Scam letter(s) from Linda Ron to Mamu (Germany)

Letter 1
Hi it's Linda kindly message me back if I got the right email...
Letter 2
I will like to get to know you..Tell me something about yourself and i will do the same..
Letter 3
Hi Mamu, Thanks for getting back to me and i really like all that you have to say about yourself.. Let me tell you a bit about myself...I was born and grew up in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia but i live in halbh?henlage, Stuttgart, I came down to Stuttgart to stay with my grandma before she passed away lately last year and ever since she passed away i stay alone in Stuttgart and i love it there..I'm 26 single, never married a freelance model and have been working in the industry for some years. I'm even presently in Turkey on a 6days fashion and modelling Event. today makes my 3rd day here, I will be back home in Germany when the event is concluded in 4days time.. Some of my hobbies are to listen to good music and going to the beach on it or near it. I am into camping but not been for a long time but its nice to be snuggled up trying to keep warm in front of an open fire. I like to get to know about you. Hope we can talk about any stuff you will know more about me while we chat longer. Linda xoxoxo
Letter 4

Hi Mamu, Thanks for getting back to me, Well my birthday is march 16, my favorite color is Purple, Yellow and Pink..I'm looking for a man, who will be the only one in my life, who will be everything for me. I dream about attentive and caring person. I want to be loved and I'll give the same back. I'm searching for a magnanimous and kind man, who can protect and support me.. I dont drink alcohol and i dont smoke i prefer non alcohol, i dont know how long wanna stay in Germany but for now i love it in Germany and am willing to stay as long as i can..i love any purple flowers because, lets face it, it's a brilliant colour! I also love orchids because they are really pretty and dragonsnaps because they are so different. I would love to meet up with you as you sound like a nice guy. I am a passionate lady that like a quiet night home with her guy to chat and watch all kinds of movies too. I think we would get on very well. Thank you for keeping our exchange of thoughts. What's your plan for the future? and what do you do most during the weekends?
Letter 5
My plan for the future is to have a great family and kids. I also working on opening a clothing stores for female both Children and Adult. Most weekends i watch movies in my house and make a good meal then maybe i would just take a walk down the park. The movies I like are suspense, action, sci-fi, romance, some old movies too. I like the original Helen of Troy, I never get bored of watching it over again once in a while. My favorite action star is Arnold Schwarnegger, when he retired, Jason Statham became my favorite.

I get a nervous but excited feeling as i see i have another message from you. i feel not only love but your partner can also be your best friend in good and bad times. someone you can hold after a bad day and all the stress and worries will disappear the tender words. that is love for me. i really feel we can get to know each other better if we continue with this conversation. Tell me a bit about your last relationship?
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