Letter(s) from Anastasia Subbotina to Kevin (UK)
Letter 1
Hello my love future husband Kevin.
Now I should inform you some news, which I have found out today!
Managers informed me that my time registration in the city of Moscow has ended. In it there is nothing terrible. BUT... I cannot receive more your help in Bank. Money Gramm or Western Union cannot give out to me your help if you can send me it! It is already exact information - I have checked up it! But I could find exit from this situation! I ask you to read attentively that you did not have questions! Ok?
I have cousin! She lives all in 70 kilometers from the city of Moscow.
And today I have already contacted her! I have explained all situation in which now I am! Certainly, I have asked as at her the help! But unfortunately she has no now money to help us to be with you together Kevin! She one brings up child. Her the husband has thrown them when to the child was only 3 months. And consequently she can help me only with receiving your help Kevin - for me! If you can find money, and send me it - that you should send money addressed to my cousin. She will arrive to me to Moscow, and we shall go together in Bank to receive it! Ok? I am really grateful her that she has agreed to help us with you Kevin with this situation! Yes... Tatyana Galkina - a name of my cousin
City - Moscow
The country - Russia
(only you should specify this information, if you can send me your help!) My love Kevin, now I shall finish the letter. I shall wait your letter with the big impatience and excitement! And now I send you of 100000000000000000000000 most gentle and sensual kisses! I love you all heart, my future husband Kevin! I love you!!!!!!!!
Forever your true love and future wife Anastasiya.
Letter 2
I love you Kevin!!! I am very happy today. At me madly good mood. And I want to share it with you. Ok? I am sure that you as will be happy!!! And now I shall tell all to you!!!
After I have received your letter with the information, I have copied the information on a sheet of a paper. Then I have gone to Bank to receive your help. There all was good. Yes, there were many people, and I had to wait some time. But I could receive your help without problems. Then I have gone to managers that all to make. I have shown money - to me have given out the document. After that to me have told, that I went in cabinet where to me will get tickets aboard the plane.
And I made everything, that speak me.
There as there was a manager. It was the same lovely girl at whom I already was. It was easy for me to communicate with her again. We have again checked up all documents. I have told, that all is good! And I can fly to you, my love Kevin. And after a while we have started to get to me tickets aboard the plane! There was a tragedy!!! But I ask you, my love and my future husband Kevin to not worry. It is not too big tragedy - but I very strongly was upset!!! I thought, that I can already take off to you by the plane today! I really wanted to arrive to you very quickly. But it has failed! And we should wait for 1 more day! It is very difficult for me. I very strongly want to see you, as soon as possible. I even am ready to go to you on foot!!! I love you Kevin!!! You understand, on my love to you, my future husband Kevin how many is strong!!!???
I have distracted, excuse!!! The manager of embassy has got to me tickets aboard the plane. I was the happiest woman on light! I realized that all my documents are ready, and there are tickets aboard the plane! It was fine feeling! When all has ended in embassy, I at once have run in the Internet of cafe to inform you these news! I really ran, and did not look on sides. I wanted to reach as soon as possible up to the Internet of cafe to write to you, my future husband Kevin, the letter - to tell all that today happened with me!!! And I sit in the Internet of cafe, and I write to you the letter!!!
HURRAH!!! The information, my arrival to you, my future husband Kevin!!!: Start: Moscow Sheremetyevo (SVO), 07:45, on September, 5 2015 Flight:
Aeroflot, B
Airbus A321-100/200
Economy class Arrival: London Heathrow (LHR), the Terminal 4 Change: 09:45 - 12:15, expectation 2 hours 30 minutes Start: London Heathrow (LHR) Flight:
AccesRail, Z
The bus
Business class Arrival: Coventry (CVT), 14:10, on September, 5 2015 Time in a way - 8 hours 25 minutes Now we know an exact times and date of that moment when we shall see each other. You are happy, my love Kevin??? I am very happy!!! I very much wait for that moment when we shall see each other, we shall embrace, and we shall kiss!!! It will be the best moment in my life!!!
I am very very strongly glad!!! In me it is a lot of emotions! I would like to shout for pleasure!
Love, love, love you, also I can not live more without you!!! You are simple - SUPER MAN!!! You have won my heart, and now my heart belongs to you!!! I simply do not find words for pleasure! I love and adore you, my future husband Kevin!!!
And now I should go in a hostel. I hope that you will not take offence at me!!!??? I simply am very strongly tired, and I want to receive rest! I think, that I can come in the Internet of cafe tomorrow to receive from you the letter and to write to you the letter - before sitting in the plane! Your letters, your support are now very strongly necessary for me!!!
I shall finish the letter on it. I really am very strongly tired!!! I shall wait for your letter with the big impatience, my love and my future husband Kevin!!!
1000000000000000000000000000000 most gentle and sensual kisses for you, my future husband Kevin!!!!!!!!
Forever your beloved future wife Anastasiya.
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