Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Vyacheslavovna Utorouwa to Tim (USA)

Letter 1
Tim, thanks that have answered my message. My name Anastasiya. I am 29 years old. I am sociable and cheerful person. But my life is similar to the night sky without stars. As in my life there is no the most important, love. In searches of the man of all my life, I have come on It seems to me to communicate through letters, very romantically and as it allows to learn much better the person before a meeting. I already communicated through the Internet, but it has not crowned success as men asked to send them my ***** photos, for me it was first attribute of their frivolous attitude. And consequently I have stopped dialogue with them. I think, that you will agree with me that the decent girl not when will not send similar photos on email. Tim, I am rectilinear and fair person, I search only for serious relationships, only true feelings. I think what to construct attitudes, it not a simple problem and if you are ready to it I will be glad to continue dialogue with you. Tim if for you, it is simple entertainment, I do not see sense to continue our correspondence. I apologize, if I something have offended you. But at there is no time for games. I wait your answer! Anastasiya.
Letter 2
Tim, I am glad to see your answer. I am glad that we are identical in search, and that you as search for serious relationship. Now we can start to learn more about each other. Tim, I am assured, that dialogue with you will be very interesting to me. I would like to know everything that you are ready to tell about yourself and about the life. To me it is pleasant that you wish to exchange electronic letters with me. I live in Russia. I think it will not prevent to our dialogue, and we can be friends electronic letters. So we can learn each other better and to see to what us it will result. I search for the man of all my life. That with whom I could feel me favourite and necessary. I wish to create amicable and happy family. At leisure I adore to read and be engaged in needlework. I, as a rule, read novels. I am am grasped always with a plot of these products. Under a word I had needlework in view of - knitting is my hobby. As I adore productive leisure. I like to ski, skates, a bicycle and as to float. Think we shall continue our dialogue and we shall learn about each other more. Tim, I told you that I am 29 years old. I was born 26th of September 1985. Tim, when your birthday? I am 173 cm tall, my weight 52 kgs. As you can see on a photo I have fair hair and blue eyes. I adore to read, listen to music and to knit. I like green color. I live in Karasuk. It is in Siberia, Russia. I am not married, but had relationship in the past. These relationship have ended more six years ago. It was bitter experience, but I have taken many lessons for myself. After that, at me should what relationship with men. Already during one and a half years I work in a social service. The essence of my work consists in improvement of conditions of a life of pensioners and children from unsuccessful families. My work responsible also takes away many forces, I often should be nervous and experience. But when I see results of the work, and I feel that I benefit people is brings a smile on my person. And in general, I always try to smile. Many people think, that I very happy person, but actually it is far not so. Often when I come home from work I feel loneliness. It seems to me that the loneliness and happiness is two non-comparable things. I would not have not enough number of the strong person with whom I could, feel myself as the small, fragile girl. Tim, I would like to meet the man with which we madly would grow fond each other. That our love would be similar to flight from which grasps breath, and bewitches spirit. I trust all heart, that I will meet such person. In fact love this themost important in a life! And I do not trust, to those people who speak, that the love passes. The love is eternal! It dies only then when loving heart ceases to fight. And what you think of it Tim? You trust in eternal love? I hope for your fast reply! Anastasiya.
Letter 3
I am glad to see your answer to my letter. Tim, today there was very good day, there was an excellent weather. I very much love, when the sun shines, it always cheers me up. I have removed my structure on and I wish to communicate only with you. I wish to learn you better. Before going on a site I has read through many clauses about the American men and the USA. The most surprising, that me has amazed this similarity in searches of the American men, and Russian women. In this clause it has been described, how the American women concern to marriage and creation of family. Me has very much surprised, that women first of all are interested by career, rather than family. In sew to the country each woman dreams first of all of family, about marriage, about wedding. But men in Russia for a long time have lost interest to it, an overwhelming part of all man's population find interest more in alcohol and an idle way of life. Actually therefore I also am already during many years, one. I want, that a number with me would be reliable the man which appreciates the woman, loves it and respects. For me it is very important, that would wash the man seriously concerned to attitudes, and was true to me. Tim, I do not wish to spend the life for the person who in any opportunity can exchange me for other woman. Tim, I had an opinion, that the American men, are closer to that I search and consequently I have decided to take advantage of services of a site of acquaintances. Tim, tell to me, please, what opinion at you occurs in the following letter about Russian women? Whether it is valid women in your country interest more money and career? I hope, that in the following letter we can continue this theme. Your friend Anastasiya p.s. Photo I have made this when with the girlfriend walked on evening city. We very much like to spend together with it time.
Letter 4

Tim, I hope, that you received my letter yesterday. You have not written to me. You or very much busy, or do not wish to write to me. What to me to think? If you busy I want that you had small rest to have a rest and write me the letter because I will be very glad to it. I do not wish to think, that you do not wish to write to me because to me it is very pleasant with you and I do not want that you left me. You understand me Tim? I love you and I very much miss on you. Write me please the answer as soon as you can make it.
Yours Anastasiya.
Letter 5
Hello! Tim, I am glad to see your answer. How has passed your day? How is the weather in your city? My day today has passed well. I think, that at pairs with the big difference in the age of there is a balance of forces inside of these pairs. Partners give each other the different information - because it is people from different generations, different opportunities, the different points of view. They hold each other « in a tone », compensating lacks and defects each other: if in something one is weak - in it another is strong, and on the contrary. And if all this is imposed on mutual feelings such attitudes are stronger than attitudes of two coevals. What do you think? I write all my letters itself. English mine 2 language. I have started to study it at school, then in college and I continue to this day. I speak in English better than I write. I would be glad will meet your friend in my city and to hear your voice in phone. To me are not necessary whose money!! I the independent person also earn itself!! I in search of the big love. With money will not be happy. I almost that do not know about you. I wish aieuit to learn you. Think we shall continue our dialogue. I think, that we should write each other more what to learn each other better. Today I wish to tell to you more about the life. As I to you already I was born and have grown in the city of Savkino. In 2003, I have with distinction left school. After before me there was a question of a choice of a trade. I always wished to make the world better, to help people. Having consulted to mum, I have made a decision to act in Karasuk, Karasukskiy college. I have chosen a trade the sociologist. In 2008, I have ended institute. After the termination of institute I have returned to the native city. I have tried to find work in Savkino what to be closer to my mum, but could not find not that suitable. After that I have made a decision to come back back in Karasuk as this city is much more, and at me was more chances to find there work. I have collected things and have gone to a way. Having arrived in Karasuk, I was arranged to live in a hostel, after I descended on labour exchange and have left there the resume. Labour exchange, this personnel agency. I long could not find not that suitable, and I had to work as the waitress in cafe. It was very heavy work, but it allowed me to earn on existence. In four months to me have offered work in Housing and utilities, on a post " the worker with the public ". I was very glad to this offer and there and then it have accepted. I worked in this company during six years, before its closing.Then I had to search again for work, and I have found it in a social service where I work, to this day. To me brings pleasure my work. I consider, that I have very successfully chosen a trade, it allows me to be realized. It seems to me, that self-realization is very important thing as it allows to feel a life really. Tim and as whom you work? What trade at you? You consider, what it approaches you? Tim, I hope, that today's my letter has allowed you to present I wash a life is little bit better. I shall wait for your following letter and I hope, that you as to me will tell more about the biography. Anastasiya
Letter 6
I am glad to see your answer. Tim, me it is pleasant, that we communicate and we find much in common. I very much would wish to learn you in the further. Tim, I not when did not travel from my country, but I think that for me will not be to travel what problem. I know only two languages, but I wish to learn the Spanish language still. When I shall find my beloved I when I shall not be firm to it. I shall always care of it and to carry out all its whims. I not when shall not search for the coeval to me. For me it is more interesting to communicate with the person is more senior than me. Because the person the is more senior the more cleverly and knows as it is necessary to behave in various situations. As to my coevals, all of them trite also think only of ***. Family at their age not that that is necessary for them. I want happy and amicable family. Therefore I search for the man is more senior than I. Tim I have no Skype! Tim I learned about it from the manager of library it have explained to me that Skype will not work in our area from for low speed of the Internet! I hope you understand me! I recently have started to use a computer and much I do not understand in it. I have no phone. You can inform me your telephone number and I shall try to search for a way of what to call to you? I do not know who it Eisenhower, but you could tell to me more about it, it would be interesting to me. Probably you saw not that city Savkino, it is not so far from Karasuk it Novosibirskaya oblast. There where I studied after school it Karasukskiy college. It have closed in 2011. To you for photos which you sent thanks me. I more increasing and I learn you more. You it is remarkable are looked together! Thanks you for warm and good words told in my party. I see as you appreciate family. It is very important in sew lives. The family is a particle of our private world which we love and we honour. In the today's letter I wish to tell to you about my family and about my close people. I was born and have grown in family of the military officer and the dressmaker. My daddy called Vyacheslav, and my mum call Nina. The father, has devoted all life to service to the native land. In 1987 during war in Afghanistan it was lost. Then I was still very small and badly I remember the daddy, basically, that I know about it, to me my mum has told. Mum told to me that the daddy was very strong and brave the man, it did not know compromises and always struggled for the truth and validity. It was the true patriot of the country. Mum told, that when I was born, it has left military service as very much was afraid to leave us one. But after on war in Afghanistan its close comrade was lost, it could not remain more at home, it did not sleep at the nights, has ceased to eat, mum saw its experiences and how it suffered from the inactivity. It could not stand aside, and per 1986 has gone to Afghanistan. It wrote to mum of the letter and spoke that he's fine, but in June, 1987 to us there has home arrived the chief of a staff and has told that the father was lost on the task. I have remembered clearly this moment, but I did not wish to trust and constantly repeated to mum that the daddy soon to us will return. Even after we have buried it in my heart there lived hope that this all not the truth. Only becoming more adult, I have finally understood, that any more when I shall not see the daddy. After death of the father, mum long could not come in itself. It was very heavy period in our life. We with mum madly loved the father, and long could not be measured with loss. But my mum very strong woman, it tried, that our life would be adjusted, and tried to make everything what to give me good education. I remember, how it worked at a textile factory, and after work late, ****** will out clothes of the house, for sale. I tried to help with all to it, we together would go with it on the market what to sell these things. My mum has learned me to be strong and not when to not surrender, it was not as though heavy. It always spoke me, that our daddy looks at us from heavens, and we should not afflict it. I am madly grateful to mum that it has made for me. It has learned me to much. I know, how to it it was heavy, I saw it. It for me always was and will be an ideal of the present woman. Present mum! Now to my mum 61 year, six years ago it has retired. But everything, equally does not cease to work, it speaks, that cannot sit without business. Mum, often pleases me with the dresses made with own hand. I try to visit it whenever possible more often. Tim, for me my mum the most close and most dear person. I madly love it, and I appreciate. It not only my mum, but it and still most close my friend. I can talk with it on any themes, and I know, that it always will support me and will give correct advice. Now my mum lives, with the senior sister her name is Mariya. Mariya, was married, but it not when did not have children, after death of its husband it has moved to live to my mum. Mariya, already 67 years, it the fine person, also it is very tasty prepares. I am assured, that you would love its fritters with a bilberry. I hope, that it was interesting to you to learn about my family. I hope, that you will tell to me more about your close people. I put a photo on which you can see my daddy to the letter. And as the On these a photo you can see my father and mum. The photo of the daddy the only thing that at me remains from it, I very much appreciate it.
On a photo where we with my mum, we are on a holiday International Women day. On March, 8th. Women in America celebrate this day? I shall wait for your answer. Your friend Anastasiya.
Letter 7
Tim, today at me very sated day. Adventures have begun with the morning at me, in the beginning on road for work at me the heel has broken, and I had to come back home, because of it I was not late nearly. I very much do not like to be late. And consequently what to be in time, I had to run. You only present, morning, people in a dozing condition, go for work, and the ******* heels here runs. Probably, passers-by have thought, that I the madwoman. Tim, me it was very ridiculous, but I could not be late. Here so morning, this mad day has begun! In Russia this holiday women celebrate all. The majority of men in Russia drink and have nasty character. Certainly we have good people, but almost all from them are already married. I could not find the man here and consequently have decided to search in the Internet. In my city the Internet everywhere where it is very bad. I received your telephone number. Now I have no opportunity to call to you, but I shall try to call to you soon. Thanks you that you so respond about my father. I shall explain to you more about the work, that you would understand, than I am engaged. As I already spoke you, I work in the Social service. At me not normalized an operating schedule, sometimes I work from 8.00 mornings till 19.00 evenings. I work five days in a week. But sometimes I should work and in target. Tim, my post refers to " the Expert on social work " My work consists what to check in-home conditions of a life of pensioners, if necessary to render them the various help. Sometimes it is cleaning of their house, sometimes delivery of necessary products and medicines, and I sometimes simply hours sit at the wards and I talk to them about a life. As which people I visit, basically are lonely, and it at all to whom to talk. I like to listen to histories from their life, it gives many lessons for me. Tim, I very much love the work because I have an opportunity to benefit people. Certainly my work, as well as any another has the complexities. Many people are not able to appreciate the help which it appears. For example, today I visited the old grandfather. His name is Valentine. At it very nasty character. To it something is constant is not pleasant, today it has started me to abuse that I have not brought to it *****. I have explained, that our company does not render such services and that it cannot drink ***** as its health very weak, and it can die. But it has started to shout at me. To me it was very insulting, that it so concerns to care of it. With similar situations, I should collide very often, first time I often cried. But then I have learned to concern to it little bit easier. Tim, I hope, that you have understood what work at me. Tim, tell, and in your country there are similar services? It would be very interesting to me, if you have told more about the work. I hope for your fast reply! Anasnasiya
Letter 8
Tim, how your day today? I am glad to see your answer. I like to talk to you. You very interesting interlocutor. Tim, thanks you that you regret to me. I am grateful to you for it. I work for a society. I help those who requires the help and it to like me. My family always lived in Russia. And all Russian. Tim it seems to me, that in a life there are two most important things, it is love and friendship. We test both these feelings to people who in due course appear in our life. The present love in a life of each person one, and I think, that the present friends cannot be much. A number with me is people whom I can name the present friends. And I am grateful to destiny that it has presented me them. My most close girlfriends call Irina, Tatyana, Svetlana. With Irina, we are familiar since the childhood. We studied at one school, and lived in the neighbourhood. Now Irina as lives in Tatyana. It married also works as the teacher at school. With Tatyana, I have got acquainted in institute. We studied with it in one group. Now Tatyana, there lives in a Surgut, it married already second time. Its first marriage has appeared unsuccessful because its husband very often drank, it has divorced from it several years ago. Now it married behind the second the man, also is very happy. Last time I met with Tatyana, three months ago, it came to me on a visit. With Svetlana, we together work. It very good and sympathetic person. When I started to work, I often collided with complex situations, in which did not know how to act. Svetlana, always gave me valuable advice and encouraged me. It works in our office as the psychologist. Now to it of 37 years, it married also has two children, the boy and the girl. Tim, I am assured, that if you saw Irina, Tatyana, Svetlana, they would like you. They are really fine people. For me they are very important. I appreciate their support and is always ready to come to the aid to them. I hope, that it was interesting to you to learn about my friends. On this a photo you can see me with my girlfriend Irina, we are at it liia. We like to spend time together. I concern to it as to my sister. We care about each other, and we help with all each other. You have true friends which will come to you to the aid in difficult. Minute? I shall wait for your answer. I hope, you will tell to me about the friends more. Your friend Anastasiya. Tim, thanks you that you regret to me. I am grateful to you for it. I work for a society. I help those who requires the help and it to like me. My family always lived in Russia. And all Russian.
Letter 9
Tim, with each our letter to each other we all become closer. I very much like that at us dialogue turns out. It is sincerely interesting to me to learn about you, I very much hope that this feeling is mutual. It is very pleasant to me to hear from you your compliments. Thanks!! I go on foot or I go by the bus. At leisure I adore to read and be engaged in needlework. I, as a rule, read novels. I am am grasped always with a plot of these products. Under a word I had needlework in view of - knitting is my hobby. As I adore productive leisure. I like to ski, skates, a bicycle and as to float. I do not have car I be not able to operate it and I have no the driver's license. Tim you can explain to me in detail that such Facebook? Simply I recently have started to use a computer and much I do not know. My name Anastasiya Vyacheslavovna. It is very a pity to me that your brother was lost in automobile failure. I condole with you all heart. Sadly to hear it I understand to you how difficultly to lose the close person as I lost my father. As I already spoke you I the open person, and I do not love when there are innuendoes in dialogue. I wish to tell to you about the last attitudes. To me this theme is not pleasant, but I think, that you should know about it. Tim as I already spoke you in 2003, I have entered the institute. Then to me there were 17 years. At that time many my girlfriends already had gentlemen. Over me even sometimes laughed, that to me 18 years are already fast, and I at all when did not kiss. I did not try to meet the guy, and thought that it for me very much early. In institute ***** yearly were spent. On these ***** chose king and queen. I always was very ferial girl, and not when did not try to be the focus of attention, and for me there was greater a surprise when me have chosen queen. I in the beginning rested and did not wish to go on a stage, but my girlfriends almost have not violently sent me there. After that have sounded a name of king of ball, it was Aleksandr, and we had to dance. I remember, how to me it was awkward, in fact I at all when did not dance with the man. I remember, that I all have reddened and have escaped therefrom. After that I weigh evening cried in a room. It was very a shame to me with itself. Tatyana, has calmed me, we long with it talked, and I have forgotten about this unsuccessful ball. Next day Aleksandr, has come to our group with colors and has suggested me to go with it on appointment, I have given up to it in it. After that it long looked after me, and tried to achieve my attention. Then I was still too naive and have thought, that in its address at me the feeling of love has flashed, we have started to meet it when to me there were 19 years. In the beginning in our attitudes all was good, we understood and about respect concerned to each other. But when we send to last rate, it has started to drink often, it shirked pairs. In institute there was a question on its deduction. Then I have suggested it to correct a situation and began to help with studying subjects. At that time I still lived in a hostel with girlfriends. Aleksandr, often came to me to a room, and I helped to study to it those subjects on which it lagged behind the general program. And once having come in the room, I have seen Aleksandr, and one of my girlfriends, it called Elena, together in bed. My heart as if has stood, to me was madly sick from seen. I have escaped therefrom! I did not wish to come back more there and to see their persons. It was heavy to me to realize, that that person who spoke me about love, looking in eyes, has exchanged me on I wash the girlfriend. At me did not go in as Elena, could betray me. In fact we together lived with it of the whole five years, and I always tried to help it with all. I not when did not bear its malice. I long experienced from happened, I have moved to live in other room and avoided any meetings with Aleksandr, and Elena. Later week I have gone home, and have talked about this situation to mum. Then it has given me very valuable advice, it has told, that time they have acted so with you your attitudes were not the presents. That should what love, and friendship. It has advised to forget simply this situation, and to continue to live further. And I have made, as my mum has told. But in my head it was postponed once and for all, that if I when that again shall begin attitudes only with the man which will be more senior than me which already has passed much in a life, and has understood what things it is necessary to appreciate really. Tim, for me the most important in attitudes, is sincerity honesty, and confidence of that person, with which you beside. Tim, for you as these things are important? What exactly for you is important in attitudes between people? I understand, that probably for you it there was not a pleasant theme for conversation, but I want, that you it would know all about me. I do not want, that between us would be, any secrets. I hope, that you with me agree in it. Your friend Anastasiya PS: On these a photo I am at mum in village. We walked and went for a drive on a boat on the river, with Irina and its husband. There was very fine day, and to us was very cheerful. To me to like to spend time at water. And you? You like to float?
Letter 10
Hello Tim!!! How your day today? Than you were engaged? That I read the last was the book with the name Carried away by a wind. It is the book about love and about war, about treachery and fidelity, about cruelty and about beauty of the life. It has very much liked me. It is one of those books to which you come back again and again. I like to knit. I sent you a photo on which I cost with a statue of pigeons, but to me a scarf which have connected itself. I am glad to learn about your aspiration to sew and knit. To me very much to like to float by a boat, I consider it romantic. That you explain thanks me that such Facebook, I have approximately understood that it. But I would like to continue dialogue with you electronic letters. Tim, what such smartphone? Tim, money for me do not mean that! I consider that for money it is possible to buy medicines, but to not buy health. For money it is possible to buy ***, but to not buy love. With money you will not be so it is happy as with the favourite person. I negatively concern to money. I shall agree with you that without money as to not live, but not in them happiness!! It is pleasant to me to receive your photos. You on them very lovely! I would like, that you would know about Russia more. We have a saying, that what to understand Russia it would be necessary to live in it. I shall try to explain whenever possible to you, on what the life in my country resembles. Russia is the greatest country in the world, at us 83 staffs are totaled. In Russia 180 different nations are totaled. And at each of them the history, the culture, the language and the traditions. All together it also is one greater and great history of Russia. At us many fine poets A.S.Pushkin, S.A.Yesenin, L.N.Tolstoi. You heard, about them? In Russia many various crafts and crafts. I shall put photos of several of them to the letter. The first photo which I send you are valenoks. It is the Old Russian footwear, the second it gzhel and khokhloma is a kind of a list of subjects. It a little prophetic which associate with Russia. I hope, that it will be interesting to you. Often on the TV show transfers how foreigners concern to our country. You know sometimes, it forces to laugh. Many are mistaken in statements about Russia. Yes, it is valid at Russia there are many problems. But in the present Russia the fine country. I love Russia with its all advantages and lacks. And it seems to me, each citizen of the country should love the native land. How you consider, I am right in it? I hope, that the today's theme of conversation was interesting to you, and we can continue dialogue. As it would be interesting to me to learn more about your country. Yours faithfully Anastasiya. p.s. I put A.S.Pushkin's poem to the letter. " WINTER MORNING " Frost and the sun; day wonderful!
Still you doze, the friend charming-
It is time, a beauty, wake up:
Open looks are closed by luxury
Towards to northern Aurora,
Star the north be! Evening, you remember, the blizzard was angry,
In the muddy sky the haze rushed;
The moon, as a pale spot,
Through clouds gloomy turned yellow,
And you sad sat-
And now..... Have a look in a window: Under blue heavens
Magnificent carpets,
Shining on the sun, a snow lays;
The transparent wood one blackens,
And the fur-tree through hoarfrost turns green,
And the small river under an ice shines. All room amber shine
It is lit up. A cheerful crash
The flooded furnace cracks.
It is pleasant to think at a stove bench.
But you know: whether to order in sled
Mare brown harnessed? Sliding on a morning snow,
The friend the darling, we shall be betraid to run
Impatient horse
Also we shall visit fields empty,
Woods, recently so dense,
And coast, lovely for me.
Letter 11
Tim how there was you today? How your state of health? Today my day has passed very well. Since the morning I had an excellent mood. Having woken up, I have looked in a window, there was an excellent weather. Speak, that as you will begin day so it and you will lead. I very much love, when my morning begins with a smile. I read in one very cognitive book, that the person even in a unpleasant situation should speak itself, that could be and worse than now. On the one hand it looks ridiculously. Tim, but it really helps to motivate itself and to not be upset on trifles. I very much like to read, and often books in which attitude of people is discussed, their attitude to problems come across
to me. Tim, tell, and how you concern to problems in a life? What helps you to struggle, and to not lose courage in a complex situation? You share with someone the ideas and experiences? Personally I cannot hold all of a problem in myself. I almost about all talk to my mum, or Irina. Today I just have met with Irina in grocery shop. We were very glad to a meeting, and have gone what to have a bite in cafe. We have talked that new has occured from our last meeting. Irina, married, they for a long time with the husband wished to get the child, at last Irina has become pregnant. It has told, that already on the second month of pregnancy. I was madly glad to this news, I have congratulated it on so significant event. Then we long talked and about the past. Tim, I have told Irina, that I communicate with you. It has started me to ask, about you. I have told to it, that I very much am pleasant like with you, and that you very decent the man. It has told to me to be cautious and that heard bad histories about girls who marry foreigners much. It has started to tell to me various unpleasant histories, but I have stopped it and have asked to not lift this conversation henceforth. I have explained Irina, that it is not necessary to experience for me, you very good person, besides we at present simply learn, about each other. Tim, do not take offence on Irina, it only experiences for me. Irina, very good, kind and sympathetic person, it always supports me a difficult minute, and shows care of me. I hope, that you will understand its experiences. ____, and you, spoke with someone what you write to me? If yes, I would like to know opinion of your relatives and friends about ours with you dialogue. Relatives, always care of us, and try to warn us, I always listen to their opinion, but I do how I consider it necessary. Therefore as it is my life, and to live it to me. I am deeply confident that ourselves we build the destiny. And all in our life depends only on ourselves! In the end of our conversation Irina, has invited me on a visit to itself next week. It has told, that wishes me to treat with a new dish of own preparation. I as very much like to prepare, and we is frequent with it we exchange experience. Tim, I would like too for something to surprise Irina, you could tell to me about kitchen in the USA, and give any recipe? I would be very grateful to you. On it I shall finish the letter, I hope, that at you all is good, and soon I shall see your answer. Your friend Anastasiya
Letter 12
Tim how has passed your day? You Represent, today I have come to library, have opened mail, and I had a letter from unfamiliar to me email addresses. I thought, that you have written it to me from another e mail, but, having opened the letter, I have understood, that it was written by one of those of man who wrote to me earlier. In its letter it again asked to send me ***** photos and called the robot. I have not understood, that it wished to tell it. But it and is not interesting to me. I have removed its letter. I hope, that it is more to me will not write. I very much am surprised with impudence of some men how it is possible to ask a ***** photo the girl? Really the man does not understand, that it offends by it the decent woman. Probably, I in it do not understand something. But my education would be no time me has not allowed to go on such step. How? How it can be made? In fact the woman should belong only to one man, and to be only it. I so was brought up by my mum, and I am assured that it is correct. Much in the world varies, it seems to me, that gradually people go mad. Feelings of conscience, shame, modesty, fidelity are lost, even sometimes it seems to me, that many people have forgot to love. Such light feelings are gradually replaced, with what that false values. People gradually become heartless! Tim, I am very grateful to mum that it has given me good education, probably, I am a little old-fashioned, but I know, that I have a heart! I know, that my conscience is pure. I know, that I have people who sincerely love me. And for me this main thing!!! Tim, You have prepared for those dishes of food which on your photos? You have very much surprised me, You peeping looks very appetizing. I would like to try your food, and to treat you with my firm dish. I think that to you as that would be pleasant that I have prepared. I very much like to prepare to try various new to me a dish peep. I am glad that that you are friends of whom that of Russia. About what you with it speak? How at its name? You spoke it that communicate also with me? I shall necessarily transfer your words Irina your congratulations. I think to it it will be pleasant. I am not going to deceive you for the sake of profit. To me are not necessary money, the present love is necessary to me. I I quite independent person, and I in a condition to provide me. The god sees all and it takes away happiness from those people which deceive. And that whom have deceived it gives it happiness. How you think? I think that each person wants happiness but if to deceive other people I think, that the happiness will not be. Tim, I have decided to communicate with you because when I have seen your structure on a site, you have interested me and I have wanted to learn you better. I cannot explain it, but my sight has stopped on your structure and I have written to you. About I have learned when read magazine, and have decided to risk and try to search for the beloved on the Internet. I read that many pairs which to this day are happy have found each other in the Internet. My search has stopped on you and I do not communicate with whom any more. I have no such habit to communicate with several men at once. I for a long time have removed my structure on Tim, tomorrow 02.03.2015, birthday of my aunt Mariya. I have taken the day off on work, and I shall go to them in Savkino what to make a surprise. I have prepared the aunt for a gift, a room flower "eucalyptus". This flower possesses, bright aroma and allows to leave air in a room, pure and fresh. It is assured, that it will like this gift as it very much loves room flowers. I hope, that I was not mistaken with a choice. Tim, on it I shall finish the letter, I need to go on the bus what to go in Savkino. Forgive, today I have not taken a photo with myself as very much hurried up. I hope, that you not so will be upset. I shall wait for your following letter. Your friend Anastasiya.
Letter 13
Tim!!!! I am glad to see your answer. As I spoke you, I went in Savkino. Now I have just returned in Karasuk. I have gone perfectly. Mariya, my gift has very much liked. It has told that will put "eucalyptus" its number with the bed. Tim, it was very pleasant to me to see a smile of the aunt. The most pleasant seems to me, that in a life, it to see how your relatives are happy. I have perfectly spent time at mum, in the beginning we made a celebratory supper. It was cheerful. We prepared for salad olivier, hot in a *** on the second, and a pie for a dessert. All was very tasty. Especially I liked a pie, we prepared for it under the recipe of mum. It refers to " fallen down leaves ". This pie gathers from set shortcakes and becomes covered by a special cream. Tim, you love sweet? If yes, this pie precisely would like you. Tim, tell, you would like it to try? After we have set the table, we have begun a celebratory supper. The aunt very intelligent person, it worked to the teacher at school on Russian and the literature. It read to us A.S.Pushkin's verses, and S.A.Yesenin. Sometimes it seems to me, that it knows all Russian poetry by heart. After mum and Mariya, have started to ask on, how at me business that has occured new in my life. I have told it that has got acquainted with you. They have been very surprised, that there were such opportunities and that I communicate with the man from other country. Mum has started to ask me on you, I have told that you very good person that You kind, sympathetic and well brought up the man. . Mum, would tell that I not when it did not forget about that education which has given me, and that I always would remain the decent girl. As mum has told, that it is glad to that I at last that have dared to build attitudes and family. It has advised to do that speaks me my heart. It has asked to bring your photo next time. I have promised, that I shall make it. Tim, you not against it? Tim, to me as to like to speak with you, and to receive your letters, they bring a greater smile to my person. I am glad that you support and understand me. I know that you not that person and is not capable on such gadskie acts and offers. I am glad that I have met you, and to that that we very well are friends. And you? Tim, I understand those social problems. I every day see such families. It is very a pity to me of all those children at which parents drink alcohol much and do not try to work and put their children on legs. Tim, forgive I you has not understood at once about your question about my name. My surname Utorouwa. I load my photos from a disk. Tim, my mum spoke to remain to spend the night at them. But I have gone back in Karasuk as did not wish to leave your letter, without the answer. Tim, me it is very pleasant, that I am familiar with you, your letters and your life are very interesting to me. Tim, on it I shall finish the letter, I hope to see your answer tomorrow. Anastasiya P.S. On these a photo I was in at an exhibition of wax figures. You like to go to a museum and to consider different ancient things? I very much like to go to a museum. To me to like to observe on various ancient things.
Letter 14
How there was today your day? How at you weather? Tim, you know, today all the day long in my head words of mum turned. It to me has told, that when meet the destiny, in a life absolutely all can change. Also it is necessary to be ready to these changes. It has told to me history about how they have got acquainted with the daddy. At that time, mum lived with parents in Orenburg. It studied on the first rate in technical school. And once on dances it has met the father. Mum speaks, that as now remembers its image, big strong, beautiful the man, it could not allocate from it eyes. The father too has noticed mum, and has approached to it what to invite to dance. After mum has accepted its offer, they have begun to spin in dance of love. The father for 12 years was more senior than mum. At that time it was already the officer of the Soviet Army. And in half a year of their acquaintance, it have directed on service in Savkino. What to be together with the father, mum had to leave technical school and to go in Savkino. Mum told about that as it was hard to be the wife of the militarian, but it not when did not regret that has left the house and study for the sake of that what to be with it. If you only saw its eyes when it told to me it. Mum has told, that near to the father it was happy every day, every minute. It is really big and complex step, to change the life of what to be with the favourite person. All the today long I reflected above that, I could go on it. It is valid not the simple decision, but I would act as. Tim, and you, could leave all for the sake of that what to be with favourite? You could begin a life with a pure leaf? Tim, you know mum there is nothing will not tell to me about your age. It trusts my choice. In my country there is a statement " Love all age are obedient " and I completely agree with this statement. To heart to not order. If heart feels that the person does everything to execute those feelings. What do you think of it? Tim, I can try to learn you to Russian in our letters. I shall write to you a phrase, and you will try to translate that phrase. What do you think of it? I think not waste time we can to start to begin your training right now. Mne interesno govorit ' s toboy. (it is interesting to Me to speak with you) you Understand as to write? Here to you a homework which you will try to translate me tomorrow: Kak tvoi dela? U tebi dobroe serdce! I think you will consult. Anastasiya Vyacheslavovna Utorouwa my full and present name. I think that when that we could descend together in a museum. I think a museum in yours to the country would open a lot of new knowledge. Tim, you have correctly understood mine statements about gadskie. We as name that about what you ask belly button. On this a photo I was in the Zoo. To us to city there comes the Zoo for one week, and I very much like to visit it. In a zoo many interesting exotic animals, and behind them are very interesting to observe. I shall wait your following letter. I hope, that you will answer my questions, for me it is important. Your friend Anastasiya
Letter 15
Tim, I am glad to see your answer! Tim, today I had very intense day on work. In the morning I went to check family Smirnovyh. It is having many children, unsuccessful family. They cost at me on the account. I visit their time in two weeks, what to check up their conditions of a life, health of children, and as a condition of mother. They live without the father, it has left them two years ago. Now Galina so call mother of family, often drank. It is very a pity to me of its children. I try to explain to Galina, that it would take herself in hands and has regretted the children, but it did not listen to me. One month ago it wished to deprive with the parental rights. But then it has promised to court that, will be corrected. Today, when I have come to them, I have been surprised to that, how much all have changed. Galina has introduced order in the house, its children have been tidy dressed and smiled to me. At them the dinner was ready, and they have invited me for a table. I have accepted their invitation, at dinner Galina has thanked me that I have opened to it eyes on its situation. It has told to me, that very much experienced, that its husband has left them, and very much was afraid, that there was one with all problems. I am very glad, that Galina has found in itself forces and has got out of this heavy situation. Having had dinner at them and having thanked, I have left because of a table and have directed to a door, but I was caught up with Anna, senior daughter Galina. Anna has told to me, that they are very grateful, that I have returned to them their mum, and have stretched to me the curtailed leaflet. It has asked, to not forget them and to come to them on a visit. I have promised, that I shall necessarily visit them. When I have left the house, I have developed a leaf, it was figure. On it their family has been represented. Below It has been written to " aunt Anastasiya " me very much has touched and has forced to shed a few tears! So it is pleasant to feel itself as the necessary person! Today I was once again convinced of necessity of the work, and its importance, for people. I of beliefs that in family Smirnovyh now all will be good. Tim, my father was the senior lieutenant. My father served in investigation. Tim, in my city there are such monuments, are made in honour of veterans of war. As we have park of a victory. In Russia it is a lot of monuments devoted by the victim in that war. I have told to my mum that you are more senior than me, my mum well has concerned to it as it on was much more younger than my father when they have met. It would be pleasant to me to travel to your country, but for this purpose we need to communicate more, that we would be assured of our feelings and in our desires. If we have wanted to be together, that, I am assured, we would find a way for this purpose. We only need time. Tim, I do not search for riches, to me are not necessary money. The greater love is necessary to me. For money it is possible to buy a medicine, but health to not buy for money. For money it is possible to buy ***, but to not buy love. Tim, tell to me how has passed today your day? Than you were engaged? Your friend
Letter 16
Hello dr. Tim!!! To me sadly to hear about your parents, it is very a pity to me your mother, I did not collide with such illness as your mum had, but I think that that illness very bad. As it is a pity to me that your father drank much. I see ***** people every day. They do not watch their acts and actions. I very much am afraid of ***** people, they behave not adequately. Tim, I think that we can meet face to face. My heart speaks that you that which man I so a long time searched. Tim who from my friends and friends has no cellular telephone. In my city very few people have cellular telephones and basically it is people from the government. I think, that children - not the most important in a life. In the end-ends, the family is not only children. First of all it is the union of two loving people. Yesterday I long could not fall asleep. On road from library I have met Aleksandr. I have passed by it, and my heart has not trembled. Probably, earlier I would give to this meeting what that value. But now I even for a minute have not reflected on it, and about those gloomy memoirs. Having come home, I have thought of that that has changed my consciousness. Tim, you know many of my colleagues speak that on my person not when the smile does not disappear and I became even more vigorous. Tim, I did not give to it so a lot of value, but yesterday after have met with Aleksandr, I have understood that really very much has changed. Tim if I have met Aleksandr earlier I would think, experienced again those bad memoirs. But now all in another way, at me and in ideas was not to long. Tim, you have helped to forget to me about the last attitudes. I have learned to see many negative things on the other hand. I am assured, that you have helped with it to me! Tim, you the open person, you madly lives joyful and wise. I have learned much at you. Dialogue with you to me gives to confidence of, and allows me to feel princess. I not when did not test so much care and man's attention in the address. It is madly pleasant! Tim, I am assured, that any woman near to you would be happy. You unusual the man, I am surprised, on how many huge your heart and how much you are kind. Such people as you very little, and I am very glad, that I have honour to communicate with you. On it I shall finish the letter. Tim, I wish to tell to you thanks! Thanks for that that you have appeared in my life! I not when did not have such friend, as you. You the fine person, and remarkable the man. Anastasiya
Letter 17
Hello Tim! How there was your day? How are things going with you? What today at you has occured interesting? Tim, about children I spoke you that itself would like to have children, but it will depend on you you would like them. I think, that children - not the most important in a life. In the end-ends, the family is not only children. First of all it is the union of two loving people. I have no phone. You can inform me your telephone number and I shall try to search for a way of what to call to you? Why you think that I it not I? Tim, I do not know who to you such have told that 90 % of Russian have phones. In my city men of means and people from the government have phones only very much. Alexsandr was my first guy and the last, In my life I had attitudes only once. I do not understand and here I, that is possible girls are similar and at us with it one problem. Here my full address: Russia, Novosibirskaya oblast, Karasuk, Polevaya 5-2. Tim, I do not think what to send by mail is good idea because our mail very badly works also I many times heard, that letters did not reach people from other cities, and we want to send the letter in other country. Tim, you know, I even more often start to reflect on how I am tired from injustice. Tim, I wish to create the world near to the favourite person. I want, that in this world there would be only we and only our love. This all that I want in a life. It is necessary for me of that except for the present, sincere love. In fact the love this most important, that is in a life! I think, that only the love can make the person rather happy. Tim, and what about it you think? On these a photo I was at May of mum in village, on one of a photo my aunt Mariya, it so at very much likes to knit, and sometimes in addition all learns me how correctly to knit things. On it I shall finish the letter. Today anniversary of death of my father. This day we with mum gather on wake. Today mum comes to me, and I would need to go now on station what to meet it. I shall wait for your letter! Anastasiya
Letter 18
Tim, at me today fine day, I have woken up in excellent mood. As it is pleasant to me to receive your letters, they bring a smile to my person. As to me it is pleasant that you love a photo with my aunt. That I help to hold that to my aunt the Spindle refers to. About which you speak war we name (Great Domestic war). I to you have already told who has phones in my city! I received your telephone number. Now I have no opportunity to call to you, but I shall try to call to you soon. To like me your photo on which you cost at a monument. Who is represented on that monument? I have shown mum your photo. Tim, it considers you as darlings. Mum has allowed me advice to not lose time, to do always that feels heart, and to not hide the feelings. After a supper we have laid down to sleep. Tim, I long could not fall asleep and thought of words of mum. Tim, I am valid I think of you much. In my heart you have borrowed very much the most part. I to you did not tell, but I often represent us together. It seems to me, that I would be happy near to you. I long could not dare to tell to you it. I am afraid for your reaction. Tim, understand, you are very similar to that which man I searched for all these years. You the excellent friend and I am afraid to lose you. Tim, I do not know, that to me occurs, but it seems to me, that I love you! Tim, I have decided to tell to you it because I can not hold in myself all these feelings any more. Tim, tell, what you test to me? Who I for you? It is very important to me toknow it! I with impatience shall wait for your answer! Yours Anastasiya.
Letter 19

Tim, I'm glad to see your latter! Thanks for the answer! I am very glad you're looking for a serious relationship. Now we can continue our talking. Tim, I think it's will fun! I want to learn about you and your life. It is pleasant to me to learn that from you, as well as at me serious intentions. That we with you could continue dialogue I want that you have answered me some questions: 1) you smoke cigarettes? 2) you take alcohol? 3) whether you accept drugs? 4) what your favourite color? 5) what your favourite food? 6) you love what music? I Hope that you to me will answer all questions. I do not have a Skype. Library administrator told me that I can not use Skype because the speed of the Internet in my area is very low. Tim I understand that people happen different. Someone to aspire to riches, someone to authority. You agree with me? But it is not necessary for me of it, I aspire fortunately. I understand that it very badly to deceive. The god sees all and he takes away happiness from those people which deceive. And that whom have deceived he gives it happiness. How you think? I think that each person wants happiness but if to deceive other people I think, that the happiness will not be. Thanks that you have sent me pictures. It is pleasant to me to see. I'm 29 years old. I was born the 26th of February. Tim, when is your birthday? I'm 168 cm tall. I weigh 50 kg. My hair is fair. My eyes is green. I enjoy reading and listening to music. My favorite color is green. I live in Karasuk, that's in Siberia, Russia. I'm single never been married, no children and I'm not in relationship now. Because I haven't found the right men. I was in relationship when I was student. It was 7 years ago.
It's relationship ended! I had bitter experience! I work for social service! I help retired people and children from unsuccessful families. My work takes a lot of energy. I'm worry very often. But when I can see result of my work then I become very happy! I make people happy and it make me happy! It makes me smile! I love to smile. Many people think I'm very happy woman, but it's not true! Because, I'm so lonely! I think loneliness and happy it's different things! Tim, I need in man who can make me happy! I want to meet man with whom we will have true love! I want to be like a school girl getting that note from the pretty boy that turns her stomach into butterflies when they meet eyes. I believe I will meet such a person. Because Love it's very important in our life! I think love will live forever! What do you think about it? Do you believe in true love? I hope for early reply!! Anastasiya. p.s.In this picture you see me on walk in park. I love the nature and often I visit park. And you like to walk in park?
Letter 20
I am glad receive your letter. Tim, your letters make me happy! I miss you. I want to be very gentle in your open arms. I think only of you. I really want to see you. I want to feel your love. I miss your warmth. It is pleasant to me to learn that you will help to pay the loan when I shall arrive to you. I very much on you Tomsk also look forward ours with you a meeting. Tim, I am miserable without you! I really want to be with you Tim!! Oh, I wish that our lips are merged into a hot passionate kisses. I want you to breathe and passionately told me that you love me.
I want you to caress my lips, tongue and ears. My dream is to kiss every inch of your body! I like your dream, I am ready to do anything to make our dreams come true. I really want to be with you! Tim, I need just you and your love. My heart, soul and body cries out to you all! I love you very much! I want to be with you. Tim, I am with all your heart and with all your soul, I want to make our dreams could come true! Your dreams are beautiful! We'll be the happiest couple in the world. Our love is growing every day. Our love is strong and together we can overcome any problems along the way. Love makes people do wonders. I believe in Russian saying that "Separation for love - like wind is to fire, a little love extinguish and a lot of love inflates!" I think it is very correct phrase. This reflects a very valid point. Tim, our love is strong, and the distance helps to make our love stronger. I can not live apart from you! My heart cries out in pain. This pain will go out only when we are together!! Tim, I hope that soon we will be able to be together!! I love you! You are to me like a ray of light on the dark sky. You shine just for me and you are the light in my path to our happiness with you!! I can not live without your love and affection!! I really want to see you.
Tim, You're my second half! I want to see you, hug and kiss! Tim, tomorrow I will know the answer to the loan. Tim, I really hope that everything will be fine! I very much hope that my mother will be able to get a loan. I am very worried! Today, I can not sleep because tomorrow is decided our fate. I want to be with you and give you every day all my love! I BELIEVE WE WILL BE TOGETHER! I hope that tomorrow I will have good news for you. I LOVE YOU TIM!! I send you a million kisses. Yours and only yours Anastasiya
Letter 21
Tim, my dear! I am very glad that I can see your letter! Yesterday, I explained to my mother how to use the Internet. I want she could write to me when we are together with you. Tim, I am very happy that our meeting was a close! Tim, today, my mother got a loan of 1270 US dollars. I think that this will be enough to pay for my documents and part of the ticket. When I had money, I immediately went to a travel agency and paid for my documents. Tim, when I paid for my trip, I was told that I could easily get a visa. I am sending you a copy of the application for a visa and a passport. I am very happy. For registration my documents would need two weeks, after which I will go to Moscow to be interviewed and receive a visa. Soon we will be together. Tim, tomorrow I have to inform the travel agency name of your airport. I have to give them the name of your airport soon. Tim, now I have to start preparing for my trip. Tim, now our meeting is to get closer with each passing day. I still have a lot to get done! In the travel agency told me that my English is very good and I will not have a problem at the interview. I'm very excited! Tim, I have some questions for you. You can help me with my preparation for the trip? can you help me make a list of needed items? What should I take out of my clothes? I do not know what the weather will be in town in two weeks? Can you help me with this? Tim, I love you! I need you and your love! I really want to be with you. I think you can see it. I will do everything for our happiness. Yours and only yours Anastasiya. p.s. Tim, I hope that you will give me the name of your airport.
Letter 22
Tim, my dear! Very soon we will be together! I have a good news for you! I was able to get the loan. Every second we are getting closer! I am happy because soon I will be able to be in your arms! I can not wait until we are together. My heart is full of hope that soon our dreams can come true. I can not wait when I can be in your arms and feel your kisses. Tim, I understand that you wrote to me the long letter. At us the bad Internet and consequently I have received from you only the short letter. But I am glad that you have sent me again the long letter and I can answer you it without problems. Tim I went to a travel agency Natalya. I told them the name of your airport. The travel agency told me when they receive confirmation from the USA Embassy, that my documents are considered. Then they will report the amount that I have to pay for the tickets.
I said that I worry a lot because of the interview. I was told that I can go interview without problems and that I should not worry about it.
Natalya said tell me more details tomorrow. Tim Now you need only wait. I want to see you soon. Why is that? First we need to pay, then wait. I can hardly wait. Every night I think of you! I imagine us together. Together we will be able to enjoy our love. I'm happy with it! Tim, when we're together we will need to take a lot of photos together and go to your government to prove to them our love. And then I would be allowed to stay with you forever. Do you have a camera? we can do a lot of photos together? I hope that soon we will be able to be together and make all our dreams come true, because only together we will be happy. TIM, I LOVE YOU!! yours and only yours Anastasiya.
Letter 23
Tim, I am very happy. Soon I will know my flight information. I can not wait to find out the date of our meeting. Today I went to a travel agency. I was told that I had to pay another 650 US dollars for my ticket. I paid that amount. And Natalya said that tomorrow she will order my ticket. She also said that tomorrow she would give me the interview date and the date of my flight. Tim, when I know my flight information, then I'll tell you about it in my letter. Tim, I look forward that day when we shall meet you. I wish to be with you beside up to the end of the days in fact you have taken away my heart and I want to you. I want you and I wish to learn that such Trigasm. Tim, are you ready for our meeting?
Soon we'll be together. All I need now is you and your love. I am confident that together we will be the happy couple! Tim, I am very worried. I am happy that we were able to go through all the barriers and we can start our new life. I know that everything will be fine. When we're together nothing can separate us. Tim, I have never been so happy! Now I have butterflies in my stomach. Now I think only of you. Now we have to take the final step and we will be able to start new life. I believe that everything will be fine!! I look forward to your letter tomorrow. I love you! I want to see you and I dream about us. All our dreams come true. THIS IS PERFECT!!! Yours and only yours Anastasiya
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