Scam letter(s) from Grace Fumba to Mike (USA)

Letter 1
Hello dear friend, How are you doing? hope you are fine. My name is Miss Grace Fumba, I am single, 25 years old I am from the democratic republic of Congo in west Africa and presently residing in the church camp here in Accra Ghana where i am presently seeking political asylum due to the that betrayed my home recently. I am sufferings in pains here in this Church camp and i really need a friend by my side to encourage me and give me good advice in life and help me to come out from this situation. i hope that you are fine and healthy, I have noticed that you are the kind of person i am looking for since all this while, i believe that you are a trust worthy and caring person, that's what makes me to disclose my identity to you. I am a Congolese but right now i am living in Accra Ghana in the Western Africa. This is not my country i am living here as a Refugee because of the incident that occur in my family. I believe deep down inside me that you will never break my heart or let me down in anyway. My late father Dr Harry Moniba Fumba, was a Civilian in my Country Dr. Congo , He died in a motor accident, and my mother was poison on the day of the one year Anniversary. Till present we don't know the killer, I am living now as a refugee. Over here i have limited time to computer, So i cannot write you email as often as you wish. I'm from the family of late Fumba Harry who was a Civilian in my country till his death in Detroit. my mum was poison by people that we couldn't trace till date due to the much crowd present on that very day. She suffered and died after three weeks in the hospital. I managed to escape with documents which covers my father's deposited money (US$2.7Milion) which he use my name as the next of kin. Meanwhile, I am still residing here as a refugee under the UNITED NATIONS COUNCIL FOR REFUGEES, i am saddled with the problem of securing a trust worthy foreign personality to help me transfer the fund from the bank pending my arrival in your country. Furthermore, on your wish you can contact the bank for confirmation and you can communicate directly with them regarding this fund of my late father which was deposited in their custody. I am giving you this offer as mentioned with every confidence on your acceptance to assist me retrieve the funds from the bank and transfer to your nominated account. I will like to further my studies soon as i arrive to your country, please try to help me to achieve this goal as i have a desire to become a famous personality in the nearest future. i will be pleased if you can do this for me. I will give you the bank contacts on my next email so that you will contact them for the transfer because i don't want to waste anytime in leaving here to pursue my future.
Also You can reach me through this number (+233- 231647104) It is pastor Thomas Lucas Michael number who is currently taking care of us, if you call, please ask of Grace Fumba. Please try to send to me your full information such as Name, Address and Telephone as i need it to send to my bank a nomination letter that will allow the bank to recognize you on my behalf. Attached here is my picture, Hoping to hear from you soonest.
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