Scam letter(s) from Elmira Vaulina to Frank (Denmark)

Letter 1
How you?
It again I Elmira!
I waited today to see your letter!!!
Nice photos!
I had a confidence, that you will write me the letter!
Last night, I wished to look the letter from you, but my laptop of the house has broken, not from last models and it me suited my laptop, but in service to me have told, that to repair is not subject, I plan to buy the new laptop when I will receive the salary on my work.
Now I on work, am convenient to write me letters from work.
I hope it will not prevent our acquaintance and we will find a way to continue acquaintance!
Now I will tell to you about the work!
I work every day, except Sunday, it only one day off in a week, but I the hardworking girl, and for me it am not difficult!
On Sunday I cannot see your letters., unfortunately...
I start to work in 09:00 in the morning.
Also I stop to work in 18:00 in the evening.
I work in not state pension fund.
My post the financial adviser.
My duties include attraction of clients to services of fund and the conclusion of contracts.
I like my work.
I have a higher education.
I have finished training at faculty of social work.
I live in city Penza the last letter I wrote to you about it.
You can see my city on the Internet.
Capital of Russia, the city of Moscow.
Distance to a city of Moscow about 641 kilometres from my city.
You sometime were in Russia?
When I have decided to get acquainted with the man in agency of acquaintances, I have considered many profiles of men.
But I have written the letter only to you.
It is difficult to me to explain my choice, I get acquainted for the first time thus with the man... I hope, that you understand me...
I have got used to trust the heart.
I am done not frightened by an age difference, for me important what the man was kind, sympathetic and what he was able to address correctly with the woman. Eventually, the age it only figures, is more important that in the person, its relation and its feelings!
I wish to ask you about sincerity and respect.
I want, that ours with you dialogue has been based on trust.
Now we know each other a little.
I hope, that the trust will appear in due course between us.
In the future I can give you the mobile phone, but now I wish to learn you better.
I will a little tell about myself.
I accurate also love cleanliness and for me it is important, to be always well-groomed and to be in the good form.
Your life is interesting to me.
Please, do not forget to answer my questions.
Than you are engaged at leisure?
You like to prepare a dish?
Today I send you the photos and I will be glad to see your photos in the new letter.
I should continue to work now.
Thanks for your attention!
If at you is Skype, write me it, soon I plan to buy the new laptop and to make Skype, I not when did not use this program, but I know that many people it use also it very conveniently what to communicate and see each other in real time.
I hope, that my letter was not boring for you and all was pleasant to you!
I wish you beautiful and a sunny day!
Letter 2
I have looked your photos! It looks very beautifully and is tasty!
I not absolutely know what airport accepts from abroad, likely it to be in Moscow...
I am very glad that you have answered me!
I wish to be assured and I ask that you have written to me, what name I can name you?
I looked forward your letter, excuse that could not write you the letter so quickly, now I on work and at me am not a lot of time to write to you.
I will continue to tell about the life, tell to me too about the life as it is interesting to me to learn you and everything that is created in your life.
What season is pleasant to you?
I adore summer!
In my city river Sura and as there are many ponds and lakes flows.
Sura - the main river of our city, in the Summer many inhabitants of our city have a rest on a beach.
As in our city there is river Penza! Yes, this same name as well as a city in which I live!
It is a pity, that in Russia the summer lasts only three months... Now the summer comes to an end, but weather gives to us warm days!
I am assured, that in your country a beach, this favourite vacation spot, many tourists.
I like productive leisure on the nature and sports.
I like to float and at leisure I visit pool and fitness!
You prefer what kind of rest?
It is pleasant to me to read your letter.
When I write you the letter, I would like to tell to you about everything, that occurs in my life.
But I very modest and I do not know what to ask you, tell to me more about myself.
It is a pity, that between us distance...
I cannot assume on what we distance at all.
In what city you live?
I can study it on the Internet.
If we lived nearby could meet in cafe and talk infinitely.
I sincerely hope, that you support my dreams.
I hope, that sometime ours with you dreams will be carried out.
You have a dream?
I have hobby, I take a great interest in cookery. Some time back, involves me flowers!
Unfortunately I do not have possibility to grow up flowers as I live in apartment, but I have house flowers!
I very much like to prepare various dishes and I take pleasure in it.
As I have a collection of culinary recipes of the various countries.
From the childhood, I spent much time on kitchen together with my mum and the grandmother.
In your city there are Russian cuisine restaurants?
I will be glad to acquaint you with a Russian cuisine in the future.
I am assured, that you will not refuse my tasty dishes :-)
I try to check up mine email every day when I work.
Sometimes because of work questions, I do not have time to check up email.
Be assured, that always I will answer your letter as soon as possible.
Together with the letter I send you the photos.
I hope these photos to you will like, as I very much wait your photos!
I with impatience will wait to read your new letter.
I wish you good mood!!!
Letter 3
Hello Frank, at you very beautiful name!
How you?
At you good mood?
I like ours with you dialogue.
I simply would try that it was interesting to you to read my letters...
Excuse if I set questions identical.... Excuse me... You should understand that at me not so a lot of time what to read and write you the big letters, but I try to do it interestingly!
In the mornings I drink green tea and I recollect your letters.
I not always can answer you at once as the laptop at my place has broken and I have not had time to buy yet new, soon I will buy the new laptop and to a smog to make Skype and we can have dialogue in real time.
I write to you from my work.
I hope, that you understand me, that on work I cannot use Skype as my chief very strict woman and I can have problems...
I think of you all the day long and I think of your answer to my letter.
It is very interesting to me, than you are engaged at present.
It is a pity, that between us the big distance.
If you not against, I continue to tell about the life and to ask about your life.
I wish to tell about my family.
To my mum of 59 years, it already on pension.
As I have sister, at it the family, the husband and the charming daughter.
My father has died 7 years ago.
It was a hard time for our family.
I love the family.
I try to help my mum as she lives one.
We often meet all family behind one table.
You are pleasant like cinema?
What films like you?
I cannot forget remarkable films (Braveheart), (Vanilla Sky), (Braveheart), (The Wedding Planner).
I like different genres, but most of all I prefer romantic films about love, with good end of a film.
I like classical music.
I like to cook food.
What most popular dish in your country?
Russia the huge country.
Here very various kitchen.
I think, that national dishes in Russia, these are cutlets, pelmeni, borsh.
In Russia soups are very popular.
I am assured, that you will like dishes from a Russian cuisine.
As to my preferences in food.
I like different food and I often prepare different dishes.
The main thing that the food has been prepared from natural products.
I like salads from vegetables and as fruit salads.
Frank, you have a phone number with which it is possible to do trunk calls?
I have mobile, my number +796354255622, but I cannot do and accept trunk calls as my mobile to me have given out on my work and at me service trunk calls is not connected.
I will write the letter to my heads what to me have approved connection of service of a domestic long distance communication... But it occupies time and I need to wait for the written answer, unfortunately...
I wish to buy one more phone in the future and to connect to myself personal mobile number, I hope I will buy it soon, probably we can have conversation with you by phone.
If you tell to me a phone number, I will call to you from public phone in the future.
I wait your phone number in the following message.
I think, that we with you can understand each other in our conversation by phone.
When I will plan to call you, I will inform you.
I know, that you the good man and me it very much are pleasant.
We with you speak in different languages in a daily life.
Our countries have different mentality.
You agree with me?
Please, tell to me, it is as much as possible about your life.
Your life is very interesting to me.
All of us people and I will understand you, but we with you belong to different cultures.
Some things, I probably, do not know.
I will be very glad to hear it from you.
Your letters help me to present your world better.
Write to me more likely!
Please, send the photos if you can.
I will wait for your letter!
I try to check email every day.
Sometimes because of work I do not have time to check up email, I hope you understand me.
I will always answer your letters.
Today I have written you the big letter, now I should return to work.
I send you my photos! In this letter I have sent you video! I hope to you it it is pleasant.
Letter 4

Now the end of my working day...
And I have time to write you one more short letter!
Unfortunately my time is limited, I cannot write to you more, I wish to wish you pleasant to spend time in this week-end!!
I will be at home and to make cleaning in this week-end!
I hope that you will write the letter, unfortunately I can read it only on Monday when I will come for the work...
I will think of you! Kisses!
Letter 5
Unfortunately I have not had time to look you have sent me the letter or not....
Simply I wished to send you one more photo, I hope that to you to like!!
Letter 6
I'm fine!
Today at me good mood :-)
Last night I visited sister.
We ate and talked.
Name of my sister Diana.
My sister has told, that it since recent time, has started to notice changes in me.
As my mum has noticed, that I became cheerful and cheerful.
Frank, I have told to my mum and sister, that I communicate with you.
I have thought and have understood, that is valid, my life has changed since I have started to communicate with you.
At me there has passed melancholy and now I often smile :-)
Name of my mum Liudmila, she approves our dialogue and she is very glad to see my good mood.
Sometimes I re-read letters which you have written me earlier and I can not believe that have got acquainted with you, I very much like our dialogue.
Now I wish to look in your eyes and to see your mood.
It is pleasant to you as I write to you and that that I tell about myself?
You know, that the sight can tell more.
My eyes shine for pleasure when I look through E-mail and I see your letter.
Thanks you for happiness which you bring to me!!!
Today I will send you new video, I said, that I very modest, I hope you have understood me in it video, I spoke in all sincerity.
I have learnt from the mobile operator, that my mobile does not support an international telecommunication, for this purpose that I could call and accept trunk calls, it will be necessary for me to write the statement on work and that they would tell to the mobile operator that it is necessary for me to connect service trunk calls.
I hope the director will allow to connect to me service trunk calls.
As soon as I will make it, I will inform at once you on it, I very much wish to hear your voice and I hope that we can soon speak on the phone with you.
I have a dream.
I dream of a romantic supper with which man I love.
But I do not have beloved, I very much would wish to meet the love.
Frank, you the romanticist?
To you to like to surprise the girl?
To me like romanticism...
I like to look at stars, I like an easy supper at candles.
I would prefer to make a supper.
I as like to dance slow dance under music...
Nevertheless, it is all was at me for a long time.
But nevertheless, I very much want, what my dream was carried out.
I with impatience wait for your following letter.
Elmira :-)
Letter 7
How mood Frank?
Today I have woken up in the morning and thought of you.
I had breakfast and continued to think that we could have breakfast together.
You prefer what meal in the morning?
I have breakfast yoghurt and fruit, I do sandwiches.
I could not check up e-mail at home as I already said, that at me the laptop has broken.
Now I again on work.
I write you letters at leisure from my work.
Frank, I have some work today.
At leisure on work, I re-read each your letter which you have sent.
Sometimes I think, than you are engaged during this or that moment of time.
I have an important question for you.
You write letters to other girls?
I write the letter only to you and me other men do not interest.
Frank, you understand, that I seriously concern acquaintance to you and consequently me it interests.
You prefer long relations?
What do you do not love in the woman?
What you involves in the woman?
What you would want the wife in the future?
It should be formed?
The clever? Beautiful? Fair?
I think, that between the man and the woman there should be an understanding, there should be a trust and a physical inclination!
The man and the woman should be first of all friends.
The love begins with friendship.
If friendship strong and mutual the love also will be pure and mutual!
I very much wish to grow fond of the man!
I wish from this love to be happy!
I wish to give from this love my smile to all people!
First of all, to my beloved!
And as I want that my man was the sun which shines everything, and heats only me!!!
I will answer the same question now.
I want, that my future husband was a reliable support for me and our future family.
I wish to rely in all on my future husband.
I want, that my pleasure was also its pleasure.
My grief was also its grief.
These are my representations of my future man.
I love a cosiness and cleanliness of the house.
You often are engaged in house affairs?
Frank, you have house flowers?
I love flowers and at my place there are flowers!
I very much like white roses.
I like animals.
In my apartment there are no pets because I have no a lot of free time and all the day spend on work.
However in the house of my sister there is a dog and a parrot.
Now we have no possibility to communicate through skype, but soon I will buy the new laptop and we can speak on skype.
I will inform at once you on it.
I wait your letter and your photos.
I will send you some photo which I have made in the beginning of summer!
Please, do not detain the letter and write to me more likely.
Yours, Elmira!
Letter 8
HI! Frank!
I very much waited your letter!
She named your name Frank128??? It is not similar to the real person... Who so will write a name??? The normal person so will not write to me it seems...
To me told about that that now on the Internet a lot of deceit much, and girls try to deceive men... I know that is women from Russia much...
It is very a shame to me with such people, it is very bad.... They dishonour all the others and because of such people, the trust vanishes...
We with you friendship very much is pleasant to me.
Earlier I to you had a feeling of curiosity.
Now I had a feeling of liking to you.
I have good news today.
I talked to my chief and she has told, that my vacation will soon.
It is necessary for me to finish the begun business and then I can have a vacation.
When there will be your vacation?
Frank, I with impatience wait the vacation that we could agree about a meeting.
You want our meeting?
You can arrive to Russia for our meeting?
If you want, I can plan arrival to you.
Very much for a long time I did not feel, which is in my heart now.
I have to you feelings of liking...
I am afraid to speak to you about it, but my feelings to you it is more than simply friendship.
I with huge impatience wait your letters.
Earlier I did not represent, that feelings can cause such desire to wait for the letter, at dialogue in e-mail.
Frank, what you feel?
I sincere with you also say to you only that I feel, I would like to share with you all.
From the very beginning of our dialogue I asked you, that you would be sincere and now I trust you.
I have a sensation, that we are familiar with you throughout the whole life.
I do not have any secrets from you.
Always I try to answer your questions.
Please, repeat the questions for me when I forget to answer your questions.
Tell to me, please, as you consider your future?
What do you want in the future and whether you that I was a part of your future want?
You would like that your future wife was till the end of your life?
I wish to marry only once and to be happy.
I have a passport which allows me to travel all over the world.
I am valid, very much I wish to see your country and your way of life.
I should see it my eyes and I think, that we with you will have happy time together.
Today I will send with my letter of a photo and video, you can always notice that I have a smile on the person when I think of you.
I do not understand, that to me occurs, in me all has turned over, the world became another for me.
I even more often start to understand, that I think of you more and more.
I become happy when I see your letters, on my person a smile :-)
I do not wish to frighten you of it, but I hope, that you understand me...
I hope you my naked photos do not interest, it you can offend me very strongly, I very much hope, that I for you not a toy.
Please, do not forget to answer my questions.
I very much appreciate ours with you dialogue.
Frank, you do not represent as I is happy, when I see your new letter!
I send you air kisses!!!
Yours, Elmira.
Letter 9
Tomorrow my birthday... I do not know you remember, whether you read my letter...
I am not going to make a holiday, I will be on work, I will spend time then at home with my mum...
This day it would be interesting to invite you and to spend time together! I hope to you pleasantly it to read!
Letter 10
Frank, How your day?
How many now time in your country?
I very much would like to know our difference in time.
Thanks, that you find time to write to me.
Now I would like to appear with you nearby and to feel your smell.
As any woman, I very much want attention, caress and embrace, and as passion.
Recently, I have noticed behind myself, that I show interest about our meetings more and more.
Last night, the dream has dreamt me, in this dream we were together and you embraced me and ironed the hand on my hair....
I believe, that soon we will meet.
All our dreams will come true, when we will be together.
Now I know, when there will be my holiday.
Today the chief has told to me, that my holiday will begin in some days.
I think, that next week I will be on a vacation.
This news has very much pleased me.
My chief to me has allowed to take a vacation of 45 days as I have explained to it, that in my life there was a man from other country, it you the darling Frank!
You are glad to learn about it?
Soon I will receive my salary, before leaving on a vacation, to me should pay my salary and I plan to buy at once the new laptop, the laptop to me will be necessary, for this purpose what to write to you of the letter at any time and as to do Skype.
I hope, that you are glad.
I really look at things and I think, that we should be well prepared for it.
I will start to prepare for a trip if you agree with it!?
What clothes I should take with myself?
I should take warm clothes?
I need to know answers to my questions.
Frank, I will inform the information on my preparation for travel, you really would like our meeting?
I have our liking and me pulls to you.
I am assured, that when we will meet, ours with you feelings become stronger!
Please, promise to me, that you will care of me, I have trusted in you.
I concern our relations with all my heart and souls.
Most the nearest international airport to be in the city of Moscow.
It is airport Sheremetevo or Domodedovo.
Tell to me, please, what international airport is closest to your house?
In what airport I should buy tickets?
I never was in your country.
If I arrive to you, you will meet me?
I do not know anybody, except you in your country.
I ask you that you have met me at the airport.
Frank, I will be glad to spend time with you.
Time which we will spend with you together, will help us to learn each other better.
I will start to undertake some steps for our meeting.
I will do the utmost, that we have met you in the shortest terms.
I will do all independently, as I the adult and responsible girl.
I want, that you wrote to me every day!
Your support is very necessary to me!
Within the next few days I plan to learn that I should make for my trip to you.
I promise, that I will inform you on my news.
Together with the letter I transfer you a photo, I hope my photo it is pleasant to you.
I wish to send you a card, but I do not have your address.
Write me the full address and as soon as you will write me the address, I will go at once to post office that I would wash a card have sent to you.
When you will open an envelope, take a card in hands and you will feel a smell of my perfume, I hope to you my perfume is pleasant.
The name of my perfume "Givenchy".
Excuse that I have not written you the full name, my full name: ELMIRA VAULINA.
Write me the full name.
I send you one million air kisses!!!
I am confident, they is reached you!!!
Always, yours Elmira.
Letter 11
Hey Frank!!!
What at you new?
To me it is very pleasant! It is a beautiful pie!!!
I have news!
I have learnt the information which is necessary for travel to your country.
Embassies are not present in my city.
The embassy is in Moscow.
I cannot hand in the statement on the visa in my city, even having my international passport.
Earlier I used travel agencies.
For travel to your country I need to issue the visa.
The employee of travel agency has told to me, that I should issue the statement in online and send in embassy.
Further I should register in interview in embassy and after I should go to Moscow to begin visa registration.
Frank, I hope, that you like thought on ours with you to a meeting.
In tour agency to me have told, what not everyone can receive the permission to travel to your country.
I have told, that I will travel for the purpose of tourism.
Together with the employee of travel agency we have decided, that the best type of the visa to me will be, the visa "Tourist".
And under this visa I can arrive without problems to your country.
By data visa "Tourist" I can free move on territory of your country.
I am going to spend in your country of 30 days, what you think of it?,
I think, that this time to us will be enough that we could learn each other better.
You agree with me?
The employee of travel agency has told to me, that time of registration of the visa makes approximately 10 days, from the moment of giving the statement on visa registration.
At this time it is better to me to live in Moscow because at any time I can be invited in embassy.
I already took the list of documents which I will need to give in embassy in Moscow.
I cannot believe, that shortly we will be with you together.
We can refuse with you letters and infinitely speak, looking each other in eyes.
Frank as the employee of travel agency has told to me, that the invitation letter from you when I will hand in the statement in embassy probably is required.
You can transfer me the invitation if me it to be necessary?
I will necessarily write to you if your invitation is required to me.
Now I will call in embassy to learn all more particularly.
I should learn about cost of official registration of papers.
I as should register in reception in embassy.
I hope, that the information which I have transferred you now, have very much pleased you.
I am assured, that nothing will prevent us to meet you.
You agree with me?
I will send you video and a photo which have made for you, I think to you it is pleasant.
I will finish the letter and I will wait for your answer.
Kisses only for you!!!
Yours, Elmira!!!
Letter 12
Hi Frank!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter now.
Frank, I wait ours with you a meeting with huge impatience!!!
You wait our meeting?
Today I have important news.
Please, be attentive!
Yesterday I called in embassy which is in Moscow.
Now I know all information which is necessary for me for travel to your country.
First of all, to me have told, that I should visit personally embassy in Moscow to begin process of official registration of papers.
I have told, that it not a problem.
Already my vacation tomorrow will begin and at any time I can begin official registration of papers.
To me have told, that for travel to your country, I should visit embassy to fill questionnaires.
It is necessary for me to wait approval of my travel.
I should show the inquiry on the marital status, the inquiry from work, the declaration on payment of all taxes, and also the passport and photos.
Today I will try to receive all documents.
Frank, to me have told, that the invitation will be unessential to me.
If there will be a necessity for the invitation, I will tell to you about it.
I have decided, that I will live in hotel or I rent a room.
I will choose cheaper variant when I will arrive in Moscow.
I should pay for registration of the visa and as I will need to pay consular gathering and an additional payment for registration of questionnaires.
That to me have allowed to travel to your country, I should have medical insurance.
I asked about cost of air tickets, but the girl in embassy could not answer my question.
When I will be in Moscow, I will visit the airport to learn the prices.
Today after telephone conversation with the girl from embassy, I thought of how we can will meet much.
Between us there are sincere relations and I am assured, that ours with you relations will grow.
I wish to know, that ours with you of feeling mutual.
Frank, it is necessary for me to be assured, that you will meet me at the airport.
I wait, that you also, as well as I want ours with you a meeting.
I have a feeling of pleasure which has appeared since first day of our acquaintance.
From my life the feeling of loneliness was gone and it is pleasant to me to know, that in the World there is a person who thinks of me.
Yesterday I have come into shop and have bought underwear, this very beautiful and sexual linen.
My darling, you do not represent as I wish to meet you, I would want that our meeting was unforgettable and I am confident, this beautiful linen is pleasant to you.
I wish to be the most beautiful for you!
I did not have relations with the man more than 3 years, I could not find that only thing which to me will be to liking.
I believe that between us there will be a big passion and we can construct beautiful love!
I very much it want!
We with you a meeting, is the big step to ours with you relations.
I listen to the heart, and my heart says, that together we will be happy.
Please, tell to me your thoughts!!!
I have told to the girlfriend, that I have found the man, it you Frank!
It was glad for me, it my best girlfriend and I trust it.
I do not wish to lose any day from my vacation!!!
Our meeting, is the best way what to learn each other better.
I very much miss on you and I think of our first meeting, at me now pleasant excitement, as I the modest girl :-)
To kiss you Frank!!!
Yours, Elmira!!!
Letter 13
Hi my darling Frank!
I only have read your letter.
Today I any more do not work, as my vacation has begun.
Now I have come for work what to receive all documents from my director which will be necessary for me in embassy.
The director has wished me good rest.
Colleagues joked and have cheered me up, at us on work very cheerful collective and they too have wished me good rest.
I am very glad!!!
I am glad to that soon we will together!!!
I am assured, that this vacation will be the best vacation.
Frank, I with impatience wait our meeting with you!!!
My mum has told, that she will see off.
My mum asked me to be very accurate.
She asked to write it the letter as soon as I will arrive to your country.
I as promised to transfer to my mum ours with you joint photos.
If my father was still live, it would be very glad, that I have met the man and I will travel to it.
It is very romantic to meet in another's country for me the man, the man it you mine Frank!
Frank, I trust you, I do not doubt sincerity of your feelings.
Already very soon we will be with you together.
Tomorrow I will arrive to Moscow.
I promise, that I will write you letters every day and to speak to you as affairs with official registration of papers are.
Your support will be necessary to me.
I will absolutely one in Moscow.
Moscow very big city and I will there absolutely one.
I am assured, that ours with you of feeling, will help us to be together.
The darling, today I will transfer you a photo which I have made specially for you.
I have prepared all documents.
Today I will buy the new laptop, for this purpose that we could write each other letters, at that time while I will be in Moscow while the visa is made out.
I think that you understand, that the laptop is necessary to me, for this purpose that I could write you letters and inform on all news.
I did not manage to connect to my mobile phone an international telecommunication as it is long process, and I at all would not have time that it to make.
I think that if it will be necessary, I can find a way what to call you from Moscow.
I very much hope that at me all will turn out.
I wish to ask this information you again.
Your full name.
Your home address and city.
Phone number.
I should arrive to what airport in your country.
The darling, I have casually removed some from your letters and I ask you to write all information, I will write down it in my notebook.
It is very important, do not forget to write it in the letter!
Now I should leave the computer.
I do not work today and I cannot long detain the computer.
Now I will go to the airport to buy tickets to Moscow.
Our meeting will make us the happiest!
I want, that this happy moment remained for all life!
I dream of our meeting!
Yours, Elmira!
Letter 14
Simply wished to send you still a photo! It is made earlier!! It would be desirable to make to you to make to you pleasant!
Letter 15
Hi mine are lovely Frank!!!
I again write to you from Moscow!
I rented a room in apartment.
The mistress of apartment very good woman.
I will write you the address where has now lodged.
City Moscow, 1st Ostankinsky street, house 14/7 apartment 28, 129515, Russia.
Frank, today I have visited embassy and the airport.
In embassy I have filled all documents, for visa registration.
It was pleasant to me, that in the visa centre affable people work, I saw the consul, it has passed on a corridor and all has greeted, it very serious man and the polite man.
To me have helped absolutely in everything, I have given all necessary documents, also I have made photos for visa registration.
Now I look forward my visa.
I have got acquainted with the girl and have asked it, what is the time it is required what to receive the visa, the girl has told, that all now becomes quickly as it is a lot of people wishing to receive visa and on it, the embassy works much faster.
In embassy to me have told, that I should get 2 air tickets.
Air tickets are necessary for visa registration.
The matter is that employees of embassy should be precisely assured of exact dates of my start and returning back to Russia and what to note exact dates on the visa.
I thought, that tickets can be ordered through the Internet, but in embassy have told, that now very strict rules and tickets it is necessary to buy originals and it is necessary to give them for this purpose, that of embassy would assure them, that they could see dates of my start in your country and returnings back to Russia.
To me have explained, that this main condition for visa reception.
I very much was surprised to such rules, but to me have told, that it is important what quickly to receive the visa.
Today I have personally visited airport Sheremetevo-2 and have considered the prices for air tickets, a choice of air tickets very big.
My darling, we need to hurry with purchase of air tickets as it is necessary to give tickets in embassy, that on my visa would name dates of stay in your country.
I have considered air tickets, cost of one air ticket makes 400 dollars.
It is necessary for me to have 800 dollars on two tickets that I could get air tickets.
Frank, I did not wish to ask from you money, but I have bought the laptop, and as from me the big expenses here in Moscow.
Now I do not have money to get air tickets.
I have paid registration of the visa and the medical insurance in embassy.
Also I have paid residing at a room.
I now had few money, but this money is necessary for me to live in Moscow.
You can help to get to me air tickets?
Already I said to you, that I should get air tickets in Russia, for this purpose that my tickets would assure of embassy.
Today I also have visited bank, it was necessary for me to receive consultation...
On the Internet I have studied, that you from the country can transfer the help to me very quickly, there are many systems of fast remittances!
Such as UNISTREAM, MONEY GRAM! In bank to me have told as...
I will tell to you the information which is necessary for you that you could transfer the help to me.
My full name, ELMIRA VAULINA
Bank name "SBERBANK"
Address: The academician the Queen of street, 5
city Moscow, 129515 Russia.
Phone +7(495) 616-62-15
My darling after you will transfer me the help, the employee of bank will inform you confidential number.
You should tell to me it that I could receive your help.
I hope, that you understand me, that I have spent many money and I require your help.
My darling when I can receive your help?
I should know, as tomorrow I will go to embassy and I should inform them when I will bring tickets for assurance.
Here in Moscow it is a lot of banks, a city very big as it is capital of Russia, but "UNISTREAM" is nearby where I now live in Moscow and it will be convenient to me so to receive your help.
Already my visa is in process of registration, soon I will arrive to you!!!
I am glad to that I managed to begin process of registration of the visa, in the visa centre have told, that if I will buy tickets quickly and I will bring to them on assurance then the visa can make very quickly.
I hope, that very soon we with you will together.
Now I represent our romantic evening at candles, I will make a tasty supper, you will open wine, Ohhhh as I dream of it!
I have very much got tired today, Moscow very big city.
Please, do not leave me without your letters.
I am perfect one here and your support is necessary every day for me.
I always think of you!!!
I try to make Skype in my laptop, but it is not possible to me, I hope, that I can make it, I not when itself did not do Skype and on it I do not manage to make it quickly, but I am confident, that I can make it if I cannot make it when I will arrive, I hope you will help me and will learn to use Skype.
Today I have visited a beautiful place in this city, it RED SQUARE.
I have made for you a photo and video, I will show to you as here in Moscow.
I hope to you it is pleasant.
I wait your letter tomorrow, now I will display my things from a suitcase, after I will take a bath and I will make a face pack.
Kisses for you my darling Frank!!!
Very much I hope for your support and I dream of our meeting!!!
Yours, Elmira!
Letter 16
It seems to me that my letters not always come to you...
Whether I do not know so it... I will send you this short letter with a photo!
Whether you can answer this letter and write what colour my dress on it a photo???
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