Letter(s) from Angelica Vologzhannia to Michael (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my love Michael!
Today I arrived in St. Petersburg. I am very tired today.
I want to say that I found a place to stay.
I found the ad and rented a room in the apartment.
The landlady called Olga, a friendly woman.
One day stay will cost me $ 30 USD. I did not spend the money for an expensive hotel.
Now money is very important for our meeting, and I am eager to save on everything.
Here I'm not comfortable, but I know that I have to live only a few days, and then we'll be together.
My room has a TV, bed, shower.
This is all that is necessary for me.
Today I visited the embassy and the airport. I managed to fulfill all that is planned for today.
Michael, today I wrote a statement to arrive in your country.
The embassy told me that it would be better for me to buy tickets right now.
I can buy tickets more cheap than before the actual departure.
Favorite Michael, I look forward to our meeting! We will be together!
The day of our meeting will be the happiest day for us!
most importantly, what is necessary for me now, it is your support and the support. Between us there is a feeling of love.
The feeling of love will help us to be together. Already I feel that my heart has long been close to you.
We just need to connect our hearts with you. I love you! Now I really want to be with you.
I want to feel your arms and relax!
At the airport, I now considered cheap. Selection of flight is very high.
I was surprised when I saw the tickets, which cost $ 3,000 USD.
The range of flight is very high. I did not need expensive flights.
For me it does not matter on what plane, I'll come to you.
The main thing that the plane carried out all our dreams with you.
I asked the airport staff to help me.
At the airport staff we have chosen flights in economy class.
These are the cheapest flights from everyone.
Michael, when I buy tickets, we will be able to start counting the days before our meeting.
The price of one ticket is 600 dollars USD.
I need to acquire 2 ticket (ticket for the arrival to your country, and a ticket to return to Russia).
I was told the embassy that I need just 2 airfare.
I told you about this earlier.
This is an important condition, and I have to obey the requirements of the embassy staff.
I need 1200 dollars USD, to buy tickets.
I've already paid today at the Embassy of paperwork. I also paid for a hotel.
Tomorrow I need to take pictures. Also, I expect some more costs.
Already I left me some money. I can not buy tickets on their own.
I hope that you will be fair to me, and will help our meeting.
Our happiness with you in the future, and our meeting with you is priceless.
I do not think about the money that I spend today. I am ready to do anything for our meeting.
When I visited the airport bank. I have just now returned from the bank.
I never received money from another country before. I consulted with the staff of the bank.
I was told that there are a lot of systems to transfer money.
Michael, explained to me that in this case it is more convenient to use Money Gram.
You're familiar with the system of international money transfers Money Gram?
An employee of the bank said that Money Gram is fast and reliable.
The whole operation to transfer money will be held under the control of the senses Employees Money Gram.
Now I'll tell you the information that you need to transfer money.
Name: Anzhelika
Surname: Vologzhanina
Once you pass me the money, you must provide a receipt for the transfer to the control room.
Please give it to me to nebylo no problem getting your money. Good?
I hope that next to your house has an office Money Gram, and you will not have difficulties,
to hand me money to buy a ticket ..
I want to buy tickets now. I hope to get your help soon.
I need 1200 dollars USD.
I did a lot of things today. I am very tired ... I'll go to the hotel right now.
I prefer to see your letter, and I can always write you my letter.
I write you a letter now from an Internet cafe. Just visit the Internet cafe paid.
I do not have photos now to send to you. all my photos remain on your computer.
Michael, I love you! With much look forward to our meeting!
I look forward to your letter tomorrow. Have a wonderful day!
Kissing .....Good weekend to you my dear!
With love, all your Anzhelika Vologzhanina.