Letter(s) from Jennifer Rose to Rodney (USA)

Letter 1

Tell me all about you, what you want, what do you and what i need to know. I will do the same.


Letter 2

I can't come back because I am not done here and I don't have return ticket. If you want to help me, I will appreciate.

Letter 3

You haven't found any one because, you let some asshole nigga come between your love life. It not possible to love someone and bring PL or friends between. Trust me for once and you will never regret helping me or loving me.

Letter 4

Name: Jennifer Rose

Address: 150 Piccadilly, London W1J 9EB England

Letter 5

Go to western union online babe. You will get it done

Letter 6

Just do it right. If it possible to do it t that way, do it. Or get cash go to western union out let. What are you doing today?

Letter 7

Ok. take care of your self and drive carefully.

Letter 8

As soon as i get my bill paid dear.. You can get me a ticket back home. You will fly me in closer airport where you can pick me up

Letter 9

Yes i remember. You can use your card to send me $$ through western union.

Letter 10

I'm owing the vacation renter apt management. i am staying 600 pound. You can get it done online.

Letter 11

How can I pick money send to UK any where in the world? Is that what western union told you? I dont have account here. What account are you asking Rodney? This is getting too much for me. I have no reason to take advantage of your kindness man. If you wanna do this pls do it and I swear to God I will not tale advantage of you

Letter 12

I dont have a bank Rodney. If you send it to western union it will be easy to pick it up. This is a foreign country. Send it through western union.

Letter 13

You can leave if you wanna leave rodney. Thank you for the care. I don't know what you want me to do.. You want me to start looking for a bank or what? I can't pick money from western union without ID. Also I can't pick money send to London anywhere. I can only pick it here in London.