Romance scam letter(s) from Comfort Owiredu to Michael (USA)
Letter 1
Ok baby please i dont want to hear that ok my love, just send me the 1500 dollars and let me leave here for good please and bring back your money my love. I dont want to ask for anything after this baby please cant you think about whats going to happen to me if i stay here for more than 2 days babe
Letter 2
No it's not for me babe, it's just going to save me too much hustle on the flight and at the Airport my love. I never knew I would need that money on me babe. It's yours when I get there my love. I will have my flight info tomorrow babe. Please trust me ok. I won't kill u.
Letter 3
Ok baby if u don't want to send me any dime then please help me with the credit card ok. At least that is not your cash but mine babe, i want this last favor from u my love
Letter 4

You shouldn't make me cry now my love. I can get there by Sunday evening and the Gold bars will be there the next day babe. I am going to contact companies and agents to help me out sell it faster and pai y back everything so we can have enough to do other stuffs and travel babe. Yes you can my love You already spent so much on me and giving up now is like loosing all u spent on me my love. Please for the last time i have gotten everything done down here and i just need a little puch
Letter 5
You see this is where u go wrong Micheal i am the one to make things right i am just here because of 2000$ babe..thats bullshit my love, how do u expect me to get back ur money if u cant send me the funds to get on plane and i will hand it back to u when i get there babe and get the cash for my goods and pay off every penny i owe u babe...this is so hard for u after sending me all those huge money to finish up and now 2k would just close the chapter babe..think about this ok and stop being stupid..u getting me pissed off my love. I mean what am saying by getting there if i have the money and not going to ask anymore
Letter 6
Ok i will leave u baby but i always have u in mind and i love u Micheal, i have all the money we need ready to be shipped when i get there my love. TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS SHOULD NOT MAKE U GIVE UP ON US NOW
Letter 7
Ok my love I am sorry if I caused you a lot of problems babe but please I want you to trust me and do this last funds for me ok. I can't even get the money to u if am down here babe. What do u expect me to do and I am not going to be ashamed my love
Letter 8
I am going to pay the bills my love, just send me the last 2k u have babe and hold on for some few hours for me to get there
Letter 9
You send me money babe, I can't get all that amount of money down here my love. I have to be there babe. I promise to pay u off and just leave u alone my dear
Letter 10
Hmmm I know You won't believe me anymore babe but this is the last time u gonna send me money ok because I hate to be doubted and bad words said to me. I will show my face with your money babe and I will leave u alone when I pay off everything
Letter 11
You have to believe me babe..I am telling u the truth my love. Do u think I would still be here if I was just getting money from u to have a good life down here babe. I would have gotten my own business with all those funds u sent babe and 2k is not going to make me talk and talk till u send it because u given me more than 10,000$ and I am Still with u babe. That should tell u something my love. I am very real about what am saying and u won't regret sending me your last penny
Letter 12
I will pay the bills I promise babe, please have mercy on me ok. I can't send all that money to u down here my love. Please I promise this is not going to hurt this time ok. You need to trust me and I will make u happy. Money isn't all that I want ok babe
Letter 13
No my love , u are rather going to loll yourself because of sending 2k babe
Letter 14
If I get the funds tomorrow I will get ur money soon
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