Letter(s) from Ludmila Kladka to Willy (Germany)

Letter 1

Hello Will! I was pleasure to find out that I received an email from you. I am happy that you respond on my letter. Thank you for the compliment. Hope you are interested in me. Of course I cannot tell you everything about me in one letter, but I try do it. My full name is Ludmila but my sister, aunt and friends call me Luda. Do you know girls with such name? I live with my sister Dasha and aunt Natalia in Shevchenkovo town, Kharkov region. I work as a baby-sitter in a private house. I like my work because I love children very much. I am 167 and 53 kg. I am 27 years old. I really hope that i will be able to find my man here. I think love, mutual understanding, reliability, care are the main in relations. I am here to find serious, romantic long term relations. I believe that love makes wonders. So I look for my true love. To me, true love is when you can completely be yourself around another person in good and bad times. Love is the feeling that something is missing when you are apart and the realization that everything seems so much better when you are together. I am looking for someone to share my live with who can help me grow as a person and be my life partner and friend. I am interested in you, want to continue our communication. I hope this is the start of something very special between us a relationship that can grow into something serious. What view do you have about family and relations? What you look for???Tell me about your family, with whom do you live? I want to know you better, hope that we will continue our communication. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Luda.

Letter 2

Hello, darling!!! How are you? What weather do you have? Hope you have sunshine, at least in your heart)))With each new letter I make sure that our goals are very similar. Yes, honey, I believe you. Your answers always make me happy and smiled. I like that your idea of love and family is based on the same principles as me. It is very important that we both believe that trust is most important in a relationship, when you can share with your problems, doubts and take support from the partner. Another point of love that coincides between us is confidence. It is slightly different from trust I think. It is when you can completely relay on partner.
You look like a man whom I can be relay. Of course and emotional intimacy play a great role in relationship. Each of us wants a deep and frank conversation from the heart. Talk about fears, doubts, dreams…I hope that we will have future together. We both believe also that the couple should be friends. To my mind it is the highest level of relations. Because sometimes the problems and difficulties have to be solved with friends, and when this communication can replace a beloved it is wonderful. Respect is another component of the relationship. Some of the interests and views on many things of the couples can vary and in this case it is important don't be selfish.
You must respect individuality and decisions of a partner. I consider that our feelings become stronger. If say the truth I wait for day when we can meet each other in real life. I want feel your presence.
It seems to me that I would very happy enjoy every moment with you, feel your strong arms and strong man's shoulder, smell and hear your voice. Near you, I'll forget about everything and I feel that we are alone in the whole world. This moment will be exciting for both of us.
Do you want to see me? Tell me about how do you imagine our first meeting? I would prefer spend time near the sea with you)) i am sorry that you mast pay a lot for write me and call me maybe you can found some calling card??? My monthly payment is 100$ now. how much you get monthly? I wish you good weekend and be waiting for your call. My warm kisses, your Luda.

Letter 3

Hello my dear ! I is pleasure that you prepare everything for our life. I am sure you are very reliable man. In generally the process of preparing documents will take month with doing passport and visa. Yes, I found how much it costs...It is very expensive. I hate the theme of money but to make passport costs 250 Euro...Dear, at this period of my life I have not afford to do it myself. And I can not take such help from you...Yes, of course, it is our responsibility to take care of your son and my sister, thank you that you do not forget about Dasha, you really show me that have very serious intention for me. You know, I also want that Dasha learn German. Thank you for the photos, I liked it. My honey, I wish you good mood and send you many kisses from me. I will be waiting for your answer. Only your Luda.

Letter 4

Hello my sunshine!!! How are you?? How is your health?? I hope you are alright and everything is good in your life. I am really happy you want to meet with me and worry about our holiday. But honey, do not hurry up to book tour in travel agency because firstly I should make my international passport. Yes, I know it can be make in one week for 250 Euro but who knows clearly when it will be ready. We should firstly make the passport...Will you help me with it???Dear, you are always in my mind. My day starts from thinking about you and finish about dreaming of our future. Yes, exactly future I hope))) In general I can not recognize myself to fall in love so fast. And even with the man I have never seen. Honey, what have you made with me?))) But I hope I am not single in my feelings, I want that it will be not my feelings but only OUR!!) I see you are the same romantic as I am. Dear, I would like that we do not sink in daily routine I want we continue our romantic relationship for life. And of course it will take the efforts not only you or me but our joint power. You know, I often dream about our date. From the one side, as I am romantic person I would like to have romantic dinner. I want to have it in special place and not necessary it should be restaurant…maybe some places that are important for you or me. It can be even place near small lake or river or even yard of our house)) Here as I imagine it. You wait for me in our special place. I prepare myself to surprise you with my hair dress, clothes. I want to come to you and see how impatiently you wait for me. You get up, you have a bouquet of flowers in your hands. You come to me timidly and tenderly kiss my lips. And I whisper in your ear how happy I am to see you and all the other sweet words. We enjoy first of all presence of each other, then beautiful evening, the stars at the sky, delicious dishes, kisses, embraces. We can talk about our plans for future, imagine how we will be spend time with our future kids))) My sweetheart, but from the other hand, I would like to have sometimes crazy dates. I want to make colors in our lives, make it different and variety. Maybe we will be driving the bikes in the night or simply fry sausages on fire in the forest or in the park))) It will be depend on our fantasy. And what about you, which dates do you want??? Romantic or crazy??? Tell me about it. My man, I would be waiting impatiently for your answer. I am always happy with your letters as a child. My warm kisses for you. Your Luda.

Letter 5

Hello my true man !!! How is your day today??? How is your mood???
Honey, I think about you all the time and dream about the day when we can meet. It will be the most wonderful day in my life. You know, even you are so far from me, when I feel sadness or happiness I remember you, your photos and you like with me near. I want that in the near future we will share all our feelings, as good and bad. I think in these moments all sense…I want to share my life with you. I want we were the reasons for each other of being happy. All our story like a dream which started simply from usual communication. And I do not want to lose this dream, in contrary I want improve it until it becomes life a love fairy tale…Honey, do you want to improve our story?? I dread about our vocation!!! Soon we will meet!!! I love you!!!!!!I will be waiting for your letter. Many kisses from me. Only your Luda.

Letter 6

Hello my husband!! Thank you that I have such man as you!!! I love you and miss you so much!!! You are my dream!!! Yes, today I will delete all my profiles!!! I promise you, believe me. Visa costs 100$ As for America, I do not know exactly, I will go with you even to the end of world...Kiss you the main man in my life! Your Luda

Letter 7

Hello my husband! To be honest I am not very well, today it is very hard working day and even little stressful...My boss does not want to allow me to go on holiday because recently I borrowed from him money for my telephone...but do not worry please, I will find out the solution...it is 100$, I will find the additional part time work! My beloved man! I also want to meet with you sooner! Say me please, where should I look for ticket??? In what direction??? Should we firstly meet in your country or directly in Venice??? I wish you very beautiful day and send you many many kisses! Your future wife, Luda

Letter 8

Hello my future husband!!! I also think about you all the time!!! I love you too my love!!! I want everything with you!!! Yes, I live in Shevchenkovo, but in Kharkiv airport is not international, I should go firstly to Kiev, there the airport is international. Yes, my honey, we will do everything together!!! I need only you!!! Kiss you, my love!!!

Letter 9

Hello, my love !!! I am fine, thank you!! Thank you my honey that you help me with my debt, soon I will return money to my boss!!! And soon we will be together!!! Yes, only 2 weeks and we will be together!!! Many kisses from me, your future wife Luda

Letter 10

Hello my husband!!! Oh, I like your photos very much!!!! I love you and miss you so much!!!! Yes, very soon we will be together!!! You are the whole world for me!!! You know, soon I will start pack my suitcase to go to you. The only step to meet with you is my ticket! But it is not a problem. My husband, now I want t share with you my worries, you know that I am only who get some money for our little family...when I will come to you, I leave them along...and you know that it is very difficult period in my life. I spend much money for clothes to impress you and I can not leave my family without financial support. Can you help me with it??? Can you help my aunt and my sister??? This is the latest step and help for me for out meeting!!! You are my amazing man!!!! I send you many many my warm kisses, only your wife Luda

Letter 11

Hello the main man of my life!!! My love, it will be enough for my family 100$ Thank you so much, my aunt and sister say hello to you!!! You are always in my mind. Yes, my husband, only last steps for our meeting!!! To help my family and tickets and we will meet with you soon. I love you so much, you are my dream!!! Only your wife Luda

Letter 12

Hello my whole life!!! My husband, my world!!! Thank you so much for your financial support for my family!! My aunt and sister say hello to you!!! Soon we will be together!!! Kiss you, Luda

Letter 13

Hello my future husband!!! Honey, I am so sorry to tell you about it, but it seems like I can not come to you...Now I am very disappointed with it too. Polina, girl I am working with...she is sicken and her parents are abroad at this period and they ask me to stay with her, I can not leave this little girl, although I have my vocation...you can not even imagine how I feel now...Sorry please, forgive me, I do not know now what to say...

Letter 14

Hello my honey!!! How are you??? How is your traveling??? Thank you so much for the photos!!! I also want to stay in contact with you.
Kiss you, Luda

Letter 15

Hello my love! I miss you too. Who knows, maybe I will come to you soon in Germany. I am still thinking about you. Your Luda

Letter 16

Hello my honey!!! To be honest I am impressed now...you are amazing man!!!! I caused you big pain and you still help me with money!!! Thank you so much...but I do not deserve it...I am glad that everything is alright with your son! I am sure you are great father for him) I still think about you too! My aunt and sister say hello to you too!!! Kiss you, still your Luda

Letter 17

Hello my sweet heart!!! Thank you that you called me! I want to communicate with you!! I wrote to you today from my new email address.
My old one is blocked because it was from Ukrainian provider. And Ukrainian government does not allow using it on the territory of Kharkov region from this day. That is why I had to change provider and email address. I want to ask you to write me here. My honey, thank you so much for the photos of your son. He is very good boy!!! And as for my favorite film it is "Sweet November", see it))) I send you my warm kisses and will be waiting for your answer. Your Luda

Letter 18

Hello my honey!!! How are you today??? Thank you so much for the photos!!! I like it a lot! I have not doubts that your son is a clever boy! I am sure in it! I really wish you happiness and you know, sometimes I think I could not gift it to you and my heart suffers from it...I wish you very good and beautiful day, kisses, only your Luda

Letter 19

Hello my honey!!! How are you today??? Thank you for your photo!!! You are nice man! As for me, to be honest I am not very well because I am so emotionally tired from the war and economical problem in my country. Dasha went to school...she likes to study so much. But I was so upset when I learned how much to pay for school in this year, 200$ and it is not all, to learn English and German I also should pay additionally 200$...I am so disappointed my honey, it seems like Dasha will not learn foreign languages this year...I really have very bad mood now. But in any way, just know that I miss you so much and I love you!!! Only your Luda

Letter 20

Hello my future husband! Thank you so much that you call me. And you know, your Russian is very good! I like it!!! You are perfect student))) Oh, honey, how I want to cook for you Ukrainian food. I am sure, you will like it))) Have a good day, kisses, only your Luda

Letter 21

Hello my love!!! I am always fine to see letter from you. How are you today??? How are your parents??? How is your son??? Yes, honey, of course I want to be married with you!!! And no, you are not old for me!! I miss you, honey, kisses, only your Luda

Letter 22

Hello my love!!! What are your plans for weekend my love??? Me and my family are fine! Thank you that you always worry about it. You are my reliable man. Do not worry my honey, very soon we will drink coffee together. We communicate with you for a long time, I have very strong feelings for you. And you know, I want to make surprise for you. I want to buy luxury lace underwear, make many photos in it and send to you. I want you will see how I will be sexy. Honey, yesterday I went to shop and saw amazing underwear in red color. I think you will like it too. But it is very expensive. That underwear is 250$ Honey, I have very big desire to buy it to make photos and send to you. Can you help me with money t be able to buy it??? I hope yes, because you will be impressed to see me in it) I wish you very good weekend and will be waiting news from you. Kisses, only your Luda

Letter 23

Hello honey! I am very bad because I see that you do not love me...If you would love me as true man you would want to see me in new underwear for you...But you do not make anything for it...No, honey, you do not love me...Bye, best wishes...