Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Nikitina to Eddie (USA)

Letter 1
hi)) howr you today? everything is ok?
My name is Tatyana. I am single lady and want to find love. So that'swhy I am writing to you:) I have information that you are single man too and look for true love and relationships. Thats right?
Well something more about me now: My age is 31 years,I live in Russia,and I am a manager. Single and never been married. Enjoy every day of a life and have many different interests and hobbies. My dream is to find right man. So that's little about me. I will be excited if you will respond me and say me more about you and your life. Hope to get email from you soon. Bye.
Letter 2
How has passed yours weekend? You waited for mine the letter???
You thought about our meetings? How you represent our meeting?
I first turn thought as you you will meet me at the airport with a bunch of flowers mine of favourite white roses, you will embrace strong and will kiss I represent yours taste of lips. I have closed eyes and have presented as you kiss me I think that it will be a passionate and long-awaited kiss. In the letter not to transfer mine emotion which now I test to you.
After we will go home I I will make to you a supper from Russian cuisine I think that will be pleasant to you while I have not solved that I will be prepares that fish or meat more is pleasant? I think when I will arrive I already I will know that I will prepare at you on kitchens.
We live 21 century and the distance only time and time can be overcome it simply different ways the plane, a train, the car.
I wait day when we can be a number. If it is interesting to you our meeting please tell to me about it on a straight line force me to dream of it.
I wait for yours the letter yours Tatiana
Letter 3
Hello my Ed,
I am happy to answer you. You are my love! Kiss You! Kiss! Kiss!
I can not limit myself not to kiss you! I want to be with you! Only you!
I want to make you the happiest in the world! This is my wish! I always think about you.
Indeed it is difficult to be so far away from you.
This is - a lot of ideas in my head! I want to be with you and have a great walk in the park!
I wish to go to the movies with you to see a romantic movie!
I would like to have dinner with you in candlelight! It's really wonderful! Because you will be with me! With you I will feel easy!
I'll be the happiest girl in the world! It's all due to you! You are my true love! You're my guardian angel!
I wish that it always was! We will be happy together! It will be really excellent, spend our free time together!
We can do a lot of prophetic together! In our life there will be no words, "or" I ", this will be a word" WE "Do you agree with me?
I think it's really wonderful!
We will take all the solution together! We are the happiest couple in the world!
We are the strongest Couple! Our love will live forever!
I love you all heart and soul!
I am very pleased to receive your letter today. Ed, I look forward to our meeting with you with great anticipation.
You're waiting for our meeting?
Today, I have important news. Please be careful.
Today, to me I got a call from the visa center, and I need to come to Moscow for an interview with the Consul.
Now I know all the information that I need to travel to your country.
First of all, I was told that I should personally visit the visa application center in Moscow to begin the visa application process.
I said it was not a problem. Tomorrow will begin my vacation, and any time I start a visa.
all the documents that I have to have to get a visa, I have prepared.
Visa will take 5 working days. Saturday and Sunday the weekend.
I have a few questions for you:
1) I will have to live in a hotel or can not stay in your house ?? please do not leave my questions unanswered.
2) How many days can I stay in your town? My vacation 40 days. Please accept the decision.
I think that 30 days or 2 weeks for our first meeting will be to learn enough each other even more close.
3) How many days can I stay with you a week or month?
4) full name and surname.
My full name is Tatiana Nikitina, Mine address: the country Russia, city Samara, Kalinin 2 index 443008.
I have paid yesterday for visa 105 dollars. Also, I will need to pay the visa fee and an additional fee for registration forms.
I was allowed to travel to your country, I should have health insurance.
In general, the cost of obtaining a visa will be from 350-450 dollars.
This amount includes the cost of health insurance.
I do not have a lot of money. However, I do not feel sorry for money for our meeting with you.
Tickets must be purchased in Russia, in Moscow tomorrow, I think I know the ticket prices.
I have a feeling of joy that emerged from the first day of our acquaintance.
Because my life is lost sense of loneliness, and I am pleased to know that the world is a man who thinks of me.
Our meeting with you - it's a big step in our relations with you.
I listen to my heart, and my heart says that together we will be happy.
Please tell me your thoughts. I'll wait for your letter. I need to know the answers to my questions.
I do not want to lose a single day of my vacation. I really miss you. Tomorrow I will go to Moscow.
Every day, my feelings for you have become stronger. I'll wait for your letter.
I send you my hot and passionate kisses. Only your, Tatiana Nikitina Ps: I have bought a suit I will dress him after our supper, I will send you a photo, I hope that is pleasant to you!
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