Letter(s) from Elena Dvornikova to Marcel (Holland)

Letter 1

Hello my sweetheart Marcel!
How are you my love?
I'm fine!
Yes, sweetheart, I have get the money from Moneygram and give all needed documents for make my visa.
What about tickets. Tickets are on 9th of October and back on 18th of October.
Oh, my sweetheart, please, don't get flew! I don't want you to be sick!
I miss you really so much! Sorry for that I have write to you just now - it was really to much work with documents and I have come late to work.
I love you really so much!
My love, will you show me Amsterdam? I know, that this is very beautiful and free city. Is this true?
Oh, I imagine how it will be great to be with you that time! We will be together! And this is the most important thing now for me!
Kisses for you with all passion and love!
Only your Lena

Letter 2

Hello my sweetheart Marcel!
How are you, my love? I miss you really very much!
My sweetheart, yes I was very busy last day. It is so much work before vocation) But it is ok now and I have little bit of time for writing to you letter.

Yes, my love, so little time before our meeting and I feel with every new day more and more nervous. It is so interesting feeling... I can't explain it, because I have never had feeling like this. It look like butterfly in my stomach and like a very strong feeling and some special energy in one feeling. I can't tell you, how explain it to you!))) Sorry!

Yes, love, I have write your information in my notebook. Thank you for this.
My love, I have get flight details. Here it are:
Kiev (UA), October 9 Borispol > Amsterdam (NL), Schiphol October 9, Friday
Carrier MAU
Boeing 737-700
Economy class
9:50 departure,
in a way 3 hours 5 minutes
11:55 arrival,

And back:
Amsterdam (NL), October 18 Schiphol > Kiev (UA), Borispol October 18 Sunday
Carrier MAU
Embraer 190
Economy class
Departure 07:00
travel time 2 hours 50 minutes
10:50 arrival,

SO, thank you so much for the forecast. Now I know what I will get with me from clothes.

My love, I must to ask you about something. I have little problem. I'm really shy to ask about this. But I have other way for decide that problem. I have ask my boss to give me my salary before my trip to you. She tell me, that she will talk with booker about this and make something for help me, because she understand my situation. But today she have come from booker and say me, that she have bad new for me. My salary will be only on Monday. I have had hope, that they can do something, but unfortunately... I have want to pay for rent of flat from this money and go to Kiev. But... now I don't know what to do. I don't want to ask you ah=gain, but I haven't other way for make all of this(( my love, I know, that you have not so much money, but I want to ask you - can you send me 150 EURO for I can pay for rent of flat and for way to Kiev? I'm sorry for that I ask you again about this, but I really don't have other way. I have all hope for my salary, but it is impossible now to get it early, than on Monday. I will ask Julia(my friend, that live with me) about she can get my salary and send it to me, when I will be with you and I will back it to you. Do you agree to this? Can you help me now, my sweetheart?

My love, my family and friends say you hello!)
They like you very much!
And I love you very much!
You are my sweetheart man and I want to be with you!
Kisses for you!
Only your Lena

Letter 3

Hello my sweetheart Marcel!
How are you, my love? I miss you really so much!
I'm so happy, that you help me again! Yes, I have get money from Moneygram! Thank you very-very-very much! You can't imagine, how much you have help to me! Thank you!

My love, yes, really, it is so wonderful and unbelievable feeling, that I have about our so soon meeting... I'm so happy!
Sorry, I have so little time. I must go now to railway station for going to Kiev.
I love you so much!
I hope, that I will have opportunity to write to you from Kiev.
Your Lena