Letter(s) from Ekaterina to Walt (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, Walt!!!
Good time of a day to you here!!!

I see your letter and now from this second day is much better to me!!!
:)) Thank you for your answering! I am glad you found time to reply!
If your aim was to drive me totally crazy - you achieved that! your photos - that is madness just - you is awesome and I am sure you knows that - you sexy and you know that, right?:) Looking incredible, with that sexy and beautiful eyes, that body, oh, Apollo just!:)) that is feeling you knows what to wear and how! well done! I am so much glad seeing you with that nice women having amazing time together!! so sweet to learn more from you! to go to Boracay with you? this is what you offered me??:)I want you to know that I am here serious and letters that is cool... but to see each other that will be of course much better!:) 23 horses?? they all have names??? I am impressed how much of things to do you has and how greatly you dealing with all!! In my previous letter I didn't tell you much about my life. Like you already know I am 29 years, I was born in a year of a Pig. My birthday is in April, 18 th. I am the only one child in my family. I had nice calm, full of care childhood. Everything went good till I was 15....
My father died that year... That was a huge, irreplaceable loss... But life is moving, I became stronger and me with mother survived!!! I hope father is watching us from skies!!! :) When I finished school I recollected my father was dreaming me to become a doctor so that I decided to enter medical University. To make real dream of my father!!! But for entering university that is needed to pay huge money witch my family simple doesn't have. I then decided to become a nurse so that I entered college and last year I finished that. Now I am nurse, working 6 day per week and sometimes with duty at 24 hours.
This job is tiring, but I like to help people! My home town is Rubezhnoe and there I worked till this summer. In end of summer I found vacancy in emergency as a nurse. Despite that is taking time for me to get to job to Lugansk from my town I like my new place of work!
I also still have a dream to become a doctor... That is my aim! :) I hope you were not tired with my story??!:)) I am too talkative sometimes, sorry! How is your day today? What is your dream? Still I see you are already successful and ambitious man;) Despite my job takes a lot of forces coming come I feel emptiness in area of a heart... I do not want to sleep alone, I want to make the greatest dream real - to be loved woman and to create a family. I feel our wishes are agreeing..;) I start waiting for your answer!

Your hospital nurse Katya!
Have a nice day full of smiles!

P.S. My photos are for you. Hope they will give you a warm and smile! I love them much and I wonder what will you say about them?