Scam Letter(s) from Valentina Kudryavtseva to Jeanjacques (Luxembourg)

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Letter 1

Hi :) you left me your Email address on the website I really wanted to get acquainted with you closer , unless of course you still want :) As you noticed I live in Russia in Voronezh , a fine is not a big city , very beautiful and old , I was born here and live. My name you already know my name is Valentina , my date of birth 30 December 1983 I am 31 years old , don't tell , I'm such a young age already sufficient for me , I'm looking for a serious relationship , so I want to create my family. Age for me no problem , I think the man is older, he is wiser and more beautiful. I hope you liked my photos, so I'll wait your pictures , send more and I'll be mandatory to send you my new. As I said I live Voronezh , live alone , rent an apartment , I no longer live with your parents , you need to be independent and build a life for herself. I work as a Manager in a cafe, what I do at work , so what do managers usually are responsible for the cafe , the registration of all documents , orders , the work is not complicated but we get in full. Education I economic , and learned English in school , I knew that it was easy for me , in my childhood everything is always easy to learn and remember. I don't have children , I hope that in the future will , I would very much like this.
The growth of my 176 , weight about 55 kg. That's not a lot about me. Just want to know you , tell us what you do? What are your interests?
I am very interested to know everything about you , but I think with time we will know all about each other. Well I will wait for your soon letter.

Letter 2

My love you don't need a copy of my Russian passport to send me money , I learned in the Bank you can easily send via Western Union , can I get your help on the same day immediately.
Here is the information you need there:

Country: Russia

City: Voronezh

Street: Brick 10-22

Kudryavtseva Valentina

Postal Code: 394000

My love I will wait for your help today. Waiting for your soon letter. yours with love Valentina

Letter 3

Hello my beloved, how I love to read your letters , how you doing?
You know how long I've waited for such a man as you.
You are my ideal and I am willing to do anything for you.No one can compete with your masculinity, bravery and kindness.
I dream of the day code we will stay together. In the evenings I imagine you taking me in a beautiful place where everything exists only for us alone. This watch will be the happiest for me.
I want to dive into your arms and forget about everything. To enjoy your presence. Your hands strong and tender when they touch me, I feel safe.
I want to touch you again and again. to feel an unforgettable experience.
You give me dreams. I feel so elated that any angel could envy me.
Looking at you my heart starts beating really fast, I hold my breath, and chills run through my entire body.
It's love. I feel that we will be with you together forever. It is my desire and I wish for him always.
I love you, will you, love. Most of all. Without you I don't need this world, I don't need anyone.
Only you live in my heart. You're the only long-awaited. I can't live without you. Be always with me.
And always remember that I am yours forever, I very, very strongly love you. Gently kiss.
My love today I was in travel Agency, I learned that I need to fly to you earlier I not when was not abroad , I will need to make documents passport, visa. All it costs 340 euros , I really sorry, but I won't be able to afford such an expensive trip , I'm really not convenient to ask you for help, but if you can help , I will be very grateful to you and our dreams to be together very soon become a reality.
My love of visa will I do for 3 months it as much as possible. I love you and will wait for your a short letter. yours with love Valentina



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