Letter(s) from Olga K. to Walt (USA)

Letter 1

Hello sweetie Walt Burr. How are you? ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

My name is Olya. I am 28 years old, I am a biologist. !
I really like your profile and I decided to send you this letter with the hope to get your attention. ;)

As all girls I love to dream, and here I want to share MY DREAM with you: I want to wake you in the morning with my warm and tender kisses.YOU are MY beloved man and I am YOUR beloved woman I am get tired from loneliness .....

I am looking for sincere relationships because LOVE is the feeling, which captures, it turns the head, excites the senses. And I want to fully enjoy this feeling...what about you? are you ready for a relationship, I'd like to know you, my dear, I would like to feel your warmth and tenderness, and answer the same... I think that only in communion preferably in life.. you can know a person feel if it's the same man that you designed. I believe in destiny, but also we need to act and then luck smile as bright sun)
On this site I would like to find the only one, beloved man...which can come my DREAM true to life. So, dear Walt, do you like warm kisses in the morning and in the evening as well?)))
Tell me about yourself, dear Walt.
Also, I will be glad to answer your questions
Kisses and hugs))))))))

Your Olya