Scam Letter(s) from Elena Volkova to John (England)

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Letter 1

Hello John,
I am glad to receive from you the answer.
In this world there is a person who wishes with me acquaintance. Excuse me beforehand if my letter will be a little bit incoherent. I not able to begin acquaintance.
But if I began, I shall write in this letter a little about me. I was born September, 25, 1978. And i have 27 years.
It is a lot of. And I reflect on the future life. I want to have own family. I want to bring up own children.
I was born and have grown in city of Kaliningrad. It is the big industrial city in the centre of Russia. Here nearby there is a huge Ship-building factory "Amber"
The majority of inhabitants of Kaliningrad works at this factory. Including my father. My mum works also at this factory.
She works there in a first-aid as medical sister.
About my parents I shall tell in the following letter more. Now, as I spoke, I shall write about myself.
As I spoke already, I was born in 1978. Up to 7 years i went to a kindergarten. As my parents could not be constant with me.
Since 7 years I began to go to school.
I studied very well. After leaving school in 1996, I have gone to the Kaliningrad medical institute.
As I had the fine certificate after leaving school. I could study in Institute free-of-charge.
In 2001 I have finished training in Institute. Since that year I work in children's hospital as the therapist.
My task on work - to define the diagnosis of disease. If necessary I should send patients on various inspections.
Work with children forces me to be more attentive.
Work with children is more difficult, than with adult people. But I have got used.
And more, my work is pleasant to me. And I have pleasure, that I can help children.
Probably, the love to children has come to me with age. And I have understood, the children - our future.
Therefore, I would like to have own children.
I want to inform you about the hobby, for me it was even more than a hobby, I wanted to work as model,but it is natural as well as many dreams it failed. Because everywhere where I tried to me offered to be without clothes, for me it is inadmissible and consequently I have refused this dream.
I shall be send you some photos and I hope that you will love it. You will ask me why I have chosen you? Why I shall not find the man in the own country?
I do not know what to answer you. I already spoke, that I am not able to get acquainted.
And simply in the street I can not strike up an acquaintance with the stranger. My girlfriend, the fellow worker, has offered me to find acquaintance with the help of the Internet.
And now I write you from Internet - cafe. I have no own computer. It is expensive very much. And I can not allow this luxury.
In own possession it is not enough computers in our country.
Probably the level of our life does not allow to live so that to afford much. No, I do not complain of bad life in Russia. I earn enough to live in Russia. Well, I shall finish this letter. If you, having read my letter, agree to continue with me acquaintance.
I was possible shall give for you one question: " You agree to have acquaintance with the Russian woman and if all will be good, you agree to have serious attitudes with her? "
Your faithfully, your new familiar Elena

Letter 2

Hello my friend John.
I am glad to receive your new letter. It means, that we can continue acquaintance.
In this letter I shall speak about my parents as I promised in the first letter. My daddy was born January, 4, 1947. He also, as i, has grown and was life in Kaliningrad.
I spoke already, that he works at an Ship-building factory.
In 2 years he will be the pensioner. He waits for this moment with impatience. ( smile)
He works as the simple worker on assembly of Ship.
I do not know as you to explain, he collects any part of the Ship engine. And so 40 years he works on one operation.
He speaks, that it has very much bothered him, therefore he waits with impatience of the pension age.
My mum was born February, 22, 1954. She was born in Vladivostok.
The destiny has resulted her to Kaliningrad on distribution after study in school. (College)
Earlier training was free-of-charge, therefore graduates of educational institutions should work 2 years there where the state will consider necessary.
It as the tribute for a permission to study.
Here in Kaliningrad my mum and daddy have met. Date of their wedding - April, 1, 1977.
In one and a half year in their family I have appeared.
Unfortunately, I am one child in family. I have no brother or the sister. I remember, as I asked in the childhood mum about brother or the sister. Mum then has answered, that she and daddy will think of this question. In a result, I have all the same remained one child in family.
I think of my parents enough. Unfortunately, I have no photo of my parents on the computer.
Now, when I have told about my family, parents and about myself, I shall ask from you too it I shall be glad to find out about you more and more. If you will write about yourself the same, that I write about myself. It will help us with continuation of our attitudes.
Probably our attitudes can proceed to more high level.
Yours faithfully to my friend John

Letter 3

Hello my dear friend John.
I want to tell you about my last private life.
When to me was 22 years, I have got acquainted with the guy who was little bit senior than me.
And if to be fair, I loved him very much. I now also recollect him. But it in the past.
I loved him, and I did not notice, that he is engaged in dark affairs. He was a criminal.
He spoke, that he works, as the manager in bank. I thought so. I at all did not ask in a what bank he worked.
We were constantly together. But in one day, he has got in prison, he should sit in prison of 13 years for a robbery of bank.
He deceived me and it was so unpleasant... I do not love a deceit.
Certainly, later I went to him on appointment. He spoke me, that I have forgiven him for a deceit.
He spoke, that when he will leave from prison, he will finish with the past, he will be employed on work, that he will be the fair citizen.
And I trusted him selflessly. I going constantly to him on appointment during 3 years.
But in one day when I have come to him on appointment, security guard of prison has told me, that he has died. He was killed criminals which also sat in prison.
After that news, I became closed. I could not speak much. I have pushed away from myself thoughtless girlfriends. Girlfriends bothered me.
I have only one closest girlfriend. I can share all secrets with her. And she will support me always.
If to speak about prison on statistics, each the second man sat or sits in prison. And who on freedom, drinks alcohol in plenties.
I do not know with what it is connected, but it is the truth.
If to tell in detail about this reason, it is possible to find many reasons to explain it.
I think, that in it the government of Russia is guilty. Russia does not give social guarantees for inhabitants of Russia.
No, I do not speak what to live in Russia difficultly.
I do not complain of difficulties. We have a saying: " if we shall be alive we shall not die "
Though, if I shall be fair if I had an opportunity to leave to live in other country I would go with pleasure.
But what I shall do in other country?
I do not know, that I could do in other country, and here I got used. I have work, I have parents whom I love. One, that I have not here - the man with which I am capable to create family. Probably, I treat men of my country intently after my last acquaintance with the man.
I do not know. But I have difficulties with acquaintance with men.
And now I am glad, that we have started to correspond with each other.
I hope we on it shall not stop.
Now when I have written to you this letter, I am afraid, that you will not answer me more.
Please, you do not cease to write to me. With your letters I forget my past, and I start to think of the future more.
I am sure, that we are waited the fine future. Probably I speak about it early. You see we know about each other a little. And the further acquaintance is necessary for us. But we have taken the first step.
And we should make many steps before we can tell each other: " I love you ". And I very much hope, that you really will agree with me. And we shall correspond further.
I shall wait from you for the letter.
Your friend Elena

Letter 4

Hello my dear friend John.
Many thanks to you for the letter back. Excuse me for the last letter. It was little bit sad. But it was all in the past.
In this letter I shall not write sad histories of my life.
With each letter, I understand that we become more adhered to each other. Therefore I shall give you my home address:
Russia, Kaliningrad,
Street. Zoological,12
apartments 10
NAME: Elena
SURNAME: Kashkova
I think, that you can send me the letter correct mail.
If you also will give me your home address, I also can send you the letter. But I think, it is not so convenient for us. Each letter will go very long. Still we have a problem that by correct mail not always the letter achieves the addressee.
Probably our mail works badly.
I also would like to speak with you, but at present, I have found out, it is impossible.
And I very much would like to hear your voice. I think, that you also would like to hear my voice. But I regret, it is impossible.
I can not afford the phone which is connected to the international lines. It is very expensive. Our city have not also such phones.
They are only at rich people.
I have found out, that such phones are in Moscow and in Saint Petersburg. They are at the international airports. And telephone conversation is costs very expensive.
Therefore I can not call to you. It is a pity.
But I am happy, that presently there is an opportunity to contact you with the help of the Internet.
I think, that the Internet - great achievement of a science. It allows to speak with people, taking place on the big distances.
And I am very pleased, that we could meet each other with the help of the Internet.
Yes, I nearly have not overlooked, I have informed my parents about you. That we have acquaintance.
I have told my parents a little about you. In the beginning, they have considered cautiously to ours to relations.
But subsequently, mum speak Hi, to you.
She hopes, that in the future we shall be magnificent pair.
If it is fair, I too think so. But we know each other absolutely short period of time. And I think, that early to speak about it.
I simply have not anybody, except for you , whom I can inform these words.
And I really hope for continuation of our attitudes. I think, that you not against.

Letter 5

Hello my best friend John.
I am glad to see your letter. I understand, that between us fine attitudes are fastened.
And I become sure, that sometime there will come day when we can tell each other:" I love you ". Probably I am mistaken.
Today, before writing to you the letter, I spoke with the manager of Internet - cafe.
He has told, that in the Internet it is a lot of deceit, therefore I should be cautious.
But under your letters, I understand, that I should not be afraid of a deceit. He also spoke, that many girls fall in love false to entice money or with the help of this false love to go in USA.
These girls very much prevent acquaintance through the Internet.
My god why in this world there is not enough validity?
But you can trust me, I do not deceive you. Though, probably, you will not trust me.
But I have no idea to deceive you.
I know, that such a deceit and his consequences.
If someone has deceived me, I had feeling, that my private world is devastated. And I, in this occasion, have huge grief.
Well, I shall forget this bad theme for conversation today.
I shall write a little about my daily routine.
Per working days I rise early from bed. These are 6.00 mornings. It would be wonderful, if I could wake up near to you and speak you "good morning". But it only dream.
Then I go in a bath where I wash and I clean a teeth.
Then I do small gymnastics that my muscles came in the order.
Further I prepare for breakfast. In the morning I do not like to fill in my stomach.
I eat a little.
I make sandwiches with sausage, cheese and cooked eggs And then I drink tea with a lemon. It is my breakfast.
At 7.15 I go for work. I go for work on bus, as I have not the own automobile. In 8.00 my work begins.
I spoke you about my duties on work, therefore I shall continue my narration. From 12.00 till 13.00 I have a lunch break.
I usually fill him to write to you the letter. I also write you this letter in a lunch break.
My work comes to an end in 17.00 evenings.
And I go home. At home, I am usually occupied with domestic affairs. It is washing of clothes, cleaning of rooms from a dust. And another. At leisure, I watch TV more.
In days off, I also am in the basic house. I do not like with recent time to go on various dances or a bar.
It is not interesting to me.
Sometimes I go to my girlfriend Eugenia. We can speak with her on any themes of conversation.
I can not tell you about my hobby. I have no attachment to something.
Though........ If to count knitting from a wool of a hobby, it is my hobby.
When, I have time and there is a desire, I knitting a jacket for 2 days.
Well, I shall finish to write to you. I shall wait for the letter from you, as always.
With love, Elena

Letter 6

Hi my love John!
I shall be possible to name you my love? Probably I hurry with conclusions. But I am sure that the love arrives to our hearts.
You know, in the childhood I dreamed, that I shall find the prince , with whom I can come on edge of the ground.
In a consequence, I have understood, that actually there are no princes. Ideal the man cannot be found.
But close to an ideal which is necessary for you, you can find.
I can not tell you with confidence, that you - my ideal.
You too can not tell, that I - your ideal.
But in it the reason, what people fall in love?
The reason here in many relations. I can not explain an origin of love. I can not explain why the woman draws to the man.
I can not explain why the man draws to the woman.
It occurs at a subconscious level.
Private world of the person informs to the person about it.
And in a consequence, you understand, that it is the truth.
I write you it, that you could understand what to be created in my ideas.
I understand, that you are intended for me, but I am afraid to inform you about it.
I also am afraid to tell you that the love to you has come in my heart.
I am afraid to tell you, that I love you.
I am afraid to tell it as the love should be mutual.
My mum also speaks me, that I should be more cautious with the feelings. With feeling of love, the person does many nonsenses. And I not exception. You know, when I have decided to begin acquaintance through the Internet, I thought about myself. (for fun or seriously)
It is interesting, if I shall find the love in U.K , I should go in U.K ? ( it there were my ideas before I have got acquainted with you)
Further, I did not think of it.
But time has come, when I should think of it. I think that you agree with me. My lovely, my dear, I am afraid to speak you about it, but I LOVE YOU!!!
And I shall wait for the letter from you with impatience.
Your Elena



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