Scam letter(s) from Elenora Shmigelskaya to S.H. (USA)

Letter 1
Have you ever wondered, what is happiness? This is what all people want life! But I think people are looking for him, not where it really is! What is happiness for you ??
Why do not we think and do not realize that the happiness of the family, where everyone genuinely loves each other, and did not see anyone except his love in this world! Is not that important?
But not everyone can afford it, and it saddens me. In a world where more problems than we think! It is in this, I see myself, I want to give people a chance! I am a pharmacist and I have a lifetime trying to find a drug that will cure cancer! But do not think that a career for me in the first place! Tell me. Maybe our activity coincides) Maybe you also help others?) It would be nice
It is not enough, it is important for me, as for the world, but do not forget about yourself. Fortunately for him, in search of what sometimes seems impossible, you forget to think about yourself! That's why I'm here. I am here to find a man with whom I can spend the rest of your life and share in your old age! ) But I'm not going to spend on this site forever. I need a strong man who knows what he wants and what he needs!
Letter 2
Thank you for yours replying, you know, it's really important to understand yours interest in me. I appritiate it very much, thank you for it once againg! So, you seems to be very serious and exacting man! Maybe somebody is scared by it, but not me! It's even better, because I m tired of this semi - heroes, who looks like man, but has the girl inside. It's looks realy ridicuouls, but whatever! So, will you consider it like direct comunication to you? I think you will, because there is no other choice!
You know, it's really wondering, how is close ours world. Because even on the other side of the planet you have a friends from my city, and than you finding me. Yes, Earth is really big, but small also, if thinnking about it in the another way! Hope you will get my thoughts!) I think you have read my previous letter, and you know my orientirs in life, and what the person I am. But it's only the surfece of myself, because it's logical that you will never know me by reading only one letter to you! But I think that is the main idea of this internet corespondence, to know each other closer, with the help of words. But I can trully say that I m here not for being on this cite forever. We have ours goals, and reasons to use it, so let's not forget about it! But I want to tell you it on the begining, that I m here for find the love relationships, but let's be realistic, we know that people can't to fall in love by one letter, it's decided not the counting of letter, it's only in ours heart and souls, we can't hurry it, and we can't say what will be tomorrow, but we can feel it by ours hearts!
You know, I think that I m come round too late. All my life I was thinking about problems of others people, and forget to take care about myself. You know that I m pharmaceptic, and my goal is find the Cancer medicine. I dedicate a big part of my life for it, and now I m recognize that there is the time, when I need to think about myself for a little. Of course you can find something selfish in it, and I could looking like thoughtless, spoiled woman, who doesn't care about everything. But it's not! I am simple woman, who likes to develop herself, and getting only the satisfaction by her life. I am easygoing person, and don't look to the past. Past is in the past, I m interested only about future! I m open person, and don't want anybody to feel uncomfortable with me, but I can also say that if you would have try to offend me, I wouldn't keep silence. I don't want to seems like a rough woman. Like everyone I feel less of care and sensetive, and I need it. I don't forget to loking for myself. I like to have active style of life, don't like to sitting in the one place! Sport, active vacation, it's all about me.
I don't looking for a King with endless list of kingdoms which he have. I m looking for a person, who will just love me, and will be sincere with me. That's all that I need! I don't want to have silly atention, I want to have a loving heart near me! That's all that I need! So, I m kind of simple person! I think you get it by this letter!
So, if you have a serious intentions to continue ours corespondence, I m don't mind about it, it's nice to meet and interesting person, with wonderful outlook on life! And yes, there is no issues beetwen us. I think that I m worthy woman, because, there is no other way to think, why you decided to reply me.
Will waiting for yours reply! It's really nice to meet you!
Sincerely yours
Letter 3
You know, I see the main now, and this is the only one thing. You replied to me, and this is the main, now I see that yours intentions really serios, and you now, I like it!) So, you can call me how it's comfortable for you, you know I can be Eleonora, or I can be Elle, you know it's up to you, so, at least I m pleased to know that you know my name, and you like it! So you have a lot of expirience of online dating, and how I understand, you were here for a big periond of time, so why you still single? Is it so hard to find a soulmate here? The big problems of my comunity, in their education. Every woman think that she is a princess and every man should conquer her, but as a result we see that this woman is has nothing inside her, she is a dump. That's why I think that it's hard to find a woman on this side of planet. However, why not to try?) This is my first expirience of online dating, and when I m did it, I wasn't know what to expect from it, but now I have a conversation with you, and it's seem to be at least interesting!
I know all yours mans stuff!) So there is no way to cheat me!)))) But, I m simple woman, without something bad, I don't know how to say it, you know, let it be just I m not typical woman from my time. You know, a lot of womans trying too look some kind of brutal, it's just a new fashion stream. But it's not for me, I know who I am, and I don't want to show off something, that I really don't have. I think that in the relationships it's superfluous. We just need to be ourselves! And this is important! How I said earlier, I m don't demand and don't wait something unusual from you, I just don't need it! The main, that is honest and sincere, pathos we will leave for others! This is my view for the life, and relationships, we just need to be the soulmates, and just be in loved. I think it's easy!
So, the world is really close, tell me about him, how you find him in another side of the world? I think that there is place for some amazing story) So, we have three month, and I think it will be enough for us, because you know, everything is started very active, and I hope that it will continue to going in that way! So, I think that we just should keep it in a this stream, and we will satisfied by it. What do you think? Do you agree with me? And we will become to find this harmony and balance by ourselves! But it's already interesting to be a part of it!
And you know, I can truly said that I m proud of you! Because, I just imagine how it's hard too manage all of this. You know, tell yours parents that they grows a wonderful son, but I think that they already know it! And I think that you educate your son as well! He is a little genius how I understand!) But, what happened with you, and with your past wife,? Is it hard to grow yours son in this condition? And, does he know all situation between you and his mother? I think that for children is really hard to understand all of it in some young age. I think that when they becomes older it's easier for them to understand it. But maybe it's only my opinion! And you know, it's naturally for us to make a mistakes in our life, so it should be, and there is nothing bad in it! And you know, I think that there is will be not enough place in yours bad for two of us, so we will talk about it later, haha )))
You know, I think that there is has place to be some kind of blur between us, and this blur going through us,don't you think like me? But, of course, it will never substitute the real meeting for us, but it's all that we have for now. So, you know, why we just can't use this chance, and make the wine from a water. You know, there is no issues between us, so, it's important for me that you just need to be yourself! This is the main idea! It's just me, and this is just you. Very simple, but easy going and it will have the great success I think! So, waiting for yours letter impatiently! Waiting to hear from you soon!
P.S. I will send photos later, because I m write it all on the lap top from my work, and there is no my photos. Hope you will understand it!)
Letter 4

Hello Dear,
You know, on this photo in your profile you look like King of some magic Kingdom. Lacking only the crown and the spitting image of the King or the Prince. I just saw that you're real, very real. You can rely on me, if you let hope for you. Very nice to know that there is such a person ,who understands you and has common goals with you. It may well be that you found a soul mate. I have that feeling. Maybe you have the same feeling?
You may not believe this, but I became much better after talking with you. What was your dream? I was there? And what was I doing? Very interesting to know. It's not every day you hear that will be in someone's dream and will delight this person. Your thoughts are very interesting to me. I're really been thinking about you. So your assumption may be correct. How often do you think about me?
You must be very tired? I'm so sorry... How long have you slept today? Man needs a healthy sleep, to be in the mood and do exploits in his Kingdom ;)) I'll try to find a photo for you, so if you see him at the bottom , I tried. I since the childhood is a very tender and sensual person. But adult life makes me harden. But I try to stay feminine in the issues of life. Something like that. Every time surprised human genetics. Especially when you can see every second person with blond hair and with blue eyes. Beautiful combination, right?
I love the calm, balanced, and motivated men. I thought you were very, very kind and cheerful man. Just immediately caught my eye is your education and immediately see that you are a true gentleman! I love animals! I in the childhood had a dog and 2 cats. I can't really say who I like more dogs or cats. I like classical music, indie rock, some pop music. I'm starting to think that you're like Julius Caesar , can do too many things at once. And like it very much. I can't tell you how I look in a bikini, I'm a modest girl. But in the answer to your next letter I will try to find a photo in a bikini. I promise! Wow! How can I know that my birthday is the same day as your friend. Now I know it ;)))
I am very pleased that you tell me such kind words. I also appreciate the fact that you are not like everyone else. Here's the truth! And what's is my influence on men? I don't think anyone can succumb to my attention. I can't believe that. I'm sure your wife was not worthy of you! You're a wonderful person. No wonder I'm drawn to communicate with you. of course you will be able to find what he wants with me. The main thing is you had the desire. And I in turn, want and desire it.
I didn't attach any particular significance to my tattoos. I just think it's beautiful. I think my tattoos there is nothing superfluous, and they are simple in their sexuality. No, unfortunately, I don't have a tattoo on the span. But I really want it in the place where you like. Was it a coincidence? I can assure you that you get to know me all, but gradually. And I'll entertain you with my fantasies and desires.I think your fire is the strongest that I've seen in my life! Do you have a tattoo? Maybe you'd like it somewhere? Where you want me I made myself another tattoo?
The most important thing for me in a husband - attention. Without attention, I like a flower will wither. But I want to blossom for my beloved husband. It is very important that my man could lift my spirits and supported me in all life situations. I would like to visit the USA(never been there), France and Spain. This is perhaps my favorite country in the world where I wanted to go. I don't like to be bored, so never sit idle. I always find myself doing. Tell me about your favorite entertainment. What are your Hobbies? In what countries and places have you ever been?
You have a great weekend, dear. Rest well. Go to a movie. And creative success to you with work. Perhaps, we will think about each other. Good luck to you! Kisses
Whole, yours Eleonora
Letter 5
Thank you for the the beginning of your book. Maybe it is the biography of my King of the Kingdom? I read it in one breath. It was like you're in a time machine travelling through your life.
Chapter 1: You know, I think that the first Chapter is full of naivety and frustration. We are all in youth more often listen to the heart than the brain. And there is nothing such, for what I could blame you. Was Tanya a beautiful woman? I think the first Chapter could be called "Odessa and other disappointments". Because both of your journeys have brought you to Odessa for two women, which in consequence led you to disappointment. So really you can write a book. But only need to come up with your protege to get exciting affair. And so my biography of the king became a bestseller. So this is probably happens. As for Tanya I can't say that she is worthy of you. In no event it is impossible to slander the person you chose. Because it turns out that you say bad things about yourself. And this is a psychological diagnosis, I think. I feel like a literary critic. But how can I criticize the king? In any case! Only admire!!!))
Chapter 2: Is this Romanian girl was so good? Maybe she better than me? In any case , this is another reason to admire you. Because you see girls in something that others don't see. Others see only the body for ***, a piece of meat. And you're not. You see the soul of the girl, her preferences and mores. More such people like you. I hope very much that she didn’t break your heart completely. And you can still truly love.
Chapter 3: You have a lot of friends in the CIS countries? What do they do? How well do you know them? I always thought that the lowest for women is to be with a man for money. It is very low. How can you play with the feelings of men because of money, just to empty his wallet, and then throw it, because you no longer need. It's low and not right. How long have you been wandering in to our country in search of their Queen? And maybe you already found her? This is together. What are these horrible women. Such selfish , evil and not respecting themselves. I understand that each woman took a piece of your soul and it's annoying me. Why were they offended my knight on a white horse? You never cooked a woman?! Oh My God! What a terrible and selfish woman was trying to capture your attention and your love. It's unbearable! It would be interesting to look at your archive of these women. And really a lot of women wrote to you on this site? Why are you looking for a woman over thirty? What is the reason?
I am increasingly disappointed in our girls. More and more I notice that girls stop thinking about family, children, love to ONE man. They now only want fun, ***, and money. Lots and lots of money. Women becoming more like men. And it's really scary. I really hope that you could carry me to those girls to whom you apply that 1%. I always tried to be like everyone else. Always looking for a man who will love me and respect. I never gave a **** about money. Money can't buy happiness! I hope that we will achieve the happiness which in fact deserve. You and I can do anything. The main thing to want it.
No need to translate, I totally get you. In this letter, I will send you pictures. In this photo better shows the eyes, like you asked. I am waiting when we can chat and not letters. Tell me, where are you in the photo? What a beautiful scenery behind you? Also tell me about the countries where you were. What interesting did you see there? I can assure you that I am a real blonde. I was born to be. I even feel like a blonde. So, my king , dreams come true!
Kisses , your Eleonora
Letter 6
I'll come in and answer too kiss you. Champagne?... Maybe better wine? I prefer wine) And what are you cooking?)) Make you smile so wide?)) Reluctant? Why do you think so? I'll do it with a smile and joy) I relax under your confident hands, and close my eyes) I'll be surprised, but on reflection, I will turn over...
Oh, I you have a Jacuzzi? I always dreamed about it, and will gladly climb up there) But don't leave me for too long, I get bored)) You guessed my tastes, whatever you chose I like. Of course, I like what you got. It is very tasty, you're a good cook)
I will whisper to you "You're the best man in my life". I hope you'll like these words)) But it won't be the end of the evening, believe me.
Wow, your creations are amazing. I like every line) Write me something...
Now, your letters make my dream good))
Your Eleonora, whole If it's a date, it's good. I will try to present it)) I'm Glad that I'm prettier than the model, thank you. I agree with you, a man should be judged not on appearance but in soul. Wow, I think I would have read it if I saw it on the shelves in a bookstore. Sounds interesting... Send me the book with the autograph?) What do you think in General about online Dating? Well, I hope that you're right that I'm better. You can send photos through the website, why wait? You're right, only when we are hurt, we understand what is truly alive! Why not much, judging by your list a lot of them. How did you meet girls from Italy? Also on a Dating site?
Indeed, many girls from Ukraine or Russia I dream about family. I think it's because people here are very sentimental and their main goal is family and favorite people.
Should not be men above all, don't exaggerate)) I can't stand girls who only date rich men. They don't deserve anything in this life!
I see that you're a lot stronger than many, you could go through with it, and move on. Many would have long since surrendered, but not you. You shouldn't be surprised that you write so many girls, you're hard to miss thumbing through a list of men. You got something that makes me write to you.
I'm sorry you had to endure the treachery of some girls, but hopefully I can distract you from this) of Course your letters touched me, as I said, they always raise my spirits, and I always go to bed in a good mood. The letter can say a lot, but only if they come from the heart, you're right. So I also hope that everything that you write, you write honestly and from your heart.
I think socializing on the Internet is just a "Preface" to a personal meeting. I hope that we will be able to meet you in real life. I want to hear your voice. I totally agree with you, it can't go that far.
I think I'm strong enough to face talk behind your back. I don't care what people say, the main thing that I and my men were happy.
Thanks for the pics, I'm interested in your life. Do you travel often? Tell me more about your trip! I am not strong in computers, and the maximum amount that I can do is turn his and go on this website. But I think for the sake of this, I can deal with it. What about Skype. In my computer no camera, so I think that it is meaningless. Don't need gifts, I think that I can provide for myself) don't want to be like the girls you described.
I believe that your happiness is near. Very unfair that such a man as you, should be the one!
Your Ella.
Letter 7
I love red wine. Oh, I would be very pleased with the fish) I love salmon)) No, I've never heard of it, but I think you can show me some of his songs)) Wow, if everything will be as you describe, it will be perhaps the best date of my life)) Maybe you should get ready and get off on massage courses for me? My answer depends on the situation)) I can't really say)
Don't worry, I think we will be close enough tonight) I wish it was truly as if we had met the first time and not know each other)) I Think it would be even more romantic)) What do you say?)
Oh, I believe that this was real, you don't have to prove something. I don't know why, but I believe you as didn't trust anyone! Dating on the Internet has become simply work for some, but I still believe in true love! Women today are too obsessed with money, they should think about their future. In whom they will become in a few years? And what will you tell them of your own conscience?
What? In the first message she says she remembers you every day? They're not even trying to being like real women))) I think it's a great idea, you help a lot of men and girls. Many can't find love, and that would be the best option!
Men who are looking for only ***, are nothing! No,I really like you. I never wrote so much man in one day! Many people want everything and at once! I'm glad you're not like this))
Do you plan soon a trip to Ukraine? I would love to met you))
Sorry I have a old phone, I only plan to buy a smartphone. No need. I'm not a kind of girl who demands gifts! I will do something myself. In the end I can go to an Internet cafe(not sure if they're in my town) and there we can talk. But the website blocks any contact, how are you going to contact me?
I understand that women in Ukraine are often like that, but trust me, not all. Girls like she doesn't deserve a man at all! They don't appreciate the fact that they can make the person who loves!
I hope that answered all the questions that you cared about was cute))
And I'll say it again, don't need gifts. If you really do ever want to show his attention to me, send me a postcard) Here's my photo, send me your too)))
Letter 8
Dear, I think about you....
I can't stop thinking about how I saw you.
I'm exactly the same, get up in the morning for me is like a nightmare night!
I think children need to show by example how to schedule a time to do something important)
But because she's a mother, she should take an active part in the upbringing of children!
Wow, we have known him for a very long time.... Why is it so?... I don't even know who could do it. How to be a man who would do that?! It's too cruel in my opinion to do that to a man. Whatever your relationship were not. Requires money in order he saw the daughter? I have no words... Why the law protects such as she?
Why, you may ask me about it. You don't have to, I'm gonna do)
Yes, of course I know where it is.
No, no need of money. Please.
We can't plan everything so early, a lot can change. But I would be glad if it did.
My language is very complicated, but I think you can) a Couple of sentences will not be as severe)
I'm not a girl. Trust me! I hope that everything will be so, I really want to find someone, and I hope it will be you)
No need to hurry, dear. We will have time to think and make)
I think language will not be a problem. English is really much easier than Russian or Ukrainian!
I know that in America people are much more get. But not the money I care about! Now I have no more photos, sorry. But I think this week I can get you a little treat, put some more))
The only thing I care about in a man is his soul and the nature) You don't have to worry about it!
Kiss you, yours Ella!
Letter 9
My Dear,
Yes I blocked you. But I did it to help us, not to lose you. Understand this please. If I did, the site would fine me and you. And we would not be able to communicate. I'm trying to protect our relationship and not to hurt you. I love you! I am honest with you and I will! I understand your emotions, please, let us talk and won't fight. I didn't tell you about because I didn't know if you are ready to hear about it. I'm sorry. I'm not right. But I'm not right about this. For the rest, I fought for our happiness!
Let's not quarrel. We're beyond that. I'm not like you think. Give me a chance to explain!
Yours Eleonora
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