study in University I met a girl, who told me about her correspondence with a man from USA and their recent meeting in California, with has liked both of them. And they are going to marry. My new friend has advised to me to began the correspondence with someone from other side of the world. So just casual talking suggested an idea to me about such way of searching of a Right Man for me. I'm a very romantic person and I'd like to meet the man, who can be romantic and in the same time can hold responsible and serious when it's necessary. I think this qualities are very important for real gentleman. What I value most is: honesty, loyalty, understanding, patience, a giving approach to your mate, commitment, positive attitude, a desire be happy, devotion to family, a good sense of humor, and mutual passion. All of them are equally important to me. All I need is real love and I will give triple in return. I have been hurt in my life, but know my other half is still out there somewhere. There are no other ways for me to find out about whether my waitings will come true. Only the most interesting invention in the field of connection of people - Internet. And if the angels of love let us to meet such way so we need to try, why not? Please write back and feel free to ask any question that you want to. Please tell me a little more about yourself. Also I would like to have your mail address and phone number for some case. And this is mine. Russia, republic Chuvashia, Cheboksary. MARXA 27-22. Zip code 428003. Razgonova Ekaterina. I hope to hear from you soon. Best wishes from Russia, Katya.

PS: Unfortunately I have no messenger.



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