Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Kolimulina to Jim (England)

Letter 1
How do you do.
I was lucky enough to write you please excuse me beforehand if I've disturbed or bothered you ok. The thing is that I'm tired of being alone and decided to try Internet dating! I hope that this will be a new stage in my life.So I will talk a little bit about me! I hope that the correspondence between us will proceed,and you are interested to read my text.I at all do not know where to begin.
Well,my name Valeriya.I never tried to describe to someone my character in the message. I can describe the individuality as the solar, active, frank sincere person.I the kind person though at the same time I am a proud lady.I always appreciated sincerity honesty and frankness. I hope you're interested, that our correspondence will proceed. In the next letter i was would like to read more about you your way of life.
I send you my pic.I hope that to you to like and we can get acquainted more.
Letter 2
Hello James, How are you doing?! Thanks for the photos.I liked your pictures. James I'm glad you answered back.Please excuse me beforehand if I've disturbed or bothered you with something.I don't even know where to start. I think, we can start to exchange our photos,life stories,our emotions and cultures if you wish.This is my personal email,with a photo so you will know who I'm.As for me,I'm 30 now.I live in russia provincial town Usinsk.I feel somewhere deep inside of my heart that I can trust you and rely upon you.Difficult to find a man who he is trustworthy.I hear and see every day from friends unbelievable things about relationships.Most people these days don't know what's real love about,they are afraid to open their hearts so they don't get hurt.I can't function like that,when i want a man,i want to trust and i give 100% of my attention.He must wants the same,not just physical attraction.I hope that my choice can also be very good.I sincerely hope to meet a man here who would be my ideal would be my man,so not I will come one day to look there. I'm not looking for the prince.I think the important thing is Trust and friendship, that's it with these senses grow a real, sincere love. Perhaps you too are looking for a woman who is ready to give you my love, be gentle with you.Then we with you necessarily need to talk. What about me and my personality I'm open-hearted, open-armed,sincere person with various hobbies, which make me many-sided woman.I hope our correspondence will continue.In your possible next letter I'd like very much to read more about you, your lifestyle, your desires and your preferences in women too ))) Hope to hear from you soon...Valeriya
Letter 3
Hello James, How are you?James I'm glad you answered back.So then,we can start to exchange our photos,life stories,our emotions and cultures if you wish. Thanks for the photos.I liked your pictures.You are very photogenic and charming. I shall hope that in the future,we shall be very good friends.I do not know what to tell in my first letter.It- something new and unusual to me.But I shall try,write good letters to you.Pls not be too strict to my mistakes in words,the English language-not my native language.And i hope will improve the poor level of my language during communication with you.My name-Valeriya .As for me,I'm 30 now.My birthday - on 10-th of September.I was born in 1984.My weight makes 54 kgs at growth of 172 centimeter,i don't smoke.I live in provincial town Usinsk.I have finished medical university.My formation will consist of 3 levels:school,college,university.I Studied within 18 years.All 18 years I have studied the English language also.James I worked as the second surgeon in small clinic within 4 years.I was happy to give health of people,to help them.Many things depend on me during actions.I think in The future I will be capable the surgeon to become independent.James you think,what it - good dream?I live one,I have no children and boyfriend.Sometimes I Feel like very lonely in my house.Perhaps,for this reason I have decided to get acquainted with you James.To me already 30,also I take a life philosophically.I have the house,work,friends,but I cannot tell,that I'm happy.Probably you felt? Feeling of emptiness?I hope,that you will not be Laughter.And we shall write many letters to each other.I'm very pleased and grateful,that you have answered my letter.I hope James,that I shall be Be capable to write to you letter constantly and you are interested in our dialogue. Ok James what are you looking and waiting for from woman,to be you life partner,maybe just girlfriend or mistress of house,maybe mother of your children?Another question I'd wish to ask, what made you to reply to my previous letter,just interest or sympathy or politeness or maybe something else?James,Is distance between us problem for you? I hope that our communication will continue.Please tell me also your preferences in women.James I send you photo of me and my life. P.S.Uuuf,finally I've finished this letter-yes,it seems to be rather big and probably hard to read but I wrote it with great inspiration and tried to say as more as possible about me..))) Wishing you very good day and hope to hear from you soon,Valeriya
Letter 4

Hello James, How are you? Thanks for the photos.I liked your pictures. I'm very glad that you decided to continue our communication.Now I work,and write the letter to you.James,I was thinking of what I can write more about me.But I did not write to you about my family.I think that you should know about it.I have been given birth also dews to Usinsk.I live here.James I do not remember my father because he did not live with us.I was grown only by my mother.We were the best friends.But my mum had a cancer of a stomach, and she has died in 2002.Year was horrendous for me.It was awful and incredible.I could not understand it for long time.I was empty.Even now I remember my mum very much frequently.You know,that I had very happy childhood. Only then, several years I started to understand,that she felt, because I had no father with me. But I have received news from other people, that it was no mistake of my mother.My father (I cannot name his "daddy") never loved my mum. He has left her lonely,because my mum was the pregnant woman. It was very difficult for her to bring up me. Buy to me of a dress and toy.We lived only her little earnings.But we never complained of our life - we have solved all problems together.My mum always spoke me, I should marry the person which I shall real love.I hope you understand,that memory of my mum very important for me. After death of my mum I feel very much lonely,because I have no native sisters and brothers.James but I have my best girlfriend Marina and Elena.oooh I will send you a photo.They are remarkable girl.We can name us sisters because we are friends more than 15 years,and we help each other.Do you have a best friend?I want to tell you about my hobbies.Summer for entertainment I work in my small garden.I raise flowers.Roses,orchids,tulips,an aster.Do you have any favorite hobbies?I can describe my individuality as sunny,active, open-hearted sincere person with stable moral standards.James,i want to know you much better because you are attracting me in what you say. How much time are you in search of women?James have you or any of your friends ever had communication experience with women from Russia in reality or internet?What do you think of my character? Do you like my personality.What you do not like in me?Yours,Valeriya
Letter 5
Hello James, The day is wonderful today and I'm in high spirits and how are you? I hope all is well. Today I've woken up early in morning.Bright streams of sun made me to do this.They easily ********* to my room and keep me awake because my bed is situated exactly near the window which is eastward.I felt myself very pleasantly and cordially.I got up,showered,went to kitchen, made breakfast from eggs,open sandwiches,yoghurt and coffee.Later I went to job. I used to get to job by public transport but in mornings it's nightmare really to use it - so many people, transport is overcrowded and everybody hasten.
James I told my girlfriend Marina about you. She is happy that we write letters to each other.Marina says that I need a man who will help me and who will really care for me. You know I really feel lonely very often but I believe in god luck. I believe in God,he always helps. I want to tell you more about me Ok. I like listening to different music. It depends on my mood and feelings. I like Russian composers such as Dunaevskiy and Chajkovsky. But I also like listening to Mozart and Bach. I think they are great composers and no body will surpass them.I like Joe Satriane as well.I suppose he is a magnificent guitar player.I think you agree with me? oooooh I don't remember if I told you about my dog. It's name is Chipa. He the boy. To him 4 years.
I heard if a person has a pet in a house and if he takes a good care of it the person is a very good house keeper. I belive it.I never tried to describe to somebody my character in the letter.And I have no idea how to do it. But if there is anything you want to know,I will tell you with pleasure of course.I really can tell that I have the kind heart,and I'm the good listener. I'm an absolutely kind person though at the same time I'm a proud woman;I always appreciated sincerity,honesty and frankness;I'm a loyal person and I always have respect to people. I'm able to forgive and I do not recognize anger.All this are the obvious features of my character,-the features,which I self can see in myself.I want you to learn me more,because I as well would be glad to learn more about you.Ask me any questions you wish in your turn.I will be happy to answer them.Your,Valeriya
Letter 6
Hello James, Thank you very much for your letter.Your letter brightens my day! I hope you have the same feeling when you receive my letter.I enjoy our correspondence and I'm serious.I consider you to be my friend,I think that you understand me in lots of things and it's easy for me to talk to you on many topics. I think that this is very important for the relationship,if both of the partners want the relationship to grow.James trust is also very important,no relationship can be strong without it.Thank you for being honest with me and from my side I can say that I will be honest with you also.I think we should try to tell each other as much as we can. I would like to know you better from inside,James, because you seem very interesting to me,so I have a question for you:What qualities do you appreciate in people the most?In my opinion,honesty, faithfulness,kindness,sincere and understanding are very important in people.I also think that in every relationship trust plays the main role.That's why I think that 100% trust should be between man and woman,they should be able to say every single thing to each other,share all their joys and sorrows.If they have a problem they should try to find a solvation together.What do you think,James? What is your opinion? You know,James,I think that age is very important in the relationships.I think that the man should be older than the woman. As for me I prefer my future husband to be older than I'm.Older men know how to treat the girl right,they know what the girl wants.It's much more interesting to talk to them.I'm looking for the serious relationships You probably understand me.What do you think I'm right, James?James,please,tell me more about you. What are your goals and dreams? What are your intentions?Answer these questions for me Ok.James and feel free to ask me anything,I'll answer you with great pleasure. Your,Valeriya
Letter 7
Hello James, Thank you very much for your letter and your tender words and care.
You are so sweet to me, it is so pleasant for me to read your letters, when I close my eyes I can see you saying this to me, it makes me feel very good.That's a great feeling, I am thanking God that you are in my life.Even though we are far from each other in reality, in my dreams we are together,we are walking together at some nice place in the nature holding hands and saying tender and warm words to each other.I feel that you are very special to me,I need to read your letters like I need air or water for living.I couldn't even think that something like that could happen to me.You know,James,I don't think that the outside beauty is the most important thing, you can be beautiful for some time, even the most beautiful,but in some years this beauty will go away, there will be other people who are going to be looking better.I think that the real beauty is inside your soul,that what stays forever.The person should be beautiful from inside,in my opinion. Don't you agree with me,James?I see in you the person who I can talk easily with,who is interesting for me, the one who is making me want to know you more and more.I would like to know your soul,I would like to know everything about you. I see that you are not playing with me or joking around, many of our thoughts are the same,our values are very close and we are looking for the same things,we both are looking for the special one. I see that I can establish the emotional connection with you, I can talk to you on any topic, it's very easy for me, it seems like I know you for a long time.James I like your thoughts about life and relationships between man and woman.By your letters I can say that you are a decent man with serious intentions.I like that in you.I think that we are even a little bit alike in that.I'm very serious about our correspondence. I like to read your letters and I think that I will really like to talk to you in person,you seem to be an intelligent and well educated person.I hope that some time we are going to meet. I don't want to lose you and stop our correspondence.I understood that all those qualities which I appreciate and was seeking in man, I see in you James.Now James,let me answer my another very important question but please say only honestly,ok? Do you see in me the qualities that you appreciate and were searching for in a woman of your dreams? OK,James,I'm finishing my letter now and I hope that you are having a great day! I'm thinking about you and I'm really happy that we've have our correspondence! This thought makes me smile :) Hope to hear from you soon,Valeriya
Letter 8
Hello James, James it was very pleasant for me to receive your letter. I'm very happy that I've got acquainted with you,James.We started our correspondence not long ago, but I like your letters.It seems to me James,I know you for a long time,your thoughts are so close to mine.
Understand that to us early to speak about meetings. I consider that we know each other more few. Give on is better we learn each other.
You know,James,I was thinking a lot about my future life and I think that I would like to move to another country.To check up the forces and possibilities.I have a good profession.James,I can tell you why.First,I should say that I want stability in my life.I think that it's very hard to get this here in Russia.There are several reasons for that.I don't have anything against Russia.Russia is a good country, that's my Motherland and I love it,but the economical situation here is very bad,you can't be sure in the next day, but I am thinking about my future. Sometime in the nearest future I am going to have a family and children and I want my future children to be safe, I want them to have everything they want.In my opinion,this is very important. What is your opinion,James?Second reason,for my intention to move to live to another country.I would like to find my soul mate, the person I can trust completely,the person who is going to be near me all the time,love me and take care of me.Russian men have lots of bad habits,they drink a lot.My dad used to drink a lot.It gave my mom much pain.I don't want this to happen to me.So,I think now you understand why I would like to move somewhere from Russia. I would really like to have a good and strong family based on good emotional connection first of all and understanding and surely love. I think that these things are the most important.I would like to have my second half near me to feel that I am safe,that I'm loved and that I have a person near me whom I can give all my tenderness and care that is inside of me.I do have a lot to give,but for right now there is no one special whom I can give it to and I don't want to waste it just for someone,I want to meet my only one,my special one.
I'm thinking a lot about you,James.Ok,I'm finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your fast reply! With warm hugs,Valeriya
Letter 9
Hello James, James I'm very glad that you have written to me.I need your letters, they make me happy. James today i was late for work because I decided to stay in bed 5 minutes more but I fell asleep again. As the result I overslept, it was already 7-35 am,in 20 minutes I had to be at work place. I've never prepared to go to work so quickly really.One thought gladdens me - in the evening I'll come home,will took a bath,change into my favorite dressing grown and drink a cup of hot lemon tea.I got really tired.I do not remember whether I wrote to you, my mum had no sisters and brothers.I've no cousins.Sometimes I feel very lonely. But I'm glad,that I have Marina and Elena.Oooh,dear James I learned the good news.James I was determined with work in clinic!I shall be the surgeon.I think because I have a good diploma ( about my education) I have the diploma the Europe-standard.This diploma entitles to work as the doctor in your country.I shall soon have 40 days a holidays.I will have free time. James,you can't imagine what a pleasure for me was to recieve letters from you during the last days - as if I'm living only for your letters.I'm looking forward to learn you better.James,I'd like to assure you that you can always count on my understanding and encouragement - I'll always support you and in my turn will thank you for your treatment and respect to me.James,the main thing for me is how honest, thoughtful,colourful and interesting are your thoughts, words and answers to me and I'm glad that we continue our correspondence.You agree with me??Now I cannot present life without your letters.You have changed all my life.James Ok!?How was your day??? Yours,Valeriya
Letter 10
Hello James, James how are you doing?How is your mood?I've already got attached so much to you that I miss when I can't read your regular letter or can't answer to you.I'm thinking a lot about you and I like to read letter from you James. I'm very glad that you understand me.You the unique person for me.James,I want to tell you,I think that friendship,understanding and care is very important in the relationships.What do you think James?Let me explain,what I mean here Ok.I think that passion and affection are very good, but two people that decide to be together, need to know,How to live with each other in everyday life.You probably understand and know what i mean James?And I think that friendship,understanding and care between them will help a lot.I would like to see a very good in my life, I can say the best man in my soul.I think that emotional connection is very important,so that two people will feel very comfortable with each other.How do you think James? When I'm reading your letters,James,I feel that you are honest and sincere with me, you are telling me a lot about you,so I want to give to you the same thing.Because my dream,I would like to find a special person,who is going to love and take care of me and I will do the same for him.I think that when I meet that special one I will give him all my tenderness, care and love.And what is your dream?What do you want the most from life,James?Please,tell me. You know,James i need to tell you something.I have never thought, that it is possible,to find a very good friend,somebody special with the help of Internet.But now I can say that this happened to me, I've met you James.We exchanged only a few letters,but seems to me,I know you long time. I consider that it's impossible to be alone always,it's necessary to have such friend with whom it's possible to talk smth about, who could help and be pleased at you anytime: at difficult or happy minute.Somebody who will take care of your.James,in the bustle of week-days just recollect me and my words to you and I believe all troubles will be disappeared.James...Simply I'd like to say that I thank the destiny that it has given me an opportunity to acquaint with you.Each your letter makes my soul and mood be in high spirits, as if your words have mysterious magic force and they draw to themselves by the immeasurable force.I hope you've understood me correctly...... Ok,I'm finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your reply,James!!! I'm thinking about you!!! :) With tender hugs and kisses,Valeriya
Letter 11
Hello James, How are you doing James?How is your health?I'm very glad to see your letter.James i always think of you no matter where and no matter what I do.I'm very happy,I feel that our letters are very important for us both.I want to say thank you James.Your letters became part of my life and I James I'd like to assure you that all my everyday thoughts are about you:your cheerful mood,health,good luck.Very pleasant for me, that I have such a the close person as you James.It's a pity that you are far from me.I will hope that we will meet one day.I think we will be glad to see each other.Marina ask me about you James,every day.I say to her that I'm constantly thinking about you James.She is very glad for me, and she always asks me to say Hello to you.Yesterday in the evening,I was thinking of my future work in the clinic.I'm happy that I will get my job.I should not study,because I have the diploma of the surgeon of the European standard.I don't know how to spend this month (vacation),I don't want to waste my time useless.I must think it over.Of course I will write letters to you.But it will take only the part of my day.What to do in the rest? I must find a decision. James I trust you.James i have no secrets from you dear,all my letters I write sincerely.Each your letter,your every compliment,amplified my feelings for you.I began to smile more,the days are more pleasant,because i know that there is a man,my dear man in this world.I read your letters and I understand that i was not mistaken in my choice,and you're the my man.I'm sending you a gentle kiss and my warm embrace.Finish this letter with thoughts about you,my dear James. Your,Valeriya
Letter 12
Hello James, How are you doing today?What's new?I'm fine over here and I was very glad to hear from you because I think of you!!!What you made today James?Than was engaged? Of what you think when you sleep?Of what you dream? What you ate? Are you tired today?Where you would want to go? I fall asleep with dream about that that we together. I'm thinking about you all the time,you are very important for me. James,you know,today I woke up with sun beams that were coming out of my window and my first thought was about you! :) I was laying in my bed and thinking,imagining that may be some wonderful day we'll be waking up together like this and the first thing you will do when you wake up is kissing me and wishing me a good morning and I will do the same for you.You know,James,I liked that thought :)Who knows,may be some day it will be the reality? How do you think? Would you like that,***? OK,my dear,I'm finishing my letter and I will be looking forward to your reply!!! I miss you!With sweet thoughts about you,Valeriya
Letter 13
Hello James, Dear this morning I presented some kind of holiday to me.So I had some free time which I devoted to myself.I took a bath with foam, sea salt and aromatic oils.Warm aromatic bath together with strong fragrant coffee and light pork sandwich gave me lots of energy. Reading morning newspaper I found advertisement that boarding home for dogs demands help. I decided to make a good act.I found out that there is need of pet food.I bought food for dogs.James I never thought that 15 kg is so heavy - he, he.Dogs are so cute there.They meet you,wag the tail,they know when food is coming.I think they are cute and expansive.James now while I'm writing this letter I'm also smiling because I've done smth good and useful.It's such a pleasure to help somebody who's in need of it, for example,it's better to buy some useful thing than 135 red nail polish and to be sure that animals won't be hungry at least for some days or for example to share with old clothes with shelter for the poor.James have you ever done any similar noble action?James,i hope that our communication with you, grow into a serious relationship.James would now describe myself something new.James I thought about it and realized that I'm pretty much told you the details of his past life,about how I live now.I told you very little about how I see my future.I would like to see my future with you. Dear now I really understand that you are the man with whom I wanted to connect his life.If you remember,I wrote in my first letter,I was looking for a serious relationship only.I sincerely hope that you respond positively. Embrace Your,Valeriya
Letter 14
Dear James, Dear i would like to tell you that your letters bring me much joy and make me happier day by day!James you are the dearest man of my heart, I'm always looking forward to your letters and gentle words.When I received your letter today,I was very happy.We are far away from each other now,but I'm sure,that we need each other.James I'm sure that the fact that we've met was meant to be.I can't find words that can describe my feelings to you,you are making me the happiest woman.I feel your care.I'm glad to feel that I'm not alone.I've got you James.Dear,I would like to thank you for your love and care. I know that you are serious and sincere with me.Dear from my side I'll do my best,to make you happy.Because deep in my heart I feel,you are a special man who is dear to my heart so much! When i went to bed,i fell asleep with thoughts of you and our relationship.Probably,because I was a long time,but I could not describe my feelings to you.James now I can say that I'm more think about you,I have a huge attraction to you James.We're breathing the same air,and even thousands of miles away from each other.We're looking at the same sky and see the same moon.I want to continue our relationship,to a new level.That's why I pray you to consider the idea of becoming the most important men in my life. I'm finishing my letter to you and I will be looking forward to your reply! I kiss you my dear James. With hugs,Valeriya
Letter 15
Dearest James, How is your health?How is your mood?Your letters help me to feel your affinity.And though we with you are divided with huge distance, reading your letter I feel your care. I wish to tell, that I have really reflected on visiting of your country. Now time of my vacation.
I, think, that now the most favorable time for our meeting. During a vacation I can visit agency of travel and learn about visiting of your country. What do you think of it? I know, that after holiday I will need to work much. Work takes away a lot of time and it is difficult to reflect on private life. I, think, that time for private life has now come. If you really want our meeting tomorrow I can visit agency travel... What do you think of it? There is huge distance between us,but in the ideas and thoughts I'm with you.I often begin to imagine - what you do right now, where are you right now,or with whom you are right now...There is a lot of kilometers, some hours between us, but I always think that maybe right now you as well think:"What she does,where she is?"Maybe we think of the same things at the same time.I feel that the our meeting will be beautiful and romantic.I will tell you everything what I will feel at that moment,and you will tell me.And then we will leave the airport and we will chatter and laugh.I will tell you how I endured the flight in the plane and what I was thinking about.You will tell me how you waited for me at the airport.And then we will have a wonderful time together.We will walk,spend evenings, to watch funny and scary movies,- and I will hide under your hand at the most scary moment... We will meet together the first beams of the sun and will see off a magnificent sunset. We will sit near a window and to drink hot tea while in the street will be a strong rain. How I want to have a breakfast together and a supper with candles.James i want to lay on a bed,and to tell each other about a life.How I want all this - simple things which will bring to us so many joy.Valeriya
Letter 16
Dearest James, Dear James,i do not know,how long it takes the paperwork necessary to travel to you James.
I think that for the registration my documents,I will go to a travel agency.
Ok dear to do this step we need to discuss important issues for me:
1. How many days,you can and willing to take accept me as a guest?
2. Where I'm will to live in your house or a hotel?
3. What are the things I take with me?What is the weather you have at this time of year?
James,I heard that really difficult to recieve visa for russian single girls nowadays.Foreign countries more and more strict to Russia maybe because of politics too.As soon as I receive from you all the answers to my questions,I can go to the travel agency to obtain detailed information about the trip for you,my love.
Miss about you,Valeriya
Letter 17
Dearest James, Today I went in travel agency and have learned, that necessary for me for arrival in your country.James I've found out full information in travel agency.Staff of travel agency,have convinced me that we can be together.I asked how much it would cost for me to make Uk visa.They said that only the examination of application for visa will cost me 30 Pound sterling.This money won't be returned even if the application is rejected.To get visa I must go to Moscow where is the UK Embassy.I'll to visit a lot of agencies, offices and organization in Usinsk in Moscow.This is the usual way to get visa,it may take me many months.I said to them that I could wait for a long time.They offered me to solve the problem and it will take me less time if I use Full Package of Service (FPS).FPS includes additional payments for a category of the visa,consular services, preparation for interview with commission your embassy.FPS costs 360 Pound sterling,but the visas agency remove all the problems and thus increases the chance of getting a visa without excessive delays (I can get a visa in a week or two). On my request to find approximate route.
Package of proposals consists of air ticket there and back. They have told me that they will make all of the necessary documents for me.Assistants of agency told me that the official registration of documents will take some time.I've received lots of papers to fill in.According the conditions of contract agency does all of te documents for me.Organizes my tripin full. James,I do not know correctly has made, having paid such money. Probably I needed to consult to you.We do not have time to wait yes? I agreed and registered my application for visa, hoping that you'll be glad to meet me. Can you imagine that we'll spend some weeks together Or even can all life. It is not important for me where to live if I shall be sure in your feelings for 100% my loved and native I without any meditations shall stay to live in a place with you.For the sake of happiness,I'm ready on many things.May be you think I try to do too quickly, probably you suppose it's too early for us to meet each other?I'm happy now at present time.James,very soon I'll leave the work and I'll be able to spend my vacation with my Loved James.I have never been abroad. James now I have a chance to meet you. I think it will be great,wonderful,fantastic.I hope you don't think that I'm too impudent.I just want to met you and to spend some time with you. I'm looking forward to seeing to calm down my heart.Please tell me you be able to meet me? Will you be happy to face me? Your love,Valeriya
Letter 18
Darling James, Dear I talked to Marina about you James,for a long time yesterday in the evening.I told her that I wanted to meet you.Marina supported me in my desire.She said that I could't miss a chanse to see you.Marina is very glad that I've got acquainted with you. She wants me to be happy.I hope,James,that one day you and Marina will be friends.I believe that Marina'll be as close to you as to me.Now I often think of you before sleeping.I'm glad,that you were not against I have chosen Full Package of Service.I very much experienced. But I so would like to speed up process and somewhat quicker to be near to you..Because I too test to you strong feelings.I not hesitating can tell that I love you.For me a great happiness to get acquainted with such fair,open,kind person as you James....Now I with impatience wait for the notice from travel agency.For me days became very long. I want that have faster flown by days of expectation.James,you know I have a flower Ripsalis at home.It's very beautiful,and it needs much care.Now I call it James.I hope you are not againstof it.Every morning I say to it "Good morning,James" What do you think of it?It seems to me that I want to tell you much and it will take me several days to tell all about myself.But I'm shy and can be confused when I'll meet you for the first time.Dear i saw a plane not long ago. And I thought that these "Iron birds" allow to meet million people who are happy to see each other every day (for example James and I)But when I think about my future flight on board the blane I can't forget last catastrophe of two planes. These incidents were in September. It was terrible to see grief and tears of relatives of the dead people. Now our government is sure that terrorist acts took place here. I believe that guilty people were severely punished. They have no right to prevent peaceful people from living. I hate terrorism and violence! You should know that fear of terrorists will never stop me.I'll be able to fly on board the plane and to be afraid of nothing.In my childhood I was flyining by plane. But people say that flights are if it's true. I heard that passengers are very well served during the flight. I'm interested to see it.Dear i don't know exact date when I can arrive to you. But I shall necessarily inform to you. Hope you can patiently wait? Your love,Valeriya
Letter 19

Hello my honey James, Dear James i has read your letter and was on the top of the world with happiness!I like your romantic reasonings.At you rich imagination.I like to read such letters.After them I feel myself as the happy and desired woman.Dear days of expectation of readiness of documents of steel for me painful.Day for me began very long. I want that my documents were ready as soon as possible.I want that the travel agency has sped up this process.Whether I asked you you approve my act? I have paid the big sum of money for promptness. How you look at it?For me your answer very important. Because it is difficult for me for one to make such decisions. I have paid this money because I want to be with you as soon as possible and because my Holiday (Vacation).It is not a pity to me what money for the sake of our meeting. I'm in a very good mood today,but when I'm reading your letters again and again I feel even better,I love to receive your letters, they always bring me much joy and make me happy! I'm always thinking about you and you are in my thoughts.I wish you could be near me now, but I know that we'll see each other and we'll be together.Now I every day go to travel agency and I try to find out
I skin the information concerning readiness of my documents.Today to me have told that probably tomorrow the day after tomorrow me will cause silt on interview in embassy.I was very glad to receive such information.Now day for me lasts as a month as I think all about our long-awaited meetings.I finish the my dear letter. With hugs and warm kisses,your love Valeriya
Letter 20
Hello my lovely James, Dear James,I was happy to receive the letter from you.Today my letter will be short.At me not so it is a lot of time.I have just left travel agency,and have decided to inform you good news at once.
Me cause to Moscow on interview in embassy.Tomorrow I should leave to Moscow.It seems to me,that I waited for this moment the whole eternity.The travel agency has carried out the task earlier than I thought.It can is connected to that sum of money which I have paid for acceleration of readiness of documents.Now it is not of great importance.I go to embassy!!!Probably tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I can receive documents which are necessary for arrival in your country.Tomorrow I shall write to you from Internet - cafe of the city of Moscow.I shall inform you all news which will concern my trip.After I shall receive documents,I will need to return back to native city,to collect necessary things and to buy the ticket in your country.Trip to Moscow costs not cheaply,therefore I wanted to go to Moscow,to pass interview in embassy and to wait for day of a start.
But in the contract it is told, that in your country I can buy the ticket only in travel agency which helps me to collect necessary documents.From superstition I shall not begin to buy the ticket before reception of documents.Of agency of me convince, that it is possible to buy the ticket, and, then to pass interview. They have told to me,that many people do so.But it seems to me wrong. Dear, I was probable next week can inform you date of my start. I believe that next week I can take off to you. How you concern to this?I think that you too will be glad.I shall finish the letter.I shall go to collect things home. P.S Dear i want,that you have sent me your full home address,the data on the nearest to you of the airports and phone number.I shall call to you if there will be urgent questions.I hope to receive from you the answer which will bring to me encouragement.
Dear write me the closest airport.Where can you meet me.The route I need to fly.Perhaps the closest airport near your town. Your love,Valeriya
Letter 21
Darling James, Dear James,i was glad to receive your letter.Thanks you for all given information.Today i have arrived to Moscow.Dear,I'm in Moscow.You know,Moscow is very expensive and a big city.Today I did not find the way to my hotel.I have helped people as they told me to go. I had very nice walk along Moscow sightseeing yesterday so I'd like to calm my nerves and I'd better to go for a walk again. I'm very tired,and could not write to you is a lot.Darling James,i informed you some times that cause me to Moscow on interview Now I near Embassy the Uk in internet-cafe.I write to you the letter and i worry.I think,that my destiny tomorrow is solved.Hope to me give the visa and I can meet you.It will be the greatest day in my life!!It's a pity,that i cannot write for a long time.Because I am very strongly tired.I hope,that i can soon write to you about results of visit to Embassy.If I cannot write from Moscow I shall write from Usinsk. With love yours and only yours,Valeriya
Letter 22
Dearest James, I have more recently left embassy and at once have decided to write to you. I write to you the letter and I smile.I'm so glad!If I could,I would speak with you for a long time.But unfortunately now it is impossible. But I am confident,that our meeting will take place also we shall speak in person.James,I want to tell to you about the commission in Moscow. I hope to you it interestingly!!!Tomorrow I shall already write to you from native city. I shall arrive to Usinsk most likely tomorrow in the evening.I can probably have the visa. I worry, you should understand it.I never thought that the commission will ask such unusual questions.They asked about my ****** life,they asked about children, about work,about patriotism, about my attitude to Uk , about my conversance and awareness of events which happened in the world and in Uk ,about my religion and belief.I have told about all omy life in detail.I spoke about verything fairly how it's really.
To me have told that my answers are unexpected and as a rule applicants don't answer such questions so directly and openly. They haven't got used to hear such answers, but they said that to hear sincere and truthful answers is much more pleasant than words which come not from heart and reason. Children from the orphanages also have made the big impression and rendered the big influence on the commission. To me have told that I the first lady who have such support from children - orphans. Now I should wait the decision I hope, that my visa will be ready within the next few days. The representative of embassy at once informs about it to travel agency. After that i shall buy the ticket in your country. After I shall buy the ticket i shall inform date of the arrival to you.Now I agree with expression: "Expectation of death is worse than the death"I can't concentrate on anything. My heart so worry,I can't work.They have told that the decision will be accepted in several days.I so worry. I so want that this small dream was come true.I simply want to see my lovely James.I think the God will help me.I simply want to meet you. I already see us together. I want to construct with you the ship to float under sails in boundless ocean.I want to meet with you a dawn and to see off a sundown.We will float on our ship and our love will illuminate our way. We will look at night at stars,we'll be pleased in the afternoon to the sun. If there will be a storm, our love will protect us. If there will be a calm, our love will be a wind. Our love will be a beacon for us. We will be floating at ocean of love and oblivion and nothing can separate us.
We'll name our ship - Dream. It will be the small ship, but very strong.Because we will make our ship from belief, hope and love.It's impossible to wait, when your dream will fall to you from the sky.It's necessary to go to the dream. It's necessary to clear and build the road itself.If in heart there is a belief and dream,if in heart there is a love and hope,it is necessary to achieve the dream by all means.I always go to the dream. I don't sit on a place.In my life there were very few light moments. On this I try to make everything that my dreams have come true.I understand that now it's only dreams.But these dreams brighten my life.I hope that yours also.Nothing will keep me to arrive to you James!!! Sincerely,Valeriya
Letter 23
Hello my lovely James, Dear James,I have received your letter.I was very glad to read him.Your letters install to me unlimited quantity of confidence.Having read them i become the omnipotent person.I'm very much has changed from the moment of our acquaintance.I think,that I began to live only after acquaintance with you.After our acquaintance my life has sharply changed in the best side.My fellow workers,my friends, even my patients - all have noticed change in my life.Dear from road,I'm very tired.From trip to Moscow,I still had many positive emotions.I when did not go on so important affairs,therefore strongly worried.On road to Moscow i with anybody did not communicate because thought of interview in embassy.I experienced that any failure can visit me.I was afraid that can wait up to me in reception of the visa. But my experiences appeared are vain.On interview to me did not give the exact answer.In a corridor I have waited the person which was in the commission and he has told,that I should not worry. Has told that in two or three days representatives of embassy will contact travel agency and will cause me to Moscow for reception of the visa.Therefore i have gone home with quiet soul.Now I need to wait the answer from embassy then it is necessary to buy the ticket in your country,to go again to Moscow to receive the visa and to wait day of a flight.The second trip to Moscow does not deliver me of inconvenience.The ticket to me will need to be bought in Usinsk from representatives of travel agency.To take off I should from the Moscow airport because I will need to come in embassy and to receive the visa.Some days in Moscow should to live and to wait for readiness of the visa.Moscow city, not familiar to me.Hotels cost very dearly and it is terrible to me to be in Moscow one.Therefore I have chosen not absolutely convenient,but a safe variant.Today I went to travel agency and told him about trip to Moscow.They sincerely were glad for me.Unfortunately the Embassy yet did not contact travel agency. I think that has passed not enough time.I think tomorrow or the day after tomorrow representatives of embassy will cause me for reception of the visa.I want that it has taken place as soon as possible. I want to buy as soon as possible the ticket to you and to wait for day of a flight.Dear if tomorrow or the day after tomorrow me will cause for reception of the visa. I shall buy the ticket with a stock of 5-6 days. I shall better wait these days. I need to prepare much for all for the period of the absence. I love you and I want to be only with you.The feeling of love amplifies every new day. Your love,Valeriya
Letter 24
Honey James, Dear James,i was very glad to receive your letter.My visa is available, but I can take away her only after i shall buy the ticket in your country. Tomorrow or after tomorrow,i shall buy the ticket in your country but only after to me inform from travel agency,and will tell, that my documents are completely ready.For arrival to you.I every day think of our meeting with you.I know how it is to be thinking about someone all the time,i have felt that as well.So then I try to keep myself busy doing other things and it helps.I guess that's how I've been able to get along all this time without somebody special in my life.I keep myself busy with study, with friends.I have become used to it now, but not entirely.Some times i get along doing chores around the house,listening to music,or helping other people with their problems.It has been so many times that I wanted to be with someone.So as time went on, little by little I had to learn how to not feel lonely.But i have also learned that it's not all that possible. And in the same way I try to avoid getting hurt, as it has happened to me before. And that too is not all that possible.On the other side I have seen other peoples mistakes and I like to think that I wont make the same ones.I try to think of many possible results,I like to be cautious and to think ahead, but I have learned that as careful that i may be,there is always something that can go wrong. So why should i continue to hold back and not live my life like others, by going ahead with what my heart says and being as cautious as possible,right?We are only human and imperfect,all I can try is to do the best I can, with the person that best fits my way of thinking.
And it would seem so strange that I could find such a person on the other side of the planet. Imagine if the Internet didn't exist, I would have never known about you and I would probably continue to live the same way forever. There is only so much happiness that one can achieve alone, but I would like to think that I could achieve so much more with you. It would be wonderful to stop dreaming about it and make it come true. So at the same time, I also think about what would be needed to make a relationship work and how to provide for as much as possible.It's not easy when other pressures are felt in a relationship.So if at first we should decide to take this beyond what it has become so far,i think it will be like awaking from a dream and trying our best to make the dream come true.Like i said before,there is a lot to talk about, a lot to learn and understand.The feeling of love is great, but it takes little bit more to have a place to live, to be healthy and have a family.I know that these are subjects that can't be decided or solved in a week, but the most important thing will be addressed,how well we get along. There is one thing that i know for sure,i like you very much and we will have a wonderful time together.Your words in every letter have shown me that we think the same way,so i truly believe that something great and long lasting will come out of this.I think about you every day and wish you were near me already.I will just have to be patient and wait for that moment to come true. With hugs and tender kisses,Yours Valeriya
Letter 25
Hello my dearest James, How are doing today?Hope this letter will find you in high mood.Fortunately,James,now we can be together at last.I hope soon i will inform you the information concerning my flight to you: plane and date of arrival.You can't even imagine it's such a pity and irritating how many different things are necessary for me for travel: clothes, cosmetics,some gifts for you from me.I will prepare special gift for you my dear.You will be happy.Best gift specially for you.Which I will show you when I will arrive to you.I hope,that my gifts will be pleasant for you.James you know,I'd wish it to be as rehearsal of our honey moon.I'd wish it to be absolutely unforgettable and I'm ready to devote myself totally to you - I'm ready to fulfill all of your desires, dreams and requests when we'll be together during days and nights!It would be wonderful to see some historical sightseeing, acquaint with your culture,eat some traditional food - do it together and enjoy each minute of company of each other. I want the time before our meeting to pass in one day to have possibility to fly off tomorrow already - but dreams,dreams… My embraces James.I miss you very much.James I've been to my friend Marina.We went to the country side and visited church.It's such a wonderful building as if from old russian folk fairytale.We've been to divine liturgy.How was your day?????? With great love and devotion your darling woman,Valeriya
Letter 26
Darling James, I have good news, very good for me and for you dear! I wanted to call to you and to explain all by phone.But I'm afraid,that you become angry on me and will refuse to help me,therefore I have decided to write to you.Today in the morning I have come to travel agency,to me informed good news.I have got the visa.Now it is necessary for me to buy the ticket to you and to go in Moscow for my visa and wait day of my flight.I'm immensely happy. I will be able to see you in person!!!Dear I it is very good to speak in English you to not worry for us.I addressed the air-ticket office which sells tickets.I asked how,as to me have explained to me it is necessary to have the ticket to you I would be able to go to Newquay on the 6 September, and how much it would cost. They said that the ticket would cost 1470 Pound sterling. I asked them to find a cheaper ticket, because the price is too high for me. But as it turned out I would not be able to have a cheaper ticket so quicly, the date is too early. Tickets must be reserved long beforehand. I asked them to offer me other variants of the flight. We found the most suitable one.The flight,is on the 11 September The ticket costs 517 Pound sterling. I asked the to reserve the ticket for me. But they refused to do it having said that they had a lot of clients. They cannot reserve my ticket without advanced money. I was imploring them. But it did not work. They said that they would help me with great pleasure but they couldn't.The rules are so.
I was in a panic,I was so disappointed.Then I asked them is I could give just a part of the money. But they did not agree again. I asked them for a long time saying that my dearest James is waiting for me.If I asked them a little bit longer I would burst out of crying.Maybe God heard my prayers,and the service worked agreed to reserve the ticket on my conditions.But I have too little time to pay, for the ticket.
They said if I did not day the rest of the ticket price,I would loose the money I'd already given to them. I was angry, but they explained that it would be very difficult to sell the ticket for the plane which is flying.They would have to lower the price.I agreed. They told me to pay 517 Pound sterling. But it was too much for me, because I had only
120 Pound sterling. I asked to wait for me during 11 hours. I went out of the room. Mariya met me at the door. I told her everything. She understood everything and advised me to **** our treasures to a pawnshop. James, it was very difficult for me to agree to do it. I did not want to burden Mariya. But at the same time I want to meet you, James very much. We pawned the treasures, I got 150 Pound sterling and I paid the part of the ticket price 370 Pound sterling. It was my last money, it was for the plane by which I'm going to come to you. It was very difficult for me to tell you this story. I have done all what I could. I have paid for the visa. I have paid for the part of the ticket. But this was not enough. The money was not enough. I did not want to burden you. I wanted to come to you with nobody's help. I thought my money would be enough. But I failed. Now I feel guilty muself. I did not manage to do all my selffor our meeting. I thought nothing would prevent me from meeting you. But I must pay the rest of the money for the ticket It's just 498 Pound sterling.I must pay it till the 11 September. Otherwise I will loose the money I have paid and i will loose the chance to see you. And our treasures will be soldby the pawnshop. Now I feel guilty that I could not do what i promised to come to you with my own money. I always do what I promise.
I feel at ease now, I'm ashamed of asking you to help me.
Unfortunately the clinic did not pay me the money I'd earned. I really hoped to get this money. It would solve all the pdavidlems. But I'll get the money from the clinic in a month or two. Because it's very typical for Russia to hold up the payments of salary. I asked the clinic to give me my money earlier, but they refused to do it. Now the clinic does not have the money necessary for me. Our clinic depends on the budget, it did not get money for a long time. I think it's because of the financial crisis Ukraine. Pdavidably I must say to you that I will not be able to meet you becouse I will not be able to pay the whole sum of money myself. Of course I realize that I should not ask you to give me the money. But at the time I cannot just that I will not come to you. I have done too much to organize our meeting. If I refuse to meet you it will mean that everything was in voun. It's horrible for me to refuse to come to you, I have done all what I could. Now I want you to help me and I think there is nothing horable if I ask you to help me. Of course I realize that may be you have no feelings to me and may be you're not interested in our meeting. I understend that the sum of money is too big. I know it and that's why it's more difficult for me to ask it from you.But at the same time any person can find himself in my conditions. And now there is only one thing which I can do. I just must say that I will never come to you.
But I do not want to say so, because I want to meet you. That's why I must be honest, I need your help. Of course I understend that I must not do it. But I'm an honest person. I'm ashaned of asking you to help me, but life is a difficult thing, everything can happen. Of course it's up to you to decide if you want to help me or not. It's bad, but not fatal. I will loose my money. It's bad but not mortal either.390 Pound sterling which I have paid for the visa and 370 Pound sterling which I have paid for the ticket are too much for me. But I'm not sorry for what I have done for our meeting. In fact money is just paper, our treasures are just metal details.That's why I was the first who decided to meet each other. But I do not want all my efforts to be spent in vain. If you really want to meet me, if you can help me to organize our meeting please send me the money till the morning of the
11 September. Please forgive me my words. I say so because I'm in despair.Now when just one step can connect us, I'm afraid.I need you,I want to be with you,I need you help, believe me,I'm honest with you.I did not manage to estimate my forces.And all my efforts spent in vain.I understand that the sum of money is too big for you. I did not want to ask you.I can do everything myself. My loneliness made me strong.I had always been living with my own efforts I always relied on myself.I asked somebody to help me very selcom, but now I ask you to help me.I will give you all the money back as soon as I'm able. Maybe I made you offended. But I need you. I do not know if my letter satisfacted you or disappointed. But I have written you an honest letter. I'm looking forwarol to you answer. I hope for you .I ask you to not worry.I send data of my flight. Flight KL904
Moscow Sheremetyevo 17:00 11 September Plane
Amsterdam Schiphol Arpt 19:30 11 September Boeing 737-700 Change Amsterdam 12 hours 25 minutes Flight KL1073
Amsterdam Schiphol Arpt 07:55 12 September Plane
MManchester Intl 08:20 12 September Boeing 737-700 Change Manchester 8 hours 20 minutes Flight BE355
Manchester Intl 16:40 12 September Plane
Newquay Civil Arpt 17:50 12 September De Havilland DHC-8 400 Your,Valeriya
Letter 27
James dear excuse me I one could not solve a question with a trip to To you. I was planning to get money for my vacation. But in account department the accountant told me, I cannot get my vacation pay as there was no financing from municipal budget and such payouts will not be maid to anyone. I was helped by my girlfriend Marina. I very much am proud the The girlfriend. You know, that Marina constantly me asked about you.
Wishes our only good luck. Marina it has taken such serious step, Has sold the gold that I could arrive to you. Dear you know, That I have much made for our meeting. I went to Moscow, I lived In hotel.
- I went to Moscow
- I lived in Moscow. You know that Moscow very expensive city (a food, residing, journey)
- I have spent money for registration of necessary documents to you.
Dear understand, that money not only for the ticket are necessary to me.
I should give a part to the tourist agent which made all my papers.
- Money for journey to Moscow will be necessary to me
- A food, Residing, Journey.
Dear James understand that to me during the latest moment money not has told that Have come from the federal budget to accounts department of our hospital. You You understand that I am not guilty. To me simply have not paid out the wages and have told That do not know when will give. Honey James please write me the big detailed The letter. Your love Valeriya
Letter 28
Hello my dear James you know that I used all variants. My girlfriend has sold gold. I went to bank and asked the credit. Understand that the bank does not like my conditions. I go abroad and consequently to me do not give the credit. You should understand, that our destiny depends on you. James, I very much I want to you on a visit. I really want to develop ours Relations, our love. You mean for me much. If you You can help our meeting, you never will regret about it. Please, do not do to me painfully. All depends on you. All depends from Your help. You should know, that you can change our destiny. It Depends on you. You understand? 498 pounds sterling are so much money that can To solve destiny of two people??? Or money for you means more than ours Love, our relations. I hope, that you estimate our relations. I I hope, that you be able make our meeting a reality. Understand that soon my flight and we should hurry up. I ask stretch me the hand of the help. On always yours Valeriya
Letter 29
Hello my dear love James, Dear James,very sorry that you think is not about our love,but about money.You are worried about their savings??Do you understand me, ?????I tried to use all the options that we have.I consulted,and have complete information about visiting your country.Do you understand?Darling,you must understand that you need. I'm tired of all this. I want certainty.I want a particular decision.I also want to be sure YOU or when not to throw me into trouble.I want to be sure that my men would choose not to money,and ME !!!!!I need to make sure THAT ON THE WAY TO OUR LOVE WILL NOT COST MONEY!!!Do you understand me??Please think about that for you is important - money, or our relationships, our love. Please do not invent non-existent options. I have considered all the options.If you care about money, not our love,then I will understand you.I hope you're not a greedy person, that you understand that love is not for sale.I did not change when the love of money. If you help, you never will regret it.I hope you now understand the whole situation.I hope that we will not play with time.I hope that you will be able to solve our problem.I look forward to your response. Valeriya
Letter 30
Lovely James,I read your letter and my tears drip on the cold keyboard of the computer,I do not know what to answer to you. I am very much upset, such change of our dialogue, but I did not think, what is it will touch me. I so was pleased last days,that all goes well and we be speed we can together and now I really do not know that to me to make,my girl-friend Marina has prepared to you gifts and I have bought that for you, but I am afraid that all my dreams of speed meeting now have failed in to be gone, tomorrow I should pay the second payment in agency and what I there shall say?That my lovely man does not trust me from behind it,I'm afraid that on up to me will laugh simply,but I want to say to you,that I was honour and frank in the letters to you,I have tested many disappointments in the life and at last was sure that has found the man.Honey James understand that I used all variants. I went to bank and to me do not give the credit.
You understand??? I used all variants. My girlfriend has sold gold.
Understand that I have spent much more than 698 Usd. You understand??? Lovely excuse, but I can not continue, because my eyes are completely filled with tears, lovely I am afraid of tomorrow's day, I shall lose all my money and there will be a complete fool before agency, I do not know as I shall go through tomorrow's day and whether I can go through it, I shall wait your letter tomorrow, before that how to go in agency.Thousand kisses.Yours,Valeriya
Letter 31
Hello my darling James, The darling James, today I have read your letter. I have understood your thoughts. I wish to explain you some things. You should understand, that I have passed through much that my visa has been approved. I very much respect you, your opinion. But you also should respect my works, my efforts... But it not the most important thing. I told to the friends about you only positive lines. I spoke to friends about our acquaintance, about our love, about our relations. I was delighted with our correspondence, from our plans. My friends know, that we will meet in your country, that we love each other, that we are fine. They know, that I will soon visit you. They wish our of good luck... What now I will speak to friends??? I should tell, what my favourite does not trust me??? How then they will think of you??? I think, that you will be my husband, I think, that I will get acquainted with your friends, and you with my friends. I do not wish to break that mutual understanding which has developed between us. I do not want!!! I do not wish to spoil those mutual understanding which were between us. You understand me??? I want, that our love continued to grow, our relations continued to develop... All it is under construction on mutual trust. I trust you the safety. I trust you myself … I hope, that you show to me trust and will not break our love. You should understand, that I not so silly person to change our love for money. Unless the normal person will refuse own happiness for the sake of money??? Unless you consider me not as the good person???
Unless the happiness, love friendship, relations stand 498 pounds sterling?????? It is very silly. I am not the silly person. I wish to be with you. I want, that our love developed, that our relations were under construction... I hope, that you understand about what I speak.
I in a shock that you do not trust me. James I I understand what to send documents through the Internet very dangerously, but to you Completely I trust. Dear now I could make a passport copy. For That that you could be convinced of sincerity of my intentions. I do not want That our relations began with mistrust. Dear please understand that I used all variants. I hope, that you will help. I promise, that you will not regret that helped our meeting. Yours Valeriya.
Letter 32
Hello James at first let me say I was really discouraged after reading of your las letter.As you dare to offend me!!! You that have become crazy???? You have my passport I called to you yesterday. You know,I red it again,then once again but still couldn't understand what I did wrong? James, I even looked to dictionary to understand what did you mean by the word Russan girls ask for money. So you mean I wanted to steal your money, do you? Really?! I was shocked when I just thought about it. Person whom I were dedicated fully, for the sake of whom I was spending a lot of time each day writing my letters.I don't know what to do, how to react and the main I've found and now I have to prove you in smth I don't really understand what is this and what you were talking about in your letter. James, why am I guilty in any illegal deadment of people from Russia? Why did I deserve and the main offensive questions by what did I deserve this offensive distrust to me from you? Ooh, I'd better stop on it because I'm so at loss now that I can say smth I will regret about later. Please excuse me for this if you wish.
Still yours,Valeriya
Letter 33
Hello my dear James, I was once again convinced of your serious intentions to me. In your plans for our future. I'm glad that now really there are no barriers to our meeting and we soon will together. It is very grateful to you, that you do much for us and for our meeting. I promise that I will make you the happiest man in the world. I wish to tell to you, that I love you! James, today, I have gone to bank to learn all details of a remittance. As I can receive your help. I have arrived to bank have asked the manager to explain me all details. To me have offered some ways of remittance from Uk to Russia. The first way is a remittance into the bank account. I have a personal account.But term of a remittance from 4-6 days. Honey I think that it too difficult and will occupy a lot of time The second way is to take advantage the international systems remittances. Systems much the most popular it Western Union or Monney Gramm. I have received detailed consultation about these systems. It quickly, conveniently is very reliable. - Each remittance is protected by modern system of safety
- The newest electronic technology and a worldnet allows to carry out fast payments of remittances of all in some minutes after their departure
- To send and receive a remittance it is possible in any point Monney Gramm without opening of the bank account I think, that it will be more convenient. Dear James that you could send money to you it is necessary to find branch Monney Gramm in the city. You necessarily should know my data.
Honey understand that you should send the help through system Money Gram. Understand that Western Union It is closed on repair for technical reasons. Office Money Gram near to my house and I can easily and quickly receive your help. My data:
Name: Valeriya
Surname: Bezgodova
The country: Russia
City: Usinsk
Street: Mira
The house: 7
The postal index code: 169710 498 Pound sterling So the summary details are Assistents said that after sending the money you should inform me about the amount expected, MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number), your full name, the place you send your funds from exactly you've written in the form of transfer. James, how are you doing, how is your mood in the eve of our nearest meeting? Thousand of kisses in return to your generosity my love James devoted to you fully,Valeriya
Letter 34

Dear I did not wish to speak to you. The darling, I think that my photo was laid out on a site by my former guy Vladimir. We have dispersed because it beat me and drank a lot of alcohol. Vladimir knows that I wish to find love in the Internet. And to leave from Russia. He tries to prevent my happiness. On it it has specially placed my photo on a fraud site. The darling trust me, I never deceived you. Please excuse that I to you have not told. I thought I will tell to you when I will arrive. Understand that you are very necessary to me. Yours Valeriya
Letter 35
Hello dear James, So where is your care to me? Where is your anxiety? Don't you care about me at all? Why I say like this because you just write me your excuses and now stopped even writing letters to me. Why don't you stop to excuse yourself and win back my love by making your promise and sending money to me which you promised!!! How can't you understand I paid to travel agency my first initial payment and I lose time – so I'm full of expenses and loses. And I see that you don't care. You just think about yourself!!!!!!!!!! Are you egoist??? Until you don't make your promise I really think that you laugh at me. It's sad and very offensive to think like this but I really think that you are like this. The tears come down my cheeks right now while I write this letter and I'm full of despair. I don't know what to do and where to find the truth and love if the man whom I thought as my lover and my defender just don't care about me at all… Still alive but almost without hope,Valeriya
Letter 36
Ohhhh I'm so sorry my precious James, that I made you to doubt about the my departure. James, why you are so suspicious? What did I wrong?
But I don't really understand your anxiety. I'm very sad that I caused so much of anxiety and distrust. It's a pity really that in the eve of our so sacred event our first personal meeting such feelings are in our minds.I was shocked to read your letter full of negative. I'm sorry to cause you such feeling due to my action. write to me very soon and tell me your thoughts and your plans. Honey, there shouldn't be such bad thoughts and negative emotions between us. Your darling, Oh, James, it was very hard to say all of this but I'm full of doubtful feelings right now. Hope you can dismiss these bad thoughts.
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