Romance scam letter(s) from Maria Guk to Sigurd (Germany)
Letter 1
Hi, my beloved!
I am glad to receive the answer from you!
Thank you that at last I answered me.
Yes, we will be able to know each other better on this trip!
I there is nobody seriously I don't meet and I have no relations on Anastasius's site, but I have friends there.
I was very glad to talk now to you in online!
I will write you my address and a name:
Guk Mariia
City of Odessa
Marshala Zhukova Street house 51 apartment 88
It is the address where I live at mother!
Two international passports for me and for the son Vanya will cost about $200
And also I will go to shop of books and I will choose the good dictionary on English and the book with a workbook itself the learning of English if you send me to textbooks a little additional money.
I want to start learning English itself!!!
I very much respect your habit and interest to read books!!!
This very correct occupation also develops a brain!
I think that we with you could read together in the evenings books!
Kiss you
Your Mari
Letter 2
Hi, my beloved!
I spoke with Sergey today!
Everything is ok!
Today I was in the organization and received two international passports!
My passport and passport of the son Vanya!
Now everything well and it is possible to go!
I spoke with the girlfriend, she has two suitcases.
One big, and the second small.
I asked it to borrow me these suitcases for the period of a trip
She kindly agreed!
Now this issue is resolved!
And we shouldn't spend money for two new suitcases!!!
How are you?
How your seams?
Not painfully?
Write me
I wait for your answer
Kiss you
Letter 3
Hi, my beloved!
How are you? Tell me as your trip?
Whether well you have a rest? Now there is a lot of work in your business? How your son?
Grew since you saw it last time?! We're ok.
We with Vanya are healthy I want to tell you about English courses Sergey advised me to start going to English courses and to take private lessons from the English tutor three times a week! Occupation with the teacher of English costs $20
I already got acquainted with the teacher, he told that I can come to him three times a week. This occupation will last 1,5 hours. We already agreed about time convenient to me. Days, convenient for me, it is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening, after work. Courses cost $100 a month. It is a lesson with small group of pupils. With elementary, zero level. The course of occupations three months, and is farther the following level.
I will go and study English two times a week on courses with group and three times a week to take private lessons from the English tutor. My mother is ready to sit with Vanya in the evenings and to do homework with my son! At that time so far I will be on English language courses!!! Studying so intensively English and doing houses homework from the teacher I will master English quickly! When I arrive to you, I will be able to speak with you and to understand you!!!! What will you tell about it?
Write me the opinion! Occupations with the tutor in a month there will be to me $240 And English courses of $100
Total $340, for knowledge of English!
Intensively before arrival to you!!! What will you tell if I go with Vanya to courses of children's English in the same days when also I study English? There are still children's English language courses! Tomorrow Vanya at school will have children's concert. This concert is devoted to leaving school and children stopped learning the alphabet! It is the school abc-book with the alphabet!
Study at school will be a week more, and then children will have vacation three months!!! Children will be able to have a rest, go to park and to the sea!!! When vacation at school at your son begins? What now weather at you? We have heat and it is good! Real spring! I wait for your letter
Letter 4

Hi, my darling!
I already made the Skype!!!
Here it: marunya1111
Add me!!!
I very much want to communicate with you!!!
Kiss you
Letter 5
Hi, my darling!
In travel agency I was told details and all information for a trip to Germany!
I asked all questions about the visa!
I was told that the tourist visa will be opened by 100%!!!
It is joyful news!
The travel agency has to help me with all questions concerning the visa!
We in Odessa have an Embassy of Germany!
It isn't necessary to spend spare cash, what to fly to Kiev! . Term of production of the visa of 10 working days!
These are two weeks from the date of submission of documents on the visa!
. Type of my visa - tourist
. The travel agency has to prepare to me a tourist package
To reserve flight in both parties and hotel I will need to register in interview in Embassy of Germany.
That it is necessary for me:
1. The visa costs ?35+22+2+3+3=65
2. I need the reference from a place of my work! (I work in advertizing not officially)
The reference, that I work and I receive a good salary, and also service record - the document with a photo where the firm in which I work confirms, that I work there (I work not officially - a salary in a pocket)
In Odessa there are special agencies where to me can make such reference, but the reference will cost $200
Labor agreement, certificate of a salary, labor book
3. Existence of the card bank account. Color copier of a credit card.
I already opened the card bank account, at that time, so far I did international passports. Now I have a card account in a tank. On the card account there have to be not less than ?400-350 and I have to make in bank an extract from the card account, about existence on the account of money. There have to be ?50 a day. It is a living wage for one day - ?50. For 7-8 days of stay in Germany.
The reference from bank on existence of money on the bank account. The check from the ATM confirming existence of means on the account of this bank
4. To make a photo for the visa 3,5*4,5 - the photo costs $10
5. The travel agency through which I make out the visa, has to reserve to me hotel. And in embassy have to show documents on the reserved hotel accommodation. You can send me armor of the hotel for 7-8 nights.
6. The travel agency through which I make out the visa, has to book to me plane tickets in both parties (to Germany and back to Odessa)
And too to show this armor in embassy!
7. The purpose, appointment and a route of the planned trip. In English.
You can write it to me!
8. Help of travel agency in filling of the questionnaire of $20
9. Policy of the health insurance of ?15
10. Copier of all documents (19 pages of $10)
. The translation of all documents into English. $10 for one leaf
(9 pages of $90) Total it is required to me, for opening of the visa: $894
You send me armor of hotel and in travel agency to me reserve tickets for concrete dates of flight. If all these conditions are met, for me will open the visa! And I will be able to arrive to you!!!
I already dream of this travel!!!
I am very glad! Attentively read information how to make the visa in
Germany!! We could start preparing all necessary documents for my trip already! In order that the visa was ready soon!!! And then we will solve dates of a trip together!!! About an October! I'm ok!
I have a little time, what to spend time with Vanya!
I walk with it in park, I draw, I play with it Lego!
In some days Vanya will need to go to school! You begin new academic year! Kiss you!
Your Maria!;)
Letter 6
Money transfer in USD to card account Beneficiary:
Field # 59
Account number 2625424866/0843878700
Mariia Guk Details of Payment:
Field #70 or field # 72
HELP, PRESENT or GIFTto Card account 0843878700 Beneficiary's bank:
Public Joint Stock Company Raiffeisen BANK AVAL,
Kiev, Ukraine
SWIFT code: AVALUAUK Correspondent bank:
Acc. # 001-1-090891
New York, NY.
SWIFT code: CHASUS33 Transfer not concerned
Letter 7
Total: ?389 + Insurance In travel agency to me booked tickets for these dates!
Everything is ok!
Now you can send me $448 for a card that I could redeem these tickets! And I want to buy a good suitcase for travel!
The suitcase costs $80
The taxi in the airport costs about $20
Means to me it is required: $568 Now you can make to me booking of hotel!
Since October 19-26!!! Write to me please: The purpose, appointment and a route of the planned trip. In English. I have a purpose tourism! I am going to embassy on Monday!!!
Therefore make, please armor of hotel till Friday I was very glad to speak with you by phone yesterday!!!
I am glad to hear your voice!!!
Kiss you
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