Letter(s) from Svetlana Leonova to Alan (UAE)

Letter 1

Hi, how are you doing?

I hope i am in time. It's very hard for me to write a first letter to you, because surely I want to make a good impression on you.... but anyway I will try. It is only our beginning but I already hope that it can lead us to something special. I assume that if you are on this site, it means you also feel lonely and also seek for someone - friend, chat partner, another lonely soul in this world, or maybe a girlfriend or a woman you would love to see by your side when you wake up in the morning..every morning. I am in my search too. I do not know whether i look like that girl from your dreams. I see some treats in me and don't see the others, but I know exactly one important thing for sure - I am ready to love, to give, to care, to support and share everything life has prepared to us. I still don't know what to tell you about myself, can you tell me what do you want to know about me???
Write me soon and tell me everything what is interesting for you and what you want to ask me. I will be glad to see your message in my post box. Yours Sveta

Letter 2

Hello, dear Alan

Hope my letter is not interrupting you. How are you doing? I write you my response and it was my pleasure to read your message to me.Alan, thank you for your phone number! i am sorry but i cannot use any whatsup. first of all, my Siemens phone is too old and doesn't support any applications. Second, we do not have any fre wi fi zones in my town anymore, due to the war and blockade.

I am fine and write you after my working day. It was tiring as always, but believe me i was running here to get to computer really fast)) It is now the best part of my day, i mean getting your letter and answering you. I like the fact that we learn more and more about each other. Also it is a good practise for my English)) You seem to be a nice man and a good friend too.

I am sorry i cannot write you much, it is already late and it is not safe to stay outside. i still need to get home, cook something for supper, feed my dog, than read a bit and go to sleep. Such are my days. We do not have many entertainments in my little town, especially now, when the war is not over yet. We had one cinema but it is closed now. So i watch some movies and shows at home, but i am not too keen on this. i also enjoy reading, science fiction books, modern Ukrainian writers, some classical literary, everything i can get from the library, which is not actually big here. I used to read in the Internet too, but now i do not have connection anymore. I was lucky to plant some seeds of cucumbers, tomatoes in my garden for food this spring, otherwise it will be hard to survive without getting salary for so many months.

Well, honey, i better go now. I hope you get my letter in time and you will not make me wait too long without your answer)) Please write me soon. i am curious about you, your life stile, every day chores. i am glad to have met you.
Kisses and bye, your Sveta

Letter 3

Hello,my dear Ajju

How are you, my dear? I hope all is well by your side. i am glad to see you response and answer you now. How have you been since we talked the last time? Ajju, i am sorry using the different name i think the computer has 'corrected the spelling' itself because your name is not common for my country. I am glad you like the life in Dubai. i ahve never been there and i cannot even imagine.. You know it is very pleasant for me to correspond with you. I feel something in common with you, some kind of a connection and was first hard for me to believe can exist. Do you feel it too?:) I think that nothing in our life happens just as an occasion so I guess someone in heaven arranged our meeting over the net))) I hope in you i have found the man i always dreamt about.. no, not the prince, but a man who can be my mate, my lover, my husband, my supporter, my friend...all in one!!!
fore such a man i will be ready for everything!!!!

Well, honey, I will be waiting impatiently to hear back from you. I need to run now as I have got a lot tasks to do today. But I promise you that I will be thinking about you. Take good care about yourself.

I send you a sweet kiss,

Your Sveta

P.s. if you want i can make you a special photo...

Letter 4

hello, my dear Ajju

i got your information, but i will be able to go to the bank only on Monday. Today it is too late, the banks are closed as well as during the weekend. Finally the weekend is here and soon i will have a chance to rest well. I really feel too tired, i think it is due to the change of seasons. The day was not bad for me, it was actually sunny and considerable warm for November. But i am glad the day is over, it is the evening and i can write you, my love. missed you so much.
Sometimes it is hard for me to wait till the end of the day to come and write you. I feel like an impatient child!!))Well, Ajju, i close my letter here as it is time for me to go home, eat my supper and fall asleep. for this evening i do not want to plan anything..just have a good and early sleep)) please wake me up with the kiss tomorrow morning!!!))) I hope you will have nice weekend too. I send you my love and kisses!! your Sveta