Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Yurevna Biktagirova to Robert (UK)

Letter 1
Hello Rob!
I received your letter today. And I'm very pleased. But, I can not answer at this point in detail. Because I currently am at work. I'll answer you later Rob. And be sure to send you my picture. Ok!
Letter 2
Hello Rob!
Thank you answer me Rob. Your letter was a pleasant surprise for me today. I am sorry that once could not answer more detail today. I was at work. And now, I can say with great pleasure answer you Rob. Write is not a lot about yourself. I am at the moment, finished my work. And I would like to know. How was your date?
I want to briefly tell you about myself. My name is Svetlana. But you can call, Sveta. This is my short name.
I am 40 years old. I do not smoke. I love to play sports. I love to be outdoors. I like to ride in the winter to ski, I like to run in the mornings. I try to look good at my age. I love to cook and create comfort at home. I am a woman, romantic, gentle, caring, sincere, open, purposeful. And the most important thing! I'm an open book. And so I ask all Rob, that you would like to know about me. I'll be glad to answer your questions.
And I want to tell you, Rob. I live in Russia. Sure that you are surprised. But I can explain everything to you. I tried to register for a dating site with the name of my country and my city. But the dating site would not let me register. And I had to use your country. I hope you understand now why I had to do that? I live in the city of Kirov. City Kirov located in the Kirov region. I think that you can see on the Internet today is my city. And I would like to hear your opinion about my city.
And I want to ask you Rob. How long you are on the dating site? A lot of girls do you write? My first time on a dating site. And I did not expect. Since I was contacted a few men on a dating site, and asked my ***** photos. That's horrible!
The only request to you Rob! If you are only interested in candid photos, or *** for one night, we have not received any communication. Do you understand? I am 40 years old. And I do not want to play games. And I want to believe that you're a decent man Rob. I heard that on the Internet, many people create strong and happy family. And that's why I came here, that would be a family.
Well, I stop here my letter. I'll tell you more about myself in my next letter. Ok! I'll wait for your answer.
Letter 3
Hello Rob!
I was really pleased to receive your letter Rob. Thank you. And, you know! I read your detailed letter with great joy. It is a pity that you did not send your photo today. I like you send them? I'll be very glad to see your pictures.
And how was your day today Rob? I'm sorry that I can not write as often as I would like. I use a computer at work. Used at the end of my working day. I do not have a computer at home. And even more, I have a responsible job. After all, I work as a cook at the hospital. I'll talk about my work later, you Rob. Now I would just again not tell much about yourself. Rob, I am glad that you told today a little about yourself. I'm starting to learn about you.
As I said in my last letter, I first get acquainted through the Internet. For me, it's not much unusual. But we must be open to each other. You do agree with me? Only in this way we will be able to learn more about each other.
I want to tell you what I like the quality of the man. In a man I appreciate such qualities as strength of character, perseverance, loyalty and ability to cherish the relationship with a woman. Rob, Do you have these qualities? I hope that you can tell me about your qualities.
Rob, I am a single woman and I do not have with me, hard and strong man's shoulder. Who would appreciate me and would have loved with all my heart. Because I have not worked to build a strong family. I had a relationship. But they have not had a serious relationship. Because of my fertility, I could not build a relationship. Do you understand? And so, I've never been married. I was not married. I can not get pregnant. And so, it is difficult to build a relationship with a man. I hope you are not disappointed that I can not get pregnant? I hope it does not bother you? Because of this, I can not be happy.
Of course it is difficult to be alone, and be aware of all this. But I continue to believe that I will be happy. And my faith makes me strong. And so, I sometimes go to church. It is only faith makes us stronger. So I went to the Internet. Because the men in my town does not have the necessary set of qualities that are most important to me. I could not find a man in my town. Who could understand me and love me for who I am. Do you understand me Rob? And I can accept and love and someone else's child. Because I love children.
And I do not worry that you're older than I am Rob. For me this is an important age. You older than me Rob. You're wiser. And I think that you never will hurt me. Hopefully, you are the man who would become my support, my joy, my inspiration. Who am I ready to share my love and live with him for the rest of life. Happy! Do you understand me? I'm sure you will have questions to me that you would like to know. I'll be glad to answer them Rob! Ask me. And just I want to know about your past relationships with women. Will you tell me about your past relationship?
I'll send my new photos! I hope you like it. I'll wait for your letter and your photo. Your friend from Russia Svetlana
Letter 4

Hello Rob!
Why did not you answered me today? Did you get my last letter? Perhaps you were busy? But I hope that you have everything in order. I hope you are interested in me? I would like to know more about you. Tell me more detail on my last letter Rob. Ok! I'll wait for your letter.
Letter 5
Hello Rob!
I am pleased to receive your letter again. And your photos today, I have brought a smile to my face. ))))). Thank you Rob. I read your letter with great joy Rob. And I want to tell you that I'm glad to meet you. Are you glad that you and I met? A few days later, after we meet you. And I think about you, you're a man sincere. What do you think about me? I understand you Rob, why you could not answer yesterday. Everything is all right. And I am glad, that you could find time for me, and answer my letter. To me certainly very sadly to hear about destruction of your wife. Sincerely it is a pity to me Rob, about it to hear. But the life it proceeds. And I am confident, that if to search for happiness you can necessarily meet her.
And you say in your letter that you do not mind that I can not get pregnant. I glad to hear it Rob. I was afraid that you'll tell me that I was looking for another person. I am most afraid to live my life alone, without a loved one. Thank you. For your understanding.
You know Rob, I'm really glad to get your letter today. Because I have today was a hard working day. There was a lot of work. But your letter Rob, brought a smile to my face. My heart pounded for more when I saw your letter. True. And I'm glad. Hopefully Rob, that you have a good mood today? It is very interesting to me!
What did you think of me when you first saw me? I'm curious to know about it. When I saw you Rob, I was afraid to make a mistake in his choice. I liked your eyes, your eyes on your photos. I thought you were a sincere man, and not love lie. Because many men in my country, are of poor quality. They like to spend time on various entertainment: nightclubs, ***** bars. They do not want a serious relationship. Girls for them, only for one night. Is it possible to build a relation with a man? I'm sure that there is no! And I think you will agree with me.
By the way! Yesterday I told my mom about you Rob. I told her that we met on the Internet. But I did not tell her what country you live in! I tell you about this later. When will I be confident. Confident mother react to this positively.
I did not tell you about my family. My family is not big. Father, I have not. Sisters and brothers, I have not. I have a mother. We live together with her in the apartment. It does not work. She is retired. She is already 60 years old. My mother's name is Maria. She's a good woman. What do you say about it? And I will send you my picture Rob. Here you can see my mom on the right side of me. This is a photo I received last week on Sunday, when my mother and I went to church. There were a lot of people.
A further is Father Sergius. Which with a long beard. We all call him Father Sergius. He works in the Church. He is a very good man. In this picture, we are in the church. I also want to send a photo, and other. I hope you liked my photos? Rob, I would like to hear more about your family. Tell me about your family.
And I would like to see your pictures. Ok! I am sorry that I have to finish my letter. I want to tell more about themselves. But I've got to go home. I'll wait for your answer with impatience. Warmest regards Svetlana
Letter 6
Hello my friend Rob!
Thank you for taking the time to reply to my last letter. I am pleased once again to get your letter. And I am pleased to hear that you said in your letter about your family. I'm starting to learn more about you Rob, and your family. And I'm really sorry to hear that. What have you lost loved ones in your family. I understand your feelings. And very sorry. Accept my condolences. Sorry if asked you to talk about your family, in my last letter. I do not know what you have lost loved ones in your family. I hope you did not hurt when you wrote this? I'm sorry if it hurt for you. But I hope that they were good memories. These happy memories, bring a lot of joy in your heart. Do you understand me? Because I have already told you in my last letter, I have no father. And I remember him well. He will always remain in my heart of a hero and a good father. I miss him. He died long ago, when I was only 10 years old. He was killed in a car crash. But most importantly, I remember the good memories of him. And I hope, what you will remarkably spend tomorrow the day off? It is a pity, that we can not spend together. I hope, that in the future. Tomorrow at me as, the day off. And tomorrow I will be at home. At me tomorrow affairs much. I will erase things, to be cleaned in the house, both many other things. And I will miss certainly Rob, and to wait Monday. Also I hope, that you can necessarily prepare during the day off, your new photos. I will be glad them to receive on Monday.
Rob, and how was your day? I hope everything is fine? Today I had a wonderful time. I have just completed my work. Today, in his spare time, my colleagues at work, talking about their families. What they have, friendly and happy family. They told how together spend the weekend. And today, we agreed to go to the rink, which would go skating. I will, I'll try to get a photo, while skating. I love to skate. And you Rob?
And I am pleased to hear your sincere words about me, when you saw me for the first time. I was touched by what you said about me. I am pleased to hear from you Rob, these warm and beautiful words. I smile at the moment. )))))
Rob, You like your country where you live? Rob, Again today looking online your country. And I saw many beautiful places and I really liked. We just have a lot of beautiful places and a lot of interest in my city. Sure, you would have liked, our beautiful places. Just like picking berries and mushrooms. And you see mushrooms on my photos. These mushrooms have in your country? I love their roast potatoes. It's delicious.
And what food you like best? I like Chinese food. I do not know what dish in your country national. But I'm sure that in your country, just as tasty cooked. And I do not know if you tried Russian cuisine? In our national dish, consists of many different dishes. This hash, pickle, soup, borscht, dumplings, fried chicken, and much more. I like to cook. Therefore, I love my job. I love to cook different pies. Apple pie, cheese pie, meat pie and fruit tarts. And also cook a festive dish, fried chicken. I'll send my photos. I think you have there a strong appetite after seeing my photos.
Rob, I feel that our communication through the Internet is friendly. It is very positive for me. The friendly relations are very important criteria such as integrity and respect - that's what I aspire to. Although we have not seen each other, but I think our friends Rob. I'm sorry but I have to go. I've already said that I am going with colleagues at the rink, skate. I hope you like my photos. Here you see that I'm not alone. Next to me is Marina. We had good friends. Not long ago, we went to the park. She needed to rest after childbirth. She recently gave birth to a girl. And she wants me to be godmother to her daughter. I agreed. I now it's time to go. I wish you a lot of good emotions today, and a good mood for the next day. With care. I wish you a nice weekend. Svetlana
Letter 7
Hello Rob!
I'm happy again to receive your detailed letter. And thank you for your wonderful photos! I liked them. Rob, You are able to do nice things for women. Today I waited impatiently the end of the working day. To get your letter soon. I hope that all of you are well today Rob? And I also wanted to thank you for your honesty to me. What do you sincerely write. Also I hope Rob, what you have well spent the day off? You say, that you were on a visit at your sister. It is a pity, that we could not spend together. I Sunday, all the day long was at home. Also did cleaning in the house. Went to shop behind products. And it is final, I waited Monday Rob, what again to receive your letter and your photos. And I'm glad to hear Rob, what you liked my previous photo. Too bad you did not try Russian cuisine. I'm sure Rob, that you would like if you could try.
Rob, I want you to know. Now what do you have a friend who can listen carefully to you and understand you. It's me! Do you understand me?
Today, I also send you my photos. I got them when skating. Rob, I told you last time that went skating with my colleagues. I'll introduce you to them. That much taller than me, her name is Nadia. Her height 194 cm. And my height is 164 centimeters. Rob, You do not bother my little growth? Nadia, sometimes calls me a dwarf. You're funny? And then we laugh with her. She is my best friend. It also works with me cook. The next photo, her name is Elena. Where are we with her sitting on the ice. I hope you like it.
We had a great time last time skating. Nadia and Elena was asked to convey to you their greetings. Rob, I told them about you. They now know about you. And they are happy to Rob, that you and I met. Maybe someday we'll be together skating or skiing?
Rob, And how do you like to spend your free time? Did we have the same entertainment? As for me, I prefer to spend my free time in different ways. I like sports. Sometimes I attend a fitness club. I like to ride a bike. It's a good sport. Do you agree with me?
I also like to listen to music, watch interesting programs on TV. Rob, what kind of music do you like? I like to listen to classical music. Just like Russian folk songs. I like to listen foreign singers like Celine Dion, Madonna. I like her songs. Do you know her? I even have a T-shirt with the image of Madonna. Just like swimming. Do you like to swim? I also love nature. I like to be in the woods. And listen to the birds sing.
And I have a favorite place where I like to come alone. Where I like to be with everything alone, or with Nadia. I'm sure to tell about it later.
I just have a hobby. My hobby is cutting and pasting figures, pieces of paper, fabric, leather, vegetable and other materials on the paperboard. And I create artistic images. This is called Application! This is my hobby. Rob, do you like? I like to do in my spare time. Do you have a hobby?
I'm trying to tell you more about me. Rob, You well know, all the things that I write to you? I know it's not my native language. You should know that I feel pleasant feelings for you. And you can ask me any questions. And I answer with great pleasure. I'm studying your language at school when she studied. And I liked the language. I am glad that we have met with you Rob. I wish you a good day today. I'm going to wait for your answer. Your sincere friend Svetlana
Letter 8
Hello my friend Rob!!!
Thank you for your touching letter. Because I read your letter with great joy and with a smile on his face. Your letter gives me joy. I was glad to open my mail and see your letter. Thank you. I have received today also your letter in Russian. You say, what you translated it through the translator? I well understood your letter Rob. It was lovely. Thanks. And I certainly know Youtube. But unfortunately, because of the slow Internet, I cannot look video on Youtube. Here speed of the Internet very low. And consequently, I cannot look video. It is very a pity to me Rob. And you speak about WWW? But I did not understand, that it means. And it's great that you also love listening to music. Scientists people say that music helps people cope with difficult life situations.
Rob, I have today had a short working day. I would as soon as possible to answer you Rob. But she could not. We had a corporate event. And still continues. But I went there. To get your letter more Rob. And I was glad to see your letter. And you know what I want at this moment? I want to come home as soon as possible and take a hot bath. I want to soak in a hot bath and relax. Want me Rob? Of course, this is a joke Rob. This is my kind of humor. Do not be in a hurry. Perhaps one day, we could together to implement these goals. Do not be in a hurry.
And you also want to send a new photo with my corporate event. I have presented today, a beautiful bouquet of flowers as the best cook. I like it very much. Do you like Rob? Confidence that you like her. I was just handed a gift today is the best cook. I was given a bowl. After all, I am a qualified chef. The cook should have a good physical preparation, high power endurance and good health. This is a demanding job. I work six days a week. My working day begins 08:00 am. And my work day ends at 17:00. And I'm proud of my work. Rob, I would like to know more about your work. How many of you on purpose?
Rob, I just want to come home from work and see a loved one. Hug him and clung to him tightly and kissing. To feel close, a loved one. Rob, do you understand what I am talking about? I'm talking about a loved one. I dream about it. Now I have time to go home Rob. I'll take the bathroom today. I want to relax. I will miss today. Your most sincere friend Svetlana
Letter 9
Hello my friend Rob! I'm sorry that I can not write to you in more detail at the moment. But at the moment I have no time. I need to go to church. Marina is waiting for me. Today will baptize her daughter. Remember I told you about it? Marina wants me to be godmother to her daughter. Today I will be godmother. Rob, I need to go. I hope you understand my situation. Your sincere friend Svetlana
Letter 10
Hello my dear Rob! I hope you do not mind that I call you, my dear Rob? I hope no. How are you today? How was your day? Forgive Rob, that the last time she could not write in detail and explain everything in detail. I hope you're not angry? Rob, thanks for your photos, from your work. And it is pleasant to me to receive, it is a photo where you read my letter and you look at my photo. It so is lovely Rob. Thanks. To me it was pleasant. And I looked your www.thw address on the Internet. And I saw much. Rob, very much all was pleasant to me. The truth. Thanks you big. And I am pleased to hear you tell me more about your work. I know your work. And I think it takes a lot of attention and a great responsibility to your work.
Rob, I last time was late to church. And so in a hurry, that would not be late. I arrived on time. Rob, I became a godmother. You can congratulate me! This is the day for me was happy. It was my pleasure. This little girl in my photos today, her name is Victoria. Her mother's name is Marina. I told you, Marina told me about last time. I'm the last time you sent a photo where we are with her in the park. I hope you remember about it?
Marina wanted me to be godmother to her daughter Victoria. Of course, I agreed. And now, I am godmother to this little girl. And I'll post a photo of Marina, where she and her daughter Victoria. It is true they are beautiful? I am very glad for Marina. She has a full family. Rob, Cross country and your children, as we have in the country? Or you it's different? I find it interesting to learn about it. And after the Victoria Cross, we all went to visit me. For all of us, it was a holiday. And later, Marina all invited to the cafe to celebrate the event. And I wore my best clothes. This is my holiday dress. Rob, You like my dress? I hope you like it. This photo is for you! I thought at the time about you Rob, when did these photos.
But we have not spent a long time there. We all then went home. But I'm glad that all the friends come together. I rarely see some friends, which you see on my photos. It's all my friends that you see on my photos. Here we are in my house, in my kitchen. And I forgot to tell you Rob. What had a dream. And in the dream, I saw you! Yes, you Rob! But it was a short nap. I only saw your face and everything. And then I woke up. And you know what I think? I think that when two people see each other in a dream. So they both think about each other when they sleep. Maybe you also think about me Rob? It was a nice dream for me.
And I hope you're not too upset with me for my past short letter? I could not write to you more in detail last time. I hope you understand me. I'll wait for your letter Rob! Came your new photo. I'll wait and miss. Warmest regards Svetlana
Letter 11
Hello my dear Rob!
Today I looked forward end of the day. I miss you, and waited for the end of the working day. And I'm glad Rob, to receive your letter. I read again, with great joy. Rob, it is a pity to me, but I was not present on Facebook. Because, I do not have personal computer. I hope, that you understand me. And I am final Rob, would be very glad, if we could meet in one fine day. Also I hope, that it can happen, if we want it. And consequently, time is necessary for us what to be assured of the feelings to each other. I hope, that you understand me. Also it is confident, that my friends and my mum, would be not against if I go to other country. Thank you for your congratulations Rob. I'll be good and caring godmother to Victoria. And glad to hear that you liked my previous photo. And you say that you like my holiday dress? Thank you Rob. I am pleased to hear that. I hope that one day, I'll wear it again. And together we will be able to spend a romantic evening, you and I!
Rob, Last night I missed you. Are you bored? And my mother noticed that I was alone yesterday. She told me that I have changed. Do you understand? I really changed, and I myself feel it. I told her in detail about you Rob. Because I did not say what country you live. She now knows what country you live.
Mom reacted positively to you. I told her that you and I 2 weeks communicate. And you and I have a lot in common. My mother told me to listen to your heart. Heart, I never cheat. And indicate the correct path. Mom knows that I can not have children. And my mom wants me to meet a good and sincere person. What he could take me this way I am. Do you understand me?
Rob, I do not know how to describe what happened to me after we met. I became happy. Rob, You opened a new world for me, which I can not describe. I do not know how to describe it. How do you say it in. Do you understand me?
But in my heart going, inexplicable, indescribable. Now I met you Rob. And you changed my life, you gave me a new sense, you gave me new emotions. These emotions filled my soul, my mind, my mind, my heart. Do you understand me Rob?
I want to give myself just one single man. The man, whom I love and who will love me. Maybe it's you? I want to know you more and more. Because the more you learn, the more I like you. And I am also sure that you are sincere with me. And I have feelings for you. If there is a sense, then that is where Love! But I want to be happy. To live the rest of life with a loved one. I hope that soon received my letter and my new photo. Also, I would like to send my old photos where I'm only 1 year. Sure you'll like. I've got to go home. I will wait for your next letter. I'll miss. Warmest regards Svetlana
Letter 12
Hello Rob! It is a pity that I could not reply to my last letter. I hope you received my last letter and my picture? Rob, I'm hoping today to receive your letter and your photo. Tomorrow I have a day off. And so, I hoped that I received your letter, before the holiday. I was sad at the moment. Because only on Monday I can see your letter Rob. And I hope that you are bound to answer me. I will miss and wait. I wish you a nice weekend! Svetlana
Letter 13
Hello dear Rob.
Thank you for your heartfelt letter. Again, I read with great joy. And I want to ask you. Do all the good you have today? How is your mood? I hope, what you have remarkably spent your day off? I would like, to spend with you Rob. I Sunday, have spent time at home. It was sadly final. But I erased things, went to shop behind products. Did cleaning. And it is final, I waited Monday. But yesterday, there was no Internet on work. And consequently, I could not answer you. I worried not much. And I liked your photos. You have sent me them much. And I am glad. At you the beautiful house, and a beautiful garden. To me to like...
Rob, Now I read your letter. And I feel happy. Because of your kind words, I was warm inside. They bring me warmth and a smile on my face. Thank you Rob. I missed you at work today. I waited for the end of the day that would quickly get your letter.
What is your weather like today? Today we have cold weather. Too bad that is not currently the summer. Because I love most about the summer. But I'm not upset. Because I am in winter, I bathe with cold water. Rob, I am confident that you will be surprised to see my photos today. And sending video. I hope you can see my video.
I think you've never tried to bathe in cold water in the winter. We have winter here is very cold. And I recently bathed in cold water. Thus, I tempered my body in cold water. This is useful for strengthening the immune system in humans. Hopefully Rob, you did not think of me that I'm crazy? I hope no. As I have already said that this procedure is useful for the human body.
Rob, Lately I can not think about anything but you. You deprived me of reason, and it is difficult to focus on work. Why is this happening to me? With you, the same thing happens? Rob, I am happy that I met you. Are you happy Rob, that we meet? How I would like Rob, today to go along the beach. But I have to go. I wish you a good day today. I hope that soon you will answer me with great joy. Hug you Rob. Warmest regards Svetlana
Letter 14
Hello Rob!
I received your letter. And I read with great joy. Rob, I am sorry that I could not answer you last time. Forgive me. I do not think that I have forgotten you. I greatly missed you. I just did not have time last time to warn you. Sorry. Thank you so much for your wonderful photos of your family. I liked them Rob. But I'm sorry that I could not see your video. I could not reproduce it. And you ask me if I have a smart phone? I'm sorry, but I do not have at the moment the mobile phone. But I really would be happy to call you, to your phone number. I hope that you can write me your phone number? I'll try to call you to Rob. I would like to talk to you. And I am pleased to hear that you were visiting your friend. And you say that you showed my photos? I glad to hear it. Rob, Certainly I tell you, my salary. I get a monthly salary of 10 million rubles. In your country, is how much?
And you wrote me that you have type 1 diabetes? Of course, I heard about diabetes. But I do not know. But I hope that everything will be fine? But I think you need more time to be outdoors. And I love to spend time in the open. I like to visit the park, the lake, which are near the city. But when or whether I wanted to go to another country. But I would like to see it all, together with your loved one. And perhaps, when be Rob, we could be together. I or when not in other countries.
Rob, I last time went to the wedding. I was invited to the wedding. My friend Natasha, married. You can see it on my photos today. It was a beautiful wedding. I like it. And after the wedding, I hurried to come to Internet cafes. To get your letter. In order to answer you. But not in time. It was too late. And all night I could not sleep. I slept little time Rob. Because I felt guilty. I was afraid that now you'll be angry with me Rob. I could not warn you. You're angry dear? Tell me. Answer.
In fact, on this day I was going to go to work. Again I woke up in the morning thinking about you. I completely forgot about the wedding invitation. Because I was in a hurry to work, and I thought about you. I forgot about the invitation. You imagine Rob? I forgot that I was invited to the wedding.
When my mother asked me: Where are you going Svetlana? You need to go to the wedding! And showed me the invitation. I was shocked. I understand why it happened. Because you came into my life Rob. And I'm so happy. Happy is what happens to us. You understand? What I forgot about the invitation to the wedding! Instead, I'm going to go to work. Good thing my mother had time to tell me about it.
And I'm glad to hear Rob, that you liked my previous photo. And you say you admire my courage, I was bathed in cold water. Honestly, it's pretty cold. Not everyone is able to enter into the cold water. But I think that you could handle it. And we could enter together into the cold water.
Rob, And I have prepared for you a little gift! Yes, a gift. It is a modest gift. This gift for you Rob. Maybe someday I'll be able to give you this gift. This little doctor, he looks a bit like you. What do you think? Maybe your eyes? And the nose? He is cute. I liked it very much when buying it in the store. And I gave him the name. His call Rob. I gave him your name. You do not mind? Rob, You just be sure to tell me the following in your letter, your opinion about my present. OK! Rob, If you can imagine in front of a large Pacific Ocean, it is so much kisses I send to you now.
I already miss you and think of you. I also send you my photo. I hope you enjoy my photos! I'll wait for your letter with impatience and your new photo. Kiss. kiss. kiss. Gentle and caring Svetlana
Letter 15
Hello dear Rob!
You can not imagine how happy I am at this moment to get your letter. The whole day waiting for the end of the working day. To get your letter. And I'm glad to hear that you're not mad at me. And I'm glad that you understand me. Thank you for your understanding. Rob, I am really glad that we both understand each other. And I want to thank you for your photo today. Thank you. You are wonderful and kind man. I like you. You say, what I need to use address? I need to write there tomorrow? I not with all have understood you Rob. But I hope, that you to receive today my letter. And I am glad to receive today your phone number. I will necessarily try to call next week. Also I hope, that we could talk. I do not have mobile phone. And consequently, I asked your phone number. But I will use a public telephone booth what to call to you. Rob, you did not understand me yesterday up to the end. I looked today in the Internet, how many it will be in pounds. My monthly salary, makes 100 pounds. You understand me? I receive every month 100 pounds. You understand me.
In your letter you say that you liked my gift? I'm glad to hear that. Every day I see him. And when I come home, I keep seeing it. I even say hello to him. Hi Rob! He looks at me and says nothing at all times. But I feel that you just think of me Rob.
Mom this morning, asked me to tell you, her warm wishes. Last night, we, together with my mother in the kitchen preparing the mashed potatoes and fried fish. And I would like you to be standing next to me Rob. Your presence, I would be very pleased. Also today, Nadia brought a photo. And I want to send them to you. 2 weeks ago, I went skiing with Nadia and her family. Nadia helped me to take photos. I hope you like my picture today. We had a wonderful time.
And what you doing last night? Rob, Last night, I looked up at the stars. The sky was clear and there were many stars in the sky. And I looked at the brightest star, which is different from all. Let's look at it together! And make a wish. Rob, Today you can look at the stars? And be sure to Make a wish now. Ok! Do not tell anyone about his desire, even to me. Ok! Because you can not talk about it. I hope that our wishes will come true. I'll believe it.
If you are tonight going to see the stars. Rob, I want you to know. I want you to remember, when you see a bright star in the sky. Remember! There is one single woman from another country. Which is also looking at the stars. And I think about you. It's me! Remember this! Ok!
Rob, I will be lonely back home today. I want to submit for a second that you can come to me today. And meet me with flowers of roses. I love roses. I love the white and red roses. I would be very glad to see you today with flowers. I hope this day happen. And together we could go to the park, holding each other's hands. You dreamed about it Rob? I really dream about it. I know Rob, you are educated and intelligent man. You have good looks and a great sense of humor. To me you're handsome and attractive man. I am glad that we sincerely treat each other. And I appreciate that Rob. I wish that you would understand me. I would like to spend the evening with you. In a romantic setting. You and me! I want that we were together in the kitchen. That you could help me in the kitchen. However, to leave the city. So that together we could build our family. I dream about it and think about it. And when I read your letter, something inside me, something is going on. And I hope that one day we will be together. So that we can learn more about each other. I know that it will not be today or tomorrow, but I think that someday. And this day will surely come into our lives. Do you believe in that Rob? I hope that soon you will definitely get my letter and my photos. I will miss today, and wait for your letter. Hug you. Kiss ... Kiss ... Kiss ... Warmest regards Svetlana
Letter 16
Hello dear Rob! Again, I'm glad to see your letter. Again, I read with great joy. I do not how many times reread your letter. Your kind words, I brought a lot of joy today. Thank you. I to you as, will send my letter on your new address. Also I hope, that my letter and my photo will come to you. And you asked, whether I can see my video which I have sent you? I see, that it is a file of type MP4. But unfortunately, I cannot as, to see my video. I not strongly understand in computers, and I do not know, to whom to address here. But I will try to learn it. Rob, of course, I any more do not receive the letter from other men. And for a long time already, after we have got acquainted. And I wish to construct sincere the relation. And you very much like me Rob. I hope, what you will well spend these days off? And it is a pity to me, that in these days off, we cannot spend together. We could, remarkably spend time. It would be remarkable. Rob, also I hope, that you can necessarily receive new photos. I very much would like to receive. At me tomorrow as, the day off. Also I can answer only on Monday. Tomorrow I will be all the day at home. I will erase things, to cook food, to be cleaned in the house. Also I will miss. And I will transfer to mum, your warm congratulations. It will be glad Rob.
Rob, I had a wonderful time today. Because I was waiting for the end of the day that would have again to receive your letter. And how are you?
I told them about you. I told them about my feelings for you. And perhaps we will meet soon. And asked me to convey their warm wishes for you. And today I want to send you my picture summer. Rob, Do you have a favorite place in your town? I have a favorite place where I like to spend time alone. You see my favorite place on my photos. This place is located on the outskirts of the city. Do you like my favorite place?
Sometimes I go there, along with Nadia. This is my favorite place where I can be alone. Watch the horizon, to dream. And maybe one day, we will have to go there with you. I'm sure you'll like Rob. And if you could come to visit me, I want to show this beautiful place in the first place. Where can we spend a wonderful time. But at the moment, it can be reached only on skis or a snowmobile. Because a lot of snow at the moment. I will definitely going there again when summer comes.
Rob, Lately I wake up with a good mood. Because every day I wait for your letter. I hope that you fully understand my letter? I want to say that you're the most beautiful man in the world. And when I see your letter. Rob, You know what's happening to me? When I see your letter! My heart skips a beat. And then I read your letter with great joy. Today, when I was riding the bus to work, I thought about you. And next to me was a young couple. They stood and held each other's hands and talking and laughing. And presents us together.
I know you now, soon you will read my letter and will be hard to sigh. But at the same time to smile. You know! And I just feel it. I would like to when or whether, to be in your arms Rob. I send you my kiss now! Kiss ... Kiss ... Kiss ... I want, whatever you got it. I'll be bored again today. I wish you a nice weekend .... Your gentle Svetlana
Letter 17
Hello dear Rob!
Again, I'm glad to receive your letter. Again, I read with great joy. And I want to thank you for your kind words. Thank you! Each your letter, I feel a surge of warmth and happiness. I have for a long time have not experienced such feelings. Thanks you, for a large quantity of your photos. I them have received all. And I with the big pleasure looked at your photos. To me have liked. And I hope, that you have remarkably spent time. Mine put a birth on June, 10th. And I on horoscope Gemini. And you say, what you would like to send me a gift? It is pleasant to me to hear it. My address: Russia, the Kirov area, the city of Kirov, Lenin's street, the house 116, apartment 11. The Postal index 610002. Rob, me it was lonely yesterday. Yesterday, I again in the evening, looked at stars and thought of you. And very much waited Monday. And I have again received letters, from second address. And I do not know, which address to me at present to use. But I hope, that you will receive my letter, on your old address. And you say that you like my last photo! I'm glad to hear that you liked. And I would like some day to show these beautiful places.
Rob, Yesterday and what are you doing? Last night I missed you. I sat in my room and talked to the little doctor Rob. Do you understand me? And now I see you every day. When I wake up in the morning, I see you Rob. You're next to my bed. I open my eyes and always see you. You probably think I'm losing my mind? I hope no.
And I'm glad that at the moment I'm writing you a letter. And the confidence that you will soon get my letter and my new photo. Which I did yesterday. Yesterday came to me on a visit, Natasha and her niece. I do not for a long time, was at her wedding. Remember? I told you about it. I sent you last time, photos from the wedding. And the bride at the wedding, was Natasha. I hope you learned it. Natasha asked me to give you her greetings. And I told her that we may soon be together. She's happy for me and you.
Rob, I could not concentrate at work today. Last time, I can not concentrate on my work. I keep thinking about you all the time. Rob, Know! Soon I'll be on vacation. And I would like you to be with me. I want to spend the holidays with you. Rob, I want to know what I think about your friends, relatives, the closest people? I do not know how they would treat me if I would come to you? And so I want to, what would you tell me honestly, what they say about me? I need to know. Tell me Rob! I want to know about it. You know, my mom, and my friends are well you are treated. Rob, And I wonder what they think of your loved ones. They do not mind that I would be with you? I'm asking you to answer my questions honestly.
I think about how to come to you during the holidays. But I want to be completely sure. We need to take all this seriously. I hope you understand me? I hope that you will write in your letter, all that you think about our meeting with you. I will miss today. I've got to go. Natasha yesterday invited to ride a vatrushke. Vatrushka, a rubber circle. I will definitely try to get a picture today, and show you.
And I'm going to miss today Rob. Now I will send my letter and my picture. I'll wait and miss tonight. kiss ... kiss ... kiss ... Svetlana
Letter 18
Hello my dear Rob! You can not imagine how impatiently I was waiting for your letter today. Your letter made me very happy today. And I'm glad to hear that your relatives are happy for you and me. I am very happy that, but most of all I am happy that I am not mistaken in you. In your sincerity, that you're the one with whom I should be. I am glad to hear, that to like you my English language. I well went to school. And I liked to study English language. And tomorrow Rob, I will try to call to you. Also I hope, that your phone will be near to you. And I would like to talk to you. And I am glad, that you have written your home address. And you have sent to me to a photo of my street? It is very lovely, that you looked my city on the Internet.
You know! What I thought when I read your letter? I pictured us together Rob. And therefore. We must take the first steps towards each other. Because our letters will remain letters. And I hope that soon we will read our letters, along with which it all began. And I am glad that we are together. I want to sit with you on the couch and looking at our emails. And while smiling and kissing.
And I am very happy that we met Rob. And we can meet. Rob, I would like to know. How do you imagine our meeting? I do not know how it happens. But I think that it will be at the airport. Because I think you need to fly on an airplane. Of course, I flew one time. I flew in the summer of last year, in Rostov-on-Don. This city is located in the Rostov region. I hope that you will be able to see the city today on the Internet. I am flying on a business trip with my girlfriend Nadia. We were on a business trip. And I liked it there. I saw one time in my life the sea. I like it. And today I want to send my photos that I took during the trip.
I hope that we will meet. And I hope that you give a large bouquet at a meeting at the airport. White and red roses. Big bunch !!! I probably will leave all things and will run to meet you, what would be in your arms. Maybe so? I do not know ... I do not know how it will be. They first met and we can feel each other. Can you imagine? Rob, It will be our first meeting.
What do you think, what else will? Tell me, I want to know. Where are we going to go? What do we do? We'll be alone? No one will disturb us?
Rob, I know that it will be fine, but I do not know how you imagine. Tell me. I want to know it. I hope you will write to me soon as you imagine our meeting and tell me what we will do. I'm waiting for your letter with impatience. I want you to get my letter soon. I send you my kiss. Let they will warm and bring you joy.
Kiss .. Kiss .. Kiss .. Your gentle and caring Svetlana
Letter 19

Hello my dear Rob! Today I am happy Rob! I'm happy. I read your letter, and filled with joy. I want to tell you that you're the most handsome and caring man in the world. And I wish that our meeting took place exactly as you say in your letter. You say, what today I am am waited by a surprise? You say, what have sent a small gift for me? And you say, that it should come today. Rob, I very much hope, that at returning home, I will receive your gift. I with impatience wish to see. I hope, that mum can receive. My darling Rob, I will necessarily try to call today to you. Also I hope, that your phone will be a number. I wish to talk.
Today, during my work, I wanted to go on a tour agency. But I had a lot of work today. But I will go there to learn about everything. To learn how we can be together. I miss you Rob. I keep thinking about you all the time. It really makes me smile. These thoughts, my heart really warm inside. Do you understand?
I waited for the end of the day today, dear Rob. I do not know how to describe today by saying that I feel inside me. It is inexplicable. But I can say that it is a pleasant feeling. And I'm sure that you feel it. I'm right? I think every night about you and me Rob!!! I close my eyes and see us together. I close my eyes, you appear in front of me. And it's nice. My heart rejoices. Every night I try to touch you and feel you Rob, but I can not reach. Maybe it's because of the distance that separates us from you?
Rob, I want you to close your eyes now. And put your hands around her on your shoulders. And imagine what it is I! I'll put my hands on your shoulders. And I can feel it. Now I want to look into your eyes Rob. I beg you, do not look for another woman. You're not looking? And I'm not looking for another person. And I do not want a woman appeared between us. Because I am sincerely and with love for you. Because I believe in your sincerity to me.
Rob, Today I will also be lonely. Today I'm going to visit Nadia. I'm going to her house. She has a birthday today. She is 38 years old. She's two years younger than me. I most want to go with you to her for her birthday. I will be lonely there. It is now at work, asking about you Rob. She knows that we want to be together. And she was glad that we want to be together. And asked me to convey to you its congratulations. And asked you to come today on her birthday. She wants us to come together for her. But unfortunately, you are not present. I have to go.
Remember, I said the last letter that I'm going to ride Vatrushke, Natasha and her niece? I got new photos and want to send them to you. Like last time we spent time riding a Vatrushke. You see it on my photos. We went on a rubber disc called Vatrushka.
I hope you my letter and my photos will receive soon and write to me with great love. I'll miss you and wait for your letter. Kiss tenderly in your mouth. kiss kiss kiss ... Your Svetlana
Letter 20
Hello dear Rob! How are you doing today? I was glad to get your letter today. And I read your letter Rob. I miss you. Thank you for your photo today. They brought me a lot of joy today. Do you have a big family. It is your kind words and your picture, I bring joy. Do you understand me? And I was full of joy Rob, when we were talking on the phone. I also was thrilled to hear your beautiful voice. My heart was beating so fast during a call, I could hardly breathe and I had a big smile on his face. It was one of the greatest days of my! I know you feel the same way, and it's so comforting. It was a great feeling for me. But I'm sorry that I do not have the phone, which you could call me back. I'm called to you out of the negotiation points. And my friends do not have a device such as Iphone. There are rarely those who have such a device.
I have a lot I want to tell you Rob. It would be great if I could tell looking into your eyes. I hope it will happen soon. What we will meet. My dear Rob, when I was on a tour agency. I asked what I needed that to go to your country. I was told that I need a visa. To get a visa, it is necessary to draw up documents. The documents made out for 2-3 weeks. When are my documents ready. I definitely need to go to Moscow, to the visa center. I have to bring all the documents that are required to obtain a visa. Without these documents, I can not get a visa. And we can not meet.
Employee travel agency told me, in order to get a visa, I need to draw up the documents:
- International passport,
2 completed questionnaires,
passport photo,
copy of the passport,
employment history,
medical insurance,
certificate of employment and payment of taxes.
Also in the registration documents include my trip to Moscow. And when the documents will be ready for my visa. Tour agency, will call to Moscow. Will bind to the visa center. In order that would set a date for my interview. To obtain a visa. Do you understand me Rob? All these documents should I provide to the visa application center. And my documents will cost 420 pounds. And I start to make out my papers. I have not much money. I hope I have enough, so we can start the paperwork. Forgive me Rob, that today can not send new photos. Nadia forgot to bring her photo where we celebrated her birthday. It was all beautiful. But still, I was lonely without you. Because I missed you. Nadia again asked me to tell you, her warm wishes. I hope that soon received my letter. I'll be bored again today.
Kiss ...
Your loving Svetlana
Letter 21
Hello my dear Rob. How glad I am to receive your letter again today. I am grateful for your concern, for your kind words. They warm me. And thanks for your flowers you sent me my dear Rob. With me today contacted and informed. My dear Rob, I am very happy today. Nadia, was so happy for me. Thank you for your concern for me. And you made my day today, more colorful. And you say Rob, Can you call me your wife's? Yes! After all, I want that Rob. And I understand your letter, and your thoughts. I understand your feelings to me. And I say the same my dear Rob. And I believe that we will be together. Because I start the paperwork. Do you understand? I want to spend my vacation with you Rob. Because, this vacation I get for you and me. Do you understand? And you are my only man in this world. And I am very happy that we have met in this life. And I do not want to, that would be between us, or whether there was any woman. And I read your letter Rob. In your letter, I feel you. Rob, You feel it? I feel it. And I'm sure, and you feel it. Darling, I hope you are all well today? I just lonely. What is between us there is a great distance. But I believe that we will overcome it. However, we will overcome it Rob? I tried for a long time to start a family. It seemed that I had everything to normal life. But I still was looking for you Rob. Now I have you Rob! I do not want to lose you.
Today, I got my vacation money. And I spend on my documents. Rob, Today I went to the agency. And today I have paid for my documents 420 pounds. And I began the paperwork today. And I'm glad that I will soon go to Moscow and get a visa. And then, I can fly to you. Are you happy dear Rob? I'm sure it is. I need to go back to the agency to sign the necessary documents. And I need to bring my photos for the passport.
Today also saw Nadia. She gave me a photo that had been made for her birthday. And I want to send them to you Rob. What would my photos brought you joy in your date. And when you get my letter and my photos, remember, dear! What do I miss you much. And you see it in my eyes, on my current photo. All my thoughts are of you dear Rob. Do you understand? Yesterday, as my mother noticed my sad face. And asked me what happened? I told her that I miss you. She understands everything. And hugged me. And later, I went to bed. I fell asleep thinking about you Rob.
I hope that you will soon get my letter and my picture. I will greatly miss you.
kiss ...
Your dear Svetlana
Letter 22
Hello my dear Rob!
I am very pleased to receive your letter. And I am very grateful to you for your care, for your kind words in your letter. I did every day waiting for that moment, that would be as soon as possible to receive your letter. And quickly read your kind words. Because I miss you Rob. And I am very glad that you're using my background image in your phone. Rob, It lets you know. What do you think about me. It's a pleasure for me. And you wrote a letter in Russian. You've used the program translator? What would be translated into Russian. I'm well aware. But unfortunately, in our city there are no such places where there is Wi-Fi. Because, Wi-Fi is, only in the big cities. But here, I have not heard about this Rob. I am pleased that you would like to make a gift. But Wi-Fi, not here. Here and slow Internet. To have a long time to wait until I receive your letter. Internet speed is very low. I hope you understand me. And I will try to get a photo with your flowers. I just need to go to Nadia, that would take her camera. I will ask her about this. Rob, You do a lot for me and for our meeting. And you say that you started to decorate your living room? I am pleased to hear that. I hope that you can take a photo? I'll be glad to get them on Monday. Tomorrow I'll miss you Rob, and wait for Monday. I'll miss you and remember your voice. I hope that tomorrow you'll be busy with the preparation of your living room? I think yes. I really wanted to help. But I hope that soon we will be together. And you ask my bank account. Last time I opened a bank account. And I'm grateful to you Rob, that he wanted to help. But I paid 420 pounds last time. And so, I do not need Rob. My Documents, will be ready soon. And soon we will be together. I'm really looking forward to this. Today, I again went to the agency. I filled out the questionnaire for documents. It was not difficult at all. When I was in the agency, I had a smile on his face. You know why? Because soon I'll come to you. I'm sure that soon we will be together. The agency also asked the name of your airport or airport code. What would I order 2 ticket, round trip. My dear Rob, I hope you'll be sure to inform me the name of your airport? I need to tell your name or airport code for the airport agency. Do you understand?
I was told that I necessarily need to pay for my tickets. I do not know how much to pay for my ticket. I need to buy a ticket two, back and forth. I need to show the flights to the visa application center. I hope you let me know the name of your airport to your next letter.
Dear Rob. what time you woke up this morning? What were the thoughts when you woke up? Today I woke up and it was about six o'clock in the morning. And my thoughts were of you dear Rob. I began to get bored. And in a hurry to come to work. And the whole day waiting for the end of the day, what would once again receive your letter. Today, I'll be standing at the window and look at the stars. Rob, Today you'll look at the stars? And I hope that soon we will be together on the balcony and look at the very bright star! Remember? I said that I made a wish last time. I'll talk about it. Do you remember that? I hope that yes. And I really want to believe that my wish will come true. And I want, what would your wish has come true. You're always in my heart my dear Rob. I want you to send me a kiss and let it fly over by a huge distance and touches your lips.
kiss kiss kiss ...
I want to have my kiss, you brought joy and love to you. I miss you Rob...
Now I want to meet with you and give you a lot of joy. I hope that this happy day will come soon. I have to go my dear. I will miss you today. I have a nice weekend. Again a whole.
Your loving Svetlana
Letter 23
Hello dear Rob! I have read your letter several times. And your kind words warmed my heart Rob. I would very much like what you could come up to me now to work with flowers. Because soon I need to go home. I would be very happy if you could meet me after work. We could go home together. Hold each other's hands. And at the same time, to feel happy. Because I have you! And you have, I have! And this is the main point. Do you understand? And on the way home, we can go to the cafe or go to a movie. Where we could have a good time. Laugh with you and kissing.
I wish that we could share with you thoughts and talk, laugh, kiss. And much more ... Anything. The main thing is that we will be well with you. And I understand that with each new day, I love you more and more. I know that you are far away from me Rob, but it does not matter. I believe that soon we will be together. That soon, my documents are ready. And soon, I will go to Moscow and get a visa.
Today, the much missed you, and it is waiting for the end of the working day. At work, I'm fine. I try to concentrate on work. But it is impossible. Because all thoughts of you dear Rob. And that brings me a smile on my face. Again, I start to work, but again, I think of you. I'm very glad you told me today the name of your hotel. I'm sure the name of your airport, will be reported to the agency. Thank you my dear Rob, for these beautiful photos. They liked me, and brought a lot of joy to me today. These flowers look almost the same way that I brought. But unfortunately, I could not get a photo. Because, Nadia went to another city to visit his relatives. I wanted her to get a camera. I hope you understand me. But I hope that today you will enjoy my photos. Sunday I missed you, my dear Rob, and very awaited Monday. I was engaged in cleaning the house. And I missed you. I thought about you, and waited for Monday. It is a pity that we could not be together. I would like to help you in your living room. You say that everything is going well. I'm sure I liked it. Rob, I certainly did not show any who your letters. I just showed your photo. And your letters, I read only one I have. And no one sees them. Because it is a personal letter. Only your pictures, I showed. I hope that we will soon be together Rob. And I would like, when we're together, dancing in your living room. Include beautiful music and dance a slow dance my dear. I have not danced Rob. But I want you to dance to slow dance.
Today, I again went to the agency. And I learn about my documents. My documents are processed. All is well! I just now went with my mother to the bank. I wanted to get a bank loan. After all, I have to pay for my tickets. I told the bank that it is necessary to wait for approval. They said that would be approached for later.
My dear Rob, I would like to know what things I need me to bring you? I need to take a lot of things? I hope that you are about it, write everything in detail in the following in your letter. Ok! Yesterday, I went to bed late. Because I was talking to my mom. We talked about different things. And we talked about with you Rob.
And my mom asked me to convey her warm congratulations to you. And later, I went to bed. And again I fell asleep thinking about you dear Rob. I closed my eyes and thought of you. And I'm sure you'll like my photos today, I will send you. I want you to Rob! Always remember me, when you're looking at my photos. I would want that my smile on my face, brought you joy. I hope that you will soon get my letter and my picture. I still need to have time today to go to the store to buy the groceries home. I will miss my dear Rob. I kiss you again.
kiss kiss kiss .... many times.
Your dear Svetlana
Letter 24
Hello my dear Rob! I am very happy today to read again your kind letter, in which so many kind words for me. I got your picture today. And I hope that you finish your work. And I see that you all know how. And you know how to carry out the wiring. Good job Rob. And I'm sorry that my English is not able to understand. (I'm very glad you told me today the name of your hotel), I had the mind about the airport. You understand correctly.
(I would like to know what things I need me to bring you? I need to take a lot of things?) I had a mind, what kind of things I need to take you! I had it in mind Rob. I try to write well, so that we can understand each other Rob. I hope you understand me. Today, I'm at work, I passed a medical examination of my health. And later he went to the agency that would give my medical certificate. The fact that I'm healthy. And no sick. I had no idea my dear Rob, for that would go to your country, you must also pass a medical examination. But I'm glad that I'm good at. And soon we will meet. I really miss you.
My dear Rob, today I just reported the cost of my ticket. Because I have already informed the agency last time the name of your hotel. I was told the agency that the cost of tickets will cost 490 pounds.
Again, I went to the bank today to find out if I can get help. I was told that they can not help. Rob, I hope that we can find a way to be with us? I need to pay for my tickets. My documents are processed. And soon they will be ready. And soon I will need to go to Moscow. And I need to provide all the documents and tickets in the visa application center. Without my flight, I can not get a visa. I'm sure they need to provide to the visa application center. What I'm really going to fly to you dear. I hope that we can find a solution. I do not worry much at the moment.
And tonight, I'm gonna worry. Rob, Today at work I looked into the street. And I noticed that many people go in pairs on the street. Holding hands ... I looked at them and represent us instead of Rob. How beautiful it is. Do you agree with me dear Rob? They went and hugged, kissed, laughed ... My dear Rob, warms my idea. That soon you and I Rob. All this will be only 100 times stronger than that of them. And I know that this happy day, be sure to come soon. I want to tell you that I am very glad that you came into my life, in my dreams, in my dreams .. I want to give you my poems which I composed myself last night when lying in bed. And yesterday I write them down on paper. I hope she'll like it. My dear Rob, I want to tell you.
Oh how I love you passionately.
At night I can not sleep long.
In the dream, I think of you ... and your name repeat Rob, Rob, Rob....
Say that you love me much !!!
I will give you in return, and happiness itself without change.
I say thanks to fate.
And if you can choose life.
I choose life with you ...
Live and Remember, my dear.
The fact that I am always with you. Did you like it Rob? I hope that you liked. My dear Rob, I look I will wait your letter. I want my letter, my poems have brought joy to your heart. kiss ... kiss ... kiss ...
Your loving Svetlana
Letter 25
Hello my dear Rob! I found the free time at work that would get your letters. But I can not tell you in detail Rob. I just want to say that I miss today. And soon you will answer in detail. And thank you very much for your current photo. So much fog on your photo. Now I must return to the workplace. I'll wait for the end of the working day. And be sure to answer. I love you. Your kiss .. Svetlana
Letter 26
Hello my darling Rob! I am again glad to receive all your letters. And I with the big pleasure, read your letters Rob. And most of all, me your poems have touched. Though it was short. But this, much means for me Rob. I read your verses, with the big pleasure, with a smile on the person. And I am glad, that you liked my verses. And I am grateful for your care by which you to me do Rob. I strongly missed today on you, and again waited the end of the working day. And you have written your letters, as in Russian. It is lovely. And I well understood your letter. And I will send you the letter, in Russian and in English. I hope, that you can understand my Russian. And consequently, I as will send my letter, and in English. Rob, and your roses, I have received the odd. Do not worry. I certainly know, that odd flowers, only give on funeral. It is a bad sign. Everything is all right my darling Rob.
And I was today in bank Rob, and learnt about my bank account. I have opened the account today, and I will write to you. Beneficiary: Biktagirova Svetlana Yurevna
Beneficiary's Acc ?: 40817840908340001310
Beneficiarys bank: Alfa-Bank Moscow, 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078
SWIFT: ALFARUMM My address: Russia, the Kirov area, the city of Kirov, Lenin's street, the house 116, apartment 11. The Postal index 610002. And I hope, that it is the information, to us the darling will help to be together wash. And I should pay for my air tickets of 980 pounds. It there and back. There and back. And I learnt in bank, through how many days, I can receive your help. To me said in bank, that it can occupy 4-5 days. And I hope, that I can soon pay for my air tickets.
My darling Rob, last night I missed on you. Looked at stars and thought of you. Looked at the West, in your party. Also saw many stars. Also has seen as a star, has fallen to the earth. And I have closed eyes, and have again thought of desire. I want, that it would be carried out Rob. I want it.
And than you were engaged last night Rob? Last night, I took a bath. Water was warm. Has made a lot of foam in a bathroom. And I wanted last night, that you were here, in my bathroom. I hope, that we with you would be located in my bathroom. My bathroom small. But we could take a shower with you. And I dream, that we with you will have a big bathroom. Where we with you together can be located without problems. Where to us it will be romantic. And after a bathroom, I have gone to sleep.
Has again fallen asleep thoughts on you my darling Rob. Represented together. Had a beautiful dream. Also did not want, that it came to an end. I felt in a dream hot sand underfoot. To appear we laid with you on seacoast and admired a decline. We laid having embraced on seacoast, admired a decline. As the Sun, slowly disappears behind horizon. To us it was good, and I saw, that we laughed. And I felt it. But later I have woken up. There was a morning. I hope as you well slept.
My darling Rob, I again went today in agency what to learn about interview date. In agency have told, that I have come later. In agency have told, that they will call to Moscow, in the visa centre. For this purpose, what to appoint to me date of my interview. And it is fast, to me will inform date of my flight. I can soon fly to you. Tell to me my darling Rob, you with impatience wait for our meeting? I wish to hear many times from you, these words about our meeting. About my feelings to you, many people here know. And I do not wish to hide these feelings from anybody. I want that all knew, about us with you. I love you Rob. I wait for our meeting. Every minute and every second I think of you the darling. I with impatience will wait your letter and your photos.
kiss. kiss. kiss...
Your darling Svetlana
Letter 27
Hello Rob.
I am sad that I can not tell you my dear Rob. I was sick at the moment, read your letters. I found free time, what would you write. To tell you the good news. Because I was in the morning at the agency, and they told me about my interview in Moscow, the visa application center. And the date of my flight to you. I have to go to Moscow on Sunday, October 25, Sunday. Because my interview will be held on Monday, October 26th. And also, I was told the date of the flight for you. I'll fly to you on Thursday 29 October. Flight: SU2578
Moscow (Sheremetyevo) - London (Heathrow)
October 29 10:55 - 12:15 Airbus A321 Flight: BA233
London (Heathrow) - Moscow (Domodedovo)
January 29 08:30 - 15:15 Boeing 777-200 / 300 And I looked on the Internet about the fraud. And this woman is called the same, Biktagirova Svetlana Yurevna. And that made you doubt my sincerity? There, with all other women to be in the photo on the Internet. And she lives in the city of Sarapul. And what do you think that perhaps Biktagirova Svetlana Yurevna, only one in Russia? With this name, many women live in Russia. Would you wear one your full name Rob Wheeler? I'm sure that like Rob Wheeler many people in your country. Is it not so? Tell me Rob. And your flowers, I got it. Just wish they had already wilted. And I got them from a loved one. Which is, I hurt in my heart. You hurt me Rob.
And do you think I need your money? I do not need your money. You can not send your help. You do not need me to Rob. Leave them for himself. Because I am not for the money to communicate with you. And because I believed and trusted you Rob. I was happy that I met a genuine and caring person. And I was ready to leave everything. What would be with you. I do not need your money. I do not when I did not ask you for money. Even when you offered me your help. I myself paid for my documents. I get my vacation money. And for the sake of our meeting, I paid them.
And now I'm sorry that I can not write anymore. I have to go to work. I do not even know how to work out today. How can I endure the pain until the end of the working day. I dont know. It hurts. Svetlana
Letter 28
Hello my dear Rob! I received your letter today. And I just, just finished work. And I am going to go home. For that day, I'm sad to Rob, and hurt the soul. I am very sad Rob, that we can not be together. And I do not even know what to do. And if we can be together. I waited and believed that we will soon be together. And suddenly, everything changed. And you sent me the ticket data that can find cheaper flights. I can see it on your photo. Of course, that would be wonderful. But my dear, but I have to pay for my tickets 980 pounds. I have to pay under the agreement, which I did a tour agency. And I can not break this contract. All documents and airline tickets I do at the agency. And they by the rules associated with the visa center, and appoint me a job interview. It's all under the contract. I hope you understand me.
I just hurt Rob, I can not now get my money back that I paid the agency for my documents. Because I have a lot of time had been saving money. And even I spent my salary that would formalize these documents. It's too painful for me Rob. And I certainly do not blame you. You are not to blame for this. And I will always wish for happiness for you. And I hope that you are sure to find a good, kind, and beautiful woman in your own country. And it will not need to issue any public documents. You can meet without any problems in your country.
And I'll be the same one. But I hope that God sees my heart. And give me the only person with whom I will be happy. Who will be able to understand me, accept me this way I am. For me it was hard to build a relationship with a man from my town. After all, I can not have children. And therefore, it was difficult. But at one point, everything changed Rob. I was so happy. Because, you know me. It took me this way I am. But in an instant, everything collapsed. But I'm not angry at you Rob. It's your right. I only wish you happiness and great love.
And I'm going to cancel my vacation. I do not want to spend a vacation, I would like to receive for the sake of our meeting. Sorry. But I need to go home. Kiss .. Your Svetlana
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