Letter(s) from Anna Plakhotina to Kristian (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hi Kristian.
I hope this letter ll help you to know me better. And start something serious. I think we both deserve this.

I am simply woman, love animals, have loving heart. I had 3 dogs and 2 cats, this can show you my lovely heart. For big sorry, now only one is alive.. I love to travel, new meetings, I am very active. In work, in life, in sport. Thats why I have three degree.

First is University of Culture and Arts with a degree in "pop vocal, singing teacher, singer"! So main hobby and work is singer. But in my country sing cant give you enough money for live, so after teach few month I leave this profession. Sometimes at summer I sing in Karaoke, as host of the show. I studied singing for a long time and depth, took part in a competition "Ukraine's Got Talent," "X Factor", "People's Artist", "super star" but that show on TV it's not true. They demanded money, alludes to sex me to skip to the next round.

My second specialty "fashion designer". As a designer, in the past, I have worked with clubs and creative groups: choreographer, ensemble groups, singers, and so on. But it's already departed. For the same reason as the singing. A lot of work but a very low salary. Now I have my own online clothing store.

And the last one, psychologist.
Now I work as a psychologist in the police in Odessa. More recently, after the Crimea became part of Russia. If you wish more details about this I can tell you all, just ask.

Very important question is who I search here, well

I'm looking for someone who can handle me. I'm only 27, but I know exactly what I want from life. I'm looking for a friend, partner and lover. My man should open in me a woman.
I am first time at such type of sites, please dont judge me if I said something wrong.

I wish to know you better, I wish to give a chance for our love! Please tell me more about your profession. How many time you work at your last job?

With hope in heart, Anna

Letter 2

Hi, Kristian!
Hmm, you write that i'm a liar. Well, not the best start dating.

You say you know me for a long time. Yes, i gave my details to some agencies to help translators to communicate when i did not have time. Firstly my poor English did not allow itself to corrospond, and secondly the lack of time. Apparently you spoke with a translator because i'm nothing about it know.

In any case, i do not fake. So you did not doubt i attach to this letter my photo with the words of my Aidi on this website.

Now i'm conversation itself, without the help of an interpreter.

I doubt we have something happens after all these misunderstandings and your charges, but in any case, i wish you luck in your quest for love.

Sincerely, Anyuta

Letter 3

Dear Khristian, thank you so much for your brigh attention to m and my person but we are not talking more than for 1 year
I really value how you treat me and I think that we could really meet each other but I don't know why did you do so many bad things to me?
what did I di bad to you? what?
why did you do so ugly things to me? why?
Now I am having problems with police because somebody posted crazy things about me with my info http://annaplakhotina.weebly.com/
that I am prostitute, can you imagine that!
they want to get me to the jail now I can not trust any one in this world I think I should say you bye because I willl not be able to use internet in jail
I don't know what bad things i did to you but now I want to say sorry to all people near me
this is great shame forme and my family
my mom hates me! I have no idea what to do
hope you will get your happiness in life
and I am going to jail because some people hate me and can do such ugle things
today is court

Letter 4

I am not on other sites
I asked one agency toregister me there
and they used my verification andnow using my profiles to get money from men and wrote hat I am from ukraine I am in Alushta, if you can not undertand that this is business for agency, they cheat me , so I don't know what to say to yo
I am not prostitute
if I am prostitute, why do you talk to me?
fins another lady and talk to her
I am ok about this

I am trying to ask them to delete my accounts
they ignore me all the time