Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Rudika to Potus (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello there. My name is Natalya. I am 27. I am interesting in you and would like to know you better. Is it right mail address ? I am waiting for your answer and hope we will have very nice conversation.
Take care.

Letter 2

hello my dear.
i am very happy to get your letter and very happy to know that you want to meet with make me crazy i want to be with you right now. and i think my vacation it is great chance to meet you. i never been abroad and it is very interesting for me.
all my friends and relatives know about you. they are very happy for me. they think you can change my life... and i am sure this life will be wonderful. i really want to meet with you in Sweden and i already asked what i need...
i was told i need international passport, visa, and medical insurance. i was told that everything can be ready till my vacation, if we will start to do my docs as soon as it is possible. i was very happy to hear it. but after i asked how much it cost...i was in shock. all papers cost 550$. passport cost 100-300$, visa-100$ and medical insurance 150$. dear it is too expensive for me.
but if you dont meet with me in Sweden, i prefer meet in Thailand. but for it i need passport too and medical insurance. my vacation start the and of July.
I'm sending you photos))
your Nataly

Letter 3

hello dear.
i am fine thank you, I'm at work but now I have lunch,went for a couple of minutes to answer you)))
i dont think that it is good idea come to Kiev.
so would be better if i come to you. i really want leave my place for a while and forget about all this. just want relax and dont think about anything. but final say from you!
I obtain a passport still at the place of residence and no matter what Agency, I think the prices are about the same everywhere. anyway we must to do passport at first. so I'm waiting for solution from you)
i hope that we meet very soon too)
miss you so much.
kiss you
your Nataly

Letter 4

Hello my love. how are you there? how was your weekend? thinking of me? hope yes, because you are all the time in my mind!! sorry that i did not answer you yesterday. had not possibility. We had too long exposition's day!!! I already can not wait when i back to home and hear your voice!!! miss you so so much!!!
This Sunday i spent with co-worker. we walked and checked this city. Nothing special. And was in cafe. there all girls shared with their secrets. Everyone talk about herself, their family and other things... I told about you!!! i told that i met great man in Internet and very soon we will meet. they was so surprised. anyone did believe in love in Internet. so know they know that it work!!! everyone wish me good luck and love with you!!! I am so happy.
Dear very soon we will be together.
i love you so much!!! miss you
have to back to exposition now
wish you all the best
your Nataly!!



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