Scam letter(s) from Karen Tanboor to Des (UK)

Letter 1
Good evening D.R, i got your message, both the airport name Aberdeen International airport, i have writing it,
Here is the Bank information, as you transfer the fee kindly send me the payment slip I will submit it to enable Camp coordinator to process my clearance immediately,
Bank Name Chase Bank Account Name...Dwayne E.Powell Address.....4600 S.Hulen Street Fortworth Texas U.S.A. 76132 ROUNTING NUMBER........111000614 ACCOUNT UNMBER.......689215015 SWIFT CODE.......CHASUS33
Letter 2
Hello D.R, like i told you, we have clearance Coordinator from United States who is in charge to make any refugee who wish to go out from Benin to any other Country for Clearance to leave under the UNHCR, if you can raise 350 Pound which means you will be directed to make payment to Camp Coordinator Bank account in Fort Worth Texas U.S.A to enable him process my clearance papers to leave from Benin to Scotland less than 3-4 working days my papers will be all ready to fly, you have to send me the name of the closest airport to you in Scotland for booking of my flight Ticket so that you can receive me on the point of my arrival at the airport, as soon as my flight ticket is ready a copy will be forward to you to know exact date and time for my arrival, you will be able to receive me, please bear with me I have poor English writing as a middle east girl, try understand my short coming.
I can't wait as this dream come to past,
Letter 3
Good morning D.R, How was your night! hope you slept very well, thank you for your responds, please i don't need money from you, all i need is a clearance to enable me have my way out from the Camp, i'm still a refugee, the clearance of 350 pound will get me my legal papers and working visa permit hopefully my coming to Scotland won't be a stress with the UNHCR , it has not been easy staying as a refugee, it was a big experience in deed, thank you for your loving time I'm sorry to have sent you this my uncomfortable pictures just want you to see how i look at the place,
Letter 4

Hello D.R, Actually i lost my dad when the war crisis was much in Aleppo Syria, the Rebels invade in to our home and shoot my Dad on his forehead, while my mum quickly escape from the back door with my younger sister to unknown destination till date i can not found both, i was working at the Aleppo central hospital on a night shift when this incident occurred, the moment i got the information i quickly ran to the UNHCR office in Syria before they started shifting all refugees out of the Country for safety, This is a horrible experience ever, I just want to appreciate you for been real and Genuine, i promise to build with you, care for you also stood by you no matter the condition, i'm such a loving lady with a good heart, i'm down to earth optimistic easy going with lot of love, been a nurse has always made me believe we are meant to save life , i promise to assist you and care about you, you will never regret for meeting me,, all i need here is clearance if we get my clearance from the UNHCR They will pay for my visa and air ticket you won't have to spend any money for my flight ticket and Visa it's the responsibility of the UNHCR to pay for it all i need to pay is clearance that cost 350 pound only, after 4 working days you will send me the name of the nearest air port close to you to enable the Camp coordinator file my papers to the UNHCR to process my papers and air ticket a copy will be send to you to know the exact date and time for my arrival to enable you receive me, we don;t need invitation letter they will file my papers by the UK high commission Authority with UK Immigration to grant my coming over at once , I must appreciate all your question because i can always do most of the things that will interest you I did wrote this for you to know how it work to leave the Camp from Benin, I will be glad if we can figure this out I will be in a better position to start new life again.
Letter 5
Hello DR , how was your night, hope you slept very well, i will be glad to meet you if you approve my coming, it will only cost me a clearance to leave out from the Camp to reach you wherever you are, all i need from you is happiness, as far as you are ready to give me love and happiness I will be glad to start new life with you, were do you live now?
Letter 6
Hello Baker,
My name is Karen Tanboor I'm from Syria, I le Syria because of the on going war crisis that has been rolling over few years now killing and burning houses and properes, i le Syria to secure my life at a refugee Camp In Benin were other Refugee people are staying for safety, I missed the ?rst barged in Turkey and Jordan the UNHCR brought us to Benin New Camp, I'm a nurse by profession, I will be glad to meet a man who is ready to start a new relaonship, it's my pleasure to meet you at this point I wish to tell you nothing will make me more happier than to leave this Camp and start new life with a man like you who knows the true test of a good heart, as you can see I'm trying to be my self at this point despite my career i sll wish to start working as a Nurse since I'm sll much younger to start new life and sele down as a lady, kindly see my pictures below when the going was okay before the war broke up in Syria in city of Aleppo,, I like reading and playing Tennis also Swimming, i don't like keeping late night much clubbing and pares i like indoor not always, yes I'm A Nurse I'm good in Surgery and been a midwife i can deliver a woman from child delivery . please I'm not a scammer I will never take such name please I'm Genuine like you!
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