Letter(s) from Anastasia Ochneva to Mario (Italy)

Letter 1

Hello Miro :) How are you? How is your day going?

First of all I want to remind you that I got your e-mail on the dating site and I am writing to you the letter from my personal e-mail now, as promised :) Do you remember me? My full name is Anastasia, but the friends and family call me Nastya, Nasten'ka. You can choose what you like. To me all the names are good as in general I like my name very much :)

I live in Ukraine, in the worst part of it. I would not say like that maybe a couple of months ago, but after the events that were happening here I cannot express my emotions in another way. I live in the East and the life of the people here has totally changed. We were bombarded and I know already the difference in military units now... Funny and sad at the same time. Though I won't dwell on this topic as I am sure that you have heard about the hell that is happening here. And I have the feeling that the war is not going to stop...

But I am here not to talk to you about the war, though I cannot omit this topic as now it is the reality of my life. But talking about me, I am here to find a man who is eager to have the relationship, marriage. For sure that every girl that is writing to you tells the same and it is very difficult to choose the right one :) Are you hardly attacked by the girls on the site? I am sure you are :) Ukraine is the place with the huge number of beauties and a lot of women have lost the faith in the local men somehow. Probably I am one of them :) Definitely I want to avoid the games, cheating and lying. I am not here to hurt you and I hope that I won't be hurt by you as well. To me the kindness, respect and understanding are very important, but I know that for us as the people with different cultures and traditions, it can be problematic to find the common language, though I am assured that it won't be a problem. I am easy to talk to and I am very honest :) Do you like the girl who has the personality? I can show my teeth from time to time :) Not because I want to boast how good my dentist worked with them :) but to show that I will not allow to hurt me. I have temper, but nothing to be afraid of :) In the daily life I am a real kitten :) I hope you do not have the allergy to cats :)

I do not want to make the letter too long. I know that we need to share much info to know each other better, but I do not want to bore you from the first letter :) I will do that later. I hope to hear from you soon with your life story, with everything you want to share with me and I hope that we will enjoy our conversation :)

Warm greetings :)


Letter 2

Hello Miro!

It is great that you wrote to me. And it is great that we start our dialogue. I hope that we will get pleasure from our communication and find something in common in our personalities.

I would like to thank you for answering me soon and not making me wait too long :) Usually the girls are late for the dates, though I will not make you wait for my letters. I am intended to find the partner and I won't waste the time. Pity that in Ukraine the men have lost this quality and treat the women disrespectfully very often. I think they are just very spoilt with all the beauties here. I do not know why it is so, but we really have a lot of nice-looking girls and the men have big choice, really enormously big :) That is why it is not so difficult for them to change the girls as gloves (it is the expression here :)). I hope you understand why I am here. I know that it is much more difficult to find the partner in such a way, but I am optimistic, at least now :) I cannot say that I am modest, just I need to try not to be boring :) As every woman I am talkative, and you can consider it to be a real vice :) I will try to be short and not to put you into deep sleep :) Though, if you have problems with sleeping, maybe I will be your best remedy against insomnia :)

By the way, while being a man, you can lead the conversation and in such a way I will know what you want to know about me and what you do not want to discuss :) In fact, it would be so great just to be a fluffy kitten in your strong, but gentle hands... Will you give me such a chance? Ow, it seems to me I am already flirting with you despite the fact that we have just meet :) Sorry :)

On a serious note. I am here not to be the entertainer for the men, I am not here to play games. I am not getting married and I am not falling in love after one letter. So, with these words I am just trying to tell you that my intentions are far from having fun. I respect my time and I respect your time as well. And that is why I hope that we are both here with the same aim - to find the second half :) When I registered on the site I got several proposals to get married. I wonder what these men have in their minds? Do they really think that the girl can be so stupid to get married even without not knowing him? I am sure that you also get a lot of strange messages from the women :) But it is the part of this Internet dating planet :)

Well, I will tell you a bit about myself. I live in the country which has become very popular all over the world with all the chaos that is happening here. We have very difficult time in Ukraine and because of this civil war which is, in reality, the war against the Russian soldiers that pretend being the Ukrainian separatists. It is very scary to live here now. The economics is totally ruined, the people do not get the salaries and pensions and as a result everybody is very down emotionally. Nothing has left from the smiling and optimistic Ukrainians in my region. It really hurts.... But ok, let us better change the topic.

By the way, I was born in the city with difficult name Dniprodzerdzhinsk (the central part of Ukraine) on the 11th of November 1984 (I am Scorpio, if I am not mistaken, but do not believe much in astrology. What about you?). I wonder if you manage to pronounce the name of my native town? :) I doubt :) My height is 168 cm and my weight is about 56 kg. I am the only kid in the family and my family is very small - my parents whom you already seen on the photos :) and my grandparents from my father's side. So, there are 5 of us :) Though my parents have a cat who is 19 years old now. So he is also the member of the family. His name is Kesha. I was in the relationship, but never was married and I do not have the kids. But at my age I am already dreaming to start the family and become the happiest woman. And for the woman the happiness is in love, tenderness of her partner, his support and protection. So, I am looking for the kind and loyal man who will approve of me with all my good and bad sides, who would not want to change me and love me for the personality I have. Maybe you will be the man who will make my heart beat quicker?
Only the time will show :)

I left my native town at the age of 20 and settled in Sevyerodonyetsk as I needed to study at the dancing school. I was a professional dancer - the member of the folk dancing group "Magma". I had the boyfriend with whom we lived together for 5 years. We separated because of his addiction to alcohol. Right now I work as a step aerobics trainer at the fitness center "Elit". I had to stop my career as a dancer as I sprained my ligament (ankle) heavily and could not fully recover. The doctors offered the operation but the price was too high and even together with my family we could not afford it those times. It was the personal tragedy of mine, but now I am better. The only thing I feel pity about is that I threw away all the photos from the time when I danced. I think that it was the emotional moment for me to look at me on the photos and realize that I cannot do that any longer. Perhaps, my parents still have some photos of my dancing, but they still keep it in secret. I have the videos, but they are on old tapes. I do not know if there are still the equipment to watch them :)
Wonderful time was it!!!

So, here is some facts from my biography and I hope that it was not boring for you to know who I am and what I am doing in my life. Life is wonderful but I really miss the man who would make it brighter and happier. I am the one who cannot have the short-term relationship. I am the one who is very devoted to the man and I am very family-oriented. Perhaps, that is why I am here and that is why I hope to meet the man who will see in me not just a pretty doll, but the good and kind woman :) I hope that I do not seem too serious :)

Ok, it is high time to wake up. I am finishing my "short" letter. It seems to me that I have not kept my word and put you into a very deep sleep, sorry? I hope that my talkativeness won't stop you to write to me soon :)
Have a nice day

Letter 3

Hello, Miro!!!

Thank you very much for your letter. I want to tell you that I am very glad to talk to you again and learn something about you. How are you doing today? I hope that your life is brighter than here, in my region. The war is horrible thing and to tell the truth, I have never thought that we will have such kind of problems here... It is getting worse and I am very sorry that the people die... But ok, I am sorry, I do not want to make the letter of mine negative.

How is the weather in your area today? Are you the one who loves the sun or rain. I am a sunny person and if you lack the sun, I can send you some parcels with sun and also I would put into this parcel my friendly kisses and hugs. Or, maybe it is too early to do that?

Thank you very much for sending me the photos of yours. I liked them very much.

In your letter you tell me that you want to give me your facebook address. What should I do with that? I am asking as I do not have facebook and I really do not know what I can do with yours. Will you explain to me?

Can you tell me about your daily life? I know that normally nobody likes to talk about that, but maybe you will devote a minute to tell me about it. I am sorry if this question is boring. I told you that I am new here :) By the way, do you like eating at home or at the restaurants? Here the people mainly eat at home, as it is a kind of tradition (though the rich people goo to the restaurants as the people of my level just cannot easily afford the dinner there). Usually women cook a lot of dishes in order to spoil family members. I enjoy cooking and I would be happy to spoil you with some Ukrainian dishes. Maybe you have heard about some of them? What about borsch, pelmeni, vareniki, Kiev cutlet?

I hope that I do not say nonsense. I just like talking to you about the daily things. For a moment I imagined us sitting in the nice lounge cafe and talking to each other. Do you like this idea? What will we order? I like cheese cake and ice cream with fresh fruits. I have a sweet tooth :)

I think that I need to tell you a bit about the interests of mine. I enjoy swimming, skating, skiing and snowboarding (I am still learning), bowling, playing volley-ball. I would be happy to learn how to play golf, but this game is not popular in Ukraine. Also it would be nice to try scuba diving, but I am a bit afraid. Maybe we will do that together? It would be great experience. Perhaps, with such strong man as you are, I would not be scared :) Also I enjoy singing. Be sure, you won't escape listening to me singing. What about you? Do you sing? Do you sing in the shower? I do :) I finished musical school and I can play piano, though I did not play already for a long time...

As for my vices, you have already learnt about one. I am rather talkative. I have never smoked, took drugs or was drunk. I can drink socially, but just a glass of wine.It seems to me that I do not snore.
Do you snore? I remember my grandpa who snored like a bear. I could not stay in one room with him sleeping as I was afraid. By the way, I do not like quarrels, fights, as I prefer having a dialogue with my partner. So, you see, I am almost perfect, but only when I sleep, he-he.

On a romantic note :) And my desire to find the partner brought me to the dating site. And I want to say that my wish is to find a man me who would complete me emotionally. I am strong but I am weak. I am sure you understand what I mean. I am a woman and I am a lonely woman who has to solve her daily issues herself. But while being with my man I want him to be strong for me :) I've heard that in the relationship a woman is the neck and the man is the head. Where the neck turns, that way the head watches. I do not mean that I want to be a leader in the relations. But I want us to be a real team :) Is it something for you? I want to be his inspiration. I want him to see in me somebody special - not just a woman with good figure and pretty face. I want to realize all his sexual desires, as the sexual life in the relationship is very important. I want him to be tender and loving with me. His touches, kisses, hugs will solve all the problems, as the passion and affection eradicate everything negative. You know, I prefer being a kitten who is melting in the hands of the partner. I think that when the man feels constant desire in the eyes of his beloved woman, he would never want to find another love affair. I know what betrayal is and I definitely do not want it to happen again...I do not know if it is ok with you when I talk to you about such things. I am just trying to be open with you :) We are adults and we should discuss such things. Though, if it seems to you that this topic should be discussed later, just tell me.

Ow it was a very long letter... Sorry. I hope that you are still here :) It was not intention to scare you off with my endless letter. I realize that I feel free talking to you. It is a very good sign.

I send you my friendly wishes


Letter 4

Hello, dear Miro!!!

It is really nice that you found the possibility to write to me back :) Though, I can see only two reasons why you write to me...:) First, you like my letters as they help you to fall asleep very quickly and second, you really like me. Do you know what reason I prefer? ;-)
Please, do not first as then I will have to learn how to write short letters and I will die with impatience to tell you something else :)

How do you spend your day? Is it nice or not? How is the weather? Do you like the sun? I am a typical D-vitamin person :) I love when the sun is shining in my window and then the mood of mine is absolutely great. When the weather is bad, my mood is also rather gloomy. I always imagine myself coming back from work and jumping from one puddle to another one. Not very nice exercise :) But for the Ukrainian people it is the natural thing as the roads here are not the best and very uneven with many holes. Maybe you can give me a nice recipe of raising the mood when it is gloomy weather? Do the sweets help you to feel better? I like ice-cream and chocolate. Though ice-cream is good only for the summer. I like vanilla and strawberry tastes. What about you? And if I am not alone and it is raining I have a very naughty idea of how to raise the mood. Do you guess what I mean? :)

You know, when I was a dancer, I have never had the bosses in my life.
We had the person whom we called the artistic director but it was not something that you can call the relationship employer - employee. WAnd now while working in the fitness center and I have the boss who is always unhappy with the people. It is so funny to look at her trying to find the smallest shortcomings in the work of every person. She seems to be a mean person or maybe the person who is not satisfied with the life. So it is the person who adds the unnecessary stress into my life... How do you usually handle the stress? Is it easy for you to become angry with people? I have to admit that my father is rather hot-tempered. He can become angry easily. But he is mainly angry when something goes wrong or he can be angry with himself when he is late :) So, he is fighting with his own personality :) He is very angry with the present situation in Ukraine as well. He watched the news all the time and gets frustrated. I know that it is natural to react on the situation in Ukraine in such a way. I am also very angry and frustrated that now the whole country is in the financial dead lock. I still did not get my salary for the previous month as my chef does not have enough for the employees. The number of customers decreased in 4 times. Unbelievable... But I understand the people.
Everybody is trying to save the money for live, not for the fitness...
I am sorry, I should not talk about that.

As for my personality, I try to be more loyal to the people and accept them and their nature easily. I do not try to change the people. But I am demanding to myself, I think that I am a perfectionist. Sometimes I face the situations which make me angry and then I have to leave the room and be alone for several minutes. I think that it is the best way to cool down. Also the lyrical music helps me a lot. When I listen to it, I cannot be angry at all. What about you? Ow also the shower helps :) But not the rain :)

May I confess that I like talking to you. I am just a bit afraid that I bore you with my long letters. But I cannot stop talking, I am sorry :) I warned you about that :) I like when you talk to me about this or that and you feel at ease sharing with me the life of yours. Sometimes I come to the office of the translation firm and think of you reading my letter. You read in on the screen of your computer, am I right? Do you know how I write to you my letters? I sit and write my letter on a sheet of paper. I do not use the computer at all (I am sorry I do not know how to use the computer as I have never had it and in my profession I did not have to use it). I read your translated letter which is printed for me and write to you mine then. As soon as my letter is finished, I give it to our translator and she translates, types and sends it to you. So, my way of writing the letters is a bit old-fashioned and complicated :) And to tell the truth, I am dreaming of learning the foreign language, of learning how to use the computer, of learning how to drive the car. Oh, I dream too much. Though I know that the dreams have the quality of being realized when the person wants that very much.

I have a question to you. Are you a dreamer? Do you have a dream which you want to realize in the nearest future? I have one specific dream though it is a bit childish :) Some years ago I visited our Crimean resort (ow it is not ours anymore :( ) and there was the dolphin show.
At first I thought that this show would be rather simple and it would not impress me much. But when I saw dolphins acting like the people and carrying out the tasks of the trainers, I began to cry with excitement. It was so cute. This show turned out to be the most interesting I have seen in my life. After the show the trainers offered to swim with the dolphins, but this option cost much and I refused. You know, I still recall this show and I feel a great necessity, yes, necessity to swim with the dolphins. I know that the dolphins possess such energy which helps autistic people to feel better. I am not sick, but I have a great desire to swim with these animals.

Oh, it is time to finish my letter as it is getting too long. Today's evening I am going to spend with my parents. They are coming to me and I hope that they will manage to come to my town safely... I think that they would be very surprised to know that I am talking to a man from another country. It will take hours to explain to them how it works:)
I am sure that they will want to get to know much about you. Can I share with them some information about you?

Ok, I need to stop here. I hope that soon you will make me to come back to the office of the translation firm and read your wonderful letter. Please, take a special care of yourself.
I send you my friendly kisses and hugs

Letter 5

Hello, dear Miro!!! Is it not the problem that I use this word for showing my attraction to you? I feel emotionally closer to you and it is natural to use such words when you are trying to seduce the man, right? of course, I am joking :)

Miro, it is good that you are a simple person. It is really love the simple things :) So we are very alike :)

It is wonderful that you entered my life and made it brighter. No really during these stressful days full of sadness and worries you managed to make me feel happy and cheerful with the help of your letters. You see that my letters are not short and it is the good indicator that I am interested and I am very eager to open up my heart and mind. It is like to write a diary. It seems to me that every girl of my generation had a dairy at school. We also had the books with questions for the classmates where they told about their interests, favorite groups, films, friends and enemies. At the end of every questionnaire there was a question about love. Oh yeah, atthe age of 8-12 years :) In such a way we got to know whom he/she likes. It was a real fun. Did you have such books? Kids are so naive. At the same time they are really sincere. When they are little, they do not know what lie is. They talk to you and everything they say goes from their heart and mind. It is pity that when the person becomes older the things change a lot. Only few stay honest.

Can I ask you how you are doing in general? How is your mood and health? I hope that everything is great and that you have time to read my letter. How was your day? I hope it was not very difficult or stressful? Mine was ok. Nothing special. I have a kind of nostalgia today. I had a day which did not bring to me positive emotions. I sprained an ankle during the training and could not continue the class of dances. I was very disappointed with myself though I think that after the first trauma I got now spraining is not so difficult to arrange :( Also my chief showed me her "good temper" and made me continue the classes. I was really shocked. My previous problem with the ligament caused me my dancing career. You know, sometimes I am shocked how cruel the people can be... I would never act like her, fortunately :)

You know, it is great that I can talk to you about good and bad things. It is great that we are not afraid of talking to each other and share the true feelings and emotions. I do not have to pretend that I am happy if I am not. It is so wonderful.

You know, I remember one story and I wanted to share it with you. This story happened several years ago touched my heart deeply and made me look at my life in a different way. Once I had a holiday in Alupka (it is the small town in the Crimea) and met there a woman who had just lost her husband. They were married for 25 or 26 years and very happy with each other. They understood each other without any words, they lived as a single whole. Everything was so great. Unfortunately, they did not have the kids and, perhaps, that is why they splashed all their love and care on each other. But the illness of the husband of this woman separated them forever. After 5 years of fighting with the disease he died. After this death this Lady decided to escape from her native town and collect her thoughts next to the sea where I met her on the beach one day. She started talking to me herself. I think that she just needed someone to talk to. My darling, do you know what did she tell me about her marriage life? She said that she breathed the same air with her husband. This phrase impressed me greatly. Do you know why? I have always dreamt of having such a partner - to breathe the same air, to look at the world in the same way, to be a single whole, to live every day as the last day of your life. Perhaps, I am exaggerating now, but it is my dream. Of course, it is impossible to live without the problems, troubles, quarrels. But if you respect and love your partner, every day spent in his/her arms will be like a dream day for you. I am so eager to sacrifice much in order my beloved to be happy, believe me. Oh, sorry for being so sentimental today.
Again I was taken away... :)

OK, it seems to me that my letter is rather long. Perhaps, I have to give you a chance to eat and to relax, or do whatever you need to do.
Please, take a special care of yourself and write to me soon. Your letters make my days brighter.
I send you my friendly kiss and hug

Letter 6

Hello, sweetest Miro!!!

As usual I am very glad to be with you, even if our date is virtual.
Our conversation is really special and I am really happy to get your message at the office of the translation firm. It is the feeling of excitement that is new for me. You inspire me. Perhaps, you took the special classes of how to impress the girls? I have to confess that thanks to our communication I have uncovered a lot of features of my character. I realized that I can write very long letters and I realized that I can be more open when I write. I think that you have changed something in me and I am very appreciated for that.

Dear Miro, in your letter you asked me about the translation costs. I will give you the e-mail of the translation company via which I am sending to you the letters and you can see how you can arrange that if you want. Thank you, by the way, for your desire to help and support me. You are very kind. The e-mail address of the translation company is prime.translation4u@gmail.com.

Will you tell me how you are doing? How is your mood and health? I hope that your day was nice and you have a lot of positive emotions to share them with me. Somehow I do like when you tell me everything about your life, about your days, about your dreams and fantasies. In such a way I learn more and more about you :)

I have to admit that the situation here is not changing for the better. It is getting worse. I do not know why the politicians cannot stop this war and let the people live peacefully. It seems to me that after this horrible war the country will need at least 20 years in order to restore everything. And the most horrible thing is that now instead of the alarm I hear the sound of gunshots in the suburbs. They are not in the town of mine, but very close, in the neighboring villages... Ok, let us change the topic...

Ow, by the way, I am sorry for having forgotten to tell you about my trip to my parents. I tried to explain to them what kind of communication we have and how we can handle it in general. As I am not very good at computers and it was really difficult to me to explain how it is possible to talk to you. And also our language barrier...
They asked a lot of questions and I tried to answer them patiently.
But in general they were happy to know that I am trying to do my best in order to create long-term relations. They wished us the best and expressed their desire to meet you one day. You should not worry about that. My parents are very friendly. They do not bite, be sure :)By the way, they said Hi to you!!!

Coming back to the reality...I still have the problems with my ligament. I do not feel well and I cannot continue being a teacher of dances with this problem. My chief is not happy with me and she always tries to offend me. The horrible thing is that if I leave my job I will lose even this small amount of funds which I get. Oh, forget, I do not want to talk about these issues anymore. I do want you to get pleasure while reading my letters. I am sure that you do not want me being weak. Though, if we were together, I would definitely show my weakness (I mean gentleness). It is so nice to feel weak in the strong hands of the man.

My dear, being far from you and waiting for your letter makes me sometimes rather sentimental. In fact, it is a very strange feeling to miss the person whom you have never seen. I do not know if it is natural or I am becoming a bit crazy. I think that I am just attached to you. I do believe that there is the emotional and spiritual connection between you and me. We are courageous people as we are not afraid of the difficulties which we will face. From the very beginning I knew about the possible difficulties I would have to face. I knew that this language barrier, perhaps, cultural differences or differences in the mentality will make my search hard. But when I started the communication with you I felt that it was really easy to share with you everything. I do not feel the difference in anything.
We are really similar, we are both honest and sincere. It seems to me that we can become a very good team, do you agree with me? Even if I have to sacrifice some things in order to have this correspondence with you, I do not care. I know that everyone has to work in order to build strong and long-term relations. You know, I would be happy to learn your language in order you to know that my intentions are really serious. If only I could realize all my dreams... Please, do not think that I just want to seem sweet, I am talking to you from the bottom of my heart and I really hope that you will take these words with the whole seriousness.

Oh, again I am talking too much. I have to learn how to make my letters not so long :) But you have captured my heart and mind somehow and now you should take care of my emotional state. I hope that you will write to me as soon as possible as your letters are very important to me. Take a special care of yourself.
Sweetest kisses and hugs

Letter 7

Hello, dear Miro!!!

I think that I have repeated this phrase a lot of times, but I cannot omit telling you that I really like talking to you. I hope that it is really mutual :) Your letters give me so much joy, so much excitement.
I do not know how we managed to reach this level in the communication without seeing each other, but I am amazed by that and very happy. It seems to me that our communication taught us to be totally honest and sincere with each other, it taught us to care about each other, to be like the real partners. I have opened my heart and given it to you. I really hope that you will take a special care of it. It seems to me that you have already become a part of my life and this fact makes me so happy. Oh, I am sorry I am too philosophical today. Sometimes it happens to me, he-he. In fact, I hate when the people consider me just being a pretty doll. I know that you managed to look inside me and see something more than just the pretty face.

My dear Miro, thank you very much for all the kind words you are telling me. Believe me, I am very attached to you and I am very happy that this feeling is really mutual. It is very important to me. I want to be with the man whom I love and whom I can trust. Thank you for putting the trust in me as we :)

Dear Miro, in your letter you asked me my name. It is Anastasia Ochneva. My address is Ukraine Syevyerodonetsk, Gvardeyskiy prospect 20/6. My telephone is +380634640170. I do not know how good the connection is. In this war zone we did not have the telephone connection for 4 months. So I would not trust my telephone much...

I have to admit that more and more people notice the changes in my mood. I come back from the office of the translation and my eyes are shining. Perhaps, I am exaggerating your influence on my life, but still. You really make me smile oftener. You have become like the sunshine in these cloudy days. Thank you for that. I have never thought that the situation here will be so bad that I will be afraid of being outside. But be sure, our "dates" help me to forget for a moment about this horrible life we have here.

My dear, how are you doing today? How is your mood? Did you enjoy your day? In general, I prefer being optimistic and happy. But sometimes the consequences make me very sad. You see, these days are very depressing to me. I am sure that you guess why. Along with the financial hell that put the whole country in big depression, I started to realize that the career of a dancer is very difficult and risky. I am experiencing that already for the second time. You know, yesterday I had a very unpleasant conversation with my boss. Because of my injured ankle I cannot give lessons to the people in the fitness club as I did before. Accordingly my boss does not want to have me as an employee. Though I think that she just does not want to give me my salary. She still owes me the money for the previous month and now it is a good reason to get rid of me... Yes, it is cruel, but the government does not protect the employees in such situations, as I am working for the private company and we do not have any social security. Though for now we do not have the government in general. I am on the territory of Lugansk Democratic Republic that is in reality ridiculous, but anyway, nobody is going to help in this situation.
This news has become a very unpleasant surprise for me. I have been working for this person for several years and I have never had any problems. I have never been lazy. I did everything I had to do. Now I do not have any job and I am in the search of it. The main problem is that my ligament still in bad shape. You know, I hate complaining, but sometimes I am totally in despair. This situation with the job makes me feel miserable. And now who needs me? It is the social and political mess here and for sure the people do not need extra worker who, moreover, has the health problems. I am not sure how I can find the appropriate job quickly, but I will do my best, I promise. I do not want to let you down.

If I knew English I would not need the translation company. But now I cannot talk to you just in Ukrainian or Russian. The on-line translators will just spoil everything. Oh, my dear, I feel so helpless. What should I do to stay in contact with you. I am the first who contacted you and now I have to tell you that I cannot afford to pay for our correspondence. I am sorry to tell you that. I feel disgusting and very embarrassed. I am sorry for giving you the hopes.
I do want, I really want to continue our communication, I do want to develop our relationship, but to me it is too difficult to cover the expenses for the translation service. It is heart-breaking to tell you these words, but I promised to me totally frank with you. If would be worse if I just stopped talking. In general I do have the hope that somehow we will find the way out of this situation, as I do now want to lose you. Do you think that it is possible to stay in contact with each other? I do hope that I have become dear to you as well. I do need you in my life... I do hope that we will stay in touch with each other, as it is important to both of us...
I send you my kisses and hugs
Your Nastya

Letter 8

Hello my dearest and sweetest Miro!!! First of all I would like to tell you that I have got your sms and I will go to the bank tomorrow.
I tried to send you the reply back but it did not happen as I did not have enough money on my account. I am sorry. But at least we know that the sms service is working. I want to thank you one more time for helping me with the translation costs. You are very kind to me.

I am always very excited and happy to talk to you and to write to you my letters. Sometimes I think that maybe you will be bored with listening to me and you will not want me anymore, but I hope that it will never happen :) I am trying to be not boring but at the same time I really want to tell you as much as possible what is happening here, what kind of things and events are touching my heart and what kind of things I cannot stand. You know how much I am eager to fight for justice, you also know that I am the person who really wants everything to be in the proper way :) Pity that in the real life, in our modern world the money becomes more important than the honesty and the people are trying to get the profit from the weakest. It is happening to my country as well and I will never manage to change that...But my darling, I am sure that I was not born to solve the international conflicts and I was not born to improve the lives of others. Sometimes it is very useful to be pretty selfish as the selfish people usually achieve much more in life. But it is definitely not about you and not about me :)

Dear Miro, I would like to tell you that we will find the way to plan my trip to you. I really want to come to you and realize all our dreams. I think that it is very important for both of us :)

My darling, it is natural to ask you the questions about your mood and health, but I do not want to bore you with them :) I will tell you that I just hope that you are doing all right and that you are totally excited to be with me :) Should I expect the smile on your face right now? Should I expect that your heart is beating quicker? My darling, I am just teasing you :) I am trying to make these letters brighter than usual. I want to make you feel that I am a fighter and I am not going to give up :) So, just take a special care of yourself and try to eat healthy food and sleep for both of us :)

Honey, I would like to tell you that I do not have much news for you today. In general it is one news. Tomorrow I will not be able to write to you as the office of the translation firm will be closed. It is the International Women's Day on Sunday and accordingly the government decided that as it happens on the 8th and it is Monday, it is necessary to give to the people one extra day free. It is sad as I really want to talk to you as often as possible and I want to overload you with my tender and loving emotions :) So, my darling this time we will have to be separated not for 2 days, but for three. I am sorry for that, but you know that it is not my fault :(

Yeah, the women's day is coming and I have to admit that this year not so many people are going to celebrate it. It seems to me that because of the war and all the daily problems the people do not feel the desire to make a real holiday from this day. The previous years the holiday was really amazing. I would say that this day was even more important than St. Valentine's Day. The men from the early morning were noticed in the streets with the bunches of flowers, balloons, chocolates. It was always like that. But this year everything is different. Hopefully this sadness, I would call it national grief with vanish with the time. I do not want the people to lose the interest to the life, though pity to realize that now they are thinking mainly about the financial difficulties as they are the reasons why the Ukrainian people cannot enjoy the life and have to survive. But ok, my darling, I do not think that I should dwell on this topic.

My darling, it is really amazing how much things I can share with you in our daily communication. I have never thought that I will write and write and you will read and read all these novels. Sometimes I am thinking what I should write in my letter. I think what kind of words I should use in order to express my emotions, but as soon as I "come to our date" I feel that I do not need to think about anything as everything that is told goes so natural from my heart and mind to you.
There is the feeling that you have this charm and spell on me. It seems to me that thanks to our emotional compatibility we really can enjoy every single moment and treasure the seconds when we can feel closer to each other. So wonderful just to know that I am not alone in this world and so wonderful that I always feel protected. Your words calm me down, your tender emotions which you send to me make my heart beat quicker. You are just my drug, if I can say like that. And it is really pleasant to be addicted to you, my dear man :)

Honey, as the weekend comes I want to tell you that I do not have any plans. I mean I have already got used to the fact that I cannot plan something as because of the war or my personal emotional or physical state I cannot have fun, though it is really not the time for fun. The war is still here. Nothing is changing for the better. So, it is better just to plan nothing and hope that something nice will happen.
A nice movie, a nice program, maybe just spontaneously cooked pancakes :) I know how to enjoy the small things as they are the most precious. That is why I think that when we are finally together we will treasure every minute, we will just enjoy every single moment which we are spending in each other arms. I know that the dreams have the tendency to come true and I am sure that our dreams will come true as well :)

My darling, it is time for me to finish my letter. I want you to know that you are constantly in my heart and mind. I know that I am also in your heart and mind :) I hope that you will come into my dreams and we will have some great time together :) And also I hope that you will never stop thinking of me :) You know how much it means to your Ukrainian Lady :)

My tenderest kisses and hugs
Your Nastya

Letter 9

Hello my dearest and sweetest Miro!!!

I am very happy to be with you today and I am very happy to write to you my letter. I missed you very much and to tell the truth I felt really lonely these days. It was very difficult for me to stay without you, without your attention, without your tender words, but now I am smiling and I am very excited that I can write to you my letter, I can imagine that you will read it soon and you will smile and feel closer to me, am I right?

Dear Miro, in your letter you tell me that I should not talk about the money and thank you for that. I am sorry, but I have to thank you for this help as without it we would not be able to talk to each other and this communication is really essential to me.

Honey, in your letter you asked me about Rostov-on-Don. I cannot go there because of the war and all the horrible events which are happening here and I will never go to Russia as I have started to hate the whole country for all the horror that we had to experience thanks to their president. So I would better try to travel to Kiev but in order us to meet in another country I need first to apply for the international passport and then for the visa. So, my darling, we need to think about that as well.

My darling, I would like to ask you about your health and mood? Are you in good mood? How is your health? I would love to say that all the time I am thinking how wonderful it would be just to be in your arms, to feel really protected and loved. I think that it is the desire of every woman and man and it seems to me that only love makes the people kinder. Though, my darling, I do not mean that thanks to our relationship I have become kinder. I know for sure that thanks to our relationship I have become opener and more emotional. I do not know if it is good, but I hope that you like that and treasure that I am trying to share with you everything that lives in my heart :) Ow, it would be really wonderful just to make you feel the way I want you to feel. I know that the giving people care much more about the happiness and joy of their partners, relatives, friends. To me it is really important to be assured that you are safe and sound, that you are not disappointed in me, that you are totally happy and relaxed with me. I mean relaxed in the meaning that you know that I will never betray you, you know that I will give everything in order you to be happy. It is natural as your happiness is my happiness and my sadness is my sadness.

Honey, sometimes I am pretty philosophical but it is my nature :) Ow, I am sure that sometimes you are laughing at me. I know that you think that I am a silly girl and it is really so. I like to feel like a child sometimes, I like to say something silly from time to time just because I want you to smile and to laugh. I want you to feel happy and joyful when you are with me :) I think that as long as I bring you the positive emotions, as long as I give you the warm feelings and you really sense that I am yours, we are both totally united :)

My darling, this weekend was really lonely without you. It was a very long period of our break and for sure I felt as if somebody has taken the piece of mt heart. It is not very nice when you have the habit to write to each other every day and then you have the pause of 3 days.
In general I was informed that the translation company does not work today as well, but the translator of ours promised to translate my letter and send it to you. She knows how much I need to talk to you and she knows how important to me :) You are important to me. You are the person whom I admire and whom I want to please all the time. I know not know if I manage to do that, but for sure it is my aim :) My darling, I would like you to never forget how much you mean to me. I like to tell you about that after this big pause in case you have forgotten what I am feeling for you :)

The 8th of March was a very simple day for me and for sure I felt a bit lonely. I have to say that International Women's Day sometimes can be disgusting. Do you know why, my darling? It happens because the men who are "trying" to make this day special are already drunk since the early morning. So, they are arranging the holiday for themselves before than they try to do something for their women. I needed to go to the shop to buy some bread and I have seen these men who were totally drunk and some of them were really in dirty clothes as if they have not changed the clothes for several days. Ow, it happens every single day. It is really sad that a lot of people here have this addiction. And a lot of women are suffering from that. It is not good and it makes the families totally unhappy. And you know, my darling, sometimes it seems to me that these drugs, alcohol, gambling and other kinds of addictions were invented in order to get rid of a lot of people on Earth. Maybe it is not so, but for sure sometimes I feel pity for those people who have in the families addicted partners, fathers, mothers. Good that it is not our problem, but I know what it is and I know how much it hurts.

It is very nice to be with you, just to write to you, just to know that you will read my letter, which is a bit strange and for sure it is very funny that your girl is talking about this or that and it seems to me that my letter is very messy. I have to say that these days I am not in the best health. I am a bit sick with cold and sore throat. Because of this stupid pain in my throat did not allow me to sleep. And that is why my eyes hurt and I feel as if I was working the whole night at the brick factory... Really. I feel totally exhausted and tired because I cannot sleep well. Honey and lemon have become my best friends and I have to admit that I feel really sad that I cannot get rid of this strange health state. Why it happens to me so often?
Why I am getting cold or other problems so easily? I am trying to stay healthy, but every time something is happening. I know that the worries about the war, about the life, about the prices here which have already become so high that you can easily fain when you enter the shop - everything makes me totally concerned. And maybe this war has made me very weak physically, my emotions have played a very big joke with me. While taking everything too close to my heart I make myself sick, probably. I do not know but I hope that step by step I will start doing something to change my life and be healthier :)
Please, do not worry about me :)

Honey, I am talking and talking and it seems to me that it is high time to give the chance to our translator do her job :) My darling, you should know that it does not matter how long or short the messages of mine are (in general they are never short) they are intended to let you feel that I am next to you, that I am with you despite the distance. My darling, please, take a special care of yourself and never stop thinking of me more than it is allowed :)

I send you my kisses and hugs
Your Nastya

Letter 10

Hello my dearest and sweetest Miro!!!

It is pleasure to talk to you in the morning and start the day with our communication. I hope that this letter of mine will make your day brighter and I hope that you will smile and your heart will beat definitely quicker :) Ow, I am writing about the heart which should beat quicker, but I am wondering if you had in your life the situations when you felt really scared and when you shivered with horror? I do not know if it is a good question, but I know for sure that I am the person who is very afraid of the strangers, I never walk alone in the darkness in the region which I do not know. I know that the situation in Ukraine made me be afraid of the people around. It should not be like that, but yeah, when the war comes and when you cannot guess who is here with the good intentions and who are with bad, you start automatically being afraid of every single person.
But of course, there were also the moments when I was worried about my mother. She was working at the plant and she had the shifts in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening. I was talking to her before going to bed. I have no idea how late it was but perhaps, about 23:00 and then my Mum told me to wait a bit as she had to check something (just her work duties) and in a minute her colleague took the telephone and told me that my Mum got the accident and was burned by the gas. I was crying like crazy and I did not know what to do as my father was still at work and I was alone at home. I was calling back and back to her work but nobody answered. Then my father came and I hysterically started to tell what has happened and I was shaking all from the fear. My father called to my Mum's work and my Mum answered the call. Everything was ok and her colleague just decided to make joke with me. I do not remember the rest, but my Mum later on told me that my father was shouting on this joking colleague like crazy. But you see, I was a little girl - maybe 10 years old but this situation is still "fresh" in my memory.

Dear Miro, I would like to tell you that I am very thankful that you want to help me with the passport and visa. Yes, the visa is not very expensive thought for me it is really expensive because of the present inflation. But the passport in my region costs much. The region where I live belongs to the war zone and accordingly the applications from the region of ours stay in Kiev longer and it takes usually 4-5 months before the passport is ready. The travel agencies are asking extra funds in order the person to get the passport within 3-4 weeks. So, this service demands money, but at least we do not have to wait too long. You asked me about the passport. No I have never had it :( I never had the chance to travel and I think that it is the reason. But soon we will be together :) I am sure in that :)

Honey, I would like to tell you that I slept a bit better today and i am feeling also a bit better, though the running nose makes me really angry. At night I cannot breathe and in the daytime I cannot stop using the handkerchiefs :) But never mind. This cold will go away and let us hope that it will happen very soon :) Ow, my darling, I need to ask you about your well-being. Are you doing all right? Are you in good mood and health? I hope that you slept well :) It would be really wonderful to wake up in your arms and to feel that you are protecting me. I have this imagine in my mind when you lie in the bed at the left and I am lying on your left shoulder and you are hugging me with your hand and also you are kissing my forehead and my cheek :) You know, my darling, when I am thinking about that, I am smiling like crazy :) I think that we both miss this tenderness and love, though for sure, we have these feelings in our hearts but we cannot express them in the real life and that is why we have to talk about that :)

Honey, it is really nice to have the figure which unites us - 11 :) I would love to hear the song which you mentioned. I am sure that it is amazing.

My darling, I have to admit that I do not have much news for you. The life of mine reminds the period of expectations of good or bad news.
In general I know that the war is not going to be stopped and I know that after the 8th of March the Russian troops were going to attack some other cities and towns in Ukraine and it means that the horror will be continued. Believe me, I am praying that it does not happen, but I think that it does not depend on me or other people. Along with the war now every day the prices in the shops are getting higher and higher. It is really frustrating. For example the liter of juice cost 8 ghryvnas. Now it costs 25. So it is the same like with the dollar and Euro. But it would be not so frustrating if the salaries were higher and also corresponded to the present inflation. It is funny and sad at the same time when you enter the shop and ask how much this dress (for example) costs and the seller says: "According to the exchange rate for today it is for example 2600 ghryvnas". And the pension of my parents and grandparents is 1000 ghryvnas. So, you can imagine. The same happens with the shoes, cosmetics, everything. It is really horrible and also the government is planning to raise the tariffs for all the facilities, but our government does not think that with the present salary and pension it is not possible to afford anything. So, when you start thinking about that your mood goes down automatically, you feel as if you are just sitting in the dead lock and there is no exit at all. Very frustrated about that, my darling. I think that I am living in these worries all the time and they do not allow me to stay calm and ultimately happy.

Ow, I am feeling really ashamed that I cannot write to you the letters in which I share with you only the happiness, joy and excitement. I wish I would fill your heart with the best emotions ever. I do not know, maybe it is my nature just to be like that, but to me it is really essential to me to know that my dearest man is totally satisfied by me :) Are you satisfied my darling? :)

Honey, it is time for me to finish my letter. Somehow it seems to me that my letters are pretty messy and I am always afraid that I can say something wrong or be interpreted in the wrong way, though I know that you will always tell me what the problem is and we will discuss that :) But for now I want to ask you to take a special care of yourself and I hope that you will be a very good boy :) You should remember that you are constantly in my mind and heart and this Ukrainian heart is beating in the unison with yours :)

I send you my sweetest and tenderest kisses and hugs

Your Nastya

Letter 11

Hello my dearest and sweetest Miro!!!

I am very happy that finally I can write to you a letter. I was not sure that it will happen as since yesterday 4 p.m. we did not have the electricity in the whole area. Is it really possible? When you look in the window you really see nothing. Just the darkness... Unbelievable.
And then one hour, two hours, three hours and then you just stop hoping that the electricity will appear... And I was right. The whole night, the whole morning and even in the afternoon there was no electricity, no telephone connection and of course, no internet... So, I did not know if I make it. But I am here and I really hope that nothing will happen till the letter is actually sent to you. I want you to get this letter. It is very important for me and it is very important for you :) That is why I am here and I am very eager to devote this time to our wonderful date, my darling.
Honey, I would like to tell you that I am very happy and thankful for your desire to start everything with the preparation of my trip to you. I would be very happy to come to you as soon as possible. I have learnt the actual price of the passport. It is 350 USD. In general it is 300 USD but 50 USD is my scanning. So the passport will be ready within 3-4 weeks. Maybe earlier. As for the rest, I will learn the information gradually.

My darling, I am very thankful that you are eager to help me with my daily needs. You are very kind to me. It is really so that the life of mine is getting very difficult because of this stupid war and the situation without the job :(

My darling, thank you very much for the songs you sent to me. I liked them very, very much. They are just amazing !!!!!!!!!!

Honey, how are you doing? I hope that you are all right? I hope that you are trying to do your best in order to stay in good shape and also in good mood. It is always important to me to ask these questions as you are my dear partner and I want to be assured that nothing endangers you while we are at great distance... Haha, I know that you are a big boy, I know that you can take care of yourself and I know that everything that happens in your life is under your control, but I was taught to be caring, polite, tender. My mother is like that, my granny is like that. It is also in our culture to feed the guests and also the family as much as possible. I know that according to the psychologists the excessive attention to the food is not needed. The food is just the lowest need of the people. The emotional and spiritual connection of the family members is very important. It is the most essential thing for the partners to listen to each other, to live with the interests and hobbies of each other, to know your partner the same as you know yourself. And it is definitely my aim. I want to give you the feeling that I am really soul-mate, I am the one you have been looking for. It is so needed. Otherwise the relationship of the partners fail. But it is not our story :)

My darling I have to tell you that the war is going on and yesterday the train where an acquaintance of mine was going to Kharkov was blown up by the terrorists. Good that the bomb did not work totally and that the train itself was not very much damaged. It still was on the rails and the people were not injured. But just imagine if this bomb exploded totally. Then we would have a lot of victims. Today there was the explosion in Kiev. Fortunately without the victims. There were also the fights in the regions desire the cease fire. How can I comment on it. I feel the fear. You never know from where you need to expect the danger. You can sit in the bus and the bus can explode. You can sit at home and the bomb will be thrown into your window. So it is not getting better, it is really getting worse. I know that the danger is coming from everywhere. You cannot relax, you cannot sleep well, knowing that all over Ukraine the terrorists and these separatists are trying to destabilize our country and make the people totally terrified and scared. And along with all these events every day the people see how the prices in the shops are getting higher and higher. Bread, cereals, the meat, the milk, the vegetables and fruits - everything is getting so expensive that I do not know how we are going to survive. Very sad and very frustrating. Because of all these thoughts I am not sleeping well and because of that I am feeling pretty tired every day. It is something that I cannot change even if I want. I am too emotional and also I am very worried about the conditions of the life here. It is natural I think. You just do not sense it until you are here and realize how it is happening.

My sweetest man, it is always nice just to talk to you and to know that you are next to me, that you are always ready to support me, that you are really ready to make me feel better. You cannot imagine how much I am thankful for your kind words, for everything you are doing for me. Just the possibility to be with you now gives me the hope that everything will be all right. It will not be all right now, even not tomorrow, but the moment when you touch my hand in the real life everything will change. I know that, I sense that. To me this period when we are separated is just the period of waiting, but there will come another period - the period when we are totally happy, when we can just sit in the kitchen, talk to each other, laugh, tease, do all the craziest things. Just to be together and know that the life is wonderful and it is wonderful because we are together.

Honey, I think that it is time for me to finish my letter. It is very important that you get my letter today as I do not want you to worry about me. You know that I am always with you and I am sending to you my positive waves :) Please, remember that you are in my heart and mind :) I hope that you never stop thinking about me :)

I send you my kisses and hugs
Your Nastya