Scam letter(s) from Comfort Owiredu to Michael (USA)

Letter 1
Ok baby please i dont want to hear that ok my love, just send me the 1500 dollars and let me leave here for good please and bring back your money my love. I dont want to ask for anything after this baby please cant you think about whats going to happen to me if i stay here for more than 2 days ****
Letter 2
No it's not for me ****, it's just going to save me too much hustle on the flight and at the Airport my love. I never knew I would need that money on me ****. It's yours when I get there my love. I will have my flight info tomorrow ****. Please trust me ok. I won't **** u.
Letter 3
Ok baby if u don't want to send me any dime then please help me with the credit card ok. At least that is not your cash but mine ****, i want this last favor from u my love
Letter 4

You shouldn't make me cry now my love. I can get there by Sunday evening and the Gold bars will be there the next day ****. I am going to contact companies and agents to help me out sell it faster and pai y back everything so we can have enough to do other stuffs and travel ****. Yes you can my love You already spent so much on me and giving up now is like loosing all u spent on me my love. Please for the last time i have gotten everything done down here and i just need a little puch
Letter 5
You see this is where u go wrong Micheal i am the one to make things right i am just here because of 2000$ ****..thats ******** my love, how do u expect me to get back ur money if u cant send me the funds to get on plane and i will hand it back to u when i get there **** and get the cash for my goods and pay off every penny i owe u ****...this is so hard for u after sending me all those huge money to finish up and now 2k would just close the chapter ****..think about this ok and stop being ******..u getting me ********** my love. I mean what am saying by getting there if i have the money and not going to ask anymore
Letter 6
Ok i will leave u baby but i always have u in mind and i love u Micheal, i have all the money we need ready to be shipped when i get there my love. TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS SHOULD NOT MAKE U GIVE UP ON US NOW
Letter 7
Ok my love I am sorry if I caused you a lot of problems **** but please I want you to trust me and do this last funds for me ok. I can't even get the money to u if am down here ****. What do u expect me to do and I am not going to be ashamed my love
Letter 8
I am going to pay the bills my love, just send me the last 2k u have **** and hold on for some few hours for me to get there
Letter 9
You send me money ****, I can't get all that amount of money down here my love. I have to be there ****. I promise to pay u off and just leave u alone my dear
Letter 10
Hmmm I know You won't believe me anymore **** but this is the last time u gonna send me money ok because I hate to be doubted and bad words said to me. I will show my face with your money **** and I will leave u alone when I pay off everything
Letter 11
You have to believe me ****..I am telling u the truth my love. Do u think I would still be here if I was just getting money from u to have a good life down here ****. I would have gotten my own business with all those funds u sent **** and 2k is not going to make me talk and talk till u send it because u given me more than 10,000$ and I am Still with u ****. That should tell u something my love. I am very real about what am saying and u won't regret sending me your last penny
Letter 12
I will pay the bills I promise ****, please have mercy on me ok. I can't send all that money to u down here my love. Please I promise this is not going to hurt this time ok. You need to trust me and I will make u happy. Money isn't all that I want ok ****
Letter 13
No my love , u are rather going to loll yourself because of sending 2k ****
Letter 14
If I get the funds tomorrow I will get ur money soon
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