Letter(s) from Anastasia to Colin (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Colin. Today I have not received your letter, probably you have been borrowed. I wish to tell about history which have occured today to me. As this history has caused in me a storm of emotions and indignation. And I have solved will share with you this history. Today in a lunch break I sat in park on a bench and examined people. Nearby there were 2 young persons, the woman and the elderly person. This elderly person not so firmly stood on legs. More truly, practically did not stand. Young men laughed at it, speaking that it is drunk also to it it is necessary to go home. Having solved, that the elderly person is really drunk, I have distracted, have started to recollect the youth and have reflected. In fact, having drunk alcohol of the person will exhale the certain aroma. From the elderly person there was no smell of alcohol absolutely. It was strange! I have approached to it and have asked, as at it health. The person has answered - and it was terrible. It spoke not distinctly. Having recollected descriptions of attributes stroke, I with alarm of heart have asked the elderly person to smile. Elderly the man has tried to smile. The smile was stretched on half-face. IT was stroke! What was further? Further I have put the elderly person on a bench. I have run to search for an opportunity to cause ambulance. Behind a corner I have seen the policeman and it on a portable radio set has caused ambulance. I have returned to elderly to the man what to check up it, before arrival ambulance. For this time to the elderly person who has not approached. In 5 minutes there has arrived first aid and has taken away the elderly person. My dinner came to an end also I came back to work. I all the day thought of this history. That could be with the elderly person if I have not helped! As to me it was insulting for people which have not helped the elderly person. Really in our world there is no goods. Unless it is possible to pass by when to the person badly? What do you think of it? How you have acted in this situation? Anastasiya

Letter 2

Colin, how your day today? I am glad to see your answer. I like to talk to you. You very interesting interlocutor. Colin, in my city very bad Internet and consequently there are failures in reception of letters. Colin, what such facebook? I am very glad, that in your state care of children. I am very glad for you, that you the kind person and help children. I very much regret, that you are always borrowed and cannot write longer letters. I think, that you very interesting person and consequently to me would be desirable to learn about you more. Colin why you nothing has told about the work. I liked your photo! It is very interesting to me to learn as such probably, what you float on a sofa? Colin it seems to me, that in a life there are two most important things, it is love and friendship. We test both these feelings to people who in due course appear in our life. The present love in a life of each person one, and I think, that the present friends cannot be much. A number with me is people whom I can name the present friends. And I am grateful to destiny that it has presented me them. My most close girlfriends call Sveta, Maria, Marina. With Sveta, we are familiar since the childhood. We studied at one school, and lived in the neighbourhood. Now Sveta as lives in Cherepanovo. It married also works as the teacher at school. With Maria, I have got acquainted in institute. We studied with it in one group. Now Maria, there lives in a Surgut, it married already second time. Its first marriage has appeared unsuccessful because its husband very often drank, it has divorced from it several years ago. Now it married behind the second the man, also is very happy. Last time I met with Maria, three months ago, it came to me on a visit. With Marina, we together work. It very good and sympathetic person. When I started to work, I often collided with complex situations, in which did not know how to act. Marina, always gave me valuable advice and encouraged me. It works in our office as the psychologist. Now to it of 37 years, it married also has two children, the boy and the girl. Colin, I am assured, that if you saw Sveta, Maria, Marina, they would like you. They are really fine people. For me they are very important. I appreciate their support and is always ready to come to the aid to them. I hope, that it was interesting to you to learn about my friends. This photo has been made casually. When we walked with the girlfriend on city that have decided to be photographed at a fountain and at all have not noticed a rainbow but when we have made a picture we were pleased with a rainbow. I shall wait for your answer. I hope, you will tell to me about the friends more. Your friend Anastasiya

Letter 3

Hello Colin. Today my day has passed successfully, I was released from work before usual! First I very much was delighted, and then did not know than to me is borrowed. In the street there was a remarkable warm weather, and I have decided to take a walk on city. In the street was to few people as still worked. Near to myself I have seen group of guys. They stood at the house and sang under a guitar. It became interesting to me, and I have approached more close. There Is one guy admitted to the girl love, by means of a song. It became interesting to me and has decided to look than it will end. The girl for a kotra the guy sang did not look out, probably hesitated. But in some minutes it has left and has accepted the caring of the man. During this moment I have recollected you! How you think, you could me in yourself to fall in love? What would you make that I have fallen in love? But notice, man it was not possible to any me in itself to fall in love! Anastasiya

Letter 4

Colin, with each our letter to each other we all become closer. I very much like that at us dialogue turns out. It is sincerely interesting to me to learn about you, I very much hope that this feeling is mutual. Colin, thanks that has told about the hobby, your hobby very interesting and fascinating. Colin, your work responsible also demands from you a lot of responsibility. Unfortunately I never was engaged in mountaneering. Colin, thanks for your beautiful photos. Colin, you read my letters? In the last letter I told to you about the friends, but you not as have not reacted. As I already spoke you I the open person, and I do not love when there are innuendoes in dialogue. I wish to tell to you about the last attitudes. To me this theme is not pleasant, but I think, that you should know about it. Colin as I already spoke you in 2003, I have entered the institute. Then to me there were 17 years. At that time many my girlfriends already had gentlemen. Over me even sometimes laughed, that to me 18 years are already fast, and I at all when did not kiss. I did not try to meet the guy, and thought that it for me very much early. In institute balls yearly were spent. On these balls chose king and queen. I always was very ferial girl, and not when did not try to be the focus of attention, and for me there was greater a surprise when me have chosen queen. I in the beginning rested and did not wish to go on a stage, but my girlfriends almost have not violently sent me there. After that have sounded a name of king of ball, it was Kiril, and we had to dance. I remember, how to me it was awkward, in fact I at all when did not dance with the man. I remember, that I all have reddened and have escaped therefrom. After that I weigh evening cried in a room. It was very a shame to me with itself. Maria, has calmed me, we long with it talked, and I have forgotten about this unsuccessful ball. Next day Kiril, has come to our group with colors and has suggested me to go with it on appointment, I have given up to it in it. After that it long looked after me, and tried to achieve my attention. Then I was still too naive and have thought, that in its address at me the feeling of love has flashed, we have started to meet it when to me there were 19 years. In the beginning in our attitudes all was good, we understood and about respect concerned to each other. But when we send to last rate, it has started to drink often, it shirked pairs. In institute there was a question on its deduction. Then I have suggested it to correct a situation and began to help with studying subjects. At that time I still lived in a hostel with girlfriends. Kiril, often came to me to a room, and I helped to study to it those subjects on which it lagged behind the general program. And once having come in the room, I have seen Kiril, and one of my girlfriends, it called Oksana, together in bed. My heart as if has stood, to me was madly sick from seen. I have escaped therefrom! I did not wish to come back more there and to see their persons. It was heavy to me to realize, that that person who spoke me about love, looking in eyes, has exchanged me on I wash the girlfriend. At me did not go in as Oksana, could betray me. In fact we together lived with it of the whole five years, and I always tried to help it with all. I not when did not bear its malice. I long experienced from happened, I have moved to live in other room and avoided any meetings with Kiril, and Oksana. Later week I have gone home, and have talked about this situation to mum. Then it has given me very valuable advice, it has told, that time they have acted so with you your attitudes were not the presents. That should what love, and friendship. It has advised to forget simply this situation, and to continue to live further. And I have made, as my mum has told. But in my head it was postponed once and for all, that if I when that again shall begin attitudes only with the man which will be more senior than me which already has passed much in a life, and has understood what things it is necessary to appreciate really. Colin, for me the most important in attitudes, is sincerity honesty, and confidence of that person, with which you beside. Colin, for you as these things are important? What exactly for you is important in attitudes between people? I understand, that probably for you it there was not a pleasant theme for conversation, but I want, that you it would know all about me. I do not want, that between us would be, any secrets. I hope, that you with me agree in it. Your friend Anastasiya

Letter 5

Hello Colin!!! How your day today? Than you were engaged? Colin, to me it is very pleasant, that you support me about my treachery in my life. Colin, I very much regret, that in the past you had bad relations with your favourite person. I also regret, that your girl has broken your heart. It is very a pity to me, that because of this treachery you have lost trust to women. Colin, you are absolutely right, that for the true feelings it is necessary to struggle. Colin and you wish to grow fond of the person again? You are ready to new relations? Colin about what you would dream to the girl who is necessary to you for love? I live mum almost each days off. In itself the American men, good the family man and very responsible! Here the person who has the mistress and it is married thus, it considers lost while we in Russia if in men have the mistress or mistresses, is, it is considered sharp! Americans are lifted on other, they very good parents! And even if parents will divorce, all of them will equally care of children and if the law will not want, will induce it to do them! If will compare the American men to the Russian comparison not in favour of our men! Therefore, if you have decided to search on you directly for the husband on the Internet, the best search of the American! Colin, I when did not meet a deceit on the Internet and consequently I can tell nothing about it. Moreover I do not know as probably to deceive on the Internet, in fact we do not see each other and we are not beside. I certainly regret, that in the world it is a lot of deceit, but I think, that the Internet self-its this safe place. Colin, thanks that has told about itself, me was very pleasant know more about your life. Colin, it is very pleasant to me to know, that you conduct a healthy way of life. I would like, that you would know about Russia more. We have a saying, that what to understand Russia it would be necessary to live in it. I shall try to explain whenever possible to you, on what the life in my country resembles. Russia is the greatest country in the world, at us 83 staffs are totaled. In Russia 180 different nations are totaled. And at each of them the history, the culture, the language and the traditions. All together it also is one greater and great history of Russia. At us many fine poets A.S.Pushkin, S.A.Yesenin, L.N.Tolstoi. You heard, about them? In Russia many various crafts and crafts. I shall put photos of several of them to the letter. The first photo which I send you are valenoks. It is the Old Russian footwear, the second it gzhel and khokhloma is a kind of a list of subjects. It a little prophetic which associate with Russia. I hope, that it will be interesting to you. Often on the TV show transfers how foreigners concern to our country. You know sometimes, it forces to laugh. Many are mistaken in statements about Russia. Yes, it is valid at Russia there are many problems. But in the present Russia the fine country. I love Russia with its all advantages and lacks. And it seems to me, each citizen of the country should love the native land. How you consider, I am right in it? I hope, that the today's theme of conversation was interesting to you, and we can continue dialogue. As it would be interesting to me to learn more about your country. Yours faithfully Anastasiya.

p.s. I put A.S.Pushkin's poem to the letter. “ WINTER MORNING “

Frost and the sun; day wonderful!
Still you doze, the friend charming-
It is time, a beauty, wake up:
Open looks are closed by luxury
Towards to northern Aurora,
Star the north be!

Evening, you remember, the blizzard was angry,
In the muddy sky the haze rushed;
The moon, as a pale spot,
Through clouds gloomy turned yellow,
And you sad sat-
And now..... Have a look in a window:

Under blue heavens
Magnificent carpets,
Shining on the sun, a snow lays;
The transparent wood one blackens,
And the fur-tree through hoarfrost turns green,
And the small river under an ice shines.

All room amber shine
It is lit up. A cheerful crash
The flooded furnace cracks.
It is pleasant to think at a stove bench.
But you know: whether to order in sled
Mare brown harnessed?

Sliding on a morning snow,
The friend the darling, we shall be betraid to run
Impatient horse
Also we shall visit fields empty,
Woods, recently so dense,
And coast, lovely for me.

Letter 6

Colin how has passed your day? You Represent, today I have come to library, have opened mail, and I had a letter from unfamiliar to me e mail addresses. I thought, that you have written it to me from another e mail, but, having opened the letter, I have understood, that it was written by one of those of man who wrote to me earlier. In its letter it again asked to send me naked photos and called the robot. I have not understood, that it wished to tell it. But it and is not interesting to me. I have removed its letter. I hope, that it is more to me will not write. I very much am surprised with impudence of some men how it is possible to ask a naked photo the girl? Really the man does not understand, that it offends by it the decent woman. Probably, I in it do not understand something. But my education would be no time me has not allowed to go on such step. How? How it can be made? In fact the woman should belong only to one man, and to be only it. I so was brought up by my mum, and I am assured that it is correct. Much in the world varies, it seems to me, that gradually people go mad. Feelings of conscience, shame, modesty, fidelity are lost, even sometimes it seems to me, that many people have forgot to love. Such light feelings are gradually replaced, with what that false values. People gradually become heartless! Colin, I am very grateful to mum that it has given me good education, probably, I am a little old-fashioned, but I know, that I have a heart! I know, that my conscience is pure. I know, that I have people who sincerely love me. And for me this main thing!!! Colin, to me it is very pleasant, that you love driving on the car. To me it is very pleasant, that you have perfectly spent time in target. I understand, that you are very borrowed and you do not have time to prepare. Colin, and what you love most of all from meal? I very much regret, that you not often see the friends. I am glad for you, that you share with the life and problems with the sister. I am glad for you, that with your problems you are helped by the nature and you go to a campaign. Colin, I think, that your dream when-be will come true also you will be in Pripyat. Colin, tomorrow 24.09, birthday of my aunt Lida. I have taken the day off on work, and I shall go to them in Maslyanino what to make a surprise. I have prepared the aunt for a gift, a room flower "eucalyptus". This flower possesses, bright aroma and allows to leave air in a room, pure and fresh. It is assured, that it will like this gift as it very much loves room flowers. I hope, that I was not mistaken with a choice. Colin, on it I shall finish the letter, I need to go on the bus what to go in Maslyanino. Forgive, today I have not taken a photo with myself as very much hurried up. I hope, that you not so will be upset. I shall wait for your following letter. Your friend Anastasiya.

Letter 7

Colin, I am glad to see your answer! Colin, today I had very intense day on work. In the morning I went to check family Smirnovyh. It is having many children, unsuccessful family. They cost at me on the account. I visit their time in two weeks, what to check up their conditions of a life, health of children, and as a condition of mother. They live without the father, it has left them two years ago. Now Galina so call mother of family, often drank. It is very a pity to me of its children. I try to explain to Galina, that it would take herself in hands and has regretted the children, but it did not listen to me. One month ago it wished to deprive with the parental rights. But then it has promised to court that, will be corrected. Today, when I have come to them, I have been surprised to that, how much all have changed. Galina has introduced order in the house, its children have been tidy dressed and smiled to me. At them the dinner was ready, and they have invited me for a table. I have accepted their invitation, at dinner Galina has thanked me that I have opened to it eyes on its situation. It has told to me, that very much experienced, that its husband has left them, and very much was afraid, that there was one with all problems. I am very glad, that Galina has found in itself forces and has got out of this heavy situation. Having had dinner at them and having thanked, I have left because of a table and have directed to a door, but I was caught up with Anna, senior daughter Galina. Anna has told to me, that they are very grateful, that I have returned to them their mum, and have stretched to me the curtailed leaflet. It has asked, to not forget them and to come to them on a visit. I have promised, that I shall necessarily visit them. When I have left the house, I have developed a leaf, it was figure. On it their family has been represented. Below It has been written to " aunt Anastasiya “ me very much has touched and has forced to shed a few tears! So it is pleasant to feel itself as the necessary person! Today I was once again convinced of necessity of the work, and its importance, for people. I of beliefs that in family Smirnovyh now all will be good. Colin, thanks that has told about the day and about weather in your city. I do not cease to be surprised with your travel and your activity during lives. To me it is very pleasant, that you liked my city and city of my mum. Thanks that has more told about itself, me is very pleasant, that you know that want in a life. I very much regret, that you cannot find for yourself suitable work, that you could travel without problems. I am very glad for you, that you love mountains and the nature. I neither when nor where did not travel and was not outside of limits of my country. Thanks for your beautiful photo. Colin, tell to me how has passed today your day? Than you were engaged? Your friend Anastasiya.