Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Biktagirova to Igor (Poland)

Letter 1
Igor :) I am very pleased to see your answer :)
As you already understood I'm from Russia, I live in the city of Penza.
You might be surprised :) The site I wrote that out of your own country.
I think it will be easier for me to meet someone. I am 27 years old.
I am a free woman and live alone.
I'm looking for a man for serious relationship. And you? What kind of relationship are you looking for?
You know, I'm not interested, or just flirting game.
I already want to find a man on whom I can rely on and trust him completely.
I hope that you also looking for a serious relationship and you will not interfere with what I'm from another country.
And so I just want to ask you a serious question.
Are you ready to relations with a woman at such a great distance?
Well, if you do not consider relationships at a distance, then write to me about it directly. Ok?
I'll be waiting for your messages look great.
Letter 2
I am glad to know that you want to continue talking. I think we would be interested to know each other better.
By this, I hope that in my next post will tell you most about yourself!
I wonder if you've talked with someone like that? I've never talked to a man from another country.
And I have never been abroad, and you have been to Russia? Maybe you have friends here?
My name is Svetlana, I live in the city of Penza, it's not a big city. But I like it there! Can you see my city on the map.
Igor, I would like to ask you. Why are you looking for online dating?
I long to decide whether I should be registered on a foreign dating site.
But still I decided to try :) Still, I think the man in the other countries more valued women.
And in Russia is such a situation that there is no confidence in the future. The situation is tense.
We do not know what to expect in the future. This is probably also influenced my desire to try a relationship with a man from another country.
I'm quite a simple woman, without any serious requirements.
I am looking for a serious and reliable man, to whom I can give my love and tenderness.
I am already 27 years old. And I would like to have long-term relationships for a lifetime. Peace and happiness.
I really hope that our goals are the same with you :)? I'll wait for the new letter from you, do not forget me :)!
Letter 3
Thanks for the answer and for your compliments I am very pleased to receive them from you!
Yes, I plan to leave Russia in the future. But I do not know English as good as you think.
I am writing to you through an interpreter, and I have studied English for a long time, and I have not had practice, and I had forgotten a bit.
Hopefully this will not be a problem for you?
I do not think you're too old for me to turn what you older than me is a plus more!
I like you such as you are !.
I see that you and I have the same goals.
I hope that we will know each other better.
And who knows? Maybe we have something happens :)
How was your day? I work for a private company as an accountant.
I will soon leave.
I work for the last few days. So I was lucky :)!
I do not know what I would do. I'll just relax, sleep till noon :)
What do you usually like to do on weekends?
You go somewhere? How to entertain :)? Write me. It is very interesting to know.
In winter I love to ski and ride a bike in the summer :)
Sometimes we go with friends to a karaoke bar :) This is very funny :)
In general, I like an active lifestyle. And you?
Although, sometimes you just want to sit at home and not go anywhere.
Lying on the couch and watch some interesting movie.
Igor, I can not always write you off the phone.
It happens that hangs Internet.
Now I have a simple phone. Recently I broke my iphone :(
This was a disaster for me :)!
Be able to communicate with you by skype or viber.
I understand that it would have been easier.
But as long as I do not have such an opportunity.
And I think that this will not be a hindrance to our own?
After all, you could leave me your phone number.
And I have tried to write you even sms.
I use google-translate, to write you a message.
I'll always be glad to read your messages!
You asked me how much time we have now, 15:08, and you?
Letter 4

I was very happy when I saw a message from you :)
Weather we bad, there was snow, but then it started to rain in the evening and everything turned into a mess.
And you what the weather there? Snow has dropped out?
How is your mood? Everything is fine :)
Thank you for your phone number, I will keep it, and soon you'll try to write a sms!
Igor, but unfortunately my phone does not support applications such as Viber and WhatsApp.
I can only call him and send sms. on it is no internet! Do you understand?
I love animals, and I like dogs, and judging by the breed is not a small dog!
But there's nothing wrong with that!
I have the last few days on the job. In general, there is no desire to work :)
A work more and more now.
Igor, I really am very glad to meet you.
It's so cute :) Really?
Yesterday I lay at night and think about it.
You know, I want to learn a lot from you.
Now, I've heard a lot about relationships in Europe.
For example, women over there love to hang out, go to the clubs.
It is indeed the case?
Recently, Russia and more women are no longer interested in the family.
They are interested in going to parties, to lead a free life.
It's sad :( My parents raised me very differently.
And I do not particularly like going to clubs.
You can go. But not often.
And you yourself how to relate to this?
Can you sleep with other women when you're in a relationship?
I hope that this is not acceptable to you?
Today I ask you lots of questions :)
Sorry, I just want to get to know you.
It is very important for me :)
You can also ask me about anything.
I'll always be glad to answer you!
Write to me more often. I am very glad to your messages! *
Letter 5
You know, I'm very glad our fellowship.
Glad to have found a loved man.
I communicate with you do not have much time.
But I understand, that between us there is a lot in common.
We both want to love and happiness.
And I hope that we all can get.
Suppose this is not so simple.
But if we are serious, it is unlikely that we prevent something.
Do you agree with me?
Unfortunately, I was not in Turkey. Have you been there?
And I agree with you that it is not necessary to cheat, it's no good will not.
I live in the city of Penza, in his apartment alone.
Igor, tell me, please.
You have a wealth of experience with women?
Do you know the woman in the street?
I want to write to you, that in real life I'm not a sociable :)
I can not take the initiative in getting acquainted :)
Well I can not go up to the man and start dating :)
Men themselves are suitable to meet friends.
But I try to get acquainted only through acquaintances.
And if I fit in the street or in a cafe, then I refuse to acquaintance.
Actually, I'm pretty simple woman to talk to.
Perhaps even very trustful :(
My friends often tell me about it.
I hope that I can trust you?
I always try to be open with you.
I hope that you too will be sincere with me?
It is very important for me. Ok?
I hope that our communication with you will continue :)
Write. I'll be glad to answer you: *
Letter 6
I was very pleased to see your answer :)
Thank you for your photos, where you do a photo with a camel?
It is interesting to read your thoughts.
Funny, but we are with you in many ways very similar :)
You noticed?
You're right and I'm young, but I do not communicate with more people as you put it.
I talk only with you, I do not have the habit of deceiving people.
Yes there are a lot of people, rich and poor, you're wondering why I am seeking friendships not in Russia?
I'm not chasing rich or beautiful life. In Russia, this is not a simple situation in Ukraine and do not know what will happen in the future.
By this I want to leave Russia. Do you understand? And those that you currently head and share.
And I do not think that you can be a killer or ******. I see that you're a good man who liked me.
I have had a relationship but they are very bad end. I do not want to talk about it right now.
I like that you're serious.
It is very important for the relationship at that distance.
For example, we want to meet you.
It's not that simple.
It is important to have mutual trust.
Igor, I want to ask you.
Are you ready to relations with a woman from another country?
In fact, this is a serious matter.
Interestingly, you have a good think about it?
Before you meet with a foreign man, I've thought a lot about it.
I will need to leave their country, home, relatives and people close to me.
But I decided I wanted to try it.
Not because there are not enough men.
Of course, to me a lot of attention from men.
But I think that with time there will be even more difficult to live.
Because of the situation in Ukraine.
It is not known what will happen.
And if I am a mother, I want stability for their children.
Although I know that outside of Russia, too, it is not so easy.
But it seems that is still better than here.
Igor, the way I told my mom that we communicate.
I had someone to share it :)
My mother and I communicate very closely.
I almost did not tell his family.
I live separately from their parents.
In the past year I have taken a small apartment on credit.
My parents helped me. I have a sister.
Her name is Alena. She is 30 years old.
Ok. I will be very glad if you write your answer :)
Already accustomed to your messages.
I miss you! Write do not forget:*
Letter 7
I was waiting for your answer!
I was in a hurry to check my email and see what you've written :)
I do not think that you can be crazy. If you had it you would not have written about it!
I think that I can write to you about anything.
And you can understand me and support my ideas.
I love it!
In the future I had planned to come to you and live with you.
But I have not yet arrived in Poland that would say how many times I'm going to go home. But I think that's not often.
I understand that the distance is large, but why do you think that I can not live there?
And why should I go to another country if I met you in the future and I want to meet with you.
Because, without our real meeting our relationship does not progress in per?d.
Do you have any thoughts on how we can all add up? :)
I own a lot of thinking about it.
I am pleased to represent what we all can get good.
And we can have a common future.
Well, we were not next to each other.
But I do not want to hide my thoughts :)
I can imagine how in the future we would wake up together.
We get up, going to work.
There was carried out the day.
And in the evening we returned home together.
We took to the products in the store on the way home.
And in the evening to prepare dinner together.
You could spend the whole evening in front of TV and relax.
And it would be better if we had treated themselves to an evening light jog.
I have a lot of different dreams in my head :)
I want to know about your thoughts.
I'm sure you thought about it and imagined :)
But all these ideas can become a reality!
Everyone is in our hands!
And if we have the desire, we can achieve anything.
What do you think, Igor?
Agree with me?
Share with me your thoughts.
I am very interested to know what you think.
And know that you can always feel free to write to me about everything.
I can hear you and understand you.
And of course I will try to support you in every way.
Write to me. I look forward to your answer! *
Letter 8
what is your mood today?
Are you all right? I have everything just perfect!
Remember I told you that I will soon have a vacation?
I talked with my boss today.
I'll go on vacation in 2 days !!! Great! True? :)
I wondered how we would keep in touch ...
I can not write you a job ...
I would be nice if we could at least communicate by telephone.
I want to clarify you the number of your mobile phone.
Write to me. ok?
We do not lose touch with each other in this way.
I phone a simple, well, nothing!
We can at least share sms.
Or call and hear our voices.
I think it will be correct to establish contact soon. I agree?
I agree with you that one picture is not enough. for this we need to meet in reality.
This is the only way we come to know each other or not.
And I'm not afraid to come to you if we decide to meet.
Because the only way we can know we are approaching each other or not.
First, I just wanted to meet you and get to know,
When we realize that we come to each other, then we can think about work in Poland!
My mother's name is Irina. My father's name is Iura. they both are now retired.
They live their lives waiting for the grandchildren!
Igor, and after this release is a good opportunity to meet!
Holidays will last about a month.
And we could meet and spend that time together.
What do you say?
Here I myself think it would be good.
Well, when we still get a chance ...
It is foolish to miss this opportunity now. True?
Igor, what do you think about this?
I really want to talk to you about it :)
I think we know enough about each other to meet.
I think that I've known you for a long time.
And every day you get to me just closer and closer.
You have become very dear to me in this time.
And I will be pleased to see you in reality :)
Igor, I hope you read my letter and will write soon, what do you think.
Just like to know what you say about my news.
I wish you a pleasant mood!
I hope that you will appreciate my email: *
Letter 9
I could not wait to read your letter!
I would love to talk with you!
I will try to write you a sms shortly.
Let me know if you get this sms. Ok?
I really starts in 2 days holiday and it will last one month!
Igor, I'm glad that you want to meet in the near future.
And I think it would be good to meet you. And what do you think?
But I can not say how much will be made of my documents.
Because I have never been abroad and do not make such documents.
But as soon as I find out, I'll write you soon!
I know that there is sympathy between us :)
You really become close to me during this time!
And I would like to see you, at least for a short period of time.
All such one day spent together can replace thousands of letters.
I told you that told everything to my mum.
She told me ...
"Sveta, it's great that you hang out with a man on the Internet!
But you already 27 years old. You need to think about something serious!
You have to find a real man. Do not miss this time! "
Yesterday I was talking with my parents.
I told them that I want to see you.
Igor, they were surprised :)
I think they did not even think that everything seriously.
Well, they can understand.
Their generation is not sitting on the Internet.
They know each other and build relationships in reality.
That's right, because something serious can only be built in reality.
In general, they have responded to it with irony.
He tells me that I'm just crazy.
And even bother me.
But I told them that I wanted to be happy.
And she found a man with whom I would like to try to build a relationship.
And so I want to meet with you.
They supported my decision and took this positively.
Igor, and what they say about your relatives?
It can be said of our meeting your friends or family?
No, it is only important to me your opinion.
But I think the opinion of your loved ones is also very important.
You just write to me about it.
I'll look forward to your letter.
And now I wish you a nice day! *
Letter 10
My sister also supported my decision, she wants me to be happy.
And I agree with you that the parents will always worry about us.
Igor, it will be convenient for you to take me in the near future?
You want what I came to you as soon as possible?
I'm sure this is a good chance to meet with you, because in the summer I will not leave.
If you do not agree to meet with me soon, I do not know what I'll do.
By this I am waiting for your answer, what do you think about this?
I miss you, too.
Letter 11
I did not have much time right now.
I was pleased to read your letter.
But darling you got my sms on your phone?
I am pleased to know that you want to meet as soon as possible!
My vacation is certainly not infinite.
Therefore, we must now take care of the trip.
I can learn all you need to do this.
I spoke today with a colleague at work.
She advised to contact the travel agency.
This is the most simple, fast and convenient option for us.
By the way, I need to know some information.
Tell me to start, in which airport you will be able to meet me?
Write me your full name, your address.
I did not even know this information.
As I fly to you, if I do not know this? :)
I need to know how to find you in your country.
It is necessary to plan a trip for you.
Here are my data, Svetlana Biktagirova
Russia, Penza, Vorohilova, 17
postal code: 440008
Igor, do not forget to send me this information. It is important!
By the way, where we will live during the meeting?
We can stay in your house?
Or it is necessary to take the hotel?
While this information is sufficient.
If you have any questions, I'll ask you about that.
I do not have much time right now.
But I agreed with my sister, and I can write to you from it.
So do not worry! :) Well, I finish my letter.
And I am waiting for your answer.
I kiss you!*
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