Scam letter(s) from Kwasi Aikins to Terry (England)

Letter 1
Hello my dear, I am Kwasi Aikins
You liked me at zorpia.i am happy to get into contact with you and that will make me to get to know more about you.
i am single and i have never been married but i have been in a relationship before.i am single till now and i need to keep my eye down to get my heart desire and the an that will love me and gives me all his heart. It is nice talking to you here again
You are welcome and please if you have yahoo, skype, or whatsapp, just let me know and i will add you .
My yahoo is if you don't even have yahoo account or messenger, try to get it installed on your laptop
my whatsapp is +233246117643
nice meeting you
Letter 2
Hello my love, Good morning to you. I am so so sorry for not contacting you all that long time. There was no connection for me to send the mail to you and also i am here to do that for you now because i can see you are a serious man and i must be serious with you. I have not had any man till now and i am still searching for the right one for me. My Full name is Kwasi Aikins from Ghana and also i am single for about 10years now and i am 28 years of age. i have no kids and i am a fresh blood woman without any diseases. i am a student and i live with my Grand mom and my Cousin only after the death of my parents in an accident. I am schooling to be a Nurse and care for the sick ones .
I wish to have a man that posses all this , First of all, I hope to meet a man who will share the same life values and views on life… I know that in modern society family values become less and less popular both for men and women. But I belong to the rare kind of people who still believes in real love and I hope to find a man, who will believe in it too. A man for whom worlds love, faithfulness, trust and real friendship still have a meaning.
Letter 3
Hello my Lovely Terry,How are you doing today? i am so sorry for not giving you early reply. i hope you are there and doing well. i have missed you too my dear and i am feel so good about Your hot words you sent to me in your mail and also i loved your pics and i am happy to be the kind of wife you want in our future.My love , i have been busy with school and i am here to reply to your message and tell you that i am much interested in you because you are the only man in my life now and i wish to come to meet you in real life. My heart says to me that you are a real , kind, loving and Good man and i MUST!!!! be the wife in your life and i will also be glad to have kids with you since i am single. You are a blessing to me.
I got wet and feeling too bad when i read your first messages in your mail. I am a kind of woman that loves to be with a man ***** to ***** and you using my body to make me feel like having *** with you.
i have never traveled to any other country before and i hope you are the man that is going to make me happy in m real life.
my love , i am left with about few weeks to get out of school and then be home just for nothing so i am telling you that after i graduate from school , i am going to be with you there soon and live with you.
You are my heart and my soul. i love you Terry.
My darling, Please i wish for you to try and do this favor for me . I was at home just yesterday and came and find that my Grand mom was taken to the hospital and that was also the mail reason i did not come online to reply to your mail and also i am about to write my final exam and my grand mom is also at the hospital so i sometimes find it hard to get fund to pay for my exam bills and since we know more about each other and we love each other, i want you to be that man to try and help me with some funds to pay my exam bills till my Grand mom gets home.
You are the only man i am trying to see if you will be there for me and if you will care for me.
My lovely Terry, please try and send the fund to me for me to pay my exam and when i finish with my Exam then we talk about how i can get my passport and my visa and paper works to come to you
please Honey , try and send about 250pounds for me to pay my exam bills and also i am sending you my details and hoping to hear back from you.
Name _ Kwasi Aikins
country__ Ghana
City__ Sunyani
Zip code_ 00233
This is my information my love and after you send it through Western union or Money gram, You can send the code to my mail when you are replying me back. i love you **** and wishing to hear back from you soon.
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