Letter(s) from Ludmila to Kamil (Poland)

Letter 1

Hello, dear, if you still remember among amount of nice and beautiful women on this dating site , I would be glad know you better , I am glad that we start our communication on site and continue by e mail, don’t you think this is better? I think this is more personal , I really want correspond with you. I think you will be interested to know more about me, as you already know, My name is Ludmila . I am 26, my birthday on 24th of October, As for my character, I am honest, cheerful girl, with good sense of humor. I am sociable, have a lot of friends, because main my feature of my character – I can trust people despite everything. My friends can trust me with everything, I never let them down. If you want, you can tell me about you some special secrets, I have kind soul, soft character I am easy going and open for communication, I want be happy and create family, I want fall in love and give my love to my husband, I wish make him the most happiest, I hope our correspondence will continue, we will know about each other more information. I will be glad to get your letter. Wish you good luck, and wait for your letter Ludmila

Letter 2

hello Kamil thank you for your answerer to me i am glad talk with you and know you better also! nice that you have son and care about him can you please tell me what is his name?? does he see his mother often? I am glad meet you here and talk with you. I saw your profile on dating site and I consider you interesting person and I would be glad continue our communication here and talk with you more , of course to know person it take a lot of time But we just start our communication and I hope our communication will be interesting for both of us, time will tell us, if only we don’t like each other we can stop our communication right? I am here only with one aim - to find man for future life and for future serious relation, for building family I am not interested only in writing letter, or being pen friends , I am interesting in building relation which lead to creation family. You know I am not looking for prince with wonderful appearance I am looking only for kind and honest man, who can love me,about me I would be glad to tell you, as you already know my name is Ludmila, but my friend and family call me as Luda, my mother call me Ludochka, this is more sweet ) I am 26 year old, my birthday on 24.10.1988 , I live in small town Zorinsk I am sure, your never heard about my tow, this is small town in eats part of Ukraine Luhansk region , I spend half of my childhood in village where my grandmother live , I still live with my mother and father, but and I have a lot of cousins and I visit them often. I like countryside and nature, fresh air in the morning. I have interesting job , which I like so much, I work in optics store I like talk to people help them if this is necessary, my education I am nurse, but for this time work in glass store! I like do sport , I like running in the morning and go to gym, also swimming and cycling . Dear about my character I can tell I am ambitious, creative, easygoing person. My friend tell about me that I am friendly, honest, reliable, trustworthy friend! life has forced me to be strong and I am optimistic person I meet new day with joy in my eyes I think life is so short to be in bad mood, dear and what about your character? Of course I know it is difficult to talk about yourself But I think this fist letter it is good step in our relation. Of course I would be glad to know about your family do you have big family? Any brother or sister? Which job do you do? I will wait for your reply and I hope you can tell me more about you, I enjoy our communication and looking forward for you message, new friend Ludmila

Letter 3

hello Kamil thank you for your nice photo to me, such big cat! i like this photo ! thank you that you told me more about your life and your family, yes, i think maybe this is not so easy talk about yourself , maybe i can asked you some question ? i would be glad know you better!
interesting talk with you another day and support communication with you, for me this is little bit strange way of communication as I never speak with somebody who is so far away from me, another country and another region, this is romantic from one side but from another curious as you don’t see person, but look only at photo! I don’t know if is it possible find love in the internet? What is your opinion about this? Do you think is it possible? I can’t say that I am so disappointed in Ukrainian man , even I can’t say that all man in Ukraine so terrible, rude and so on! Not at all! Simply in my life, I didn’t meet good and reliable man~! Now on TV they show a lot of information that young woman from Ukraine or Russia get married with foreigner guy and they are happy together, create international family and they are happy ! I want try this experience also! Before of course I was in relationship with man, but more then 1 year I am alone!
Honestly I feel that I am tired to be alone, I need man, attention, love! Very difficult to be alone , love is play a great role, love give inspiration at work, you have good mood, you smile all time, if you are in love! Right? What is love for you? For me, I want create such relationship, where love, trust, mutual understanding is important, I want care about my husband, show to him that he is one of the million for me, I like pleased my man with my attitude to him, with nice and kind words to him , compliments and words of admiration, with good mood and well-kept home, unrealistic delicious a dinner, relaxing massage , do you agree with me? For my beloved man I will try my best to make him happy! Only I want love and attention on return!
My family, mother and father is example of good family, my mother is seamstress my occupation but stay at home now, my father is driver, we have good family, even not wealthy, not rich but good and friendly family! My father respect my mother, support and show love! My mother keep our house clean, cook well! They have very old model of relationship , love and respect for them too much Important. My childhood was poor , I had lack of clothes or some expensive toys, candy and sweets I saw only for holidays , parents buy for my clothes, not which I like but which is cheaper and suitable in price, sometimes pupils at school laugh at me , as hadn’t fashionable clothes and so on, but I love my family, no matter what! In future, I wish my children have good life, good education, toys, entertainment I don’t want spoil them, but just give necessary things to them! What about you? How do you see your future family? What is your goals for near future? I would be glad to know! I send you hugs and I am waiting for your answerer to me a back! Luda!

Letter 4

Hello my honey Kamil! thank you for your reply back to me and for your letter, how i am glad see your reply, thank you! how have you been ?
how is your mood and day? my honey so pity about your son, please try take care about him, and i wish he will recover soon, also i think you should take some medicine to protect yourself also as you have all chance also catch virus as you stay in contact with your son! please try take some medicine! i am worried about you! my sunshine, i found out about my passport , as I promise you, I went to passport office to asked how I can fixed my passport, how I was sad and disappointed with this news, my honey officially I need pay for my passport 80 euro, but I need wait 4 or 3 month till time my passport will be fixed, I have asked if this is possible fixed it for short time, yes, this is possible but I need pay 250 euro and during 10 days I will have my passport in my hand! I don’t know but such price maybe due to political situation in my town and region, but I am deeply disappointed, I realize that it will take long time for me to collect such money, and this is almost impossible for me, I work hard and I used to be strong and solve my problem alone, but now I don’t know even how I can solve it and on whom I can relay! my honey, how i wish fix this paper and come to you, see your life, your country, just be with you together, know you better, my sunshine maybe we will find ability to be together? how do you think? sunshine, You know, I have a dream. It is very kind, and must therefore necessarily come true. I wish we had a real strong family, that we love each other , not only during the honeymoon, but also, more and more strongly, I am sure may year will pass but our love will be more and more only, I want us to have, my darling , two children: a girl and a boy they will pleased us and will be meaning of our life, it is so beautiful - to look at our children and know they are - part of you and me, merged together! My honey I wish our family will be happy and friendly, I wish we can go to amusement park on weekend and eat ice cream do you know how I like ice cream ? I like chocolate what about you? What about candy-floss, my honey we can be happy together, only we need wish this! Everything in our hand! My sweety, I hope that by reading this letter, you are feel the same feelings for me that you are miss me also and think about me also! Honey You have no idea how I want to run to you, cling to your strong brave chest, smell your muscular body, My beloved, native, Believe in the sincerity of my words, because before I could not tell anyone what I tell you now! You're the best, you're the loved, you are the most dear to me, a man for whom I have - into the fire and into the water!! I love you! your Luda!

Letter 5

Hey Kamil! thank you for your reply to me and for your another letter! why you have been silence so long time? have you been busy? i miss you and i miss letter from you! i hope, you have some important reason for your silence! my honey yes, i also want come in December, but for this i should make my passport! unfortunately i have no ability now pay for me and do this passport! we have war there, so unstable situation and problem with money and payments! how do you think if you will be able help me fix my passport? what is your opinion?? i would be happy and grateful! honey, I belong to you my dear and I want to be with you only with you in my life.. ou make my days so beautiful only to know that I have such a wonderful Angel in my life..and I dream so many times when we will be together.. My Love I have many imagination and I think we will have a dinner together when I think instead of eating we will eat each other with kisses : I want to kiss and adore all your body my Love..with calm..kissing and tasting every part..smelling it. only because you are my man . how many dreams you give me.. You know my dear ..At the time, before to meet you I had stopped thinking about to find the Love..I gave up with this idea..but when you have entered in my Life I found a new life..new motivations and I believed that I can still be happy..be sure I will do everything for you believe in me..I wont deceive you , I wont betray you because you are my Life.! your Luda!