Scam letter(s) from Elaina Rodriguez to Mac (Australia)

Letter 1
Hey Mac,

How are you doing?. I hope you are really having a nice time out there. How has your day been today?.. I guess you had a lot of fun.. How is work and how has life been treating you over there.?. Hope you had a wonderful day so far:). I'm new at this online dating cos i was introduced to it by a friend and you are the first person am meeting online. Anyway,thanks for hitting me up with a message on here, i appreciate it.. So how's everything been with you?. i guess life itself has been generally cool with you too:). I got on that site bcos my friend introduce me to it and she said i should try it out... I didn't get the first email you sent until now and I'm Glad you sent me your email.

I think I'd take this chance to tell you a little about myself... I'm Elaina Rodriguez by name, 23 yrs , 5'4 tall, Black hair, Brown eyes blah blah blah... I am single with no kids and currently seeking for a relationship, but not rushing myself. I quite have a diversed background, My dad is a Mexican and mum is from California, USA... I'm presently working as a nurse attached to UNICEF and presently I'm on a working trip with the UNICEF team after our last mission Dubai, I was posted to South Africa with the UNICEF team and we are going to be back home to Brisbane Mid October, Things are going well for us out here and I hope we can meet up when my mission is over with UNICEF.. I enjoy going to pool, watching movies, dancing mostly salsa, playing video games, reading magazine and novel. I have passed through a lot being in a relationship and wouldn't allow the past to ruin me again, I believe failure teaches success and building my future with the experience I had. I believe inside looks would determine if couples are compatible, though attraction is part of it but the most important thing that does it all is personality traits. I am seeking for a man that's caring, understanding, faithful, honest, trustworthy ,patient, supportive, gentle, responsible and intelligent. I don't know what you still wanna know,but I'd be glad if you ask. Your turn? TTYL. Take care of yourself and be safe. Hope your day was great and cool:). Talk soon! Hope you had a nice bed rest and do have a fun filled day ahead. Stay out of troubles and Be cool:).

Letter 2
Hi Mac, It's really nice to have your email again today.. I'm doing great today thanks for asking and you?. How has life been over there with you.. I hope you had a nice bed rest and things have been pretty cool with you and i also hope that you've been having a lovely new week so far. Thanks for sending me an email, i promise to always find the chance to send you an email daily until my mission is over with the UNICEF team down here. I'm doing good today and it sounds pretty interesting to know lots of things about you.. So how did your short meeting went on like?. And what did you got upto due to the public holiday?. I'm so sorry to hear about your wife moving out of your house and going to rent a room but how are your kids doing?. I hope you get to put a smile on their faces from time to time and i'm sure they will be proud of you too. Why did your ex wife left you?. That's a nice job you've got and i think you must be a very hardworking man to have such a lovely job. I'm really so sorry to hear about the accident that you had in 2006 and i want you to feel free to share anything with me, I as a person like the fact that you're a honest and open minded person with me right from the start. It's truly God's miracle that got gave you a quick recovery and got you back to your feet from the accident, I wish you a full recovery from Paralyze and i really don't mind this bcos all that matters is you having a good heart to me, i see your pictures and i don't have a problem being around you as you look cute and handsome to me even much younger than your age, I can't get my eyes of them but pls don't tell anyone that i said that lol. Well you don't have to judge yourself bcos of your physical condition and i want you to know that anytime you need a friend to talk too you can always count me i will always be there for you until i get back home in a week and some days time so feel free to talk to me about anything. I just naturally like you bcos you're a honest and down to earth man. I'm so much looking forward to meet you in person when i get back home to Brisbane real soon. I love my job and all i can say is that i enjoy what i'm doing for humanity though this will happen to be my last mission with the UNICEF team bcos i feel i have dedicated enough of my time for humanity. The camps commandant told us at the meeting we had at the camp during the week that our mission will be over before the 17th of October or even before then bcos it all depends on when our flight plans and paycheck arrives at the camp but if it happens i leave on the 17th i would be arriving in Brisbane on the 19th of October which means i will be home in some couple of weeks time, We're almost done with our mission over here but i will keep you posted as soon as i get any further updates about when our flight plans and paycheck will be arriving at the camp. Everyone have a past but we've just got to leave the past behind and move forward with life, Bcos they are only lessons... Well i have also been hurt too many times by men and i do find it hard to trust men these days.. All i am just looking for is someone to trust that i can call my own in life and spend the rest of my life with. I don't want to be hurt anymore. Actually, i was posted to South Africa after our mission in Liberia,Iraq,Sudan and Philippine Typhoon.. So UNICEF posted me and some UNICEF team to come down to Atterigdeville, Gauteng.. The people are so lovely.. My dad is dead, Oh i wish i had someone back home to talk but unfortunate i have no one.. My dad is dead and mum left me me after dads death couple of year ago when we moved to Cleveland, Brisbane and got married to another man in Perth which i don't get to see her again... I was raised by my aunt who is now caught up in drugs and alcohol, i really love her and its pains me that she chose to live that way that was why i also had to come to Brisbane cos my dad own a house in Cleveland. i didn't feel comfortable living with her anymore.. I just had to tell you about my personal life, bcos i want you to know what I'm facing in life. But anyways i'll not and i'll never allow that to pull me down/back in life... I just have to be strong and move on in my life.. I pray the Lord guides and protect me and lead me through the right path.. My friend who introduced me to this online of a thing and advice me to try it, told me that she meet her husband online that i should try it.. This is my first time of coming over here.. But they look at us like angels.. I'm new at this online of a thing cos i was introduced to it by a friend out here in the camp. Your are the first person am meeting online.. And i hope you will not hurt me cos i have been hurt to many times by men and i don't want to be hurt any more.:). I really do miss home so much. Let me tell you a lil bit about my job,UNICEF works for children's rights, supports , survival ,protection,and development through education, advocacy,fundraising/ or donations. The United Nations Children's Fund helps children living in poverty in developing countries. UNICEF is the world's child survival authority..UNICEF is helping kids in over 150 countries mostly African countries and territories. UNICEF work includes immunizing and educating boys and girls in war ravished countries , and protecting them from the terror of abuse and also protecting them from war, xenophobic attacks and neglect.. Well enough said!. I have to go now but i'll be hoping to hear from you and until then, I am just looking for someone to call my own. what do you like in a lady ?. You should be able to ask me any question you think you wanna know about me and will answer you with all sincerity. It will be very much appreciated by me.. Take good care of yourself and stay out of trouble always. I will be looking forward to have your email soon.. Have a nice day ahead and i hope you had a nice bed rest :)... I have to go now, be safe.. Hoping to get some of your pics in your next email. Your Girl, Kisses and Hugs, Elaina :-)
Letter 3
Hey Mac,

Thanks for always putting a smile on my face with each and every email i get from you. My day have been pretty going great, I've just got on break and i'm at the camp but working on some documents that needs to be presented at work before the end of today but i really can't complain hey it's my job and i love it so much. You've been on my mind lately and i'm so much looking forward to meet you in person once my mission is over with the UNICEF team real in a week and some days time from now, Thanks for the lovely comments you said about my pictures and me i really do appreciate it so much from you. Well i will get to show you all about my work and my photo's album from work when i get back home bThinkicos we're not allowed to bring phone and laptops to our camp site due to the fact that it's against the rules and regulations at the camp but we're being provided with desktop computer to work on our reports and other stuffs related to work. I'm sure both your parents will be both proud of you and i hope you father arrived safely in Malaysia, wishing your mother a safe trip to Australia and i'm sure your kids will be happy to see Grandma and i wish i was there to also always help you look after the kids whenever you have to work but i hope they're both doing great?. That's nice to know that you managed to Apply for PR fro you family so that they could visit you in Australia anytime and i'm sure they will be forever grateful for the little thing you did for them. I can understand everything that happened between your ex wife and your family but she didn't have to always fight with your brother but she was suppose to show your family some respect no matter what happens you can't fight with your husband family it's just not right. I think i have to tell you more about my job, Each missions last for about 12 to 13 weeks at most and we get have 6 weeks off but this happens to be my last mission with the UNICEF team bcos i feel have dedicated enough of my time for humanity working with UNICEF for 4yrs now so i'm just gonna settle in once i get back home and after sometime try to submit my cv's to all the lovely hospitals in Brisbane if there are vacancies for registered nurses, That's my plans! but i love hanging out to the beach to watch the sunsets and listen to the sounds of the waves at night it's always fun to do that with someone you care alot about it. Well on weekend's we get to give the kids some morals about general life aspect, I grew up in Oakland, California U.S before moving to my late dad's house in Cleveland and i've not seen my mother for over 4 yrs now since she moved to Perth with her new man but i'm planning on locating her where about this time when i get back home bcos i'm gonna always be in Cleveland now but i really don't see a reason why you would expect me to flee from you bcos of your physical condition, My father told me never to discriminate or be-little anyone in life bcos we all are all created by God and he knows what's best for us. I truly wanna see you in person and get to be around you bcos you seems so down to earth, open minded and honest, these qualities have got nothing to do with physical conditions but it's what the heart wants. Well i wish you the very best in all you do and i pray that your company grows big international in 5yrs time from now i like the spirit of a businessman that you have in you and you must always keep that positive feeling and fire alive in you... I strongly believe that there must have been a reason why we met each other and i'm so much looking forward to meet you in person when i get back home to Brisbane. You're always on mind and i find myself thinking about you :-).

I see everything i have been through in life as my destiny which can never be changed and have been the reason i got this far and where i am in life atm and as for my Aunt i hope she gets a better life where ever she's right now bcos it's been a while i saw her last after advising her to go to rehab and she almost harm me which is the reason i had to flee, She said she would prefer to die that way, I really do not believe that she could say such a thing though i can understand the fact that she lost her two kids in a car accident Dec 2011. I'd like to ask you something Mac, Will you be able to come down to pick me up at Airport in Brisbane when i arrive?. Thanks for putting a smile on my face with such a lovely email today :). Well,one of my my goals is to have a very happy and God-fearing family in the future with lovely kids and also have a successful career and run a midwifery clinic for pregnant women, its really something i have always dream't of and im really working hard towards that direction.. I also want to have a very happy family, a happy home with 3 kids, 2 boys and 1 girl lol. How about you?... I'm sure that can't be complete without a honest, responsible and caring husband, someone who really knows the true meaning of what we call a Family. Well, hopefully fair enough everything works out good for me:) Anyways, I see relationships as one of the most natural things that can happen in life and i believe a good relationship is built on trust, honesty, togetherness and prayers.. I have had my fair share of relationships and i have been hurt too but it doesn't put me off me totally its only made me wiser bcos they were only lessons. Take good care of yourself and have a fun filled day ahead, Always remember that Elaina cares about you and can't wait to meet you in person Mac, Thinking about you Mac :-).xoxoxo

Love Assured,

Your Baby,

Kisses and Hugs,

Letter 4

Hi Mac, it's really nice to get an email from you again tonight before going to bed, I hope you've been having a great day so far today?.. I have been thinking about you lately and i am so happy to have you in my life right now, I hope you had a lovely night as well. You always put a smile on my face whenever i get to see that i have an email from you and it's always like inbox (1) but today i got (2) and they make me feel so special. Though work have been really stressful for me over here but i'm feeling a bit sick tonight and if it's persist i will just have to go and see a doctor first thing in the morning when i get out of bed bcos i've not been feeling good tonight at all.. You don't have to be sorry for the late reply bcos i can understand that you went to funeral and had to stay over night. I pray for the lost loved one that her gentle soul rest in perfect peace and may the good Lord grants her eternal rest in peace. I'm happy to know that my email puts a smile on your face same way yours does to me too and thanks for the lovely comments about my job i really do appreciate it. Awwwww it would be awesome to see you at the Airport for the very first and i'll be looking forward to run into your safe arms when i get to set my eyes on you, That's so nice and caring of you and i really do appreciate the fact that you offered to pick me up thou i will keep you posted as soon as i get any further updates about when our flight plans will be arriving at the camp and you will definitely be the first person i will be sending it to so that you can be able to work on your schedule and can make it to the Airport to pick me up but i hope you won't keep me waiting lol. Glad to know that your dad arrived in Malaysia safely and you've as well booked a ticket for your mum so that she can come over to look after the kids for you, I guess i will be home as well before her arrival so it will be nice to get to meet her when she comes 23/10 but i hope she gets to like me. Why don't you leave your walking posture to me and let me worry if you're a normal man or not?. You walking posture is not your heart those are two different things and that's not what makes you who you're bcos to me i see someone who have a kinda heart and you're more down to earth, I like you and nobody can change the fact that i will always like to spend my time with you getting to know more about you bcos i already feel you're someone i can trust and give my heart to. My aunt can't do me any harm and i'm sure she must have also moved on with her life and accepted what happened to her as her faith and destiny. Everyone is free to eat anything and i don't have a problem that you're a vegetarian bcos it's healthy to be one. My favourite food are Tacos, chicken Burrito and sea foods lol. The KFC story you said really made me smile you're such a naughty funny boy. That's a nice Vow you made to God and i'm happy you also know that HE'S an awesome God who answer prayers and give us testimony, Yea i also believe that kids are blessings from God and how many he wants to give a person he gives bcos HE will provide for you so that you can take care of them. God doesn't allow little children to suffer in life. Trust, honesty, Togetherness and prayers really matters in a relationship bcos that way you get to over come many things together in life. I pray every morning when i get out of Bed just to tell God thank you for making me see brand new day and for the gift of life. You're such a very interesting person and it will be interesting catching up and spending some time together when i get back home in a week and some days time from now.. I'll send you some more of my pictures in my next email. I went around town yesterday while i was on break with some of the natives out here at the camp and i was really surprise and shocked about how people live out here,everything I'm seeing out here everyday makes me thank God and its makes me appreciate my status of being an Hispanic, i mean me having a different background compared to theirs. I'm not saying that to criticize them or being a racist or anything of such but just to express what I'm saying to you so you can understand. That's all! I'm a very good girl with the fear of God at heart, though i didn't live with my parents cos my father died when i was young and mum got married to another man which i don't get to see her again which gave me the time to do whatever i want. I mean be a bad girl and do anything, but I'm very glad i didn't do such thing, instead i chose to be a very good girl with the promise of being someone great in life.. I'm a goal oriented person and I'm really working hard towards achieving my goals and i'm sure God will definitely help me out on that:). I like having fun and i like going to the beach to watch the sunrise/sunsets with my man and also going for a long walk on the beach with my man. I really like that and i like privacy a lot too but it just have to be with my man:).. Hope you've been having a fun filled day, Much to say but so little time. I'll be hoping to hear from you soon but i have to go to bed now bcos it's 01:00am Wednesday morning here already. I can't wait to meet you in person when my mission is over with UNICEF in a week and some days time when i arrive back home to Brisbane. Thinking About You Mac.xoxoxoxoxoxoxo...

Love Assured, Your Princess, Kisses and Hugs, Elaina:)
Letter 5
Hi Mac, How are you doing today and how's life been treating you lately, You've been on my mind all day long and i just couldn't wait to get on the computer so that i can write you an email this morning, I'm sick at the moment and i've stopped going to work for now until my health gets better but i went to see a doctor this Morning. Thou work have really been stressful over the past couple of days for me and i think that's the more reason why i feel sick. You've filled my heart with a lot of joy and happiness since i met you and i wish you were right here to take care of me, Thanks for the care and concern on me i do appreciate it you're really a love doctor lol. Yes i've been catching up on resting and i've been trying to drink alot of water since last night, Even thou i'm sick i will still keep sending you an email so that it can keep you energized all the time like you said it does. I also can't wait to always check for your email and every time i get on the camps desktop computer and i get to see your emails my heart pumping very fast too i guess it's a good thing to know that our hearts are connected and feel the same way about each other. Awww that's so sweet of you and i'm definitely gonna be sending you my flight plans as soon as i get them hopefully next week at the camp so that you can be able to know what time and date my flight will be arriving in Brisbane hopefully next weekend i should be home but it depends if our flight plans and pay cheque arrives in the camp next week. Well why i'm more mature than my age is bcos i spend most of my time growing up with my late dad and he uses to teach and tell me alot of things about life and how he wants me to be an achiever in life. Hhahahaha i know what you're talking about and even at the camp here where i work the kids make every where look like disaster and scatter things on the floor everywhere, You've just got to love them for who they're and accept them for being kids. I'm sure you did more than them when you were a kid too Mac lol. I guess we should both go to the cinema together when i get back home it will be fun to catch up for a movie and also go to the beach with you to see the sunsets/sunrise while we listen to the sound of the waves but i can teach you how to swim properly if you won't be shy lol.. I hope you manage to get some work done and the kids were not too disturbing today lol.I'm really looking forward to meet you in person and i'm so happy to know that we both feel the same way about each other which makes me believe that we've got a good chemistry going on between us. Mac, I really like the way you have been communicating with me. It seems a good start for both of us. I also pray that may God come my way and help me out in any possible calamity in the future. i am very happy that we both feel the same way towards each other. The commonality and compatibility between us seem rhymed and that is the way it should be. I really want to meet you in person and see how we will be able to make this relationship a longer and an everlasting one. I am afraid to tell you that i am gradually falling in love you. This act is always seen as an infatuation to some people but i do believe that everything depends on what the God of gods says.I am eagerly yearning to meet you in person.i just want to use this period to tell you that we will be able to achieve everything together without any impediment if we both are understanding with each other. A long term relationship calls for a lot of patience and i hope you understand what i mean by that. que me completa y usted es un sueno hecho realidad para mi.. Take good care of yourself and be safe.. I will email you what the doctor told me that is the nature of my sickness in my next email. I will be looking forward to have your email soon and to also get some photo's of you in return ... Always remember that Elaina cares about you Mac. Have a great day ahead:)... I just wish you were right here with me.:). Missing you and can't get you off my mind Mac:).. Always thinking about you Mac..xoxoxoxo.... Love Assured, Your Princess, Kisses and Hugs, Elaina:)
Letter 6
Hi Mac, It's really nice to get an email from you again this morning, i really can't wait to see you in person in a week and some days time. i want you to know that i'm definitely going to be giving you back the money as soon as i get paid down here bcos i know it's your hard earned money.. What pains me the most is the fact that i am the only one getting sick from the food they serve at the camp and i just don't know why or how bcos i tried eating it when i first got out here and i was sick but i just wanted to manage eating the food until i will be getting paid in a week and some days time which is the reason i fell sick.. i swear it on my late dad's grave that i will be paying you back the money as soon as i get paid. Thanks for giving me your trust and your shoulder to lean on Mac to get the medications prescribed to me by the doctor and also some food stuffs i really do appreciate it. You're such a very nice person and i want you to know that it is my wish to pay you back the money when i get paid and i want you to know that i'm a very hardworking woman and i believe God will provide my need's. The doctor just only advised me to get myself some food stuff and table water since that's what i have always done. I feel so ashamed of myself asking you for money Mac. But all i just want you to give me is your trust. I wish my dad was alive.. I know that he wouldn't have love to see me in this kind of mess.. But I am so happy that you want to help me out and i want you to know that the Lord will surely bless you too.. I don't like getting too forward because you might be mad at me. I will be so grateful if you can be able to loan me $150 to get some Medications, food stuff and water the doctor ask me to buy bcos they are kinda of expensive over here even if you don't have upto that i will appreciate anything you can be able to loan me. I asked my nurse friend how i can get money sent to me out here from you and she told me that i should tell you to send the money through moneygram money transfer because i have never done this before and don't know how to go about it she will be the one to help me go and get the money bcos we're not allowed to go into town when not working and She's a South African Citizen, I think you can find a moneygram money transfer outlet in any 7-Eleven Stores around you or Convenience stores bcos i can remember i normally see their banners in those stores and my friend said it's the best, safest and only means to get money out here bcos the money will be sent and available for receiver in mins according to what i heard, i can't get money from an international account my ANZ bank card was stocked at the ATM machine and the bank here said they've sent my card to my bank address in Brisbane so i can only get my new card in person when i get back home and go to my branch bcos my account have been put on hold since then. Here is the full details you will need to send the money on also don't forget to save the details bcos that's what you will have to use to send the money at moneygram outlet :- Name : Vuyokazi Surname : Yam Address : 610 Pretorius Street, City : Pretoria State: Gauteng Country : South Africa Zicpode : 0007 That's all you need to send me the money Mac, I will appreciate anything you can help me out with just to get some food stuff out here that will be enough for me till i get paid soon.. Hope you're having a great time out there.. Thanks a lot for the helping hands.. I promise to pay you back when i get paid out here, Take good care of yourself and be safe.. I will be looking forward to have your email soon.. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today. I Can't wait to be right there your safe arms and to show you my sincere appreciation in return Mac:). I'll check back for your email. Thinking about you and can't wait to meet you real soon Mac :-)..xoxoxoxoxoxoxo... Your Sick Baby,

Kisses and Hugs, Elaina.
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