Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Varich to Kristian (Sweden)

Letter 1
when will come such moment that I'll Wake up in the morning. then I'll always be late for work. I'm sure of it. because it's very hard to get out of the hot bed where is my man.
Letter 2
I want you to feel. I do want to be felt. Want to see your deep eyes and feel your strong hands. Want you used to tell me stories, I want to look with you at the same thing. I want to support you in your creations. Want to be your inspiration. Want to be with you...
Letter 3
Hi, Kristian! I want you to love me. But most of all I want to feel that I am important thing in life for you . I want to be first. I want to be the most important to you.. . I better you didn't see anyone.
Letter 4

Kristian Children are concerns, difficulties, cry, noise, mess. But when we come to him sleeping, adjusting your blankets, kiss your little nose, cheeks, and realize that this is the biggest happiness in life!!!! today I am spending the night at my sister... her little baby - just darling angel!!!
what do you feel for the kids who still can't even talk and just smile at you and make eyes)) like the answers) lol
Letter 5
I want lots of Teddy bears.!! they should be like you. then I will be with him awake to fall asleep in my soft bed. and in my dreams will be of you.
tell me why on this night do you want? maybe I can fulfill your desires, Kristian??
Letter 6
I'll be your only one!! You don't want ice Cream in hot weather?! I'm going to tie a red bow on my **** and you'll get the ice cream into the bedroom.) FOR my husband I would do extravagant things. For me the only really important feelings. Because everything else can be done to build to achieve.. I want an equal relationship in the family. we both have to work to bring money into the family. as well together to clean the house and cook the meals. it's very romantic"! and it strengthens the relationship
Letter 7
I have to fly to the competition. can you help me? due to the fact that I lost my wardrobe. I'm after a forced saving on everything.
you have to help me out. ?
Letter 8
Hello my dear! how was your day?? you know how to get in contact with me and tempting for me! I don't know why, but you just drives me crazy... it's true... baby, I have a problem with my old comp were. But now everything is in order and I want to communicate
Letter 9
Hi, Kristian. thank you for your letter to me. so are you ready to start building friendly relations with me? are you ready to come? to pass on warm regards to your brother. I attach you a photo of my nephew.. I baptized him. and I love him very much.
Letter 10
Yes, I want!!! I need you ! I'm your lady and yours alone! baby. I would like in future to have a ring with our names inside... Oh yeah baby))) I'm a little naughty girl)) lol if I shoot with you in the morning when we woke up video , is this normal? _) I believe that it is the memory. I really want to share this fate with you!!!! I want you to be my rim of the ring... you've got to defend and protect!!! wyliei and put me on my feet)))!!!!
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