Scam letter(s) from Maria Gorovtsova to Jeff (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Jeff!
I am very glad, that you have answered my letter. I really waited your letter with the big impatience. I even worried a little!!! I worried, and very much wanted to see the letter from you. Many thanks to you that you have answered my letter! THANKS!!! I want to tell you, that I was registered on many sites of acquaintances. I registered on And other sites which concern to (;;;;, etc.) To me have told, that these sites are incorporated with the big marriage agency in the USA. And all bases of these sites of acquaintances and contacts of people are incorporated. On one of these sites I found your email. I already do not remember on what. It so is important for you???
Now I want to tell more about myself: My name Viktoriya. Me 30 years.
My height is 170 centimeters, my weight is 60 kilograms. I have Gray-blue eyes. My birthday September, 22, 1984. My zodiac Virgo. I'm Christian Orthodox. I live in Kronstadt, Leningrad region, Russia. But you already know it!!! Now I am engaged in search of happiness in private life through Internet. In a real life I had some bad experiences of construction relations. Men surrounding me not approach for me. Those men with whom I tried to construct serious relations, were not ready to this. And consequently I was never married and I have no children. I very much want to create a warm married couple. There are and still reasons on which I do not want to marry for Russian the man. Much Russian men drink alcohol in plenties, do not respect women, do not concern to women seriously, afraid of responsibility.
It does not arrange me. I want to find the man which will love me, to respect and concerns with understanding. I shall be very glad, if you will find yourself such the man.
Now I work at nursing home. I help people which require my help. My work is not well paid. But I do not complain of it. I can financial provide myself, and help the parents. My father and my mum do not work. My parents are on maintenance of the state (on pension). The state pays to my parents certain sum of money of month on which parents should live. I live with parents in a two-room apartment. Relations with parents very good. We understand each other very well. I always listen to opinion of my parents, as they very wise people. I very much love the parents!!! I no have brothers and sisters. I the only child in family. And you have??? To the decision will get acquainted to the man from other country, I have approached very seriously. I understand, that there are distinctions in culture, language … It does not frighten me.
I well enough know the English language. I can read, understand, talk English.
The difference in the age of me as does not frighten. I think, that in person the main thing - soul, a private world. The rest is not so important!!! I am ready to change cardinally the life, and to begin a new life. Changes do not frighten me. I as understand, that there is a problem that we live far apart.
I realize all difficulties. I long time postponed the small sum of money. I think, that it will help me to make a meeting with the man with which will develop relations. But about it to speak still very much early. I think, that you have understood what I the person, and my purposes in a life. If I have interested you I shall wait with the great pleasure for your further letters!!!
Letter 2
Hello Jeff,
I am glad, to receive your answer.
Here is my home address,
to Nataliya.
Number apartment: - 10,
Name street - Timiryazeva 91,
City - Novosibirsk,
Region (state) - Novosibirskaya oblast,
Zip code - 630082,
Country - Russia.
in case you decide to send me a card or a hand-written letter.
Unfortunately, I can't talk to you on-line, as I write letters to you from the internet cafe and the time is limited there.
I wish I could chat with you but right now it is just impossible as I don't have a personal PC. But I shall continue to send you email letters and pics. As I already told you I rent my apartment and I don't have a phone there.
Therefore I can not call to you. I have already given my phone number to you. I hope you get it. But my phone does not allow calls to other countries. For the reason of limits here in Russia.
Yes, I am going to come to your country. Somewhere in a month. I am going to enter the University or college. I am doing all the paperwork for this now. That's why I asked you about the colleges or Universities close to your place. So I could study and meet with you there.
I shall live in campus.
Do you want it? You want that I lived near to you in your district?
Do not forget to send me your photos.
As soon as I finish this letter I will go and have a short walk.
You know walking is one of the things I adore. It is so nice to have a long walk and then find some small cafe and get a cup of coffee there. I don't have a car and I don't really want to have it right now. And it is too expensive for me. I have no money to buy a car. I have never tried to drive a car and I have no license.
Walking is much more pleasant. Unfortunately, most of the times I have to walk alone. All my friends are married and they try to spend more time with their families. I also like to go to the movie a lot. But do it rather seldom. Usually I go there with my friends, but they don't do this often. They try to spend more time with their husbands and children. As I don't have children and a husband, I try not to bother them often. Sometimes I feel rather lonely but I try not to think of this often.
Any way, my city is too beautiful not to walk. My city is very beautiful. There are so many places of culture there, lots of monuments. It is very green. It is especially beautiful in spring and in summer time when everything is awaken after the winter.
There are also many parks and we have one boulevard with fountains.
And it is gorgeous.
Also we have some really beautiful churches. I am Christian but I am not really religious. I have my own faith inside.
And I go to the church but do it seldom. I am not fanatic about this.
I like nature very much and it is always a please to go somewhere to the country-side and to spend a day there. I like picnics, camping a lot. It is great to spend a day on the fresh air, especially when you are with friends or family. I try to enjoy it every time we do it but sometimes I feel very sad as I miss not having my second half near.
Well, I am not going to be sad, as I am sure everything will be fine. Please, tell me about your city? What is it?
What's interesting there?
Letter 3
Hello my dear Jeff.
I thank you that you have written to me. It is very pleasant for me to receive, and especially to read your letters. With each new letter all of us it is more and more we find out each other. It very much is pleasant to me!!! And you, my dear, it is more and more and involve me as the man more!!! I am glad to this event. I very much want to write to you every day and on some letters, but I not always have time. I hope, that it does not push away you from me. I think, that we should begin more and more and trust each other more. I think, that it will be the big step in ours relations. I want to tell you, that I had relations in the past with young men and consequently I have decided to try start relations with skilled the man, as you.
Therefore me to not disturb your age. I think, that the age has no any value. I think, that age it only figure. The most important, what age at the person in soul. I think, that is necessary to be young soul and all will be in the order. What do you think of it???
In this letter I shall tell to you a little about the city, and I want to give representations about the our future relations which I want that developed in good side!!!! My city of Kronstadt not so big, but also not so small. The population of our city approximately 50000 person. We have many sights - beautiful streets, the areas, parks of rest, squares and it is a lot of another. The most known sights of ours it is proud it: Arsenalnaya QUAY
In old years this quay referred to Artillery as line there was a Gun court yard and artillery workshops. STONE - GRANITE
On Sea avenue of Peter park, under the canopy of century trees, the pink block of the Finnish granite has hidden. This stone - granite already almost hundred years lays here. All walls of numerous harbours, all its channels and docks are reveted with the Finnish granite. Including, and the Peter quay adjoining to Sea avenue and acting directly in water area of Average harbour. PETER QUAY
Strict noble lines of granite Peter quay are harmoniously combined with a granite of spacious harbours. From here it is possible to survey them all: at the left - Wood harbour; hardly far away - Military; directly - Average harbour; behind dams of the Onou-channel - Merchant which part is the Italian pond, further away - Coasting harbour. And there, behind ruins of a fort "Emperor Paul Pervyj", - the Big Kronstadt spot-check, once our most important sea spot-check.
The Peter quay existed from the very beginning when the initial harbour has just been arranged. It referred to then Kotlinskoi as harbour, it was close and shallow. Won under Poltava, tsar Peter Alekseevich at once has disposed to start immediately construction of harbours at island Kotlin. In the beginning walls of harbour were wooden and put them on piles, on ryazhevih the bases. In 1859 have started to build granite walls and to deepen a bottom. This work proceeded within 10 years. On beauty, durability and the capacity, similar to the Kronstadt harbours is not present anywhere! It is the best and the safest in the world parking of the ships.
Still we have theatres, cinemas, park near to which I live, well and as all normal cities - bars, shops and cafe. I can tell about sights of my city of Kronstadt very for a long time.
But it is time and proceed to our relations. As this most important, that interests me. Our city very good, but here as you have already understood, is not present worthy men. Almost all Russian men do not respect women and consider, that the woman has no what right. And for me it is necessary the man with a rich private world which will like, and to respect me. I have gone to the Internet - agency and have got acquainted with you, my dear! I think, that you such the man which is necessary for me. I as very strongly hope that I like you!!!??? And I really hope that we relations will develop!!! I as think, that men from abroad respect women. I am right??? You such???
You respect women???? At me already big age for woman. I think, that it is time to me to start to create own family and home. I long time saved money, and now I have enough to arrive to you. I do not want to hurry event. But I think, that find out each other on 100 - for this purpose it is necessary to meet face to face. But it will take place only when we shall mutually want it!!! If we shall decide, I shall arrive to you, or you can arrive to Russia. It will be very serious step in ours relations about which we shall speak later!!!!! I think, that in relations is important not only love, and trust and understanding.
In the head of the family should stand the man, but the man should consult on the woman - to accept her councils, criticism to discuss problems mutually.
I can take completely all works on the house on myself. I very much like to prepare. I shall prepare you such dishes, that you will overlook about barchelor meal. As I shall work to support the our budget. I hope, that I do not frighten off you, asking these questions so is fast. I am sure YOU that the man which is necessary for me, I hope for reciprocity.
On it I shall finish the letter, and I shall look forward to hearing with the big impatience!
Warm and sensual kiss for you!!!
Letter 4

Dear Jeff!
Such a pity there is no reply from you. I was waiting so much for your letter. Hope that you've got my previous e-mail where I sent you my mail address.
I have friend Vika. She is close friend. She makes all my pics.
She likes to photographe me. It's her hobby. I like to pose her.
I decided to come to the Internet cafe again to write you.
I already spoke you - I shall arrive to you in a month.
I still choose college in which I shall go to study.
I shall inform you the name when I shall know.
I shall know all the information in a week.
I am going from the post office. I decided to send my parents a letter. As I already told you I am not really in good relations with them. But any way, they are my parents and I love them.
I also have a brother and he is younger than me and they give him all the love they have. They always loved him more than me and didn't pay much attention to me. My mum wanted to have a son very much and she couldn't get pregnant for a long time and she was very happy when she got to know she was going to have a son. Of course, it hurts to know that they love him a lot and are not very interested in my life. But if they are happy, I am glad for them.
My last relations were 2 years ago. Unfortunately, it didn't work out as he was too busy spending good time with his friends all the time and he almost paid no attention to me. I was just like a beautiful thing for him and nothing more. Since that time I had no relations with other men.
You know that I write from the internet cafe.
I have to go now. People are coming and coming to the internet cafe and you know my time is limited (15min). Internet cafe is a place where everyone can come and use a computer there. We have to pay for such a service. It is not a library where you can use computers free of charge. When I lived in Australia I often went to the library and could use computer there as long as I needed. But here the time is limited as there are too many people who need to use them. Please, tell me about your family.
What relations do you have with them?
P.S. I asked you in my previous letter to send me your address.
I want to send you a card and my picture. Or perhaps, I will send you a hand written letter.
Letter 5
Hello Jeff,
I like your pic. You do look real nice there.
You seem to be a very good and caring person.
I am so glad I have you in my life and I have an opportunity to come to the Internet cafe and talk to you...
I am not really in a good spirit today.
I had a very bad conflict at work. Some people here in Russia think that if they have lots of money they can do and say everything they want. I had a conflict with one very rich woman at work. She didn't like the quality of the clothes. And was so rude with me. But I am just a shop-assistant. I am not the owner and I just sell things.
Sometimes I feel that I am very tired from my life in Russia.
I have nothing. I rent a very small apartment and can't afford anything better. I get a very small salary and prices increase here every year. But salaries are still the same. I was shocked when I get to the store to buy some food yesterday. They increased prices again for milk products. Milk costs about one US dollar which is too much. For-example, my salary is 120 US dollars a month. And a half of it I pay for the apartment.
And what is left I spend for food.
Therefore I wish to leave to live in other country.
Therefore I save money for a trip.
I am just tired from a hard life here. And I want to move to a foreign country. I want to get another education, to find a good job there. That is why I am trying to get a student visa.
I shall study and work. I shall work to pay training and my life there.
I haven't decided yet what University I am going to come to.
I am still searching information. I would like it to be close to you. I am doing the paperwork now. And as they told me my visa would be ready in a month. But I don't know the exact dates. It is just the way things are done here. As soon as I know everything, I will let you know.
I want to have a more stable life for me and my future family.
And what is more important I want have a strong man near me and to have a comfortable life for us. So I am trying to save money any way I can for my trip and studies.
Please, forgive me for writing this to you. But I need to talk to you. It is sometimes so hard to be just by myself. And sometimes I need a strong shoulder and a friend to cry and to get an advice.
I know that you are a very understanding person. So, please, try to understand me. You are my friend and I trust you.
Now I shall go to a bathroom. I like to lay in bathing with foam.
It would be great to take a bath together. It is very relaxing. And I think it is rather romantic.
You want it with me?
PLease,let me know what you think of this.
Write me your thoughts and your dreams.
Write a replay to me. Your letter will make me glad.
I will wait with hope.
Letter 6
Hello dear Jeff.
Today I am writting to you why I am alone. I am so tired that males sees on me as on beautiful pic only but not on woman.
I think you like my spirit mainly not my appearance.
That's why I feel so easy myself with you. I have never felt it with another males. I feel that you like my spirit firstly and then appearance.
I want you to understand that I do really like you very much.
And I think that we have much in common and may be if meet we will understand that we are a good match.
I am trying to get more information about the student visa and I am doing a paperwork that is neccesary for it. There are so many things that I should do for this but I think it is worth it.
I am going to come to your country. I am sure I will get my visa.
And I want to know will you meet me there? You are my friend and you are a very close person to me already. And I like you very much. I feel that there is something between us.
I hope you too have the same feelings. Of course, I can't say that I know you very well. But I feel that you are close to me.
I wish to know you better. I wonder how it can be to spend time with you, to be with you, to cook together, to have dinner together, to watch movies, to walk holding hands.
Letters are good, they help to understand people better. But only meeting can show the real feelings. When you can touch, look into each other's eyes, it says a lot.
Please, tell me what you think of this. Would you like to meet me?
Any way you can be my friend. I will be in a foreign country and I will need a person I can trust. And I trust you already and I hope you do the same.
Please, think on this and let me know if you too want to meet with me. I want it very much. I want to see you in real life, to talk to you, to know you real but not only through the letters.
I think, I can trust you?
I already wrote to you, that all my pics is done by my friend Vika.
She says I have a beautiful body.
She is a very talanted photographer and I like to be her model.
She is my friend and is a very good girl. She usually takes pics of me. We went to work together.
She works close to my place. She is a shop-assistant too.
Also today she has made 2 pics me and my passport.
I shall attach to you it in the following letter.
I will go now to get more information about visa.
I am going to get very important information.
I hope to hear good news.
I shall have information approximately in half an hour.
Letter 7
Dear Jeff,
I do not know what to start my letter with. I feel shame and offended. I just want to tell you that I am completely serious.
I have serious intentions to come to you and I am not going to lie to you. I am not a silly little girl that plays games to get money. Can't you see it from my letters? I understand that I should settle down already and that is why I am going to move to another country. I know that in Russia I will not be able to have a strong family and good job. I will be unhappy.
Here men don't look at women as you do it. I have decided to move long time ago. But couldn't start doing it before I met you. I didn't want to go to your country without you.
I wish to tell, that you did not worry for tickets.
I need about 600 USD to buy tickets. But I don't need it now.
I will need to buy the ticket when I shall receive the visa.
I will try to find money by this time. I understand what you think now. If I can't find 240 USD then how could I find 600 USD.
It is easy. I am going to sell my fur coat. It is a very expensive fur and I can sell it for 600-800 USD. I have already made an advertisement of sale. But I may not be able to sell it for some days. If I do not do it now, then they could just refuse me in it.
Don't worry! I will have money for the ticket. I promise you!
I asked you to send me 240 USD. And I feel shame for this. But I had no other choice then to ask you. The problem is that I have only 7-10 days to pay for my visa. I didn't realize I would need the money so urgently. They took my papers and told me that I wouldn't pay in 7-10 days, they would just refuse me. And then I will not have another chance to get visa to your country.
It was a shock for me . I thought that I could just leave the papers and then pay for it before the trip. I think I would be able to find the money by that time. But it was beyond my forces/ I was shocked. I went to all my friends and acquaintances. But all refused to me. They don't give such a big sum of money. I don't ask my parents as they just don't give me money. When the last time I asked them to help me, they refused me. They told me they had to support my Brother and themselves. It hurt me. That is why I do not ask them about anything any more and I almost don't talk to them.
I asked my friend Vika to help me, but she had not such money.
She is married and has a child. And recently they have bought an apartment and took it in credit. I also went to the bank to check there. But they even didn't listen to me. My salary is only 120 USD. And they just can't give me 240 USD. I had tears. That is why I decided to ask you. And I feel shame for this. I understand that it is very difficult for you to trust the girl you have never seen before. Lots of Russian women lied to foreigners. But I am not the same. I am real.
And I am not going to lie to you! I promise!
I know that 240 USD is not such a big sum of money in your country. And I ask you this money not as A present to me, I am going to give them back to you. As soon as I come there and start working I will give you money back. I told you I was going to study and to work. I will be able to pay for my studies and for my accommodation.
I already told you I was going to get a student visa.
I will be able to come to your country and to choose any university or college. I can stay there as soon as I finish it.
I am going to choose the one that is close to you to be able to see you often.
You are really a very dear person to me and I want to be with you and if you fall in love with me, we can get married in the future. If we are together, we will build our future together. I am not the one who wants to get everything in at once. WE will work together and pay our bills. I understand that family is for the rest of the life in joy and sorrows.
And I will understand if you decide not to have a family with me, and we can just be friends. I will understand if you fall in love with another woman. You can't order your heart who to love. I understand that you can like me through the letters but in real life you may not fall in love with me...
I ask you one more time, please, understand me and send me 240USD.
I already told you that you have to send me money to my city.
You should use Western Union or Money Gram for this.
And use my address that I have sent to you.
You should send money to Novosibirsk for my name.
My full name - Nataliya Zherebtsova.
Nataliya - this is my name.
Zherebtsova - is my last name.
I already wrote to you, my address-
Number apartment: - 10,
Name street - Timiryazeva 91,
City - Novosibirsk,
Region (state) - Novosibirskaya oblast,
Zip code - 630082,
Country - Russia.
You can send money through MoneyGram:
RosGosStrakh Bank,
You can send money through Western Union:
Gogolya, 36
Novosibirsk, 630005, Russia.
Oktyabrskaya, 52
Novosibirsk, 630099, Russia.
You don't need anything else to send the money.
As soon as you send the money they will give you secret number ( MTCN or Reference Number ). And you'll have to tell me it.
Or I will not be able to get the money without it.
As I already told you could get all the information and the address of the office at the site -
I don't know what else to say for you to send me money as soon as possible as my time is limited.
Next time they will just refuse me in visa. I wrote you all the truth in this letter. I am sincere and open with you.
I hope that you will understand me and decide to meet with me. Please, believe me and send me 240 USD. And please, remember that I have only 7-10 days to pay for it.
Letter 8
I want you to understand one thing, I am not looking for money and this is not what I want.
I am looking for happiness not money. I need a true man I can trust, the one I can fall in love with. I am ready to settle down and to have a real family. And this is what I am looking for, not money at all. You should trust me in this way. I am not going to lie to you.
I understand that many russian women lied to foreigners. But not all people are the same. I am not!!!
Letter 9
Hi dear Jeff!!!
I do not lie to you. I am open and sincere with you. I don't know what to do, no one from my relatives or friends can give me these money. I am in a hopeless situation. I can rely only on you.
Perhaps, if you don't have the money, you can ask someone of your friends or relatives? I ask you for for help but not to make me a present. I will give the money back any way. Tell your friends and relatives that I guarantee to give the money back. I tell you once again I am going to work and to study in your country so I will give the money back any way. Please, just believe me and send me it. I need only 240USD. I talked to people in WU and moneygram. And they told me you could use your credit card to send the money. You can do it from any office of WU and Moneygram.
And you can send me money even staying at home. You just need to go to www or www
Please, send me the money if you have a credit card. I will give you the money back as soon as I come to your place.
Next week they can just officially refuse me in visa. Please, understand that everything is ready there and I need just to pay for it. I will come to your place by all means if I pay 240 USD now. All the paperwork is done. The problem is only money.
It took me much forces to make all the paperwork for visa.
I had to visit all doctors to get a medical certificate.
It is one of the conditions of yor government to allow people only who are not sick. I am healthy. And there were many other papers and it took me much forces and time to get all. And now when there is only one step left, I am in the corner. I don't know who else to ask if not you.
Everything is in you hands now. I hope you will do it soon and send me money.
I may not have any other chance to get visa. I hope you will believe me. And I want you to know that I am sincere with you!
I hope I will touch your heart and you will have feelings to me. I hope you will help me.
I've got up today with the thoughts about you and it is such a happiness to know that I have a close person in my life and I hope you feel the same about me.
My friends are really very good people. Perhaps, their life is not really good and comfortable as you know the situation in Russia, I already told you about this several times. Salaries are too small here. And many people have to save every rouble to buy a washing machine or a fridge. And my friends too have such difficulties.
But I am proud of them. They overcome all the difficulties together.
This is what I want to. I want to be together in joy and sorrows, even if the life is not really comfortable, help each other, understand each other.
I think that every person needs such a place where he feels comfortable and safe. Especially, it is important for a woman.
We now have to be strong. Enjoy your day and think of me.
I pray that you have believed to me and have helped me.
Letter 10
My dear Jeff!
How are you, my sweetheart?
I am OK, just a little bit tired. I am already in Moscow and the city is so noisy. I don't really feel comfortable here.
But well, I came here on purpose. So it is Ok.
I have very good news for you. I've got my visa at last.
So this is done now. I have my passport for going abroad with the visa inside.
The only thing left is a ticket. I already know the airport I should go to. And I even went to the cash department of the airport to check about the ticket. They offered me the ticket on July, 26.
Mosnow (svo) – Kingsford Smith.
And the price is rather reasonable. It will cost $976.
Unfortunately, there is a problem. I have only $600 and I still need $376. I really don't know what to do. I have to pay for it soon not to be sold to someone else. So I have to ask you if you can help me with this. Will you be able to send me $376?
I told you that I sold my fur coat to pay for visa and ticket.
But the money was not enough. I sold my fur tree for $900.
I have spent $240 for all the papers with the visa. And $60 I spent for my trip to Moscow. That is why I ask you to help me and send me $376.
As soon as I buy the ticket I will immediately leave for you.
And in some days I will be in your arms already. Think on this.
Dear, I really have no one to rely on and I have only you who could help me in this situation. You know I will give you the money back as soon as I will be able to work in your country.
So this is no going to be a problem. I will give it back to you by all means. This is the only thing left now before we could be together.
I really hope that you will help me and we will be together at last. I am sure you want it the same way I do.
So, please, write me your thoughts on this and when you will be able to send the money. I can't stay here for long in Moscow and also the ticket could be sold to another person if I don't pay for it shortly.
You can send money to my name (Nataliya Zherebtsova) by any office Western Union or MoneyGram and I will get it without any problems in Moscow.
My sweetheart, I need you and I hope you too need me.
I love you very much.
And I miss you badly.
Letter 11
Hello my love Jeff!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter. I am sorry that I could not write to you yesterday. I tried to search for work, to pay the residing at Moscow. I have bought the newspaper with offers of work in Moscow. I have found some variants of work. I went on interviews all this time and could not write to you because I did not have time.
Offers which I investigated not suitable to me because there pay very few money. And money pay a minimum in 2 weeks after employment. I cannot live so much time without payment. But in one place I have been simply shocked relation to me. Director who conducted interview has told, that I should be engaged with him ***. I have told, that I shall not be engaged in *** with him. He have approached to me and started to stick. I have jumped from a chair and have run to a door. But the door was closed. I did not know, that to me make. He have told, that I undressed. But I have told, that I shall not be make it!!! I began to knock on a door and to shout, that me have heard him the secretary.
And me has very much carried, that the secretary has heard me and began to ask through a door, in what business. And this the man at once became quiet and has opened to me a door. I have been very much frightened. I thought, that he me will ****. I ran, therefrom not looking back. When I have reached to a hostel and have gone to the room I have begun to cry. I roared long time because I did not understand how it is possible so to act with people. I do not understand, how people can be such severe. This city such severe. Here to all people it is absolutely indifferent, that to you occurs. If you will fall, when it becomes bad and will lay on the ground. Who will not approach to you and will not offer you the help. In our city all on another. In our city absolutely other people and always everyone help each other. I now very much am afraid to leave on searches of work. I at all do not know, that to me make to find this ****** money.
I have already made everything, that in my forces. I also have other problem. Me want to move from a hostel which has given me agency. And I now will have no place to live. I have asked agency that they gave me 3 days on the decision of my problem, and they have agreed. But I also have good news!!! Jeff, I could find the most part of money necessary for me. I could find 900 dollars. Now it is necessary for me to have only 600 dollars. My parents could take the loan in bank and have sent me 900 dollars. The bank could not give to them all necessary sum, because at them small pension. The bank could give them only 900 dollars. I very much hope, that you can help me. I shall finish on it the letter. I with impatience shall wait for your reciprocal letter. I love you Jeff all heart!!!
Forever your love Viktoriya...
Letter 12
Hello my beloved pleasure Jeff!!!!
How at you an affair, how mood? How you have carried out the day?
I'm fine. Even it is wonderful!!! I very strongly was glad to receive today from you your letter!!! I want to tell to you, that I am glad, that you have sewed the appendix of translation into Russian. But it very badly translates. I understand common sense of that you have written. But translation not exact. It is much more convenient to me to speak with you in English. My dear Jeff, to me to like with you to communicate, and to have with you common interests. When I receive your letter on my person always there arrives a smile, and I feel high temperature in my soul. Thanks for it!!! Thanks for filling of my soul with pleasure. I thank you, my dear, for filling of my heart with such pleasant feelings!!! I am madly glad, that there is such person as you which always will understand, will support me, will calm!!! I am very happy, that in my life YOU have appeared! Thanks your parents that your parents have brought up such good person as you, my dear! It is a pity to me, that I not near to you at present. I very much would would like to be with you. To be close, when to you it is bad, and you could calm me when to me it is bad. I very much would want it!!! To find out it is better than you, to know your merits and demerits. Though I think, that at you, there are no lacks! All this gives sense of my life! I do not know that with me! I go on work, and constantly I think of you. I think of you 24 hours per day!!! I do not know, that it!!!
My dear, yesterday I have approached to mum and have unexpectedly told her: - " mum, it, apparently, that person whom I searched. I still precisely do not know, but I feel... ". Also know, what my mum has made??? My mum has simply smiled and has told - we shall go to eat, my daughter... I am surprised to mum. My mum at me the best!!!!! And my mum transfers you, my dear, huge HELLO and the respect!!!
I hope that you does not push away from me that I speak about the feelings. But my heart began to feel pleasure! I do not know, that to me occurs. I wait for your letters and news, as something especial. I am very glad to see your letters each time when I receive your letters.
Your letters of me warm me, my heart!!! I go for work, and I can not simply wait the end of working day to read your letter! Girlfriends speak, that I have fallen in love, and that on me it is visible.
I am very happy, that have got acquainted with you! I very much miss under your letters, and always I wait your letters. I want to tell to you, that you now are not lonely in this world!!! You have the person on whom you, my dear, can rely a difficult minute!!! I always - in any second of the life - shall help you everything, than only I can.
On it I want to finish the letter, I need to come back home!!! But know, my unique Jeff, that I shall always think of you, and very much to miss on you!!!!! Also remember, that I always with you! Write to me soon letter, I shall wait very much...
Letter 13
Hello my lovely Jeff!
I was very pleased to accept from you the message. When I read your message, in me even were on eyes of a teardrop pleasure. I want to tell you, that it is always pleasant for me receive yours true letters.
Your words make my day. I am grateful to god, that he have acquainted us. And you are glad, what we have got acquainted??? I want to tell to you, that you have correctly found my house. Your house has very much liked me. It beautiful. If I shall arrive to your country certainly I dream to remain with you for ever. I would be glad, if we with you can become the husband and the wife. But about it still early to speak.
You show very strong interest I was very pleasant to feel it. I started to think very much of us with You which waits for us forward. Write to me all problems, which you Interest. I shall be very pleased to answer you on them. You now, the second man in this world, it to me necessary most of all.
The first human – my mum. I very much hope it that our norm of a meeting the future plumps. To me give very much gratitude to you, that you trust me.
Through the Internet it - as it - is not present natural, we should take in the hands each other and consider to count the each other in eyes and to speak, be relative it as the world is perfect. In I very good mood.
I want to know all. To me you are very important. When I started to be copied to you, I had that that hope, it in us with you everyone will be good. With each your message I have the witness which I have found, that the man, that to me is necessary. I also as you want to see, to what you will trust to me very much faster it, it would be desirable.
I want to trap you tenderness. I research that building spiritual emotional man of establishment specify also it shows the purposes of education of a set. I want to you to inform, that my feelings and words concerning you always were, I are sincere also always perceived, that we are placed the main trust of privacy, it the union would be, when it is essential. Now I am confident concerning all 100 percent, that I can to you to trust. And you, that the man, it to me necessary.
When I read your message, I saw in it your sincerity and behaviour of the appendix to me. I have made of your message for me immediately the main conclusion which is probable, will be, it to expressed in three words "You the best man". Today I even felt so highly, in me all has come so easily because my ideas have been directed concerning you. To me became sad. I feel, that to ours relations are under construction on privacy. But we should trust to the each ohter, without it we cannot simply exist.
Today, when I the prolonged trace home, I thought of it so to me to recognize you concerning it. You see between us there should be a full trust, and we should know without a delay each other all. You probably think, that I examine such not modern, but I, it for the first time I should have affinity with the loved man. Now in me the main propensity to you, I do not know, why but it - valid. Sometimes such dream me which is it is a shame me to speak you it. I shall wait your answer.
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