Scam letter(s) from Gloria Asantewaa to Tim (Canada)

Letter 1
My Dearest Master,
I am a girl of 28 years and am honest, kind loving, ***** and nasty and am here searching for my dear one whom i will love you and and Christ and share I love you you with always and make him happy always and make him the father of my kids and always be with him anywhere and as time goes on maybe we can meet for real and share some sweet moment always and show him how ***** and nasty i am always , i like to read story books and use to swim sometimes and like to watch movies and am open minded person and i will like to meet a man whom is open minded so that we can get in touch and see what will be next hope to hear back from somebody special soon x when we get to know each other and maybe we meet face to face.
I will be the first person to wake you up from bed with hard **** and when you are from work i will be the one to make you hard to go to bed and am always proud to serve you and when am with you i will kneel always in front of you and will open your Zip slowly and hold your **** then i will be playing with your **** and make it hard then i put it into my mouth and **** on it for some min and bend over so that you can **** me from behind and while you are ******* me from behind then i will be screaming and moaning more and more for you and i will be saying I LOVE YOU MY DARLING and I NEED YOU ALWAYS then while we will be ******* then my mouth will be ready for you *** to swallow and will like to swallow you **** and make it like my daily milk.
As a girl i must always do and obey my dear master's rules and be committed to him always and to make him happy always and as also a ***** am nothing but an object been ordered to do things and dear you are high than me am always under you and we are not the same and will like you to tied me up to your bed and **** me hard and i will be crying for help and knows that as a ***** i must not fear pains and knows when am in pains that is my I I I love you you you pleasure and make my master happy always and will like to be your property forever as well,and am willing to relocate to another country Yours forever to serve,
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