Letter(s) from Leny Mae I. Maranguit to Jim (USA)

Letter 1

My baby all I need here now is enough funds for my staying and foods and most of all in completing all requirements needed baby as it's already Friday and tomorrow is Saturday here as Sunday no office or stablisment open. So that by Monday or Wednesday we can relax and wait it. I.love you so much my baby.
And I almost forgit that I do badly needed to have phone my baby. For our communication and for important matters regarding my paper works on here and phone calls

Letter 2

All I know now is that your the reason of my happiness and reason why I am happy facing tomorrow and future. I will spend the rest of my life with you

Done completing all requirements and on Monday is my final interview but check your ?mail always okay embassy stuff will email and inform you about the process I already processed. I love you

Letter 3

I am so thankful that I found someone like you who is willing to understand, listen, care, love, forgive me . I love you and that's all I know and sure for now. You never know how deeply you have changed my life and my views of life. Thank you for letting me feel this happiness I have never been felt before. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your life, for allowing me to care, respect, loved and spend the rest of my life with you. I love you so much...... sorry for always causing you trouble and sorry for making you feel bad and doubt at me. I promise to make you happy and love you all the way. Your my life now and the reason happy and love you all the way. Your my life now and the reason why I'm smiling and enjoying to this life that we both created for our satisfactions and contentment. I know that everything now is all words and everything seems so untrue.... but I promise and assure you that you will never feel those pain and hurtache you tried/experience before. All I know is that we are going to the right tract.

Your partner in life

Letter 4

Hello my baby, all I need here for tomorrow I's enough funds to finish this process baby and very soon we can able to see each other in person. All I need is mobile phone, 50$ for extra fees theare when I do come and for important documents needed as it's about my birth certicate that is really from NSO AND need to buy a formal attire for my interview tomorrow as I needed to be decent and look professional. Its the last baby of this process things. All o needed all is about 250$ my baby. And we're done of it and I know very soon we will be together. Baby I already plan something for our first meet. I will make it unforgettable and memorable. I love you so much.

Why you always doing this to me Why your always wanted to make me feel this way you don't know how hurtful it is to me and how big impact damaged emotionally it was to me. Your my life and your my reason of happiness to me now and the reason why I am smiling and facing cheerfully I am to you now. I love you my baby

Letter 5

Good Day!

Please tell Ms. Maranguit to urgently visit us here as we already inform her to come over here in our office but she don't able to see us for complete the documents and step of the process. Inform her to come over her tomorrow about 1pm Philippine time as last concern to complete of what shes started. Thank you

Letter 6

Good Day!

We would to inform you that Ms. Lent Mae I. Maranguit is already completed all process needed regarding the Tourist Visa that she request here in our office.
We would to ask if you already received the document needed to grant the said processes of visa(tourist). We still don't have any news to Ms. Maranguit, as she is supposedly here today here in our interview grants department. Its very important to do this step if you and her want visa to be granted. Thank you

Charles M. Talaan Information department