Scam letter(s) from Julia Zakarlyuka to Tim (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, Dear !
Nice to hear from you
Hope you are still interested in me.
I had some troubles, that is why i did not answer you(
I propose you to exchange our emaks and continue our correspondence.
Waiting for your soon reply,
Letter 2
Hello dear Tim!
My man, how are you doing today ? What were you doing on the weekends?
Were you busy or have you managed to have some fun ?
As for me I met with some of my friends who are also from Luhansk , they have also moved into Kiev cause of the war. I was very glad to meet with them and to have some fun. First of all I want to tell you that I was very excited to see you on Skype. At first I felt a little bit nervous but when i saw your charming smile - my heart has melted. You have got very kind eyes and I feel you are a real gentleman.
It was nice to speak with you. Of course I was also excited to watch your Skype video. Unfortunately I was not near the computer when you tried to call me. My brother forgot to switch it off. But I am so much excited to read all your kind and tender thoughts concerning me. Every letter you write is always a comfort and encouragement to me and I thank you. They mean a lot for me, especially now. We try to develop our relationship slowly and it seems to me it is moving along with increasing intensity. Like anything of lastly value a relationship must start slow and become deeper and greater over time because time is the only true test of all things. You are my "Castle of Love," I think that two people can always be building it, adding new things, making new additions and that's what makes life fresh and exciting through the years. And with a sure foundation no storm of life can ever **** it down, it will remain like an unmovable rock forever, it's wonderful to think about. I would like to say something about myself, no one can ever steal me away from the man I love!!! I have just one heart and I can give it away only one time to one man, that is just the kind of woman I am and I am proud of it and I will never change Generally for me if the person with me is happy with something, or going certain places, or doing certain things I can learn to enjoy these things also. It is not important for me to think of myself first. It is more enjoyable to see the smile of another and their eyes light up with excitement. Tim, I will tell you that I am a passionate person. . I enjoy life and all the magic around us passionately. I am naturally curious about almost everything so even simple everyday things are fun. I think about you, imagine you in casual life and it is a little pity that we live so far from each other and can't meet just on a street.
Writing letters may be so nice, when you see the person as he really is, but unfortunately it can't give you full imagination about the person you are talk to. We are trying to put our souls into these typed lines. Are we succeeded? I hope so.
I often think how wonderful would it be if I could come to you one day to look into each other's eyes, and to see each other in reality not in electronic mail. I would like to visit your new apartment one day a lot. I believe your new flat needs the female help))))
As for me, you are right it is rather tough to live three of us in one rented room.
There is a bathroom and kitchen in it. As for the furniture we have got one sofa, a bed, TVset, a table and wardrobe . Not too much of course((( I miss my flat which is left in Luhansk a lot. Dear Tim, there is one question which I would like to discuss with you. In advance, I hope I can rely upon your mutual understanding . The fact is that my brother is leaving to another city for summer period in a week. The company where he works at, sends him and other representatives of it to the West of Ukraine for three months at least. As you understand he will take his computer with him . Of course I am afraid of to loose the connection with you before our meeting. You have become a very important man for me and I treasure our correspondence and the development of our further relationship a lot . I thought if you can support my wish to help me to buy some laptop here so that we could be in contact every day.
Moreover it would be great to feel free , not to depend upon other's computer. What do you think?
I understand that you have to save money for your trip into Ukraine but maybe you can help me to purchase a really necessary thing for both of us. Nobody helped me before and I ask you about help firstly in my life. I hope my request has not offended you. When I have my PC we can be on Skype every day, we can learn each other as much as we wish.
Of course I am eager to share the photo of me and my brother with you.
I have been talking with Mom today and she was glad to get your best wishes. She is sending you hers in return. She is very happy for me that I have met such a caring, tender and kind man.
I have also told her that we have birthdays on the same date - she was surprised but then she told that it might be some sign from above. Who knows? So, my dear Tim, I am sending you my sweet kisses and waiting for your soon reply, with love, yours Ukrainian lady!
Letter 3
Hello dear Tim!
As usual I was very glad to see you and your charming smile . You say that my smile makes your day while I can say the same in your return. I am always very excited to view your video and read your text messages. I still can not believe how we could find each other among thousands of people. It must be destiny. I was honored when you offered me to be called your girl friend .
Yes, I am thinking and dreaming about coming to you, to meet with your son, with your friends. I want to believe we will become good friends with Toby, I know he is a nice boy. I am also looking forward to meet with your best friends and I was flattered to read that you have already told one of them about me.
I am really very sorry you had no chance to meet with my Mom. I still feel very upset that she had to leave me so unexpectedly.
I hope there won't be any more tragedies in my family anymore. I also worry about my uncle and how she will take care about him there because there are no necessary medicines there right now. But when she was leaving she asked me to tell you her best regards.
I also miss my brother. Luckily he calls me and his girl friend practically every day. Dear Tim, I know you are my helper, my defender, my protector! You are the only man who takes care about me now. You care, attention mean a lot for me. It is very important for me you have not denied the request concerning making my International passport.
I know it will take additional expenses . But you are quite right when I come to you you will be able to save money , you won't have to pay for the hotel and meals at the cafes or restaurants . We will be living together and both of us will cook something delicious with great pleasure. I will collect a huge amount of Ukrainian recipes for you)))) I can even describe you my perfect day next to you.
It would be fantastic to wake up next to you seeing a smile on your face, give you a good morning kiss, Then get ready for the day and go to the lake on the boat. ( But I am not sure if there is any lake next to you, that is just my wish))) We would pack a picnic lunch and spend a day on the lake as a family, swimming, water skiing and tubing . When he get tired of the day being on the lake we would go back to the house. I would grill up the dinner and we would enjoy a meal on the deck watching the sunset. We would take the glass of wine sitting under the blanket holding one another and looking up at the stars and talking..... That is how I imagine my life with you. I hope you do not mind))) AS for the passport as soon as I apply for it , it will be ready in a month . Its payment is $335. Last year the prize was half. But as soon as the war has started the authorities created a lot of additional laws and strict rules. Moreover I got to know that Kiev is the only place right now where the citizens have to go to apply for their passports. No other place has rights to make the International passports. So I can call myself a lucky girl as I am here and I do not have to go anywhere))) My dear man , I know it will take the additional expenses for you. I will wait when you get your pay day , am I right? Tomorrow I am going to meet with my ex colleges, they came to Kiev last week . I have not seen them for a year. I missed them a lot.
Unfortunately the weather does not excite us, it is cloudy and rainy practically every day. I wish Toby to win the game and to be happy!
Have a nice day,
yours Ukrainian lady! P.S. The photo is with my cousin from Russia.
Letter 4

Hello my dear Timochka!
Thank you a lot for your love, care and attention towards me. Your kindness and attention helps me to recover quicker.
I still feel not feel today. The horrible headache bothers me a lot. My bruce has become even ****** and changed its colors)) So now i can not leave my flat without sun glasses anywhere.
As for my tests , they are not bad while my blood pressure is still not in norm. Luckily my blood tests are well. I was prescribed the list of medicines for avoiding my headache and vomiting. I have paid for consulting, all my blood , medical tests and prescribed medicines 150dol. I am deeply thankful to my friends for their help and support. My dear man, I do not know what I would do without your mutual understanding. You are my defender, my helper, my lover! I bow my head to you!
I am sorry but my face is still not too exciting to show it to my man. I believe you understand me . And of course thanks a lot for all your cards, they express your love in such a romantic way!
Love you,
yours Sweet Julia.
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