Letter(s) from Lisa Jefferson to Viv (Australia)

Letter 1

Tell me more about urself so we can know more about each other .

Letter 2

Hi Viv..

My Name is Lisa Jefferson 30yr .. I'm single with no kids never been married still looking . I just moved from US To Uk in Hartford Little more about me.I'm 5'7ft tall 119lbs.I'm white i have blue eyes and brown hair.I was born in Germany (Hamburg) but i grew up and raised up in the US.My dad was German while my mom was Native of American.I have been staying in America for about 14years now.. I went to Chris well girls High School..

After i graduated from high school ,I went to st Thomas university ,i studied economics got my first degree 2005 in accountant with the best grade and i went on to become a model did that also for 4yr was once a cover girl for magazine . At 2008 i became an award winner for best looking girl for the best front page modeling awarded magazine front cover not a big magazine but was close to the next best thing .

Then later i got into Arts due to the death of my parent sort of inspired me into painting so now i am a full professional Artist i have been to many show to show off my work been to Africa and Europe and many more countries .I am new to this internet dating things.I'm just trying this to know what Develops and Where God will lead this to..

Well relationship and love is all about trust and understanding... I got nothing to hide..I don't know how serious you are about getting to meet me in person...It has been long since i had sex... For the past two year,since the day my ex boy friend cheated on me and i was heart broken...

We all knows God work in mysterious way.Even with my busy life, I also think time for myself is important. I think having a life partner who also shared my thoughts would be another avenue to express our passion to each other. I also enjoy dinners, evenings out and long drive next to the waterfront.

I am a professional artist , educated, looking someone who enjoys a good conversation over dinner, who likes getting out and experiencing new things as well as comfortable with some evenings at home. I am looking for someone who wants to settle down and who loves family life, and can embrace each other as well as love forever. I believe that 'us' time is also essential in this crazy world to keep a relationship strong and vital.

I would love someone that can turn to my best friend and my lover , someone whom I can share wonderful discussions, see exciting and beautiful places, and someone whom which I can simply share 'the excitement of life'! with ..I will love you, cherish you with all that I have . I will love you, cherish you for who you are.

I hope in the quietest of the night when I whisper out to you you know just what to do? We will listen each other voice and how much our voice echoing to each other and how much we will love and say I love you to each other all 365 days and live out life like angles to each other and each other loving arms until end of this entity and lifetime.

As I am only seeking real love soul mate angel for me.!! I do enjoying cooking, singing, cleaning, home-improvement, gardening, hard working towards my future and walking beside the beach in this romantic weather outside. As you should also know singing is my hobby and I am well known singer.

Looking for a good heart, gentle, educated, polite and caring man to be with as loving soul mate until end of this lifetime. I am looking for a beautiful heart and soul and character. I offer all my heart, soul, attention, and education, caring and love, which wants to stay for whole my life! I don't expect you to be a movie star or an athlete because I am not.

I'm looking for a LOVING SOUL MATE! Also, please, no games! I don't have time for that! Very honestly telling you that I am looking for beautiful heart and soul. And ever lasting relationship is my per-requisition. This should be beauty of life and loving soul mates. This much only I have to say.

If you will be loving, truthful, caring then I will work on our problems or we together work on our problems. Let me tell you... Friendship is one of the most important building blocks of a good relationship. To me, friends are like flowers in the garden of life. My desire is to meet a, sensitive, sensuous, warm, assertive man who wants a friend.

My interpretation of a friend is one to whom you can pour out all the contents of your heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentleness of hands will take it all, sift it, keep that which is worth keeping and, with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.

wakeful, present existence is blossoming from within. I've been asleep, in a dreamy state of life, waiting for my own growth to begin again. my emotions, my inspiration and spirit have been stunted, hazy. but they sleep no longer. the life i am living has brought me into the realization that every moment is the only moment, and to never let it pass by without true awareness. i am growing a new garden, and inviting new love into my life. you are welcome to frolic with this faries :)

You couldn't believe that am not in good condition right now.I really need someone who will help me and will also promise to make me happy till the end of my life.I really need someone that i can start a new life with.I'm seeking a serious long term relationship and more. Someone special to capture my heart and knows how to handle it with care.

One who will cherish me and be willing to share life's greatest joys and sorrows. Someone who's willing to spoil, pamper and love me unconditionally, whom is kind, sincere, honest, passionate, loyal, sense of humor, loving and wants a lifetime of passion., so only serious inquiries will be accepted.

I'm looking for a soul-mate...a best friend for life! Someone I could talk to about anything.... Love is the passion that we feel inside of our hearts that we can't hide. We pretend to hide it, but it burns us more and more until the pain grows and grows and it never ends.'

Love Lisa

Letter 3

Hello Viv .

I am glad to have hear from you and i appreciate you being open and sharing most of your time typing and letting me know more about yourself well i am new to this dating online stuff so you got 've' to take it easy for me and I'm only trying to Learn few more about you and some personal things you do and fun stuff you like most,well i don't have kids and i wish i can have a kids of my own .

I recently just moved into Hartford area From the United state of america and haven't yet found any one that i can considering dating that why i came here on online dating to see . i recently moved here cos of my ex and i broke up and we both decided to go our separate way so i moved away from him the far as possible .

Well as far as what i do for living my work is based on arts, i am an artist and my work is base on craft arts, water color and many more mostly on kids art show (describing).i am in Spain Granada right now for a art show was invited here to show off all my art work.i do love arts cos that what my work is base on and i am really good at what i do for a living ..i have some few question i would like to ask below here they are :

1.....looking back on your life, of what are you most proud?

2.......describe some personal habits that are important to you.

3........describe an interest you have that you would truly hope your partner could share with you.

4.......what is the one dream for your life you most look forward to having come true?

5.......If you had three wishes, what would they be?

Right now am sad and depressed over here be cos I'm not in the Uk right now and i feel sad about that cos we could have met up, hope your not mad at me cos i really would love do love your profile and what you have as your quality and what you're looking for just the same as what i am looking for in man that is not woman hahahahaha (joke) !!! ,

I am looking for some one i can trust and be honest with me in all the way..someone who's loyal caring and sincere who is ready for a long term relationship and life time commitment..

I would love to be that girl you ask me to be i will cherish you all my life time till death do us apart i think you get the drift of what i am looking for !!! in you i wanna be able to understand what you have in your mind your feelings , that chemistry between us and we can always be happy wit each other what ever come's our way life is full of surprise you could never know what tomorrow hold ...

I am a fun person as you can see. i have never been married i wish i could get married one day in my life time so i can be happy till my end time ..most important will also need a caring family that is full of love built around trust and caring support for each other .i am looking for a whole new life many things has been happen to me when growing up in life that made me decide to start new life wit someone who can love me and everything about me ,that the way i want my life to be set as for a target ..

In life we all have desires Inspiration and goals as well as objectives. And as we pursue these emotion feelings , there are many thing that comes after such as obstacles and difficulties but the difference between people who made it through remain happy everlasting..So many times in life we make attempts and passion at achieving something reliable and something that would make impact in people's lives as well as ours when knowing each other.

Favourite Books i read:The Red Tent, Lord of the Rings, Belgariad, Interview with the Vampire, The Self-Aware Universe, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.harry potter, cookbooks, fitness books.

General interests : children, babies, natural birth, travel, yoga, meditation, ayurveda, sanskrit, music, rhythm, harmony, organic food, vegan food, raw food, flowers, organic gardening, herbology, astronomy, astrology, quantum physics, meta physics, love, self expression, tantra, presence.shopping, walking, and having fun with friends. looking forward to getting to know new people.i do enjoy all kind sport on my spare time.. play tennis,swimming, aerobic and watch hockey and NBA on TV. Big fan of the Eagles Philly .. i love Bronco Beaver there are my favorite NHL team this are all my hobbies...

I listen to all kind of music oldies , blues, country and pop ..dead can dance, govinda, hallucinogen, shpongle, deep groove society, cranberries, depeche mode, bach, beethoven, rachmaninov, prokofiev, ravel.. back in the days must be bring you back to old memory line nsync,backstreet boys,spice girls,jodeci,troop,hannah Montana,beyonce ..i am a great fans of Freggie from black eyes pea, Keisha Cole and Mary j bilge not forgotten Mariah Carey this are my role model knowing you probably don't listen to such music .

Movie :Terry Gilliam, Tim Burton, Pixar, Hayao Miyazaki ,Shortbus, Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, Team America, Knocked Up, Stranger Than Fiction, Phenomenon, American Beauty, Spirited Away, Matrix, Pieces of April, High Art. class act,spice world movie, all the house party movies,scary movie,home alone, and madea movies,

Television:Queer As Folk, The Office, Family Guy, Futurama, Adult Swim, Simpson's, South Park, Odd Todd (webisodes)I ?, television One Tree Hill, The Hills, Teen Mom,andy griffith show,house of payne,hannah montana show, spongebob, and tvland.

i am looking to have my own family some day but i just have to settle for anything that comes my way. i can be all you want in a wife material cos i was brought up from a nice home and nice family saw how my mother was treating my father and i want that feeling too so we can grow strong and stronger ..

I have no boyfriend and i have not been married before basic and i wish i could meet the right man of my dream so you have nothing to worry about and i know your situation i know it hard to believe but i am ready to stay with you in any problem you are going thru like now you need me most ....

I will like you to mail me as soon as you get this mail and tell me if you are still interested in me and if you really wanna know what happened to me or come online and let chat maybe tonight then we can chat on how we would meet .

Love Lisa ..

Letter 4

Thanks for getting back to me and yes i am happy to hear from you as you said you where looking to make me happy and do the best in my life .I will like to let you know that am sad and depressed over here becos right now i am having a bad week thing that has never happen to me just started to ..

I know i just met you and i want us to have something for real in life date for real have long lasting relationship that can lead to marriage even have kids for you if that what you are requiring from me as that what i am requiring from you to be the father of my kids,You telling me so much things you been thru like i have as got me to think that we have found ourself as our soul mate .

Cause you really sound like the Man my heart and soul has been searching and looking for all my life and when we do get married i wouldn't ask for an expensive ring cos i would understand what your pocket can buy. My mother was good to my father for them to have a everlasting relationship. cos she knew he's pocket and how he can spend's on her that the way i wanna be with you..

For better and for worse, for rich or for poor .that what marriage is all about. I want you to be there by my side in this situation that am having because I just got out the hospital right now in Spain due to the situation i was telling you i was depressed about ...

As you know i work on as an artist and i work on an art show at the gallery in Granada Spain i was actually invited to Granada for an art show ,to show off most of my recent invention for my art works and kids toys i discovered hand sock's puppet ,i know i never discovered it but made my own one's .

the show feature my artist from across Europe all over from Europe country the show took place at Spain home of arts gallery in Granada Spain , When the show was finished, on a way back to my motel room I was Robbed and they got all the money i got paid for coming to the show...

I didn't wanted to give them the money but they hit me with a baseball bat on the back of my head and i found myself fainted i didn't know what was going on until i open my eyes and i found myself in the hospital,this happened in Granada Spain

where i came for an art show as you have known,the doctor told me that i was rushed down to a hospital by some good Samaritan nearby when they saw my at the car park laying on the floor looking all dead i never knew i will come back alive for us to meet so quick ...

But right now am alright and i'm getting back on feet that how you met me cos i was online back from recovery and haven't been using this site before then your match came to my list and i mailed back i never knew it would work out like this but still given it a try. i do have a passport in case you're wondering all i need is ticket to get back home ..

I didn't want to tell you straight off i don't want you to have the wrong impression that i am too fast letting out my problem ,i don't have anyone to help me out and i have lost my parent about 6years ago and knowing can't go back to my last bf he cheated on me more than twice so no friend also they stab me in the back my uncle has been no where to be found since my parent where dead ? then my last bf broke my heart no one to turn too life is just full of wonder and shall never stop...

So I am seeking for honest man who will love me completely and start a new life together when i get back to UK maybe we do make compatible maybe this was just a way we were distance to meet in life let no one take this away from us i believe if it true then it must happen soon dear ..

baby that all about me and my life so what can you do for me now so we can get together me coming back to state to be with you would be such a good deed .. i love the way you're your honesty Oh God i could be just for you do get back and i feel you can't may God bless you!!!!! Love Lisa