Scam letter(s) from Lilia Petrovskaya to Grape (New Zealand)

Letter 1
Hello Grape, I hope you are enjoying your day if I may ask ,for how long have you been single and searching.
Letter 2
That's wonderful for you, are you at work if may ask ?what kind of work? Do you stay alone ?
Letter 3
That's nice , am I know you be sleeping by now, get in touch when you wake up.
Letter 4

My day has been lovely and wonderful, I am glad to hear from you today. .you will be busy working now if I got it right, enjoy your working hours, bear in mind someone is thinking about you.
Letter 5
Grape . reading messages from you , my was so great .i have not seen a picture of you yet and i hope to get one from you soon
Letter 6
I am glad to receive your pictures ,i am now watching boxing on TV ,you look great and i cannot wait to see you in person,so you have sheep farm ?so tell me what kind sports do you like ?how do you spend week if you are not working ?
Letter 7
I mostly spend my day working on document for client , since i had a small misunderstand with my step mothers and step brothers , i am working hard to register new company so i can have my own company ..I am on vacation , i am putting things in place so by the time my vacation end , i will start working , i can work from any part of this world because i have the connection to link up and supply my clients with their needs..Did i tell you what i do for living ? not them i was managing my late fathers business ,we supply computers to government agency , i just act as the middle man or woman , get the best price for each parties , by so doing i get percentage from them .i hope you will like my pictures , i will send you more as time goes on
Letter 8
Good night , let me hear from you when you wake up , you have to know there is a lady somewhere thinking about you once again Good night
Letter 9
Right now i am in remote village in Netherlands , i do visit this village with my late husband when he was alive ,its really nice place to be , they have some birds that can fly and land on your head whiles you are walking around the forest until you drove the bird from your head ..I have some family issue to settle with my late husband family ,its not easy to trust people this days , I don't understand why people can decided to take what doesn't belong to them when the evidence available show otherwise ..You will ask yourself why do we have such bad people living on this earth , I have to go to bed and wake up early for a meeting , i hope to hear from you when you are less busy my dear ..
Letter 10
How was you day at work ? I have been thinking about you through out the day and i hope you had a wonderful day and i hope you did have me in mind my dear..Yes trust cannot be buy with any amount of money but must be earn through self respect ,its difficult when people you call family try hard to take what belong to you , so tell me how much will it cost to buy a house in Auckland .
Letter 11
That is wonderful , i ask you a question but you didn't answer why my dear
Letter 12
Ok , I think you can search around for a cool price house , 600,000 is quite expensive ,what time are you going to bed my dear
Letter 13
I can see you have android phone , why dont you download whats-app on your phone so we can chat very easy my dear ,i will show you how do to that if you dont know my dear
Letter 14
Ok , give me your number and i will add you to my whatsapp chat now
Letter 15
How was work today , my dear , I am happy reading messages from you Grape , my day has starter on the brighter of life today ,I want you to know that , i will never ever do anything to hurt and So please don't hurt me either .. I will always tell you the truth no matter how difficult it maybe ,its my hallmark and i don't lie because when you start lie its difficult to a stop , i remember my late father telling me people who lie, must always come up with another lie to protect it their lies and if you don't take care your life becomes full of lies ..What are you doing now
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