Scam letter(s) from Christine to Abdul (USA)

Letter 1
Hi, this is Christine! We talked on a dating site! I promised to write to you) I rarely visit on the site, so it's much easier to communicate by email! is not it ?
I am interested in your profile, I would like to get to know you on closer!
Tell about yourself ! Where you're from ?
I'm from Ukraine) I live here all my life. The relationship has recently been the failure so I decided to try online dating, suddenly I'm lucky?) Waiting for your answer Christina!
Letter 2
Hello Abdulla!! We met on a dating site, remember?) This is Christine. I am very glad that you saw my letter and replied! In short about me, my name is Cristina,
I live in Ukraine, Makiivka, Donetsk region.
Yes yes, this same city that everyone is talking in the news, if you're watching TV! I am 31 years old .
It seems to me that I was ready for a serious relationships.
Usually I am not looking for men on dating sites, but I've heard
a lot of happy stories that many people thus met and live happily together. I thought why not try it? My friends say that I am a very kind and open person.
I love children, I always find them common to the language.
I hope that someday I will have it.
For me it is very important that a man came to their liking.
What we understood each other immediately without further ado. I think happiness is to find someone like this .. In my free time I like to read, mostly I read Russian classics .
Chehov must lie each on the shelf! This helps to express beautifully and opens the mind to deeper thoughts.
I also love outdoor activities, sometimes am running when I have time. It helps me to keep in shape! I worked as a secretary, do office work. Nothing interesting .
After the war, it has become much less salary, and life has become a little heavier.
But I try as best I can. I work 5 days a week, Saturday and Sunday I have the day off. I spend the time with friends or family. For some reason, my computer broke and I go to the Internet from computer at work. We allocate a couple of hours for personal use. And I st to write you a letter. In the end I had to help my parents. We have lived through terrible times. Almost a year ago we did not
have water and light a few months.
In us was shooting . Many people died. Many have left. .
These were terrible times. But thank God they are in the past and we continue to live. I have an ordinary family, I am the only child in my family. My parents have already retired, so I help them than I can. After hostilities I live together with parents to help them around the house. Tell me a little about yourself! Where are you from ? About your parents! Who do you work for? About your hobbies? Waiting for an answer, Christine!
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