Scam letter(s) from Esther Walter Brown to Wesley (England)

Letter 1
Every time i get to read your emails my heart just sings right away. You are really the man of my dreams and i will never let you go u have really changed my world with your words and u have really blessed me with the beauty of your heart,your words are not just mere words..its the greatest i have ever heard before ,u did show me your true feelings and it has helped both of us in building our relationship and feelings for each other. I am so glad you're willing to help me and mom out and honestly, I will never let you down and i also assure you will never regret doing this for me. Actually right now, I am needing the sum of $800 to pay up some bills and also get my mom some pills... And i will be so glad if you can assist me with whatever you have and I'll be glad if you can get this done for me. Love is what we really seek but the perfection of love is what we want and we have both found the truth inside of our heart and we are both ready to share that true feelings together and i cant wait for that day to come which i will have to look into your eyes and see the passion of love through your eyes..Dear..u are so sweet and wonderful and u are so wanting me in your life and i will not disappoint you cause i really do mean my words and my motives and intentions towards you are so real and true and i know we will be there for each other till death do us path,i cant believe i could find my perfect match over a computer.since i got your first email i really focused on building a perfect relationship with you and i noticed that u are that man that really wants a sincere and honest lady in her life and i did committed my time and my money into this relationship..i cant for one day not check my email and type you longer emails expressing my feeling to you..your words make me see the beauty of love and my words make u see the truth of love..the beauty and the truth of love will surely bring our happiness to us soon,You have really been great expressing yourself and your feelings and the reason why i am so attracted to you is that your words are based on truth and u are completely sincere and honest about your feelings and it has made me show the truth of my feelings to you which i am so happy we did had a chance to write each other and express our feelings to each other.I will make u love me more while u will make me love you more the beauty of love in us will never fade away..i will love you till eternity and i will cherish every moment with you. No matter the problems and the difference i will call you while we sit and talk over it...i know u will be wondering how on earth u are so lucky to have me in your life..well we are both lucky cause u really did brought out the truth of love in you and it has helped you in building that real feelings for me and i did cherish every word u speak.when i think of you i see you right in my heart when i dream of you i see you right beside me holding me tight.... Here's the information you will be sending the money to.. The information belongs to the nurse in my mom's ward and she's the one to pick up the money for me... I trust her.. I hope you get back to me with a good news.. Kisses and much love for you out there..
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