Letter(s) from Ekaterina to Walt (USA)

Letter 1

Hello from sweet woman to Walt

I am pleased to talk with you on the site. But now I think it's time for us to speak more privately. I hope you don't mind. Do you want to feel so head over heels in love that you never have to go on another on line dating site? I am sure if things work for us, we can even write a book how to succeed =)))

I am Ekaterina. I hope you are interested in finding a woman who can make you smile. I can do this =)) In my first letter to you I want to tell few things about myself. I was born in Ukraine and my family raised me like a lady. There is saying that nice ladies are pretty wild at home =) That's why I am looking for a man who is kind hearted, has nice smile and who can understand me better than I do. As for me, I am honest, open-minded and kind woman. I believe in such things as love, friendship. My real intention on the Internet is to build strong relations with the man I love. You may ask me about my experience with the man from my country. But I am not interested in local men, cause they are too selfish and don't care about their women. I don't create any stereotypes about the ideal man, cause nobody is perfect. The only my wish is to be happy =) I suppose you will agree that it is the main thing in life. Nevertheless, I am happy that I meet you and we can know each other better. Do you want me to become a woman of your dream? =) Just tell me, Walt, and we will see what happen next =)

So, such a greeting letter from me =) Don't judge me as it's truly hard to start, but surely with your questions i will feel better in writing =) I will wait for your reply impatiently!!! Wish you to have a very nice and cheerful day, my dear Walt.

Sincerely, Ekaterina